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List of true stories of my sex life to be written on here

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Everything from young gay piece of rough, transvestite, transvestite prostitute, cuckold, submissive human toilet

on which I shall base all my (true) stories on this site,

Aged 14-19 (Cardiff)
GAY TWINK, I was a piece-of-rough, used by hundreds of men in parks,
public toilets and adult cinemas. I got raped a few times.

Aged 17-19 (Cardiff)
TRANSVESTITE, started dressing as a woman, after one man who used
me let me wear some of his wife’s clothes when he fucked me. I felt great,
and I got hold of a wig and some dresses and started wearing them on
different occasions.

Aged 19-44 (Cardiff)
CUCKOLD to my first wife Carol. Got married at 19, and found she was
not fussy who she had sex with. Got friends to fuck her, and was with her
when she picked-up men at clubs, then watched them fuck her big cunt
on our bed. Had many threesomes.

Aged 37-39 (Derby)
TRANSVESTITE, sucked and got fucked by other men, mostly at night
in Markeaton Park in Derby. Got raped by two men once. An older woman
friend, Pat, loved fucking me with her big strap-on dildo, and enjoyed using
me to piss and shit on.

Aged 45-48 (Walkden, Manchester)
TRANSVESTITE PROSTITUTE. After my first wife left me, I started
dressing most of the time as a woman and letting men have sex with me
After a while I became a transvestite prostitute, being paid by a lot of
men to suck their cocks, beat me, piss on me, shit on me, and fuck me.

Aged 52-now (Manchester)
SUBMISSIVE to my second wife Penny. Kept naked and collared by her,
sleep on the floor, eat from a dogbowl, and used as a toilet every day.


CUCKOLD to her. So far she’s sucked-off or been fucked by about 1,000
other men, while I have to lick-up their spunk. Men have had sex with her at
home, at work, in swingers clubs, and sleazy sex cinemas.

Aged 70 – now (Manchester)
SUBMISSIVE HUMAN TOILET, to suck-off other men, get fucked by
them, pissed-on, shit-on, and raped.

I put together the above list to describe the many sexual things I’ve done,
and as a chronological list of the stories I will upload,

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    I’m sure we’d love to have more details of your depraved sex life! I thought mine was pretty colourful – maybe not!!

    • Read it believe it ID:1dlqzy6u5ldo

      Yes colourful fits the bill