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Jealous aunty pervs on me

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This is a story on how my aunty got jealous by seeing me using her best friend like slut

On the 10 March I was with my aunty( nazia) and her best friend (sweety), she got told how I am horny all the time by Nazia and she was exited to see me and when I came to Nazia’s house she lives a lone with a daughter her husband left her as she couldn’t handle as she wanted sex everyday.

Anyways I knock on the door Nazia aunty gave me the special hugs and I kinda wanted to press her big juicy ass as her figure is 56 31 48 very busty girl I called Nazia a lady she didn’t like it she said I am girl still.
Then she introduced me to her best friend (sweety) she hugged me as she got told I love hugs.

I sat down on the couch as I seen (sweety) lustfully eye and biting lips but I noticed it didn’t say anything as my aunty Nazia was talking and she was wearing hijab and tight dress shoulder showing and her clivage was showing , sweety unbuttoned to show her clivage too
Then we was watching a movie as I put my legs in the L shape couch and sweaty was next to me and my dick was crazy looking at sweety’s boobs she caught me and asked Nazia to get her some water, while nazia was in the kitchen then sweety confronted me that I can’t stop looking at her big juicy milky boobs!! Hmmm!

Sweety got the blanket and told me to cover urself and her as she(sweaty) sat quickly and got my hand told me to feel them. Sweety said I need this from you more strong hand on me!

Then Nazia came and she was watching to as sweetly press my jeans and my dick was going even more crazy I couldn’t hold it in I whispered to sweaty and told her to come in Nadia’s bedroom, she replied ok I will come and I quickly and sneakingly went to her bedroom then sweety followed me and I got my chain stuff ready.

I said you will have to be tied up and I have sex with you she was like 😍 yes please daddy , sir I do anything.
Really sweety you’d do anything? Yes sir anything you want! I looked her in the eyes face went closer and teasing her lips biting her neck.

I turned her around and ripped off her clothes off roughly she was shocked and moaned little as I was being rough with her she didn’t just love it she loved the way I am treating her
She(sweaty) said I love the way you tread me daddy sir master I want to me your professional personal slut slave cumulus whore!
Then I said good girl I like to see how you become my servant slut slave , as I chained her up I started teasing her up so much she loves it and begged to fuck her so I did that later but I unbuckle my belt starting to whip her face she squeaked and didn’t say she didn’t like it to me all sweety said that thank you sure please (plz) more and more I want your marks on me master please!

She let me smack her face boobs tummy ass pussy, as I wanted to fuck sweaty so badly I wanted to see how good of a slut sweaty can be,

I tossed her like I am using toy sweaty said treat me as your toy fuck use me abuse me do what you want master please use me every day please

Then I took my jeans off and told my new toy sweets to take my boxers off and I slap her face with my 9.1 inch dick she said omg that’s the biggest hardest I have ever seen, anyways she started to suck after she begged me to give a (bjs)

Then I put my hands on her head fucking her mouth deeper eyes watering gagging coughing choking sliver dripping on her boobs and drilling on my dick now that is more wet and her pussy.

Then I started now insert my big dick in her virgin ass as sweetly got fucked by my dick she wants more and more then she couldn’t stop moaning screaming out of joy but I kept on ramming her ass n pussy so hard and fast

Then my aunty Nazia stood outside of her bedroom watching me fuck her best friend I told her to come in and she(sweaty) moshing so much as and I told her to walk towards me and Nazia used ass pussy naked as I grabbed her neck and ripped her clothes off and she was like omg beta g please more sir slap me use me do what ever you want to me too I can even kiss her too if you say so!

Then I bend her over fucking hard she said please be gental I like general I said tough shit Nazia and I fucking her how I want to fuck her rough brutal nasty fuck as sweaty is bein sucked on as she is asking me to make her squirt I said no not yet as I was making it hard for Naxos to suck sweety pussy then I used my belt around nazia’s neck she loves how I fuck her like a slut she was a shaking so much as I pulled her hair and told her to kiss sweaty.

Then I kept on going all night long fucking sweety and nazia so hard and fast and they want to obey me every single day and ask me to stay naked all day and night and bark like dog and mewing like cats do.

I gave them instructions to follow as they both are my slaves now

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    It’s good but
    Try using slowly teasing the audience

    • Master ID:9pp53ayum8t

      Ok no problem I will do that