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Kiss It Daddy Part 2

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George tries to come to grips with what happened with Sandy but she isn’t finished yet.

George sat there with another strong drink in his hand as he thought about what he just did with his 13 year old daughter. He had actually eaten her pussy until she passed out. How did it go from an innocent request to kiss a boo boo to devouring her innocence?

But FUUUUCCCCKKKKK did she taste good! She actually enjoyed it and begged him not to stop. She grabbed his head and held his mouth on her pussy. A pussy that was hot, wet, tight and ohhhhh soooooooo perfect. A sweet little virgin pussy that was sucking on his finger along with her tight little asshole…..

“OHHHH MYYYY FUCKING GOD!!!!!! What am I doing??” He screamed out in his head!

He downed his drink and went into the kitchen to fix another one. He quickly downed it and fixed one more and walked back into the living room and sat down in his chair. He was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol and it was making it harder to think about anything else other than Sandy.

About that time, he heard walking into the living room. She was still naked from the waist down and she was still wet between her legs as she rubbed her eyes as she walked over to where he was sitting and climbed into his lap.

“Thank you daddy for making my boo boo feel better! I really liked what you did to my private area. Can you please do it again? It’s still hurting a little!” She said as she hugged him tightly.

George was struggling with what he had already done but the alcohol had dulled his mind and he could smell her aroma as she climbed up onto the arms of the chair with one foot on each side. This put her sweet little pink pussy right in front of George’s face.

“Please daddy kiss it better!” She moaned as she pushed herself onto his face.

George reached up and grabbed her ass cheeks as he drove his tongue across her swollen lips and bumped across her pulsing clit. Sandy screamed out in pleasure as she grabbed the back of his head and held him to her pussy.

George lapped at her soaking wet pussy and slurped her juices as they flowed from her quaking pussy. She moaned and whimpered loudly as she humped her pussy against his mouth.

“OHHHHH YEEESSSSSS DADDY! PLEASE DON’T STOP!” She moaned as she experienced another orgasm.

Her legs trembled as her body responded to his assault on her clit. George laid his head back onto the chair back and lifted Sandy up and sat her down onto his face. He held her there as she bounced up and down on his tongue as he pushed it deeper into her tight little pussy.

“OHHH GOD DADDY THAT FEELS SO AMAZING!” She moaned as she felt his finger probing her tight little asshole.

It was hard eating her pussy this way so George picked her up off his face and placed her head down ass up on the couch. Sandy whined because she thought that he was going to stop. But she screamed out in pleasure again as he pushed his face into her soaking wet pussy and asshole from behind as he began to eat her pussy and ass like a starving animal.

Sandy ground her pussy back onto his face as she orgasmed again and again. George was lost in the alcohol and his own lust filled desires as he continued his assault on her holes. He had a finger inside her pussy and pushed another one inside stretching her open. She was in the throws of a string of orgasms so it wasn’t registering with her that it was hurting a little.

George continued to suck on her clit while pushing another finger into her tight little pussy. He pushed them up against her hymen and waited for her to orgasm again. When she screamed out as another orgasm slammed her young body, George shoved his fingers into her tight little pussy ripping through her hymen. Sandy yelped out as she felt the sharp pain mixed with her orgasm.

But it didn’t take long before she was reaching another orgasm and he began to work his fingers in and out of her pussy. She clamped down on his fingers as she orgasmed again and again.

George couldn’t take it anymore as his cock throbbed angrily. He stood up and stripped off his clothes and stepped up behind Sandy’s upturned ass.

“Baby girl daddy has to fuck you now! I want you to be a good girl for daddy!” He groaned as he began to work his cock into her tight wet pussy.

Between her juices, blood and his pre cum, his cock slipped right into Sandy’s pussy as he had stretched it open with his fingers.

“OHHHHHHHH DADDY IT’S SO BIG!” She moaned as she felt his cock stretch her tiny little pussy open more than his fingers had.

George continued to push his cock deeper into her spasmodic pussy as she moaned and whimpered loudly. George began to thrust in and out of her pussy going deeper with every thrust. Soon his balls were slapping her pubic bone as his thighs slapped her ass cheeks.

“OHHHHHHHH YEEESSSSSS DADDY FUCK ME!” She screamed as she felt another orgasm slam her body.

George was completely gone and the only person left was the animal that was fucking his daughter’s wet hot pussy. Sandy was no longer his daughter but she was now his lover. George watched his cock slamming into her pussy as she clawed at the cushions of the couch. Her little ass cheeks jiggled from the pounding her pussy was taking.

“OHHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS BABY GIRL! TAKE DADDY’S COCK LIKE A GOOD LITTLE GIRL!” George moaned as he felt her pushing back onto his cock.

“YEEESSSSSS DADDY I’M DADDY’S GOOD LITTLE GIRL!” Sandy screamed out as another orgasm racked her body.

George slowly began to push his thumb into her tiny little rosebud and Sandy squealed out as it popped in. She felt so full with his cock buried in her pussy and his thumb in her little asshole. George could feel his cock sliding in and out of her pussy as he worked his thumb into her depths.

How had George gone from a caring dad to an animal that is fucking the hell out of his daughter? He went from treating her bruised little pussy to pounding her little pussy. All stemming from a little kiss on her boo boo.


George grabbed her hips and began to jackhammer his cock into her tight little pussy. All bets were off and she was just a little fleshlight. She turned into a rag doll and she was loving it.

Her boo boo had long been forgotten about. It had been replaced by an amazing sensation that radiated from her pussy throughout her entire body and culminated inside her brain where it registered as pleasure.

Soon George felt his cum boiling in his balls as they slapped her body. He felt it shooting upwards and through the shaft of his cock. Sandy felt his cock throb angrily as it spewed his hot incestuous seed deep into her tight little pussy.

“DADDY I CAN FEEL YOU!” She moaned as she felt his hot cum splashing her insides with every spurt.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS BABY GIRL TAKE DADDY’S CUM!” He growled as he ground his cock against her cervix.

After he finished filling her pussy with his incestuous seed, his deflated cock slipped out of her abused pussy and he sat down and looked at his daughter still in the head down ass up position with his cum mixed with her juices and a little blood dripping down onto the couch.

Sandy had again passed out from the intense orgasms that crashed through her young body. George picked her up and carried her to the bathroom and gave her a bath. He made sure that he cleaned up as much of his cum from her body and dried her off before laying her in his bed.

After he took a shower and dried off, he climbed into bed next to her. She snuggled up to him with her back against him and she reached down and grabbed his cock and placed it between her legs and pushed it up against her pussy. She then went back to sleep with a content smile on her face. George sighed deeply as he felt a peaceful calm grow over his body.

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