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Lorraine does her research

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hotwife gets turned on by thought of BBC, lots of BBC.

Lorraine and I have been casual swingers for a few years. Usually with another couple, and the occasional MMF threesome. I just came home from a week long business trip, when Lorraine met me at the door, dressed really sexy. She was dressed in a black fishnet top, no bra, a real short red vinyl skirt, and black 5 inch strappy, cum-fuck-me pumps. I looked her up and down and asked her what’s happening? She said, honey, remember before you went away, we watched that interracial porn? It seemed to really turn you on that night, you were a tiger that night in bed. I said, yes, I remember, I think you were extra turned on that night too. Well, yes I was and I set up a special evening for us tonight, that I think we’ll both like. OOOOKay, I said, so what’s happening tonight? You look like a whore, but I do like it. She said thanks, that’s the look I was trying for and then told me to get into the car and drive and she’ll tell me a story on the way. I got behind the wheel and Lorraine got into the passenger seat. She gave me directions and we started to drive. She said, yes, I was turned on by that interracial porn too, that guy had a huge cock. After you left for your trip, I was still horny and I couldn’t stop thinking about that porn. So last Monday afternoon, I put on a nice dress and heels and went down to a bar in the black part of town to do some “research”. I sat at the bar and had a drink, but there weren’t too many guys in there. A good looking black guy sat down beside me and introduced himself as Robert. He said I was hot and liked my dress. We chatted a while when he finally said, I bet I know why you’re here. You’re a bored housewife and want to experiment with some black cock. I just stared at him, until I said yes. Robert said, well, this is my bar, and there’s a couch in my office in the back, I can give you the experience you want, and your hubby will never know. I was breathing hard and my throat went dry, all I could do was nod yes. He led me to his office and he locked the door as I sat on the couch. He sat beside me and we started kissing, his hand moved under my dress. He could tell I was getting hot, so he stood up and dropped his pants. A huge black cock was staring me in the face, all I could do was grab it, stroke it and suck it. It was amazing! I loved sucking his cock, but I was really wet and needed his cock between my legs. I stopped sucking and just layed back on the couch. Robert mounted me and slid that huge black cock into my juicy pussy. Oh My God, it was amazing! It was sooo big, I came within a few strokes. Robert was a fuck machine, he just kept fucking & fucking & fucking me, what stamina! He put my legs over his shoulders, and I felt sooo filled. My heels just bounced in the air as he pounded me, over and over again. I came so many times. He rolled me over and fucked me doggystyle. I came again a few more times and then Robert finally shot his load in me. I was filled with cum. I laid on my back and could hardly catch my breath. Robert gave me another drink and asked me if I had a good time? I just sighed and said yes, it was all I hoped it would be. He asked me if I was ready for “round 2”. He laid down on the couch and I mounted him. We fucked and fucked again, and again, and again. I was exhausted and could hardly move when we were done. I told Robert that he was amazing and that was the best sex I’ve ever had. He said that if I came back tomorrow afternoon, I would have a better experience. I just asked him what time as my heart pounded away in my chest. He said to come at 1pm, and dress sexy. I left and as I walked through the bar, everyone was staring at me, they knew what happened in that back room. When I got home I showered and slept all evening. My pussy was sore but felt soooo good. I could hardly wait until the next day and had trouble sleeping that night, I was so excited. I went to the adult store in the morning to buy a new outfit. I went back to the bar, dressed in a sexy pink minidress, low cut in the front, and pink 5 inch stripper heels. I met Robert at the bar and gave him a deep kiss, and rubbed the front of his pants, he was already hard. I asked him how he was going to make today better than yesterday? He just grabbed us a few drinks and led me back to his office. Everyone in the bar watched and smiled. They knew what Robert and I were going to do. When we entered his office, there was a good looking black guy sitting on the couch. Robert introduced his friend Tony. I just stood there speechless. Robert said, yesterday you had the time of your life with your first black cock. Well, today I think you will have twice the fun with two black cocks. I was still speechless when Tony stood up and came over and kissed me. He put my hand on the front of his pants and I could feel a huge cock. They led me over to the couch and sat on each side of me. We started kissing and their hands started to explore my body. I spread my legs and their hands slid under my short dress. I wasn’t wearing panties and was already wet when their hands got there. The 2 of them fucked me for the next 3 hours. I sucked one hard black cock, while being fucked by the other. They fucked me in every position possible, doggy style, while bent over the back of the couch, me riding one while sucking the other and then they DP’ed me. Robert was right, it was even better than the day before. I was sore, exhausted, and had cum running down my legs when I stood up to leave. I asked Robert sarcastically, if he could top today and he surprised me by saying that he could. He told me to come back tomorrow night and he’ll have another surprise for me. My head started spinning with the possibilities. I kissed Robert and Tony good-bye and walked out of the bar. Again, everyone watched me leave, knowing what happened in the back room. Driving home I realized I’ve become a black cock slut. I rested all night and went to get a new outfit in the morning. This time I showed up to the bar dressed in a short white halter dress and 5 inch white strappy heels. The bar was busier this evening then the last 2 times I was there. Lots of black men, only a few ladies. Robert gave me a drink and said we were going to play pool for a while. I said sure, but I was hoping to get my next surprise. He said, I’ll get it for sure, but first we’re going to play pool. I said OK, but I sucked at pool. All the guys were staring at me as I bent over the table to take a shot. Robert beat me easily, but wanted to play another game. I was getting turned on by all the guys staring at me and I gave them a good show bending over. They could see my tits as I bent over the table, or the top of my thighs as my short dress hiked up. Robert had us play a few games and I noticed that more guys were sitting near the table as we played. He kept giving me more drinks too as we played, I was getting a little tipsy. After I lost again Robert stood behind me and rubbed his crotch against my ass and kissed the back of my neck. His hands slid inside my halter dress and were caressing my tits, my nipples were so hard. I asked Robert if this was tonight’s surprise, he was going to fuck me in front of his friends? He said, well sorta, I’m going to fuck you with my friends. I started panting as he bent me forward over the pool table and lifted my dress. He dropped his pants and slid his rock hard cock into my pussy, it felt soooo good! I could see some of the guys get off their bar stools and chairs and come toward us, unbuckling their belts and dropping their pants. My mind was spinning as Robert bent forward and whispered to me, while still fucking me from behind. He said, yesterday, you had a great time with 2 black cocks, so tonight let’s see how you do with 5 or 6 big black cocks. I could hardly breathe, but his cock felt so good sliding in and out of my sloppy pussy. I tried to pull away but he had me pinned to the table. A big black cock appeared in front of my face and I naturally took it in my mouth, like a good slut would. Robert came in my pussy and before I could stand up, another big cock was sliding into my pussy. The guy I was sucking pulled out and got in line to fuck me, but another cock was pushed into my mouth right away. I looked back and could see a line of black guys behind me, their pants down and stroking big cocks. A few more guys came in my pussy and I could feel the cum running down my legs. A couple of guys came out of the back room with a dirty mattress and put it on the floor. The guy fucking me walked me over to the matress without missing a stroke, and put me on my hands and knees on the mattress. Another cock was pushed into my mouth and after sucking it for a few minutes he came. Now cum was running down my chin and my legs. I realized that I don’t even know the guys fucking me, which somehow made it even hotter. They moved me to my back and fucked me that way for a while, guys would hold my ankles, keeping my legs high in the air, heels pointed at the ceiling. I could see Robert filming the whole event, again got me even hotter. In 3 days I went from watching interracial porn with my husband, to being gangbanged by a bar full of black strangers, and loving it.

Lorraine finished telling me this story as we arrived at a house in the country. She asked me if I was turned on and I couldn’t even answer. She reached over to feel my hard cock under my pants and said, yes I see you are turned on. So honey, I had all that fun without you so now that you are back, I wanted to ensure we have some sexy fun together. We got out of the car and walked up to the house and knocked. A black guy opened the door and we walked in. Lorraine gave him a deep kiss and his hands grabbed her ass. Lorraine introduced me to Robert and we shook hands. He said I was a lucky guy to have such a sexy wife and I agreed. As we stepped further into the house I could see 5 more black guys watching the video of the bar gangbang on a large TV. Lorraine introduced me to Tony and then said but I don’t know who the other guys are, but maybe I fucked them the other night. I took so many guys from behind, I don’t know who I’ve fucked. She moved into the circle of them and their hands started fondling her through her fishnet top and up her short red vinyl skirt. So Honey, I wanted you to experience the fun I’ve had all week, so Robert arranged this special party for us. I’ve become a black cock slut and I’m going to show you with these guys. They led Lorraine into the master bedroom and laid her on the bed. She was smiling from ear to ear. There was a video camera on a tripod in the corner. The six of them then took turns fucking her brains out all night. She was insatiable, and kept them hard until morning. She was covered in cum and said that she wanted me to be her last fuck of the day. I slid my hard cock into her sloppy pussy. We fucked real hard, her hips thrust up & down as I pounded her as hard as ever. I added my cum to the rest and she kissed me and fell asleep on the bed, her skirt pushed up around her waist, her top on the floor and she still had her heels on, like a good black cock slut should. When she woke up all the guys had left except Robert. She showered and had some coffee and breakfast while we watched the video of her gangbangs from the club, and last night. That got us all horny and Lorraine rode both Robert and me until we came again. It was another hot scene, Lorraine moaning and groaning riding our cocks with video of her getting gangbanged in the background on a large screen TV. She asked me if I had a good time, I said yes, for sure, but not as good as you. She just smiled and sipped another cup of coffee. She turned to Robert and said, you know, we don’t have anything on for the rest of the weekend. Do you want to call some more of your friends to come over later today, and tomorrow? I would really like to meet more of your friends. Robert just smiled and picked up his phone and started making calls. Honey, can you go get my bag out of the trunk of the car? I have some special outfits for the rest of the weekend. Since I’m a black cock slut, I might as well dress like one!

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