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Little Maya’s failed attempts

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maya discovered the world of lust at the young age. she wanted to experience it but unfortunately for her, everyone only treated her as a little girl.

maya started to explore the forbidden knowledge world of lust at the young age. it began when she was 10, she accidentally saw her mom and dad having sex in their livingroom at midnight when she was thirsty. she watched her parents were fucking filled in passion and ecstasy.

maya was also peeping every time her older sister and boyfriend locked in their room and peeped over the window. maya’s sister and boyfriend had hunger and passion in their eyes while they were fucking.

at that time, maya continously watched her parents and older sister passionate sex secretly. she also discovered the online porn, she learned a lot of things about sex and masturbation in the internet becoming matured at the young age. she desired to have sex but she doesn’t have a partner, she also wanted to feel the same passion and ecstasy her mom and sister felt every time their partner fuck them, but unfortunately she doesn’t have a partner so she just rubbing her pussy while watching her parents and sometimes her older sister with her boyfriend.

maya had a white milky skin and blonde long hair, petite body with flat undeveloped chest, her eyes were sharp with pointed nose accompanied with her thin pink lips, over all she was a pretty young girl. but behind her angelic innocent appearance she had devilish lustful desire hidden inside.

on day in the male bathroom in her elementary school maya was disappointed when she forced one of her male classmate to show his penis and she saw a pinky size soft penis, she touched it hoping to make it big but even when it became hard it was just too small for her, she walked out the bathroom with disappointment all over her face and the poor little boy left alone inside the bathroom crying while hiding his small rod.

then maya started to seduce the grown-ups hoping someone would approach her. first she opened an online chat to strangers a website called Omigle, she sat naked in front of the camera and spread her tiny pussy and rubbed it until she cum. unfortunately for her, all those Jerking online perverts just skipped her, they were scared of the government to trace them by watching little girl, maya was dejected but after seeing those huge cocks , her desire to get fuck grew stronger.

weeks passed quickly and maya still frustrated because everyone was treating her as a child, she even flashed her pussy to her teacher and some random adults but nothing happened. one day her both parents went out of town for a business trip. their house helper name jack was looking after maya as her babysitter, jack was a 22 years old college student and maya’s parents were supporting his studies financially by helping them with house chores.

that night maya’s sister went to her boyfriend’s house and she left with jack. she got excited and nervous by thinking how would she seduce jack but jack just treated her as little sister.
then she got an idea and smiled evily, maya walked out her room and found jack watching news on tv.

”jacky help me to bathroom, I wanna pee but I’m scared” she said innocently

”Allright let’s go” jack replied and stood up from the couch.

jack was 6ft tall and maya’s height only reached his hips. as they entered the bathroom jack leaned his back on the wall and took his phone so he won’t disturb maya. she got annoyed even she was naked jack didn’t give her even a single glance.

”ahmm jacky I think I have a problem here” maya said after 5 minutes

she was in a squatting position on a toilet and jack had a full view of her small pussy when he looked at maya after hearing her voice. but jack just ignored her pussy and asked maya in a worried tone.

”what happened? are you hurt or something?” jack asked rapidly

”it hurt a bit, I wanna pee but look! it won’t come out,” she said in a worried tone while pointing at her pussy, she even spread her legs wide to give jack a good view.

”oh no, I don’t know anything about this. what should we do?” jack responded.

on his face there was only a concern without any feeling of lust. maya was fuming inside thinking how dumb jack by not taking any hints.

”help me jacky please,” she begged

”okay, don’t panic. I’ll try”

jack took a deep breath to calm himself, he was worried because his duty was to take care of maya. he pressed his left hand gently on maya’s abdomen and his right hand went down on her pussy to spread it using his index and middle finger, he did it recklessly due to the anxiety he was feeling and not by lust.

maya felt a thousand volts of electricity for the first-time as soon as Jack’s hand touched her pussy. he jumped back when he heard maya’s grunt then he snapped and realized what he did to her. they looked at each other trying to read the very awkward situation.

”sorry I didn’t mean to touch you there, I just don’t know what to do” jack said honestly

”it’s okay jacky, I understand. can you help me now?”

”o-okay then.”

jack went back to maya and pressed his hands on her abdomen again but this time he didn’t touch maya’s pussy, he was afraid someone to misunderstand his action. maya was cursing jack inside for not showing any interest for her. then another 5 minutes of silent, maya couldn’t take it anymore.

”I’m done jacky thank you.” she smiled at jack and walked out the bathroom while cursing jack in her mind for being stupid

”ohh thank goodness. I’m worried if there’s something happen to you, I’ll be goner”…


”it’s Saturday we don’t have school. anything you want to do or wanna go somewhere?” jack asked while eating their breakfast.

”I just stay here, I don’t wanna go outside” she said with a long face. still in a bad mood for what happened last night.

”don’t be like that maya, your parents are working hard for you and your sister, you don’t have to be sad.”

”If you just fucked me last night I would be morethan happy today” maya murmured in a very low voice

”I’m sorry?” jack didn’t understand what she said.

”nothing. I said I’m not sad.”

”oh okay,”

the two did nothing extraordinary but to watch tv and eat all day. Maya was sitting on the couch and planning how to make jack to fuck her. then as if she won a lottery, maya grinned and ran quickly to jack holding towel while walking toward the bathroom.

”jacky! I’ll join you and help me to clean too. me and mom bathed together because she said to couldn’t clean myself properly.” maya explained

”okay let’s go hahaha you should learn how to clean yourself, you’ll be a big girl soon.” he replied to maya thinking it was a normal as a babysitter to clean her. for him maya was just a little sister that’s why he didn’t make a fuss.

maya’s eyes twinkled and she excitedly got naked in front of jack as soon as they entered the bathroom. she got disappointed because jack did not even flinch to her bare naked body. then jack nonchalantly removed his shirt and shorts leaving only a white cotton boxer underwear.

maya gulped her saliva as she stared at jack’s half naked body, but she didn’t let jack to catch her looking at him specifically to his tight boxer underwear.

”come here, let me help to shampoo your hair first” jack said.

the two went under the shower. while jack was caressing maya’s hair with shampoo, maya was staring intently at jack’s underwear, she wanted to grab his cock and suck it but maya took a deep breath to focus her thoughts.

”ohhh noooo!” maya acted like she slipped her feet and while falling she intentionally grabbed on jack’s boxer underwear, her eyes widen when she saw Jack’s big dick even though it wasn’t hard it took maya’s little brain to explode.

it was first time she seen a real adult cock and she wanted it badly. but unfortunately Jack was really a dumbest man ever, he just casually pulled back his boxer to its right position as if nothing happened and he said to maya to be careful because the floor was slippery. she just nodded her small head with a crimson face.

then jack grabbed the soap and started scrubbing her small body. his hands scrubbed her arms,neck, chest belly,back, feet then lastly her vigina, but jack did it without any lust intention but to clean her body properly.

maya sighed in defeat for her attempts by seducing jack to fuck her but all of her efforts was totally in vain. after their shower maya went straight to her room and locked herself and threw a tantrum.

want a part 2??

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