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Johnny blackmailed a lady for a dream fuck then pops the question

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John left his cab and couldn’t believe his plan had worked as he walked in Britney’s house, her door was unlocked but she was nowhere to be seen. Then he heard her soft posh voice sat “I’m upstairs”!!

While he was walking upstairs his prick was getting hard as he found Britney in her bedroom sitting at her dressing table applying her lipstick and looking totally fuckable. John walked over to the sofa by the window and sat down.

Britney turned to face him and said, “If I let you have me ! do you promise to destroy the video you secretly made of me and leave me alone”??

John said. “Britney ! you can trust me the video will be destroyed and I will not ask anything else from you”!!!

I had no choice but to trust his word as I stood up.

John motioned me to sit next to him on the sofa, so I walked over to join him.

John’s eyes were glued to watching this black-haired beauty walk over to him, she was wearing her black pencil skirt with a white silk blouse and coffee brown back seamed nylon stockings with black 5-inch stilettos.

John turned to face Britney and said to her, “I’m not going to hurt you”!! as he leaned over and kissed her.

She didn’t resist and responded to his kiss as John’s tongue is in her mouth and they ended up French kissing. John began unbuttoning her blouse and gently removing it to reveal her brassier which barely held her 32-DD tits.

With Britney’s nipples peaking over the top of her brassier, he latched onto them with his mouth and began sucking them, while John felt his cock stiffing up inside his pants.

Britney was sitting with her legs together and was still nervous about what would happen to her next while John was still sucking on her tits. He lowered his right hand down to caress her stocking covered knee and began slowly working his way up her stocking covered leg until he found each of her 5-garter straps and began feeling the dark brown tops of her stockings. While playfully pulling them, he got very aroused. John had seen videos of Lady Sonia and Wendy Taylor wearing 10 strap garter belts strapped onto their back seamed fully fashioned stockings, and always jerked off and shot loads of cum watching them as they were getting fucked, but today he had Britney all to himself wearing the same garters and nylon stockings.

Britney knew that there was no point resisting him, so she opened her knees to allow him easy access to her pussy. Soon after opening up her knees, he gently was running his finger along her pussy lips through her lace panties that caused her to moan softly, “Ohhhhhh”!!!!!!!!!!!

Britney laid back and let John do what he wanted, in a few minutes she shimmied up next to John as her black skirt rode up and exposed both of her wide coffee brown stocking tops and multiple garter straps. John wanted to taste her, so he slipped down to the floor and moved his mouth towards her pussy lips and started to lick and kiss her pussy as he inserted his middle finger into her pussy.

Soon he had three fingers inside her and was fingerbanging her while licking and sucking out her sweet as honey, pussy juices.

John looked up at me and saw me squeezing and massaging both of my big 32-DD tits as I had my head on my sofa moaning out, “Ohh !! John !!! John !!!! Ohhh !!!!! yes Johnny”!!!!!!

I was grinding my tushy against John’s finger’s and I yelped out, “I’m cumming !!! I’m cumming John”!!!

John then got off the floor and lifted me off the sofa and lead me to my bed and I knew that I shouldn’t have cum so easy for him, I felt like a slut in doing so.

I also knew that John wanted to cum now, so I reached out for his dick and I was shocked how big and hard it was, it was at least a thick 8-inches uncut cock with a mushroomed purplish cockhead.

John then stood up and completely dropped his pants and there it stood fully erect right in front me, then I shrieked out, “OH FUCK !!!!! HOW BIG IS THAT PURPLE UGLY THING”!!!!!!!!!!!

John replied smirking . “A good 10-inches of baby making power”!!!!!!

I nervously told him, “Oh my god John !! I’ll never be able to fit or manage that thing inside me”!!!!

I quickly decided that I needed to get him to shoot his load as soon as possible so he couldn’t put that thing inside me, so I got on my stocking covered knees and began to gently stroke and caress his cock with my soft hands.

I had to use both of my hands because of its wide girth.

John was now moaning and whispering, “Oh please don’t stop Britney”!!!!!

So, I began to lick its purplish bulbous cockhead and could see and taste John’s salty precum as I went down a couple of inches while sucking it slowly, like it’s my very own purple lollipop.

John was struggling to hold back to fuck me, so he lifted me up and laid me on the bed then he lifted my skirt up as I responded by lifting my ass up to allow him to push my black skirt up to my waist.

John wasted no time moving his purplish monster dick near my ass as he slipped my lace panties to the side and rubbed the purplish head up and down my wet pussy lips as moaned, “Ohhhhhh !! noo”!!!

I was petrified of the size of that thing and whether that I can take it and said, “Please be gentle”!!!!

John replied . “I will baby”!!

He soon had his purplish tip between my wet pussy lips, and I thought that I was going to fucking faint, but the gentleman that John is, he took his time and gently inserted more of his large uncut purplish cock into me until about half of it was inside my pussy as I yelped. “Ohhhhh !!!!! Ohh !! John”!!!

The size of it stretching my pussy caused my eyes to go up into my head but I was enjoying the very gentle fucking that Johnny was giving me and when another inch was pushed in as I came all over his cock screaming out ,



Oh my god ! John just kept on screwing me with harder thrusts as I lifted up my tan stocking covered legs and wrapped them around John’s ass while still wearing my black stilettos and dug my heel tips on his ass.

John grunts out. “Oh god Britney !!!!!!!! I’m going to cum in you”!!!!!!!



At this point John couldn’t hold back and shot his load deep inside me, “Uungh !!! Uungh !!! god your so beautiful”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I came again and again and felt his hot seed flood my womb while John kept on screwing and ramming me hard as he could while my bed is banging against the wall.

After a few more minutes of him screwing me, he collapsed on top of me while I felt both his cock and balls pump and pulsate all of his baby making sperm deep inside my womb as I cried out ,

“Ohhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh !!!!! Yessss !!!!! Yesssss !!!! Give me your baby Johnnnnnny”!!!!!!!

We were both exhausted and laid together on my bed for a few minutes then he got up and got dressed and left, as soon he got to his cab he sent me a message, “Britney you’re so beautiful and sexy that not only did I destroy that video, but will you marry me babe ! love Johnny”???

“Please think about it Britney ???? With all my love Johnny”!!!!!!! (Could be continued it’s up to John)


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  • Reply Crypto24 ID:1coyole3qrc


    Go get into a room you two, such tension needs to be addressed

    Make sure you invite us to the wedding

    • Big bad John ID:gnrrw0fzm

      Sure thing Crypto. Want to be best man?

  • Reply Lina ID:58g1hxym2

    Well played

  • Reply Amanda ID:7ylren4oic

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah.

  • Reply Big bad John ID:gnrrw0fzm

    Hi baby. That would a dream come true!! Me, you and Carol having a threesome with you and Carol both wearing strap-ons!! I would love to see Carol fucking you with a 12 inch strap on while you take my big uncut cock in your mouth and then you doing the same to Carol!!! You two are the horniest, raunchiest fuck babes on this site and you both make me hard and horny!!! Love you Princess!!! Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      But Johnny honey !! I’m only 5’2 at 118 pounds, between you and Carol !! you guys will completely dominate me !!! And Carol is such an experienced wild old lady ! god knows what she has instore for me, she can actually tie me up and do terrible things to me, so please Johnny !!!! protect me from her !!! love your princess Britney !

    • Big bad John ID:gnrrw0fzm

      I wouldn’t let Carol hurt my horny princess!!! I would step in if things got too rough. With me there baby you would be safe but you would have such a fucking that you would cum and cum and it would make your Johnny so happy to watch you writhe and scream in ecstasy!! What do you say baby?? My cock is so hard thinking about it.!!!! Love your horny Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Well okay then !!! tell Carol to write a story of the three of us fucking !!! love Britt

  • Reply Big bad John ID:gnrrw0fzm

    That’s how I would fuck and breed you baby. I would bury my thick uncut cock in your pussy with long deep thrusts and my heavy leathery ball sac would slap against your ass as pound you. You would be begging me to fuck you harder as your nails dug into my shoulders as you pulled me into you. I want to hear you moan and scream as you orgasm time after time and your pussy juices flood over my cock. My long thick uncut cock is yours to fuck and suck whenever you want and your pussy is mine. Save the tights for me to wrap around my cock when I jerk off thinking of you princess!! I love you my horny cum slut. Keep thinking of your horny online fuck stud. Love and kisses Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Oh good morning sweetie !! I was thinking on a future story of me being a dominatrix all dressed up in black with sexy either thigh high skintight 6-inch stiletto boots or heels with a whip and black nylons !! Let me know what you think my sweetie !! love your rutted Britney

    • Big bad John ID:59plfoyd1

      Good morning to you baby girl!! I woke up with one big hardon thinking about you and it got harder when I saw your comment about you as a dominaxtrix!!! Oh baby, yes do the story!!! Be very descriptive on what you are wearing and I will do whatever you want me to do. Make me your sex slave and use my cock to satisfy your every kinky desire!!! I can’t wait to read what we are going to do together. I am sure that I will be sore but very satisfied by the time you have finished with me. All my love, you sex slave Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Oh Johnny !! go to Carol’s site she wants to fuck your little princess with her strap-on 12-inch cock.

  • Reply Big bad John ID:gnrrw0fzm

    Oh baby, what can I say other than I fucking loved it!!!! You know me so well and have given me everything that turns me on. My cock is hard and throbbing reading how you were dressed before I unbuttoned your blouse to reveal your magnificent tits. I can lose my eyes and see myself sucking on them as I slip my hand underneath your skirt and fingerbang your juicy pussy!!! The description of the fucking was fantastic and made me cum and cum!!! I want you to continue this story baby. I want to read more of us fucking and of you teasing me with your erotic lingerie!! I love you Brit and if I can’t fuck you in person at least I can fuck you online. Love you lots princess Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Ohhh !!! Johnny !!!! All I want to do is have my seamed nylon stocking legs resting high up on your shoulders and your cock buried deep inside my fertile pussy , fucking and ramming me so hard that my 5-inch heels are crocking and swaying freely !!!!!! while I’m squealing out , “Ohhhhhhh !!!!!!! my god !!!!!! yessss !!!!! Johnnnny”!!!!! and you’re growling like a primal animal licking and lightly nibbling my stocking encased ankles until you seed me and make me your mating bitch !!!!! I love you honey and You make me so very horny !!! now that I have made myself cum, I’ll have to change out of my brand knew gray tights and black lace panties !!! (HUGS & KISSES) love your princess Britt !!

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Loved it Britney you rocked it again like you always do. I have missed reading your stories for a few days. I just know John will love it and and want you to continue. Can’t wait for the next part. Your horny friend Dave

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Oh thank you daddy !!!! Your so understanding and I can’t wait to get on my stocking encased knees and go all the way down on your cock and bob my head up and down so fucking fast, that you’ll lose your mind and blow your daddy sperm down little Britney’s throat ! successfully giving me a full throat pie !!!!!!! love your naughty Britney