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Little Preteen Exhibitionist

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Ever since I was a young girl I enjoyed getting naked and being naked. I’d be in my room watching Survivors from TV and get the sudden urge to just get naked. I’d remove my clothes swiftly and just stand in the middle of my room, naked. The cool air on my naked preteen body, the chance that my mom, dad or siblings would walk in and see me doing something I shouldn’t be doing was causing my legs to go weak, my tummy to have butterflies and my whole body to feel tingly.
I’d always dress up after a few minutes and go back to doing normal things.

When I was 10 years old I’d be taking this multiple steps further. I used to live in an apartment building that was 8 stories high. Come night time I would very slowly and quietly sneak out.
Just opening the door out of our apartment would take me minutes just to make sure I’d make no noise. Only things I’d have with me is my keys, phone, short shorts, panties and a crop top.

Little bit about my body back then..
I was a lithe, skinny and petite little 10 year old girl.
My skin was pale with some slight imperfections in the skin such as small moles somewhere.
My tummy was tight and toned, athletic in a way but no visible abs or anything.
I was entirely flat chested with clear color difference on my nipples, them being pink-ish
My pussy was an innie coinslot with no hair in sight.
I had a long blonde to white-ish hair that reached my lower back and green eyes.
I had cute bubbly butt, not too much shape yet and no real curves flowing down my waist yet.

Instantly being outside in the apartment building hallway at 4th story was intense at night time.
I’d begin to make my way to the first floor and proceed to open this maintenance-ish room where
families could store their rolleys or something similar if they needed to. I’d step inside and just
take in the moment.

I began to rub my cunny through my shorts shorts and panties and I just had to go for it. I began to undress swiftly and just collected my clothes into a corner.
Boom. I was naked in an maintenance room. I’d be jumpy at the slightest of noises such as
water splooshing in the pipes or slight creaking noises in the building.

I was feeling so weak already, my heart was racing like hell but I pushed myself even more.
I exited the room, fully naked, head to toes and entered back into the apartment building hallway in first floor with only the key in my hands. My feet were cold from the floor but I stepped forward in the hallway towards a corner where I could see the entrance door to the building.
I’d peak very carefully just to make sure no one is there, and mind you, its a glass door, so you can see inside.

And then.. after few seconds on consideration.. I’d jump in the hallway that’s exposed to the door, fully naked. I’d breath so heavily, feeling my heart pound inside my chest and my legs getting ever weaker. I felt like moaning because of how tingly it made me feel. I’d stay there for 30 seconds before the thoughts about what if someone comes through there now began to flood my mind. I’d jump back into the hallway behind the corner and just catch my breath and begin to furiously touch my cunny, even leaving out small moans. I felt so proud of myself and so turned on.

I felt so pumped up. My little body full of adrenaline and dopamine. I’m not sure if I was even thinking straight anymore. I began to slowly make my way upstairs, floor after floor. I’d feel increasingly more anxious in an arousing way about leaving my clothes behind in the first floor. It would be so difficult to explain if someone caught me and that just fueled my horniness.

Eventually I’d reach the 8th and final floor. I was exhausted as it’s not an easy feat to climb, specially when your legs are weak from being so turned on. I’d sit on the top stairs and just rub my body and rub my pussy, making myself feel even greater and better. As minutes go by I would settle down in to the 8th floor and begin to lay down on the hallway floor,fully exposing myself in an helpless position as I’d rub my pussy. If one of those doors were to open and someone saw me, I’d be in so much trouble and that was crazy fuel for me.

I felt so empowered. I finally stood up again and got the crazy idea to order the elevator up. I’d stand right in front of the door and wait for it to open. In theory there could have been someone inside, I wasn’t sure if I could hear the outside door opening this high up but that just turned me on more. The risk was real. The rush was adrenaline when I entered the elevator was super intense.

I kept rubbing my cunny in the now closed elevator. The elevator wasn’t moving anywhere, just staying in the 8th floor. All kinds of thoughts were flooding my mind, such as the elevator getting stuck so I can’t leave or someone ordering the elevator down. I’d be helpless.

I could feel myself getting closer. My brain was on autopilot and I just pressed the number 1, ordering the elevator myself back to the first floor. I’d be facing the door and furiously masturbating and rubbing my cunny. Each passing of the floors, getting me closer and closer to my climax, each number getting lower and lower in the screen, driving me ever so wilder.

A rush fills my body, what if I fucked up? door opens, and no one is there. I literally sigh and moan and cum in that moment. I’d be having such a crazy powerful orgasm that it forces my legs shut and forced my body down to the floor. They were so weak and trembling from my orgasm. The door would close as I’d keep orgasming and moaning quietly to myself.

I’d collect myself for a minute or so before standing up again and opening the door so I coud exit and rush to my clothes in the maintenance room. I would be laughing and giggling quietly. I felt so happy, so empowered and so very naughty.

I’d get dressed and make my way back to my home, very quietly again and sleep so steadily after my most powerful orgasms I’ve ever had.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj44

    I just love this girl so much lol Every now and then you come across a gem of a girl like this and all I gatta say is wow what a girl

  • Reply Illvp ID:1ck712cydgri

    I just love how girls now days love to show off I have seen 5 girls over the weekend showing off their little pussies with no panties under their skirts or dresses. Ages 7- 10. Had me so hard precum leaking out while I watched them and thought how much I would love to play with them like I do my girlfriend’s two girls ages 6 and 9 anytime I want.

    • Henry ID:3k40n6rn20a

      I wish I lived ne’er you to see those girls as well I would be dripping

  • Reply 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

    I read it 2 times my favorite part is when you are cuming in the elevator. I jacked off shot cum all over myself imaging your little 10 year old body.

  • Reply luck of the play ID:3ywnlf2hl

    i had a neighbor girl that was naked every time i saw her in their back yard she was very young i believe i asked her one day why are you naked all the time out here she said i wanted you to see me i said why didn’t you come to my house and get naked she said can i i said come with clothes on and we will see. well next morning she is at my door and dressed i let her in she says see I’m dressed and now can i get naked for you i said yes, does your mom know were you are told her i was going down the street to girl friends house . ok then why do want me to see you naked well she says when daddy lived with us i would get naked and he would do sex stuff with me and i want you to do sex stuff with me. i asked her what is sex stuff she says well its a buzzy thing he puts in me and then he will lick my pussy as he called it. i told her i don’t have a buzzy thing to put in you that’s ok she said you can put your cock in me and play make a baby that is what daddy called it. why did daddy leave mom told him he could play with me and not her sister he left to be with moms sister. did mom know he was playing make a baby with you yes she did that’s why i went naked in the yard mom told me too so you would play with me. so will you play i said i will after i talk to your mom and says it ok she says she will tell you i will go ask her to tell you. can this be her mom came to the house the next day and told me if i want to play with her daughter go ahead she loves sex so i am now banging a nice ten year old pussy all most everyday after school

    • Ren ID:41ery97d1

      how old was she?

  • Reply JusttAPerv ID:fj9qqdmoq

    The apartment maintenance man will love the video from the security camera in the elevator Alvina. Are you willing to let him in when your parents are out for the day?

  • Reply Diggersteve ID:7zv38yxtd3

    Damn that is so hard I wish I could have been on one of them floors and I did a later door open it’s all your buddies standing there naked

  • Reply Courtney ID:1du4oacshz33

    This made me so horny, it reminded me of what i used to do as a girl! When I was barely 13, I would wait for my mom to go shopping and my dad at work. Then I’d prance around the house totally naked. One time I grabbed a cucumber and fucked myself in the living room. We didn’t have smart phones to record it at the time but every cucumber my family ate for the next few years had my young pussy juice all over it.

    • Jack Sparrow ID:8bvxdr8499

      I love your story 😎. I lmfao when I read it 😝

    • Olderjimuk ID:va1rk78hzcj

      Mmmm would loved to have caught you with the cucumbers and offered you mine to play with Courtney. We would have had so much fun.

      Love uoung tight little girls.

      Kik happyjimuk xx

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    Perfect girl, I enjoy having you as my daughter. I would enjoy watching you at the park or at the pool or any place where you could expose yourself even if you had clothes on but did not have pants on. It would be good just to tease.

  • Reply Pussymaker ID:2pdxcmkcd2

    I wuld love to see you naked masturbating in the elevator and that a 10 year old girl wuld cum right when the elevator thors opened

  • Reply Jack ID:1d3rhnmknl7y


  • Reply Happyjon ID:2nhjo7x6id

    I can really relate to that. As a kid (boy, aged around10+), I would hide in trees in a quiet corner of the park at the end of our road, strip naked and dare myself to run out into open space (checking that no-one was around first). I’d have a total hard-on, and when I’d run back to the trees I’d sit astride a big low branch and masturbate myself crazy: still totally naked. I’d fantasise that a naked young girl was with me…(something that I still fantasise about now, years later!)

    • Walt ID:1eukcrwx7tjt

      I would love to see you cum on them

  • Reply Michael ID:5az13ew42

    Wow that was great, kept me hard imagining you doing that. You must have done more, please tell about your adventures.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    You naughty girl! Now anyone entering the elevator will smell your cunny juice!!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:6stx4h020c

    Is there a way to contact you