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Lorraine enjoys paying off hubby’s debt

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slutty wife enjoys paying off her hubby’s bet

Lorraine and I like to do some swinging and have some sexual fun outside our marriage. I like it when Lorraine is the hot wife and has fun with others. I told Lorraine to dress sexy and I planned a fun Friday night out. When she came down from getting ready she was really hot! She was in a very short pink, tight dress, cut low in the front, white stockings and 5 inch black strappy heels. There was nothing under the dress. She said she was really horny and looking forward to some sexy fun. She put a top-coat on and when we got in the car, she asked me where we were going. I just said that it’s a surprise. We drove to a large apartment building and took the elevator up to the 5th floor. We walked to a door and just before I knocked, I told Lorraine that I needed her help with something, and didn’t say anything else. I’m sure she was expecting us to swing with another couple, or maybe a threesome. I know her mind would start thinking of the possibilities. I knocked on the door and a male voice said to come in. We opened the door and a good looking black male was sitting on the couch watching TV drinking a beer. I turned to Lorraine and said that I lost a bet to this guy that I don’t have the money to pay him. This is my friend Tom, and we agreed that if you fuck him tonight, that will cover the debt. Lorraine just stared at me for a minute as if she was mad, but I know she was turned on. She strutted over to Tom and sat down beside him and said, Hi Tom, I’m Lorraine and I’m your fuck-toy tonight. She leaned in and gave Tom a long, deep, passionate kiss, while her hand moved to his crotch and rubbed his cock through his jeans. After a few minutes of kissing and rubbing Lorraine moved to kneel between his legs and unzipped his jeans. Tom’s huge black cock popped out and she stroked it and licked it before taking it into her willing mouth. She dropped one hand down between her own legs and rubbed her own wet pussy, she was getting really turned on. She was giving him a great blow job when Tom’s cell phone rang. He casually reached over and answered it while Lorraine was still sucking him off. Hi Steve he said, no I can’t come right now, I’m busy. I’ve got a hot slut sucking my cock right now. Lorraine liked that and started sucking and rubbing a little faster. It was a hot scene. Tom listened to his friend a little longer and said, yea, I think I’ll have a better night then you will, sitting in that crowded bar with the guys and then hung up and put down his phone. Lorraine stopped sucking him and crawled up onto his lap. She slid her short dress up exposing her bare, shaved smooth, juicy pussy. You could see them both breathing hard as she kissed him while sliding his large hard cock into her wet pussy. She had to slowly lower herself on to his big hard cock. His big cock was tight in her juicy pussy and she had to ride him slow at first. Once she got stretched out, her moans were constant with her big tits in his face. She was going real slow and asked Tom who was on the phone. He looked at her oddly and just said, it was a buddy of mine, I was supposed to meet him and some friends at a bar down the street. She asked if he was black and Tom just said Yes, not understanding why she was making chit-chat while riding his cock. Lorraine started riding him just a little faster and said, Tom, can you call him back? Why would I do that? I rather stay here and fuck your brains out. Lorraine said, you should call him back and see if he wants to come and join us. Tom looked puzzled and said, well I don’t think he believed me when I said you were here. Lorraine said, come on, call him back and I can talk to him, maybe I can convince him to come over, it would be sooo hot. He picked up his phone and pressed redial. Steve, it’s Tom, you know that slut I told you about, she wants to talk to you. Lorraine took the phone from his hand and said Hi Steve, while still slowly riding Tom’s cock. My name is Lorraine, I’m Tom’s fuck-toy for tonight and I think it be fun if you came over and joined us. There was silence for a few seconds and Lorraine said, yes I’m serious, come on over, I’d love to fuck you and Tom at the same time. After a few more seconds of silence, Lorraine said, and you can bring your friends too. She said, yes I can wait, you could hear people talking on the other end of the call. Steve came back to the call and I heard Lorraine say, sure we can do that. She switched the call to a video chat and held it out at arm’s length to show them Tom and her fucking. She blew a kiss into the camera and said come and get it. I heard Steve say that they will be there in 10 minutes and hung up. She put the phone down and asked Tom how many guys were coming. He said, I’m not sure, I think 4 or 5. That got Lorraine hotter and she started bouncing faster. Tom was holding out real well when a few minutes Lorraine asked me Honey, How much? I didn’t know what she meant, so I said How much what? She asked how much was the bet I’m paying off? I hesitated for a bit, trying to think of a good answer. . . do I say $1,000?, $5,000? What’s a good amount? Before I could respond Tom spoke up and said, it was $10, your husband owed me $10. She stopped riding Tom for a few seconds and I thought I was in deep shit and the night was over. She started pumping him real hard and fast, Tom was surprised but pleased. Oh my god, Lorraine said, I’m getting pimped out for 10 bucks?!?!?! That’s so fucking hot, that makes me a real cheap whore!!!! Oh god, I’m so fucking horny. I love being worth 10 bucks. A few more strokes and she came and Tom blasted into her a few seconds later. They were both breathing very hard as she rolled off him onto the couch beside him. She reached over and stroked his slippery cock with one hand while rubbing her dripping pussy with the other. After a few minutes there was a knock on the door and I opened it. 5 black guys came in and walked right by me. They stopped and stared at Lorraine, until she said hi guys, glad you decided to come over! They noticed me and asked who I was. Lorraine said that’s my husband, he’s cool with tonight, he likes to lend me out for fun. Tonight I’m paying off his bet to Tom. Tom got up and headed to the kitchen and said I’m getting a drink and will take a break. She’s all yours guys, she sucks and fucks real good. Lorraine just smiled and laid back across the couch. Steve and the guys started dropping shirts, pants and shoes. Lorraine got up and moved in front of them and kneeled down. She moved from cock to cock sucking to get them all nice and hard. It didn’t take long. Her dress was bunched around her waist and she still had her heels on, she likes to keep her heels on for fucking, makes her feel slutty. The guys were all hard and helped her to her feet. She moved in and was kissing them while all their hands and a few hard cocks were caressing different parts of her body. Steve picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. Steve and his 4 friends fucked Lorraine’s brains out for the next 2 hours. She sucked and fucked 2 guys at a time, while on her hands and knees. They fucked her in all different positions, doggy style, on her back with her heels in the air, pointed at the ceiling. She needed a break and went out to the kitchen to get a drink of water. She had a drink and they chatted for a while. She said how she was having such a great fucking time. After a few minutes, the caressing and kissing started again and they bent her over the kitchen table. She was ready for the next round and they pulled a train on her from behind. She just stayed bent over the table as each guy fucked her from behind until they came. They would also shove cocks in her mouth to be sucked. They each came in her again and there was cum running down her legs to her heels. I stepped to the back of the line and took my turn, in her sloppy, swollen pussy. All the guys were spent and Lorraine took a shower. While she was in the shower, everyone but Tom left. Lorraine came out refreshed and got dressed. She looked so relaxed, like a slut that’s been fucked 10 times. We sat and chatted with Tom for a few minutes when Lorraine said that she wanted to go out for a drink. She asked Tom about the bar he and his friends go to, are there lots of hot black guys there? Tom said, yes, it’s almost all black people there, and I know the owner, he could arrange for us to use the back room, there is a nice lounge with a pool table. Lorraine perked up, Oh, I have an idea, Tom, you can invite some of your friends and we’ll have a pool tournament. Dave can play and I can watch. I said, Honey, you know I’m not very good at pool. Lorraine smiled and said I know dear, and maybe you can forget your wallet, and we have to think of some way to pay off your bets. Tom smiled and said he will make a few phone calls as we head down to the bar. I offered to get the car but Lorraine said she wanted to walk. We left Tom’s place and were out on the street when I noticed Lorraine didn’t bring her coat. I offered to go back and get it and she said, no, it’s a nice evening, and I’ll enjoy the walk. I suddenly realized why she wanted to walk. She was dressed like a street walker and enjoyed the attention from everyone on the street as she strutted to the bar. Guys stared, whistled and made rude comments as she walked by, she loved it. As we walked to the bar, Tom was making calls, telling his friends to join him for a party in the pool room, they won’t regret it. As we got to the bar, Tom said, you guys are going to look out of place, let me do all the talking. The bar was crowded, and mostly black people as Tom predicted, mostly men and a few couples. Everyone stared at Lorraine as we sat at the bar. Tom chatted with the manager and pointed at Lorraine. Lorraine smiled and waved and winked at them. The manager unlocked the door to the pool room and waved us over. The pool room had a bar, several couches and chairs around the walls and a nice pool table in the middle of the room. Only Tom, Lorraine and I were there and Tom said his friends are on the way. The manager stepped behind the bar and said he will tend bar and maybe join in the pool tournament later on. Lorraine and I decided to start a game of pool while we waited for the others to show up. We were both bad and the game was taking a long time, but it was hot watching Lorraine play. Her dress was so short you could see the tops of her stockings as she bent over the table, and lots of cleavage too. Tom and the manager enjoyed watching Lorraine and the manager offered to help her with her game. He got behind her and bent over her from behind as she took a shot. He was pretending to help her shoot, but his hands were roaming all over her hot body, his crotch pressed against her nice ass. Lorraine kept playing the game as he dropped his pants and raised her short dress. Lorraine smiled and missed a shot as he slid his big, hard, black cock into her willing pussy from behind. Lorraine kept trying to play the game, and I would move the ball back to her so she didn’t have to move around the table. She was trying but finding it hard to shoot while getting fucked hard from behind. The manager was pounding her hard against the side of the table and Lorraine came a few times while trying to shoot the pool ball. The manager came with one loud, final grunt. He pulled Lorraine’s dress back down, stepped away and returned to the bar. Lorraine and I kept playing as the door opened and Tom’s friends started to arrive. Two good looking black guys came in and greeted Tom. They were surprised to see Lorraine and asked Tom what was going on. Tom explained that we are his friends from out of town and he has arranged a pool tournament as a way to entertain us for the evening. Lorraine greeted them with a hug and a kiss and returned to our game. Another guy came in, and then 3 more and then 3 more after that. Tom gave his explanation and Lorraine greeted everyone. They were all sitting around enjoying the show that Lorraine was providing bending over the table and wondering what was going on. Lorraine finally lost to me and took a seat on a high bar stool, crossed her sexy legs and ordered a drink. Tom said it was time to get the tournament started and told the first guy to arrive that he was up first to play me. His name was Sam. The rules were, the loser has to pay the winner $10 and the winner continues to play, while the loser is out of the tournament. As we played the first game, a few guys moved over to the bar to chat-up Lorraine. She was smiling, laughing and flirting with them as I played. Very few were watching the game, most were staring at Lorraine at the bar. I lost the game and acted shocked saying, oh no, I forgot my wallet. Lorraine, Honey, I don’t have the money to pay Sam, do you have $10 on you? She replied, oh, no I don’t, what are we going to do? Oh, I know, maybe I can offer Sam some other form of payment over there on the couch while you play the next guy, how does that sound Sam? Wink. Sam looked a little puzzled when Tom spoke up and said, Sam, bro, take the offer, trust me. Lorraine hopped off her stool and led Sam over the couch. Everyone was looking puzzled too when Tom told the next guy, Bill, to play me. Bill and I started to play but everyone else was looking at Lorraine and Sam passionately kissing, his hand sliding up Lorraine’s stocking clad leg. Bill was having trouble focusing on the game, trying to watch Lorraine and Sam. He was not good and I was having trouble not winning, which was making the game very long. I glanced over to see Sam had Lorraine’s tits out of her dress kissing and sucking her erect nipples, with one hand up under her short dress. Lorraine just had her head back, eyes closed moaning in joy. Bill and I played a little more and when I looked over at Lorraine again, she was on her knees sucking Sam’s huge, hard, black cock. Everyone was watching her and not the pool game. Bill and I returned to take a few more shots to hear Lorraine scream, Oh my god, that feels so good! I looked over to see Sam on top of Lorraine pounding her juicy pussy, her stocking clad legs over his shoulders, her heels bouncing in the air with each hard thrust. I had to tell Bill that he might be next, but first he has to win the game, that got his attention back at the table. It was really hard to lose to him but I eventually did, just as Lorraine was screaming in orgasm. I said, hey Lorraine, I lost again. She sighed and said, oh good, send him over. Bill quickly put his pool cue down and dashed over to Lorraine, unzipping his pants at the same time. The room was fixated on Lorraine taking Bill’s hard cock in her mouth. Everyone watched them for a few minutes when Tom announced the name of the next guy to play me. He didn’t move until Tom said, if you beat Dave, you will be next to fuck the slut. He realized what he had to do and jumped up to the table. He easily beat me and I said, Lorraine, Honey, I lost again. By this time Lorraine was on her hands and knees, Bill fucking her from behind. She just said, Oh good, I need his hard cock in my mouth. This guy left the table and pushed his hard, black cock into her eager mouth. Now all the guys were volunteering to play me next but Tom had worked out the order and selected the next guy. It was hard to concentrate on the game over Lorraine’s screams of, Oh god! I love your hard cock and Oh god! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Oh WoW! Your cock is soooo big, it feels so good! That’s it, fuck me like a cheap slut. This guy quickly won and moved to take his turn in Lorraine’s sexy mouth and stretched out cunt. Lorraine came again and again and again, enjoying every hard inch of their big, black cocks. As the next guy was pushing his hard cock into her dripping pussy from behind, Lorraine said, Dave, I think you should just concede the tournament, so I can enjoy all these hard cocks at once. I shrugged my shoulders and put my cue down on the pool table. That was the sign everyone needed and they all leapt out of their seats toward Lorraine. Shirts and pants dropping on the way.The guy fucking her from behind thrust hard one last time depositing his load into her dripping pussy. Lorraine got to her knees on the floor and the guys formed a circle of hard, black cocks around her. Lorraine stroked and sucked each one, ensuring each one was nice and hard and ready to fuck her willing cunt. After a few minutes, they roughly lifted her to her feet and bent her over the pool table. A line formed behind her, the first guy thrust his hard member into her and she let out a loud moan. He spanked her bare ass as his hard cock thrust in and out and poured some beer on her bare titis and then leaned forward to lick it off. Tom came over and pushed his hard cock into her willing mouth. I enjoyed the view for a while, her eyes closed, face flushed with pure lust. I decided to join the end of the line, I wanted to shoot my load into her pussy last. It was an agonizing long wait listening to all the moans, groans and grunts, Lorraine was having orgasm after orgasm. After 2 guys came in Lorraine, she said her legs were getting tired and wanted to change positions. The next 2 guys in line flipped her onto her back on the pool table, her dripping cunt at the table’s edge, ready for the next hard cock. Another hard cock was pushed into her and 2 other guys lifted her legs in the air and spread them wide. This made it really easy for the cocks pounding her pussy to get nice and deep. The moans, groans and grunts continued, as one cock squirted into her, one of the guys holding her legs spread moved to fill her messy cunt and the next guy in line took his turn holding her legs open. She still had her cum-fuck-me heels on, pointing at the ceiling, bouncing in the air with each hard thrust. I finally got to the front of the line, taking my turn to hold her legs open for the guy fucking her, I had an up close view of the hard black cock thrusting in and out of her spread pussy. He came and I got my chance to use her dripping pussy and pushed my hard cock in, it was heaven, so sloppy and stretched out. I leaned forward and asked her if she was having a good time. She said, hi Hun, glad you are taking a turn, and then she added, I’m so glad you forgot your wallet and are such a bad pool player. wink I replied that I was glad that you were willing to cover my bets. That made her cum again and she, oh yea, I’m so fucking happy to do it. I added my cum to the sloppy mess of cum dripping onto the table and floor. Lorraine was light headed and I helped her to the ladies room to freshen up. She returned a while later and took a seat beside me at the bar. She asked for a drink and seemed very mellow. She sighed and put her head down on the bar. I asked if she was OK, and she replied, Oh yeah, I feel great, that was fucking amazing. Most of the guys had left by now leaving us with the manager and Tom. Tom joked, Hey Dave, there’s a football game tomorrow night, want to make a bet? Wink. Lorraine replied for me, Yes, he’ll take your bet, Tom. And Tom, can you host a poker game next Saturday night? Dave would love to play, and I could serve drinks and stuff. Wink. I have a sexy French maid outfit that would be just perfect. I asked Lorraine if she wanted me to forget my wallet again, and she just smiled and said, you know the answer to that.

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