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Lisa and Kirsty’s sexual adventures

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Kirsty and I were 10 and in my parents bedroom trying on mom’s clothes when Daddy caught us and then he was very naughty, but nice.

I and my friend Kirsty, both 10, were at my house on a Saturday, dad had popped out to the shops and Kirsty and I went in to my parents’ bedroom and were trying on mom’s clothes and make-up.

We lost track of time and dad came home and caught us messing about in his room, “What’s going on in here?” he asked, standing at the door looking a bit angry.

We both froze, “We’re just playing.” I said, knowing that I had been bad because we weren’t meant to be in there.

“You know that your mom doesn’t like you playing with her clothes.” He said.

“Sorry, Daddy.” I said.

“Yeah, we’re sorry, Mr Fleming.” Said Kirsty.

“Take the dresses off please.” He said.

We both stood and looked at each other both of us knowing we couldn’t take them off, because neither of us were wearing panties underneath, when we didn’t do as he asked, Daddy reiterated, “Take the dresses off please.” He said.

“Can we take them off in my room please Daddy?” I asked.

“No. Take them off now please.” He said.

We looked at each other again and then we slowly took the dresses off, placed them neatly on the bed and then stood naked with our heads looking at the floor feeling really stupid and embarrassed, with our hands clasped together covering our privates.

Daddy grinned, then he closed the bedroom door and walked towards us as we stood in shame, then he took off his shirt and threw it on the floor, we looked up at him, “Now, take off my jeans.” He instructed.

We looked at each other like, “Huh?”, “What do you mean, Daddy?” I asked.

“My jeans. I want you to take them off me. Come on, both of you.” He said.

We tentatively reached out and I unbuckled his belt while Kirsty pulled his zipper down, then we both grabbed a leg and pulled down his jeans to his feet, “Boxers too.” He said, so we did as he asked and pulled them down to his feet.

With his cock exposed we both had a quick look at it, then kept our heads down and quietly giggled at each other.

“Keep going.” He said, but there was nothing else to take off, he was as naked as we were.

“Mr Fleming, we don’t understand what you want us to do.” Said Kirsty.

“You’re both big girls now, you figure it out.” He replied.

He stood there silent while Kirsty and I whispered to each other trying to figure out what he wanted us to do, and we came to the conclusion that he wanted us to play with his thing, but we didn’t know exactly how, it was decided Kirsty would touch it first, “Go on then.” I said, using my shoulder to nudge hers and push her forward.

Daddy was a very tall man and his waist line was at our head height, his cock was at the perfect height to our faces, Kirsty stepped forward and reach up and held his cock in her hand, she looked back at me briefly, “It’s squidgy.” She said.

Daddy was lightly gasping as she rubbed it, and his cock was slowly getting longer and thicker, “Lisa, come feel it.” Kirsty called out to me, I stepped up and felt it, it was now very stiff and my fingers only just reached around its thickness.

We both had hold of it and started to rub it back and forth, Daddy rubbed our heads and smiled down at us, “You’re both good girls. I knew you’d figure it out.” He said, then he rubbed his thumbs across our lips and push his thumbs in to our mouths and made us suck them for a minute.

He took his thumb out of Kirsty’s mouth and it made an air-popping sound, *Pwop*, then he took hold of his cock and rubbed his tip across her lips, she knew what he wanted her to do, her lips separated and Daddy pushed his cock inside her mouth and she sucked on it for a minute, then she smiled and sucked it more and looked like she was really enjoying it.

Then he took his thumb out of my mouth, pulled his cock out of Kirsty’s and put in mine, I could feel his ridges and veins of his cock with my tongue, and there was something really nice about having his hard warm cock in my mouth, and I liked sucking it too.

“Kiss her.” He said to Kirsty, and she giggled, “Go on, darling. Let me see you both kiss each other.” He said.

I popped his cock out of my mouth, we both giggled as we leaned in and kissed each other on the lips, first we did just a quick kiss, then Daddy want us to keep doing it, so we kissed again and soon our lips were locked together in a very passionate and very long kiss, with lots of saliva dripping between our mouths, “Put your tongues in each other’s mouths.” He said, so we did.

Then he put his cock between our faces and made us both kiss and lick his long hard shaft at the same time, sometimes as we were licking his thick cock, our tongues would interact and it felt dirty but nice, we both kept sweeping our wet tongues up and down his cock and he started to breathe very heavily.

He put his hands on our heads and then he groaned, “Oooooaaaaah!” and he ejaculated, his thick white sperm gushed out of the tip of his cock, he held our heads in place, as his ejaculation went over our faces, noses and mouths, “Keep licking girls.” He gasped, and as his sperm flowed down around his cock and down our faces, we lapped it all up in to our mouths and ate it all, it was so yummy, it was like the yummiest warm salty candy we’d ever tasted and we were fighting over it with our tongues.

We had licked his cock clean but there was still loads on our faces, so we licked each other’s faces clean too, and Daddy just smiled, he liked watching us licking and kissing each other.

“Is there anymore?” asked Kirsty.

“Yeah, Daddy, is there anymore?” I asked.

“Please can we have some more. Please – Can we – Please.” We both begged.

He pointed to the bed, “Both of you get on the bed…” he said, we ran and jumped on to the bed as quickly as our feet would let us, “…Lay down. Both of you.” He said, and we laid on the bed side-by-side like a couple of tinned sardines.

Daddy got on the bed and then he lifted my legs up by my ankles and then spread them apart so they were up in the air like a “V” shape, then his head went down between my legs and he buried his tongue in to my slit and started to lick my pussy while pushing his nose hard against my clitoris, “Uh – Mm – Ooh.” And he did the same to Kirsty after a few minutes.

It made us feel good and tingly inside and our pussies were really wet too.

“Roll over, get on top of her…” he said to me, so I rolled on top of Kirsty, “…Okay, kiss her. Kiss each other again. Go on.” He said.

Then he shuffled up behind me and he lifted my butt up so I was on my knees but still leaned down and still kissing Kirsty, then he rubbed his cock on my pussy and then he pushed it inside me, “Arg – Ooh – Ouch – Ooh – Uh – Uh – Daddy – Ouw”

In a very quick move he thrust his cock inside me, destroying my hymen and stretching my hole in seconds, I felt an instantly fullness as his cock went inside my body, and then he held on to my hips and started fucking me from behind, “Oo-ugh.” He groaned.

“Mm – Oh Daddy – Ungh – Uh.” I moaned, and then continued to kiss Kirsty.

Then Kirsty started to moan, I think Daddy had put his finger up her pussy and was finger fucking her while fucking me with his cock, “Uh – Ug – Oooh.”

He fucked me for a while and then got us to slip over and swap positions, then he fucked Kirsty’s pussy from behind and fingered mine.

Then he ejaculated shortly afterward, shooting sperm in to Kirsty first, then he squeezed his cock very hard, throttling it as he pulled it out of her pussy, he gently moved her off me, then he got on top of me and pushed his cock back inside my pussy, thrust in to me a couple of times and then shot the rest of his sperm in to me, seeding us both in one ejaculation.

I saw his sperm coming out of Kirsty’s hole so I rolled over on top of her and we were in the 69 position licking and drinking Daddy’s sperm from each other’s pussies, it tasted real nice.

“You girls are fucking beautiful. No, no – Don’t stop, keep going.” Daddy said, enjoying watching us lick each other.

Afterwards Daddy got dressed and then told us to get a quick shower before Mommy got home, “Oh and girls…” he said.

We stopped at the door on our way to the shower, “…Lets keep this between us okay. Shush.” He said.

That was the day of Kirsty and mines sexual awakening, we had tasted sex, and Daddy’s cock and sperm, and we liked it, and we wanted more of it.

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