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long hair sex goddess sister

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My sister is so sexy she has the sexiest figure and hair.

It’s a fantasy story and yha it’s my first story so please respond how do think it is.
My family consists 4 memmber(mom, dad, me and my sister) my name is Hazty and my sister name is Qwis
I am 15 and my sister is 19 year old my sister is so sexy her height is 5’9 and her figure is 34,28,40 and her hair are so long it flows to her ankles when they are open usually she kept them in a bun with a sexy long fringe in front I wanted my sister from when I was 13 but I didn’t get any opportunity so I waited but one day in the morning of my summer vacation she came out from bathroom her hair are open she went to her room and changed her clothing she wore a tank top and a tiny shorts she didn’t dry her hair well they were still semi wet but they are looking so sexy then she applied nail polish and forgot to brush her hair no one was at home that time so she called me to brush her hair and I happily said okay then I thought this is my opportunity
I came behind her and acted like I fell down and buried my face into her hairs those hairs are something else its smell is making me dizzy that was amazing she asked are you ok I said yes she handed over the brush I started brushing her hair and told her that her hairs are amazing she said thank you then I asked her for a favour that can I play with your hairs she first said nothing then after a pause she said okay I grabbed all her hair and buried my face in her sexy black wet strike of hair and fell for her after a minute she said do you really like my that much I said offcourse( some information: we sleep in same bed become we have two bedroom in our house and other one is for our parents) after she said that she likes it when I play with her hair and then I said really so that’s it why don’t we play with your in tonight she said ok after that at night in bedroom she had made a sexy bun I closed the door and said her to sit on my lap and she did
It felt amazing how her 40 inch ass is directly upright to my dick after I pulled her bun and buried my face inside her hairs and hugged her from behind and gradually grabbed her boobs and started squeezing them she started moaning and said nothing then I said can you please remove your pants and I pulled it down and pulled her in the bed and turned her upside down and removed her panty and buried my face inside her giant ass I felt amazing it was like butter then I took my hands to her boobs and started squeezing them gently she said please continue I was so happy by listening that then I removed my clothes and her also and fucked her ass in doggy style while squeezing her boobs and my face buried in her semi wet strike of hairs oh! God after that I cum so hard that was the best felling I ever had in my life then she said that was not our plan I said yes but it was alot more fun she agreed with me and said we should do it every day I agreed with her and said you should become more sexy. Then we sleep very well and when I woke up I saw that Qwis is naked and tied her wet hair in a bun she sat down and I stood up and insert my dick inside her bun and stroke it very fast after 10 mins I cum in her hairs then she went to bathroom dad was not in home because of his 9 to 5 job and mom was out for shopping no one was in home but only Qwis and I am was there I took that opportunity and went inside bathroom naked Qwis was inside bathtub she has closed her eyes and relaxing there ( now I know why she takes hours to bath) then I went inside same tub and started kissing her she also started kissing me after 10 min I said her to let me sit below her so I can put my dick in her and she did it and after that my dick was inside her pussy and I was squeezing her boobs from behind so hard she started moaning and then I started licking her hair from behind it was feeling very great after an hour I came out and she washed her slef and she gets out after 10 minutes I said her to stay naked at home until someone arrived she said its too risky but she couldn’t resist it and stayed naked then I said let’s save you pussy she said okay after 10 minutes we have our greatest master piece my sister’s pink vagina and then bell rangs she rushed to our room and wore some clothes.

Btw sorry for grammar mistakes( and please like for part 2)

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  • Reply watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

    A good story. Grammar mistakes are real, and you are aware of them, which is good, you will improve. But seriously remember to use punctuation, like sentences and paragraphs. Please use these in part two. Thanks. I did enjoy reading your story, written well enough to sound believable. Good job!

  • Reply Rhoelldean ID:5k3tw1l148c

    MY oldest sister damn gorgeoue for being 69 years old big firm tities My sister desires My huge cock fucking her sweet pussy & licking her sweet delicious pussy I been fucking my oldest sister every since I was a teenager she comes down and gets a motel room ever other weekends for me to fuck my wife doesn’t have any idea that I’m fucking my oldest sister

    • watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

      Brother sister sexual relationships often start young and last a lifetime, often without spouses ever knowing. It is always nice hearing about another one. Thanks for sharing Rhoelldean.

  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

    L2 english