Lana the lover of PAIN (masochist) Part 1

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All my stories are true and genuine. This is a place a blog my sexual adventures

A little bit about myself. I own my own business and have alot of time freedom. I live in Florida USA. I am dominant by nature and extremely confident. I am an extrovert and therefore get along easily with strangers and people in general.


It was a Thursday and I walked out of the gym around 8:00am and thought to myself , it was a beautiful day and why waste it working. I headed home , packed my stuff and drove to the beach. It was very quiet , lay my large towel down , took out my book and just lost myself in it.

An hour later I noticed a young Blonde woman , lay down her towel not far from me. She took of her jean shorts and her white top and exposed her lightly tanned shin covered by a rather nice black bikini. She practically did the same as myself. She took out a book and began reading.

The subtle glances here and there and eventually I broke out a conversation about the book she was reading – A mystical love story involving Vikings and fairies. My book was a crime story. This got us talking about all kinds of things

I asked her name and she told me: LANA. She was pretty , perfect teeth and a gorgeous friendly smile. It turned out that Lana worked for a dental practice Monday – Saturday with Sundays off and every second week she got a day off during the week and that happened to be today

She told me instead of doing errands she decided the weather was too perfect , the beach made more sense

I had my sunglasses on and was taking in her young figure , she really had a small petite body and her skin looked so SMOOTH. We talked for a while and I figured it was best to go swim to “cool down” before she notices my EXCITEMENT.

When I got back form swimming in the ocean , I stood talking to her when I noticed fine CUT marks on her upper thighs , right next to her bikini bottoms.

She noticed me looking and quickly said “Its not what it looks like!”

“So tell me?” I said

“Its nothing” she replied

I pushed harder “Try me”

She looked up and me and pulled her knees to her chest. She studied my face and I knew she was trying to work out if she could trust me.

“Its not like im EMO or anything , I don’t suffer from depression at all, its just ….. its just” she tried to explain

“Its JUST” I said

“I like the feeling I get from cutting myself” she confessed

I chose to say nothing , this way she would feel compelled to say more

“Its like a turn on , the pain I get from cutting myself, its something else , its an entire different experience” She went on

“Only your legs?” I asked

She turned her head and looked round as she checked to make sure no one was around. In the softest voice she admitted that she had also cut her breasts. She felt people that were depressed cut themselves where others might see in order to gain attention , where she cut her self out of pleasure.

It all started when she nicked herself while shaving her public area and instead of being freaked out , the sting of the cut actually sent signals to her brain of excitement and it started to become a little more of a habit.

She then told me she had never had a boyfriend that she could share this with , she felt this would scare them away

“Well , then , you’ve never met someone like me” I smiled at her

We spoke for a while about other things and then we both stood up to leave. By this time the beach had become busier and there were a few more people close around us.

I asked Lana for her phone and I put in my number and under name , I typed SADIST. I handed the phone back to her and as she leaned in to hug me good bye , I placed my right around behind her back pulling her in closer to me and I raised my left hand up and I took my thumb and index finger and found her nipple and I began to squeeze it.

I made sure to keep her body close to mine and I placed my mouth close to her neck as I whispered “relax” on her skin as I squeezed her nipple harder

I heard the sounds of “AH” coming from her mouth and I applied alot more pressure , practically pinching her nipple!!! “AH OUCH” she breathed into my ear

I let go of her nipple and of her , I stepped back and you could easily see how hard her right nipple was from the squeezing compared to her left

“If you keen to play – Call me” I said as I turned and walked away , leaving her standing on the beach alone to process this


The next day Friday was a busy one. I thought about Lana alot, I figured if she was intrigued she would message soon. The way I figured , if she was offended having her nipple squeezed in public then she was maybe all talk.

Around 2:00pm I got a text “took me forever to find your number”

“Made you work for it” I replied

“You sure did” was all she said

“Been thinking alot have you” I confidently said

“After yesterday, oh HELL YES” was her reply

“Dinner?” I asked

“YES” she came back

We set a time and place and I met her there, she wore a white dress with sandals and her blonde hair hung loosely over her shoulders. We chatted and flirted and had a great evening

We landed up back at my place. As soon as the front door closed, I had Lana up against the wall and my mouth was kissing hers , I felt her petite body against mine as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

I pulled off her dress and there she stood before me in just her white bra and panties. I walked her down the passage and pushed her onto my silk sheet covered bed. The lights were on dim and her tanned skin glowed in the light.

I stood at the foot of the bed and slowly removed all my clothes down to my underwear , I climbed ontop of her and sat up just above  her knees.

“Show me” I ordered, as I watched her reach behind her back and loosen her bra , she pulled it off and displayed a perfect full B cup with tiny pink nipples. She ran her finders over the thin white lines that ran over her breasts , they were faint but visible. I watched her trace them with her fingers.

I lifted my ass and slowly pulled her panties off and watched again as she traced the lines on her upper thighs and all over her public area. It looked like a cat had gone crazy on her but yet she still looked beautiful

I nudged myself between her legs and bend over , I first kissed her lips and ran my tongue over them and then into her mouth. I kissed her chest and then worked my way to her left breast. I ran my tongue over the lines , slowly , kissing each one and then to the other breast , repeating the process

My tongue circled her belly button and then I kissed her pelvic area, licking each cut line and kissing them before I let my warm breath blow past her clit , I kissed it and then sucked it into my mouth , my tongue circled it and flicked it before sliding down , parting her lips and tasting her wetness. I licked her pussy while my hands slid up to her breasts.

Taking a nipple in each hand , I began to squeeze as I licked her pussy , I grabbed each boob and squeezed the flesh in my hand , as if trying to pop them. It was moments later when I heard her scream “Im cumming” and I felt her thighs squeeze my head and her hands held mine into of her breasts as she orgasmed around my mouth.

I got up and watched her lungs fill with air and collapse with each breath, her chest rising and falling , FUCK she looked good

I lay down and told her to “SHOW ME” as I handed her a razor blade I had put next to the bed before going out

She took the blade and looked at me

“Not like that I said” as I told her I wanted her to sit on my cock and cut herself

She climbed ontop of me and I felt her warm pussy suck my cock inside her. She sat there for a while looking at me and then I watched as she slowly slide the blade over the top of her thigh , she cut herself and then I felt her pussy squeeze my cock inside her , I pushed up against her and relaxed as she cut the other thigh , I pushed up again , she started grinding against me. I sat up as best I could and kissed her as my hands went to her thighs , I scratched at her cuts as I fucked her and she fucked me , the more I hurt her scratches the more into it she got

I reached behind her and pulled down on her hair hard , her head flipped back and she screamed out “AHHHH” as I pulled her hair , this pushed her chest forward towards my face and I took the opportunity infront of me and I BIT her nipple, my teeth chewed down on her right nipple as I pulled her hair , she screamed and told me she was CUMMING again and the entire scene caused me to cum too , I filled Lana with my warm cum as I slowly released her hair and let her nipple slide from my mouth

I dropped down on the bed and watched her hold her sensitive nipple in her hand as she whispered “OUCH” as she tried rubbing it to sooth it, when she moved her hand away , I could see it was a little blue compared to the other


We lay on the bed and she told mea bit about her likes and dislikes. No marks that could be visible , she was keen to explore all aspects of pain and a HARD NO was ANAL – the thought of it discussed her and she felt it was too dirty


We lay on the bed for an hour before she told me she had to get going as she was working the next day. I looked down at my cock which had caught its second breath and was starting to get hard

She looked down at it too and then slid down my chest and took my cock into her mouth , she began sucking my cock. I will admit she was pretty good and I loved how she moaned while sucking me.

I got up and made her kneel while facing the foot of the bed. I grabbed my pants and lay them next to her. I told her to keep sucking my cock and I ran my hands down her spine towards her kneeling bent over ass. I felt the soft flesh under my hands as I squeezed her ass

I reached for my pants and pulled my belt free from the loops , I took my left hand and fed it through LANA’s hair and held her head in place as I raised my right arm and brought the leather strap of my belt down across her ass WHACK

Lana jumped , I knew she was shocked but I kept her head down on my cock , she tried to pull back but I held her tight as I let the belt slam against her soft fleshy ass again WHACK

Her moans were significantly loader and I sent the belt flying again and again , I heard her scream around my cock and at times try pull herself free. At one point I felt her hands grab my legs and she dig her nails into my skin – this caused me to belt her even harder

Her pale white ass became a glow of redness followed by lines of dark blue and red stripes , some were definitely welts on her skin

She moaned hard as the belt met her ass again and then I felt her body shake and her mouth closed hard around my cock as she had an ORGASM

I dropped the belt and held her head with both hands and fucked her mouth for all it was worth , and moments later I came , sending string after string into LANA’s mouth and I watched as she swallowed all my cum

I let her go and she rolled over and collapsed on the bed. Looking at me she told me she had never been spanked before , and never with a belt and she had NEVER HAD AN ORGASM WITHOUT TOUCHING HERSELF

She got dressed, we kissed and she left


Saturday morning close to noon , I got a text “I can hardly sit down , my ass hurts so much and every time I sit – I want to CUM. THANK YOU THANK YOU”

I read the message and knew I would be seeing Lana soon



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