Little girl on the swing

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She must of been like 10 or so. I was walking through the park seen this little thing on the swing set she was giggling I looked over and when she swung higher i could see she had no panties on under her dress just her sweet little pussy.
I stood there watching she looked at me smiling and spreading her legs open showing me her lil pussy giggling at me.

I quickly looked around making sure nobody else was around and touched myself she licked her lips at me.
I’m 35 married and my first thought was to just knock it off my god she’s like my daughter age jail bait this is wrong what am I thinking but when she jumped off the swing she lifted her dress up showing me her sweet ass her pussy giggling and she slowly walked towards the woods taking her dress off.

Naked so young so pretty a little tease..
I followed her like a lost puppy

“ Hi do you think I’m pretty do you wanna play with my naked body can I suck your cock please mister nobody will know you can lick kiss my pussy and fuck me in my ass if you want to it’ll be our secret “

I couldn’t believe what she was telling me she’s just a little girl talking slutty cheap my god so pretty so young so innocent looking so Naked

Forgetting where we were I stripped naked picking up her 70lb 5’2” up like a rag doll.. “ Oooh baby yes you’re so pretty young sexy ooh god yes I want you my little secret baby girl “
I kissed her swapping tongues her naked body rubbing on mine. I’m in a public park naked with a little girl she starts moaning

“ Oooh yes daddy kiss lick suck on me please suck my pussy suck on my butt get me wet then fuck me fuck my little ass please oooh daddy

And like a demon possessed going to hell I sucked fucked a little girl In the park loving every illegal thing I was doing.
Now when I see my 10yr daughter I get horny thinking dirty things

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  • Reply daddy1980 ID:1dk81siygtk3

    Nothing wrong with you getting horny when your around daughter and of dirty things about her it just a guy thing

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Way to short more detail

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Hope you enjoyed yourself, man! It’s all good fun!