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Little Alice I miss you

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I was 14 and I met 8 year old Alice in the showers at a camp site, and we had the most amazing time in the showers.

I lost my virginity when I was 14 in the most unusual and unexpected circumstances.

I was on a road trip with my parents in a camper van, and we stopped for a couple of days at a camp site, there were a few other families about but not many because it was off-season.

One morning I woke up really early because an owl was being noisy and I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I just got up, it was about 4am, I went outside and just walked around a bit, it was nice, apart from the noisy owl it was peaceful and quiet, no traffic noise, no phones, no TV, just me and nature.

After being outside for a while I had fully woken up so I thought I would get breakfast ready but decided to go and get a shower first.

There was a shower block on site but was a bit of a walk away, so I just grabbed a towel and headed up to it, the showers were open not individual cubicles, just like a tiled hallway with 4-5 shower heads on the wall, I hung up my towel and piled up my clothes on one of the small benches, each bench was separated by short walls coming out to give a little privacy but not much, then I walked to the far end and used the last shower because I’d been in there before and knew it was the shower with the hottest water.

With my body all covered in foamy soap, I began to wash my balls and then as usual I got an erection so started to jerk off under the shower, then I turned around at one point and that’s when I saw here, a little girl, about 7-8 years old, sitting on the bench behind me, she’d been there the whole time but I didn’t notice her, it was so early in the morning and the lights were off when I got there so I wasn’t expecting to see anyone else there.

She made me jump, “Arg!”, I let go of my cock and jumped back against the wall in surprise.

She had long blonde hair, so long the bottom of it was fanned out on the top of the bench behind her back, she was about 4 foot tall, skinny, with a white fluffy towel wrapped around her, she was barefoot, and generally a very pretty girl.

“Hi.” She said, giving me a little wave as she swung her feet back and forth as they hung over the side of the bench.

“Uhm – H – Hi.” I replied, quickly realising I was exposed so threw my hands over my cock to cover it, “What – What are you doing in here?” I asked.

“I couldn’t sleep.” She replied.

“Yeah – me neither.” I said, “I don’t think you should be here by yourself, where are your parents?” I asked.

“Daddy is sleeping, he drinks.” She replied.

“Oh, what about your Mommy?” I asked.

She looked sad, “Mommy died last year.” She said.

“Ooh – I’m – I’m really sorry to hear that.” I said.

She jumped off the bench and pointed to my crotch, “Is that your dick?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I said.

“Don’t you like it?” she asked.

“Yeah, that’s a weird question, why did you ask that?” I asked.

“It looked like you were trying to pull it off.” She replied.

I was trying to pull it off, but not in the way she thought I was, “I was just – I was washing it.” I replied.

“I don’t have one of those…” she said, then she proceeded to unwrap and open her towel, exposing her naked frontal to me, “…See.” She said.

My eyes widened to get a good look at her small naked body, flat chest, bald pussy, nice soft looking skin, damn she was pretty hot for her age, but I knew it was wrong and I shouldn’t have been looking, I turned my head and looked away, “Uhm – That’s okay, close your towel up, you don’t have to show me.” I said.

“Will you help me wash my hair, please?” she asked.

“You should really be asking your Daddy to help you, or don’t you have any lady friends that can help you?” I asked.

“No, I don’t have no one.” She replied, again looking sad.

The way she was looking sad really pulled on my heart strings, especially after her telling me her Mommy had died a year ago and her Daddy is a drunk, I felt bad for her and couldn’t tell her no, “Okay I’ll help you wash your hair.” I said.

She smiled then turned around and picked up a bottle of fruity scented shampoo, then she pulled away her towel and ran up to me, “You can use this.” She said, holding up the shampoo bottle.

“Okay – Uhm, stand under the shower and turn around.” I said, so she had her back to me.

I stood behind her holding the shampoo bottle while she got her hair soaking wet, then I poured some of the shampoo on the top of her head, she took the bottle from me to hold it while I then slowly massaged it in to her hair.

As I was doing that she dropped the bottle and bent over to pick it up and her ass pushed against my crotch and my cock wedged vertically between her soft bum cheeks, “Ug-ooh.” I gasped.

She giggled and turned around when she felt my hard cock between her cheeks, she looked at my cock and then looked up at me, then she reached out and gripped in in her small hand, “Did I hurt it?” she asked.

I just shuck my head, unable to respond or move, she had a grip on my cock, it felt good, and it was the first time in my life anyone else other than me had touched my cock, let alone hold it like she was.

She very gently rubbed it, “Why is your dick so hard?” she asked.

“Huh?” I mumbled.

“I saw it when you got here, it was a lot smaller, now it’s really big and feels hard. Why?” she asked.

“Uhm – Because I was playing with it.” I replied.

“That’s why you were pulling on it…” she said, then she copied what she saw me doing and she started pulling on it, “…Like this?” she asked.

“Ooah – Ur yeah.” I gasped.

I looked down at her, in to her curious little eyes with that pretty smile on her face, and her hand gripped around my cock, and I just went with it, “Do you want to play with it for me?” I asked her.

She smiled wider, “Can I? – Am I allowed?” she asked.

“Yes, you have my permission…” I replied, then I grip my hand around hers and motioned it up and down to show her the jerking motion, “…Just keep doing that.” I instructed.

While she jerked on my cock I continued to rub shampoo through her soft long beautiful hair, and the fruity scent really turned me on even more, I saw that she was looking at my cock as she jerked it, I put pressure on the back of her head to move it forward, as her lips got closer to my tip I could feel her trying to resist me pushing on her head, then she gave in and her head went down, her mouth opened and my cock went inside her mouth.

For about 5-seconds I felt the warmth of her mouth and tongue on my cock, then she pushed her head back and pulled it off my cock, “What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m sorry. It’s just – You’re so pretty, and my dick likes to be sucked by pretty girls.” I replied.

“It was in my mouth.” She said.

“I know. Girls like sucking dicks though.” I said.

“Do they?” she asked.

“Yeah. Please try it, give it a go.” I said.

“Okay, but don’t push on my head.” She replied.

“I won’t.” I said.

Her head went back down and she opened her mouth and took my cock back in to her little mouth and was sucking about 2-inches of my cock while jerking the base of it slowly.

I stood in bliss, she was sucking my cock real good, I had nothing to compare it too because I’d never had my cock sucked before, but it was damn good anyway, especially when she kept swirling her tongue over the sensitive spot under my tip, we were both getting covered in warm water a fruity scented bubbles, I rubbed her hair as it stretched down the entire length of her back as she was leaned over, and I watched the soap suds trickle down her back and down the crack of her curly little butt.

After a few minutes I was about to nut, I did warn her, “I’m cu-m-m-ing.” I gasped, but she kept sucking, possibly couldn’t hear me over the sound of the water, then I ejaculated hard and fast, shooting several blasts of sperm in to her mouth in quick succession, “Ooah – Ooah – Ooah – Ooah.” I groaned with intensely pleasurable release.

After I finished shooting she quickly lifted her head up off my cock and coughed, *Cough*, then spat a little out of her mouth, *Spuh*, “I swallowed something.” She said.

I chuckled, “You sure did.” I said.

“What was it?” she asked.

“Just milk.” I replied.

Afterwards I finished washing all the shampoo out of her hair, then I turned off the shower and she went and sat down on the bench, leaned over with her hair handing down over her face so I could help her dry it, “There we go. All done.” I said, she lifted her head flicking her long blonde hair back over to her back.

She reached in to a little bag that was at the side of the bench and took out a hair brush, while she brushed her hair I couldn’t help by admire her little bald pussy, her legs were parted slightly and I had a good view.

“Can I touch your pussy?” I asked her.

She looked at me confused, “My what?” she asked.

So I pointed between her legs, “That. Whatever you call it.” I said.

She giggled, “That’s my fairy.” She replied, closing her legs together, “Why do you want to touch it?” she asked.

“I’ve never touched one before. Please can I? – I let you play with my dick didn’t I.” I said.

She bit her lip thinking about it for a moment, “Okay.” She said, then she opened her legs again.

I kneeled down in front of her and reached between her legs, the back of my hand grazed her thigh, it was so soft and silky, then my fingertips touched her soft pussy and I gasped from the feeling, then my palm was pressed against it and I rubbed it, “Wow.” I gasped.

“Wow what?” she asked.

“It feels really nice and soft.” I replied, then I saw her little clit and tickled it with my finger, she gasped, “Ungh.” And she dropped the hair brush as she flinched.

“What did you do?” she asked, staring down between her legs.

“I just touched this.” I replied, and I did it again, and she gasped again, “Ungh”, her stomach compressed, her little chest heaved and she was breathing heavily, I could see her bony ribs, I kept tickling her clit and it she kept gasping and then moaning lightly, “Uh – Mm – Ungh.”

The sweet sounds she was making turned me on and I my cock became erect again very fast.

She looked shocked when I suddenly put my head between her legs and licked her little pussy, but she quickly realised how good it was, she sprang her arms out to her sides, pressing her palms against the tiled walls at each side of the bench and she moaned pleasurably while I enjoyed the taste of her young virgin pussy, “Ungh – Uuuh – Uh – Uh.” And she was thrusting her pussy against my mouth.

After only a few minutes of eating her out, I was drinking her fluids as she had an orgasm, “Mmmm – Mm – Mm!” she moaned.

I was so horny and hard for her at this point, I stood up and I lifted her off the bench and held her like a parent holds their toddler, using my hands as a seat for her small but bouncy ass, she swung her arms and legs around me, I turned and walked towards the shower, pinning her back against the wet tile wall.

I kissed her pretty face and neck while letting my cock rub against her soaking wet pussy, then I let her slip down the wall and I thrust my cock straight up her pussy, her hymen split like tissue paper and my cock slid inside her like a warm knife through butter, but she was wonderfully tight inside, “Ooh –Uuh.” She moaned.

I gave her no time to think and I kept her in the sex zone by kissing her all over, kissing and biting on her tiny nipples, giving her love bites on her neck and nibbling her earlobes, flooding her brain with sexual pleasures.

I thrust in to her repeatedly, at once point lifting her arms up and pinning them against the tile wall while I pounded her tight hole and drove my cock deep inside her young body, both of us filling the shower block with sexual moans and groans.

“Uh – Ooah – Uh – Ooah – Mm – Ug – Ungh”

It didn’t take too long and I nutted inside of her, her tight pussy compressed around my cock and for a few seconds prevented my sperm from shooting out, but eventually the pressure got too great and I just exploded inside her, “Ooooaaaah!”

My legs gave way and we tumbled on to the floor, she slipped off my cock as we crashed on to the floor and laid side-by-side, gasping for breath.
After about a minute we both turned our heads to look at each other, we stared in to each other’s eyes for a few seconds, then I laughed, she smiled and giggled, I rolled over and put my arms around her and we rolled around on the floor laughing and giggling.

“That was incredible.” I said to her.

“My fairy hurts.” She replied.

“Sorry.” I said.

“It’s okay, it was fun.” She replied.

Just then the sun began to rise and flood the shower room with light as it came beaming through the door, and we heard car doors opening and closing and voices in the distance, people were starting to wake up, so we quickly got to our feet and dashed back to our benches to quickly put our clothes on.

She managed to get dressed first, she was only wearing a one-piece summer dress, she ran up to my bench just as a man was walking through the door, I picked up my towel and hid her behind it while pretending to dry myself off.

“Morning, lad.” The man said to me as he walked by whistling.

“Morning.” I replied.

I quickly got dressed then we waited for him to start showering, “Come on, quick, lets go!” I said, as soon as his back was turned, and we both quickly ran outside and around the back of the shower block, “That was close.” I said, she just giggled.

“I never got your name.” I said.

“Alice.” She said.

“I’m Richard.”

“Did we do something bad in there?” she asked.

“Did it feel bad?” I asked.

She shuck her head, “Kind of. But it was fun. I liked it.” She said.

“I liked it too. So it can’t be bad, can it.” I said.

Then we heard her name being shouted, “That’s my Daddy, I have to go.” She said with urgency.

I grabbed her arm and pulled her back as she tried to run off, and I gave her a kiss, “Do you want to hang out later and play?” I asked.

She nodded, “Yeah – but I have to go before Daddy gets mad.” I kissed her again then she ran off up the field.

We met up again in the afternoon and we had sex in the woods, it was wonderful, for such a young girl she sure was a good fuck and thoroughly enjoyed taking my cock up her little pussy.

We had an amazing time together but sadly it had to end because my parents were moving on and I had to leave her behind, I didn’t even get a chance to give her my phone number or get hers.

We went back to the same camp site a few years later, and I did look for her, but she wasn’t there, I guess her and her dad had long moved on.

All I can do is wish her well and hope she is happy wherever she is and whatever she’s doing.

I love you, my little Alice.

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