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Lorraine becomes a biker chick for a night

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Hotwife Lorraine lives out her fantasy of becoming a biker chick.

There is a town a few hours from us that holds a very large motorcycle rally every Friday the 13th. We are not motorcycle riders but have gone to the event a few times to see the bikes and experience the overall event. We walk around during the day looking at the bikes, but I’ve often noticed Lorraine checking out some of the bikers. We head home in the evening and Lorraine always seems horny and we have hot sex. A few months later, I was surprised when Lorraine told me that she booked a motel room for the next Friday the 13th, so we can stay in the evening and see what the night life is like. When the date arrived, we drove early to the town and checked in, so we could enjoy the day seeing the bikes and crowds. The weather was great so the crowd was very large, it was hard just to move around and see all the different high-end bikes. Lorraine decided to get some temporary tattoos on her ankles. After enjoying the day in the sunshine, we went back to the motel to have a short rest, get cleaned up and head out to find some dinner. The crowd dissipates in the evening but the town is still very busy. I showered first and watched TV while Lorraine was getting ready. I was surprised when she came out, she was dressed like a biker chick, in a short leather skirt with some zippers, black strappy 5 inch high-heels, bare legs and a tight denim vest which really showed off her large breasts. I said, Lorraine, what are you doing, that’s pretty revealing. She said that she thought she should dress like the bikers this evening to fit in when out for dinner. And I can be your biker chick later on after dinner if you like, wink, wink. That gave me a hard-on and I said, let’s go out and find a place to eat. We left the motel and headed down the main street which was still very crowded. I noticed lots of the guys watching Lorraine as she walked by, a few made comments about her tits and ass. Normally she would get upset at rude comments but tonight she just smiled and kept walking. Lorraine found a bar that looked a little rough and said that she wanted to go in. I was surprised at her choice but followed her in. It was very crowded and I figured we wouldn’t get a table and would have to go find another restaurant. The manager looked Lorraine up and down and said he would find us a table. He led us to a small table for 2, again I noticed all the guys in the restaurant watched Lorraine strut to our table. Lorraine looked real sexy when she crossed her legs, in her short skirt, heels and tattoos. Lorraine ordered a bottle of wine while we were deciding on what to eat. After we ordered, I looked around the room to notice that everyone looked like bikers, in leather vests with various biker logos on the back. The room was mostly men who kept checking out Lorraine. Lorraine had enjoyed a few glasses of wine when the waiter showed up with a shot of whiskey, sent over from someone in the bar. Lorraine was pleased and shot it back quickly. I was surprised as we are not big drinkers and asked Lorraine if she was OK, as she was acting quite strange with the sexy clothes, tattoos and all the drinking. She just said that she wanted to try the biker experience tonight. After an enjoyable dinner and some more wine I went to the washroom and when I returned I noticed that Lorraine had unzipped one of the zippers on her short skirt creating a slit, which showed more of her leg. My phone rang and it was a work call so I stepped out of the restaurant to take the call. In a few minutes, I came back in to find a big biker sitting at our table talking to Lorraine. I sat down and Lorraine introduced him to me, his name was Woodie and he had brought Lorraine another shot of whiskey, the empty shot-glass was on the table. You could see that Lorraine was getting a little drunk. Lorraine said, Dave, Woodie has invited us to a party, it’s upstairs in this building, isn’t that nice!?!? Before I could say a word, Lorraine excused herself to go to the ladies room, we both watched Lorraine strut across the restaurant. Woodie said Dave, you are a lucky man, Lorraine has really nice tits, a nice ass, and great legs, I bet she is a hot fuck, eh Dave? I’m really looking forward to getting to know her better at the party. Before I could react, he got up and left and went up the stairs to the party room. Lorraine strutted back to our table, sat down and crossed her legs again, everyone was watching her. I said, WoW Lorraine, what’s gotten into you? You are even walking sexy tonight. She just smiled and said, don’t be silly, it’s just these heels, they are hard to walk in, and like I said before, I want to try the biker experience tonight. I said, and you know why Woodie invited you to that party don’t you? She just smiled and said, don’t be silly, he said there will be lots of ladies there, and he just thought we looked nice and might want to join them for the evening. Come on, don’t be a spoil-sport, let’s go and do something different tonight. I didn’t move and she finally added, well I’ll go without you, she stood up and headed to the stairs. I couldn’t let her go alone so I followed. We got to the party room on the 2nd floor. It had a bar with a bartender, a few pool tables, some dart boards, some tables with chairs and some sofas against the walls. There was a large motorcycle on a stand at the end of the room. There were about a dozen biker guys and no ladies. They all looked like typical bikers, unshaven, scruffy, overweight, with lots of tattoos, some with pony-tails, all wearing leather vests with their club’s emblem on the back. I said, Lorraine, this doesn’t look good, we should get out of here. Lorraine just ignored me and walked over to the bar and sat on a high bar stool and crossed her legs. The bartender handed her a drink. I quickly moved to sit on the stool beside her. Woodie came over and greeted us and gave Lorraine a kiss on the lips. I said Woodie, I thought there were going to be other women here? He said, oh yea, there’s a problem, our dates were coming in a minibus, they just wanted to come for the evening, and not be here all day. But, there is a problem, the bus broke down and they are trying to fix it, they will be here later. Lorraine looked at me and said, see Dave, there’s no problem, their dates are just late. Woodie got her another drink and sat down on the stool next to her. Some music came on and Woodie asked Lorraine to dance and he took her by the hand and led her to the small dance floor. I was hoping for their dates to show up real soon. The music was hard rock, but Woodie pulled Lorraine in for a slow dance. You could see them chatting while they danced, she had to look up as he just towered over her. His hands slowly slid down her back to rub her ass through her tight skirt. When the song ended another biker asked Lorraine to dance and his hands also explored her body. She danced with 3 more guys before coming back to sit at the bar. She said, see Dave, they are all very friendly. Woodie said that they can’t get the bus fixed and their dates can’t get there tonight. I noticed Lorraine smiled a little, before saying, ahh, that’s too bad. Woodie agreed, and said now they can’t have the wet tee-shirt contest. Lorraine said, yea, too bad, I was going to enter the contest too, sounded like fun! Woodie said, well, we can still have it, Lorraine, you are sure to win. Lorraine chugged back another drink and said, OK, let’s do it. I was speechless. They put a wooden box in the center of the room and helped Lorraine to step onto it. The music changed to some fast dance music and Lorraine started dancing on the box. One of the guys handed her a tee-shirt and said she can change in the ladies room. Lorraine said that’s not necessary and just unbuttoned her vest and took it off right there, showing her beautiful tits to everyone. All the guys cheered. She pulled the white tee-shirt over her head, it was very tight and the lower half had been cut away, it barely covered her tits. “Fuck Toy” was printed in black letters across the front and back. She danced to the music again, her tits bouncing under the short, tight tee-shirt. Two bikers poured beer on the tee-shirt and the room cheered again. Lorraine continued to dance, now the tee-shirt was almost see through. The song ended and Lorraine was declared the winner and started dancing with 2 of the bikers on the dance floor. I finally got up the courage and told Woodie what I thought. You guys are bastards, getting her drunk so you could take advantage of her, and I know the story of your dates being late is bullshit. Woodie laughed out loud and said, Dave, you are way off, as we continued to watch Lorraine dance with 2 bikers. They would dance fast and Lorraine’s tits were bouncing and visible through the wet tee-shirt, and sometimes they would pull her in close and sandwich her between them. Woodie said, Dave, I thought you knew, she set this up, this was her plan. What?!?! I said. Woodie continued, she contacted me via our club’s Facebook group a few months ago. We had posted that we were coming to this Friday the 13th rally. She sent us a message saying that she was turned on by bikers and wanted to party with us. I didn’t believe her, and figured it was some sort of scam. She replied by sending us some sexy photos of herself. He was telling me this while we watched her still dancing, with different guys now. There were 5 of them on the floor and she was in the center, sort of dancing with all of them. Woodie continued to explain that he still didn’t believe the messages, but was intrigued by the sexy photos. They continued to message each other, but Woodie was still not convinced she was real. So she offered to meet him and prove it. So Dave, when you were out of town for a few days on business, Lorraine met me and 2 of my buddies at a motel. We were convinced she was real when she fucked the 3 of us, man was she hot. I can show you a video of it if you want, but I think you are going to see something more sexy in a few minutes. So Dave, don’t take tonight wrong, we aren’t trying to take advantage of Lorraine, she asked for tonight. I was shocked and stunned and couldn’t speak. A few of the bikers moved the motorcycle on its stand to the center of the room. They helped Lorraine get on the bike and she posed as if she was riding it while the bikers took photos. Lorraine was smiling, enjoying all the attention, after a few minutes of posing like that she pulled the wet tee-shirt off to pose in just her skirt and heels, tits bare for all to see. Woodie commented that these will be nice photos on the club’s website. I was still shocked but also mesmerized by the action and also realized I had a huge hard-on. Lorraine got off the bike and strutted over to me at the bar, chugged another shot and said, Dave, isn’t this fun!?! I’m going to have so much fucking fun tonight! And you will too. She kissed me, rubbed the bulge in my pants before saying, I want to take you last. She strutted back to the bike and the bikers, giving each one a deep, long kiss. They of course caressed her bare breasts, and pinched her erect nipples. A big scruffy biker with a beer belly gently pushed Lorraine to her knees, where she unzipped his pants and exposed his large, hard cock. Lorraine smiled and winked at me before taking it into her willing mouth. Her head was bobbing up and down on the hard cock when a few other bikers moved in, and dropped their pants, she took a cock in each hand and started stroking. I asked Woodie why he wasn’t over there taking part, he said that he likes his pussy nice and sloppy, so he’ll wait until after they loosen her up. Lorraine stood up and led the big biker by the cock to the motorcycle. She raised her short leather skirt above her hips and bent over the bike. The big biker thrust his hard cock into Lorraine from behind and she let out a loud moan. The 2 other bikers that she was stroking moved around the bike to get sucked, which Lorraine eagerly did. I couldn’t look away, there was Lorraine, half naked, bent over a motorcycled fucking and sucking 3 strangers. The big biker fucking her started to thrust faster and faster until he held her hips tight, groaned and shot his load into her dripping pussy. There was suddenly a little pushing and shoving as the other bikers tried to be next. One guy finally got to push his hard cock into her and a line formed behind him. Lorraine just remained there, bent over the bike sucking a few cocks and getting pounded from behind. She was moaning loudly, as loudly as she could while having a cock in her mouth. I could tell each time she had an orgasm too. Each guy in line had a beer in one hand and was stroking his cock to keep it hard with the other. The guy fucking her, grunted, shot his load, and stepped away. He high-fived the guy behind him and said, wow, she’s the hottest slut we’ve gangbanged in a long time. The next guy poured some beer over Lorraine’s ass as he slid his hard cock into her pussy. He had a really big cock and Lorraine shuttered a little, taking the cock out of her mouth long enough to say, WoW! That’s a big cock, I luv it! She resumed her cock sucking, taking a load of cum in the mouth. She swallowed most of it but some was running down her chin. More cocks appeared by her face which she was happy to suck and stroke. There continued to be lots of thrusting, grunting and groaning at Lorraine’s pussy, matched by continuous moans and orgasms from Lorraine. After 5 guys had cum in Lorraine’s pussy, Woodie said it was his turn, she’ll be nice and sloppy by now. The other bikers let him cut into line to be next in her pussy. As he was pounding away, he leaned forward to call her a few names, slut, whore, biker bitch. Lorraine recognized his voice and said, Oh Woodie, thank you so much for organizing this party for me! I’m having a great time, and she returned to sucking the cocks in front of her. After Woodie dumped his load in her, Lorraine asked if they could change positions. They helped her sit on the seat of the bike sideways. They put a chair beside the bike on the other side so she could lay her head back and spread her legs. The next guy poured some beer on Lorraine’s sloppy pussy and thrust his hard cock into her. She raised her legs and he put them over his shoulders. As he pumped her, her tattooed legs and heels bounced in the air. He shot his load, turned around to high-five the next biker, who stepped up for his turn. There was cum dripping from her pussy onto the bike, cum dripping off her chin and cum on her tits. She just laid back with her eyes closed, taking cock, after cock, after cock, having orgasm after orgasm. After all 12 bikers came in or on her she asked for a break. They helped her up and gave her a towel to wipe the cum off her face, breasts, legs and heels. She pulled her short skirt back down and walked over to take a seat at the bar beside me. The bikers just sat around at the tables chatting as if nothing had happened, to them this was a normal party. Lorraine had a drink of water, and just sat there for a few minutes letting her breathing slow down. I still couldn’t speak, but my hard-on was still there. Lorraine turned to me and asked how I was doing. I just nodded and said OK, I couldn’t get any more words out. She said, WoW Dave, I’m having a great time. This is just as I dreamed it would be. I was finally able to speak and said, Woodie said you asked for this? Lorraine replied, oh yes, you know how we often fantasize and role-play in the bedroom, I know how it turns us both on. So I decided it would be fun to try it for real. And it was Amazing! Come on Dave, tell me what you are thinking. I took a big gulp of water and said, yes, it was hot, hottest thing I’ve ever seen. But you promised me I would get a turn, can we fuck now? Lorraine said, no, not yet, I said I wanted you last and I’m not done with our new friends yet. She took another shot of whiskey, and walked into the ladies room. Woodie came over and said, Dave, again, you are a lucky man, she knows how to have fun! I just said, yeah, she’s a “people person” tonight, that’s for sure. She returned from the ladies room, changed into a new outfit, she was in a garter belt, white fencenet stockings, white low-cut bra and 5 five inch white come-fuck-me heels. She came over to me and Woodie and said with a wink and a smile, I’d thought I would try this white, innocent, virgin look next. Woodie laughed so hard he spit out his beer. Yea, we all know how innocent you are. She walked back to the center of the room and said, OK gentlemen, who’s ready for round 2? The bartender, a black guy asked Woodie if he could have a turn? Woodie said, sure, her pussy is here for everyone and anyone to enjoy. Then the bartender added, I’ve been texting what’s going on here with a few friends downstairs, can they come up and have a piece of her too? Woodie replied, sure, the more the merrier. The bartender sent one more text and walked over to Lorraine on the sofa. She smiled and said, oh goodie, I hoped you would join in. I’ve never had a black cock before, I hear they are very yummy! She smiled, dropped his pants and took his really large, hard black cock in her mouth. She only sucked him a few minutes when she said, oh I need that in my pussy right now. She got onto her hands and knees on the sofa and he inserted his huge cock slowly into her. She jerked and froze up a few times since it was so big. She eventually was able to take it all in and they started fucking fast and furiously. Woodie said, imagine that, she had trouble taking him after being stretched out by 12 of us. We’ll have to hire him for the porno videos we make. Soon 2 more black guys appeared at the door and the bartender waved them over. They both dropped their pants and presented 2 large black cocks to her willing mouth. She sucked and stroked them with delight. The bartender would alternate holding her hips while thrusting, and sometimes her ankles, near her tattoos. He thrust forward one last time, shooting his cum into Lorraine’s pussy. He pulled out and there was a stream of cum running down her thighs. One of the other black guys moved to take over fucking her and Lorraine just kept thrusting back and forth keeping the 3rd cock in her mouth. I noticed the bikers were stroking their semi-hard cocks while enjoying the show. It was hot, their black skin against her white skin and lingerie. The 2nd guy came in her, which made Lorraine cum and as the 3rd guy moved to fuck her Lorraine wanted to change positions. She told him to lay down so she could ride him. He had the biggest cock of all and she had to slowly lower herself onto it. She was pumping very slowly to start until she was able to take it all in and started riding him like a sex-starved slut. Her moaning grew louder and louder until she screamed she was cuming. She collapsed on top of him, catching her breath. This got about half the bikers hard again and they got up and moved to the sofa for round 2. Lorraine was a bit spent by now but she knew she couldn’t say no, so she shifted to her back and spread her legs. The bikers formed a line and fucked her one by one. Some of them like to hold her legs up in the air, by her ankles. Lorraine was still enjoying herself, and when she could she would wrap her legs around the guy’s ass and help him thrust deeper by flexing her legs. She moaned with each deep thrust and came every few minutes. As the last guy was fucking her, Woodie said, she’s so hot, I think I’ll do her again too, she must be really sloppy and stretched by now. He mounted her and was pumping away when she looked at me, winked and mouthed “come here, you’re next”. Woodie grunted for the last time, and shot his 2nd load in her. I dropped my pants and got between her legs and slid right in. I’ve never felt her so sloppy and stretched. Lorraine was meeting each one of my thrusts with her own. She said, Wow, this was a fun night, I hope you enjoyed it too. I replied that I am now! Your pussy is really sloppy and stretched out, I love it. She said, great, I love it that way too. And then she added, and those black guys, oh my god! Can they ever fuck?!?!? We have to get their number before we leave. It would be great to have a party with them sometime. That was it, I couldn’t hold it anymore and I added my load to her sloppy pussy. She came at the same time and thanked me for allowing her to have this evening. As I pulled out, another stream of cum dripped from her pussy. Lorraine just lay there for a few minutes with her eyes closed while I got dressed and had a drink at the bar. She went to the ladies room again to clean up. All the bikers were chatting and drinking beer and the bartender returned to his duties. Lorraine returned, dressed in a short denim skirt, red high-heel boots and the “Fuck Toy” tee-shirt with no bra. She greeted Woodie and me with a kiss and asked for a bottle of water. She sat on the bar stool and said, well that was really something! I think everyone had a good time, and I had the best time ever! I can’t wait until we can do that again. I was shocked but added, me too, it will be fun to do again. She then turned around and started flirting with the bartender. She said she really had a good time with him and his friends and asked if they wanted to have another party sometime. He said, sure! We would be happy to service you again. Lorraine added, and maybe you can invite some more of your friends? Maybe 5 or 6 more of your black friends, with really big cocks!?!? He just smiled and said he could easily arrange that. Woodie was listening to all this and joined in, hey, can we record it? Our club runs a porno business on the side. I bet it would be a big money maker. Lorraine said, who cares about the money, I just want to try an all black party as our next experience. She gave the bartender her number and said, please set something up soon, I’m really, really looking forward to meeting more of your friends. She turned to me and said, well Dave, it’s been quite a night and I’m exhausted, let’s head back to the motel so I can get some sleep. It was very late, almost sunrise and there were still lots of bikers roaming the streets. They all watched as Lorraine strutted by in her tight, “Fuck Toy” half tee-shirt, short skirt and cum-fuck-me boots. We got to the motel and Lorraine said, you know Dave, my pussy is sore but I could use just one more fuck and she pushed me onto the bed. She unzipped my jeans and pulled them off. I was rock hard again and she mounted me, and I realized she wasn’t wearing any panties under that short skirt. She was slowly riding me up and down and started talking about the night. Dave, honey, I think I’m hooked now, I just keep thinking about how hot it was to fuck all those strangers, I reached up and grabbed her breasts through the thin tee-shirt. She was pumping a little faster, all those bikers fucked me really good, and had nice cocks to suck, I luv’ed sucking their cocks. I was finding it very hard to hold my load. And those black guys, Wow, just Wow, their cocks were sooooo hard and big, they sure know how to use them. We were both breathing harder now and she was pumping a little faster again, slowly bringing us both toward our next orgasm. Dave, honey, tell me what you liked tonight. I was really trying hard to not shoot my load and didn’t need this sexy talk. Come on Dave, tell me what you liked about tonight. I finally spoke up and said, it was hot watching you be so slutty, and I loved watching you, with all your enthusiasm, taking all those biker cocks. She was pumping a little faster again, keep going Dave, tell me more. I like the black guys fucking you, the contrast of their black skin against your white skin. I liked the trashy outfits you wore. She was riding a little faster again. And Dave, what about having more parties like this? I replied that I can’t wait to see you get gangbanged by the group of black guys. Lorraine replied, great, I already got a text from them, we are meeting them next weekend, and the bikers will record it too. And Woodie says he’s going to pimp me out to other biker clubs too. That was it, Lorraine was screaming as she orgasmed and I couldn’t hold it anymore and shot my load. Lorraine collapsed on me and we both just laid there until our breathing returned to normal. She rolled off me and we both fell asleep, dreaming of the upcoming sexual adventures.


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