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Manipulating my preteen daughters after their mother died

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Just the beginning of my grooming with my dying wife’s help

This started about the time I was in my late twenties my wife was dieing from cancer. She fought it for years but sadly lost her battle.
We had two daughters 11 and 12. They were just starting puberty. They had blonde hair like their mother with little bumps topped with little pink nipples.
In the last few months she was bedridden most nights and weekends I was her caretaker along with penny the older and her sister dawn. Many nights the girls would crawl in to our bed. I would try to fuck her slowly but she said she couldn’t do it anymore because it was too painful.
She told me that our daughters had seen us having sex, that they had told her that they could have sex with daddy if that’s what they wanted. But they couldn’t tell anyone else because if they did daddy would get arrested and go to jail.
I’m over 6 feet tall with a fading 6 pack stomach my cock was over 8 inches long with a circumcised head that was about two and a half inches thick the shaft a little bit thinner..
She jerked me off that night I came big load in to her mouth thinking about my daughter’s doing it.
I awoke the next morning it was Saturday and Penny and dawn were in our bed giggling and whispering.
When I sat up I was wearing just my boxer shorts. They were both wearing short little nightgowns virtually see through and my little pony panties.
I could feel the energy in the air.
My wife said come here girls me and daddy talked about it last night and he said okay. Take your boxers off honey.
Penny and dawn stared mesmerized by my semi hard cock.
You can touch daddy’s dick rub it softly, that’s it Penny now suck on it like a popsicle.
Go up and down on it take as much as you can and use your tongue.
Thats it baby let dawn try, with that dawn took over and was soon bobbing up and down taking half of me before she started gagging and choking.
Not so hard take a break and let Penny do some more. As soon as she stopped Penny was slurping away after a couple of minutes I could feel my orgasm building.
Oh God I’m gonna cum.
Now both of you take turns sucking the two of them each licking and bobbing up and down I couldn’t hold it any more and grabbed whoever was sucking me and held her little head and held it there as I shot her mouth full of my cum.
Why did daddy pee in my mouth mommy. He didn’t baby that’s his cum it’s what makes babies.
Am I going to have a baby now mommy.
No penny not until daddy cums inside your pussy when you start having your period. Now go help daddy make breakfast and after you eat we’ll do some more.

Part 2 after breakfast next

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    Came to that story

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    What a family . Mom on her deathbed teaching her little girls how to please daddy the way she used to .

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    I want to fuck your daughters

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      Why don’t you, do you Need some guidance?

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      Count me in for fucking your daughters! [email protected]

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    plz keep going i was soo close to cumming

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    Sick story and I love it 😀 🔥 🥵

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    So sexy i want to be a dad like that

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    What perverted filth, disgusting and sexy!!