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Jump on my sister

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After seeing my sister naked I went crazy

I was watching a movie with my sister on television, I am 13 years old and she is 17, it was a boring and muggy summer evening, our parents had gone out together to have a romantic evening and they were going to be late, I was pretending to play the gameboy but actually couldn’t take my eyes off my sister, she was wearing only gym shorts and a T-shirt without a bra, I was staring at her C-cup with longing, catching a glimpse of the tips of her nipples, she was sitting very ungainly in the corner of the couch as she looked apathetically at her cell phone. My obsession had begun the previous day, I was on my way to the kitchen and passing the bathroom door I heard a strange noise, I stopped and noticed that the bathroom door was half open I opened it slightly and caught a glimpse of my sister, she was completely naked and masturbating, with one hand she was tormenting her breasts and with the other she was opening and massaging the hairy lips of her cunt, she had a perfect body, many in this age of social would think she was ugly, stopping on her pimply face, her big glasses, her anonymous way of dressing, but not me, I couldn’t think of anything else, I masturbated 3 or 4 times a day thinking about what I had seen.
Finally I gave in to my urges, threw down the game boy and got on top of her:
“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” she cried out.
“sis I can’t take it anymore I want to do it with you.”
I began to massage her breasts
she did not have time to finish the sentence that I plugged her mouth with mine, at first she resisted but soon gave in, our tongues began rubbing fiercely, my hands were greedy for her breasts, she pulled me away slightly and panting said:
“that’s how you hurt me, try to be gentler.”
I lifted her shirt and stood for a moment looking at that wonderful breast, began to suck one nipple while squeezing the other with my fingertips, her breathing became more labored, at one point she pushed me away forcefully, I fell on the other side of the couch and before I knew it she had pulled down my underpants and underwear at the same time, my cock had come out like a spring and to receive it found the voracious mouth of my sister who began to give me a blowjob while with one hand she had begun to masturbate, it didn’t take long before I reached my limit, I tried to tell her but she didn’t let go and welcomed all my semen into her mouth, she got up and without saying anything left upstairs.
About fifteen minutes passed, I was in a semi-conscious state on the couch, half-naked, I decided to go take a shower, I let the lukewarm water run over me without doing anything, closing my eyes I thought back to what had happened and immediately a jolt shook my member, it had never happened to me to have another erection after such a short time, what had happened was not enough, I began to masturbate, all of a sudden the bathroom door opened, making me gasp, it was my sister, she was wearing only a bathrobe.
“apparently we had the same idea.”
as she said these things she dropped her bathrobe, she was completely naked, I was paralyzed with excitement:
“you’re such a pig, you’re already getting hard again.”
she came toward me and took my cock in her hand and led me toward the sink:
“since I tasted you first now you have to taste me don’t you think?”
she leaned over the edge and spread her legs apart, I knelt down and paused for a moment to admire her wonderful pussy, I didn’t know how to move, the acrid smell intoxicated me, my instincts guided me, I began to lick her slit, my sister shuddered, she moaned, at first I was a bit self-conscious, but from there I became bolder and more passionate:
“keep going, put your fingers in…keep licking don’t stop.”
I obeyed and it wasn’t long before a strong jolt shook her body, I tasted her flavors, I got up and kissed her, my cock was pressing on her belly I couldn’t hold back any longer, I turned my sister’s back and like an animal in heat I started rubbing myself to her wet cunt, finally I managed to find the right spot, she seemed to be glowing:
she could not finish the sentence she began to moan violently, in a few firm strokes my iron-hard member had entered, by this time I was no longer in me, the more I penetrated her the more I felt my cock enveloped and sucked by that fantastic cunt, when I was now at the limit I lowered myself on her back and greedily squeezed her breasts, bit her neck and came inside her, it was a very passionate simultaneous orgasm, when I parted from her I saw the cum come out of her little hole and slip through her pubic hair.

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    Sounds like Imagination of a kid who never actually had sex

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    Fuck this is so hot fuck I want an older man to do this while my boyfriend watches

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