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Little boy fantasy part 2

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So as it turns out. The little boys names were. Raymond 10 yo. And Keith 11 yo. I told them they could stop by anytime. And they did. Alot!!! After fucking my sissy pussy, and me sucking there little boy cocks. They could get enough.

I always made sure I’d have my panties and stocking on. I think the boys really liked it. We had so much fun. Me sucking thous little cocks. Then fucking my sissy pussy while I strok my little sissy cock until I dumped my load. OMG!! It gets better.

One afternoon when they stopped by to fuck my ass and get those little cocks sucked. Raymond and Keith told me they had a surprise for me. As I was sitting on my couch as usual Raymond and Keith got naked and began to play with each other’s little cocks. My little cock was so fucking hard now.

Then the boys took turns sucking each other cocks. Then to my delight the boys fucked each other in the butt. OMG!! What a sight.
I wanted to cum so bad! But I still needed to suck them and feel there little cocks in my sissy pussy! While Raymond was on his hands and knees and Keith was fucking his little boy ass. I got off the couch and crept over to the boys and pulled Keith’s little cock out of Raymond little ass hole and suck him and began to strok Raymond little cock.

I stopped sucking Keith and told them to fuck my old sissy pussy. And they did. Again they took turns fucking my ass. And I would suck there cocks. As always I let them cum in my mouth. Tasting the sweet little boy cum and my butt juice. We sit on the couch like always. And I stock my little cock until I cum. But this time the boys asked? Can we strok your cock until you cum?

I let them take turns stroking my cock until I came all over my panties.
We had a great time that day. But just when I didn’t think it could get better.

The boys asked me if I could find them panties and stocking in their size. OMG!! I told them I’d look online to see if I could find something.

And I did.

If there are any mommy’s out there like to suck little boys let me know. I love mommy’s who like to suck little boy cocks.

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  • Reply sin ID:1d6it27s8zmu

    Damn I lowkey wouldn’t mind you sucking my teen cock it sounds sexy

  • Reply NaughtyNeighbor ID:1efpk2f7t7c9

    They are truly special those little boys that instinctively know they were born for pleasure. I was 13 the first time my cock was touch by a boy younger than me. It was all his doing and who was I to complain. first with his hands, then mouth follow by asking to feel it between his ass cheeks. First time I felt my cock glide between his cheeks then between his thighs I knew I was hooked.

    • CJW ID:1ebmkhxyhz9y

      The first time I touched a little boys cock it was all me.I take him into getting undressed. And I played with his little two inch cock. He was two inches hard. I suck his cock and let him fuck my ass. I was 12 he was 9.I have no desire to fuck a little boy. Or make him suck my little cock. I get off on pleasing them.

  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck8gydi5m1i

    That was a good hot little story. CJW, maybe you can come visit me, and I can make you cum for me. Every Bear needs a cub.

  • Reply Bi perv ID:1bqrnbuexik

    I adore taking a little boys cock in my mouth or ass, and occasionally sliding mine into an eager hole.

    My session ID is
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  • Reply Donna W. ID:1coe4qbm8y85

    Hi CJW, I’m 34 years old and have two little boys 6 and 9 and a daughter who is 8. I have sucked both my boys for several years. They just dry cum for me. My daughter walked in on our sucking session and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was taking their temperatures. She said that that was supposed to be done in their butts and I said “really? How do I do that?” So she showed me. She stuck her finger in her mouth to get it wet and stuck it right up my oldest son’s butt and started pushing it in and out. My God, I thought. She’s finger fucking him. I asked her where she learned that and she said her best friend thought her. I have scheduled a sleepover for this weekend. I will tell you how it turns out.

    • CJW ID:1ebmkhxyhz9y

      Oh WOW!!!!
      That’s fucking hot 🔥!!! Yes please tell me all about it!!!
      I love mommy’s who enjoy sucking little boys cocks.
      Hope to hear from you soon.
      I need to go strok my little sissy cock now.

    • Captain America ID:1ah742a5t0k

      Donna would love to be your guy to have you all

    • Captain America ID:1ah742a5t0k

      Would love the daughter