I’ve been bad

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She was a little girl whose daddy had left and she really needed a daddy cause she’s been naughty

As the vice-principal of an elementary school the The fiscally fell on my shoulders. Usually just a talking too or some time out was enough but once in a while it went to a spanking … With parents permission of course.

I was surprised when Sue showed up in my office. She had always been an ideal student good behavior and excellent grades but I knew that recently her father had left. Her records showed no explanation. “So Sue, just why are you here?” She sat with her head down and mumbled something … “You’ll need to speak up dear”. When she looked up her expression seemed odd… “Mr Adams, I… I’ve been bad … and I need spanked”

That was odd … I’ve never had a student ask for a paddling …. especially one so young …. Checking her records she is only 10 and no trouble before. “Sue, really??” ” Please Mr Adams, Daddy use to spank me when I was bad but he’s gone and I need spanked” “But dear you haven’t…” She jumped up and took a vase from my desk and smashed it on the floor ” Now… can I get spanked” She already had tears on her face

Still confused I offered to get Ms Johnson to spank her … “No, it must be you!” ” well I will need to get her to be in the room”. Again she refused. “No, you… now!”. And she turned away and bent over then reached back and pulled down her panties . .. I looked at her cute little butt then at my office door, it was still cracked open. Looking back to her I saw the years again…

“Please… Like daddy … Please ” she pleased. I now knew why her daddy may have left. I had never given a bare butt spanking and my throat was dry and I was nervous at the prospect …. I stepped over and closed the door , quietly tripping the lock. My little brain was eager to start what I knew was wrong and my pants were buldging …. She saw this and smiled. As I reached for the wooden paddle…. “No, your hand” and I set the paddle aside and my duck throbbed.

Stepping to her I put my hand softly on her tight little ass…. As soon as I touched her I heard a small moan. Which resulted in me squeezing her cheeks one than the other … Until she wiggled her butt in frustration.

I pulled back my hand and took a deep breath then SMACK! My hand made contact and she jumped but quickly pushed back for another …. Again I smacked her butt and didn’t wait until again I hit her butt two, three times .. She was definitely moaning … After the last smack I held her cheek in my hand… I wasn’t sure if it was my hand or her butt that felt so warm but I did see a small trickle run down her leg

Both of us were breathing heavy as I began to fondle her cheeks, and running a finger between them I felt the moisture and heat from her pussy. This was my turn to moan….

I lightly touched her lips pushing in there was no resistance in fact she pushed back on my finger … “Finish it” she begged. I assumed she wanted me to finger her more but when I did I felt a small hand take hold of my dick. She squeezed it a couple times then pulled down my zipper and with practices moved pulled out my dick. She stroked my a couple times then moved her butt to me and notched my dick between her preteen pussy lips.

We both sighed as we pushed together and my dick slipped into her…. “Daddy” she signed. That answered that question…. I started to fuck her tight young pussy slowly…. Never had I ever considered doing what I was doing. Even when I was fresh out of college teaching got high schoolers did I consider jeopardizing my career for some piece of ass. But I realized this was not … just some piece of was …

I was fucking a 10 year old… A tiny little thing just entering puberty, no tits, slim not even much of a butt or figure….. But my God she had a hot tight pussy and knew how to use it. “Harder… Spank me”. This was so risky… my pants now around my ankles my dick moving in and out of a young student’s pussy in my office in the middle of a school day, with secretaries and other students just out side the door. I was very grateful that the school board had chosen to sound proof the offices.

I started spanking her with my hand any my thighs …. I spanked her hard her butt cheeks and my hand getting red and hot as I fucked her. Her little pussy getting wetter and her moans now loud enough that I worried about the quality of sound proofing “Daddy …daddy …daddy” she kept repeating and her voice getting higher as she gave in to passion

I too was giving in to our passion as I could feel my self getting close to filling her pussy with my cum…. Another slap to her butt and I grabbed both ass cheeks tight and buried my dick into her …. feeling my dick push against her cervix just as I began throbbing and emptying my balls into her womb and she started to scream and climax with me ….

I quickly moved my hand to cover her mouth and throbbed again and again filling her past until it flowed out around my duck and ran down her legs. “Mr Adams?” My Secretary ‘s voice came over the intercom “everything ok, I thought I heard something” ” We’re fine… She will be out shortly, she’ll need a pass out of her next class and a visit to the nurse” While talking I was quietly cleaning myself and Sue up. “The nurse is out today sir”

“That’s fine… She just need to rest…. I’ll escort her there” I then silenced the intercom . .. “Sue .. What just happened… ” “Thank you Mr Adams, I guess you know why I miss my daddy… Mommy caught him and he had to move away”. I took Sue to the nurse’s office and we talked some more

“Daddy was teaching me to be a good girl..I liked it … Sometimes even if I wasn’t bad I’d tell him I was”. “I really, really miss him …. Can I be a bad girl for you now?”. ” Sue, I think we’ve already made that choice… But we need to be careful… We shouldn’t do this at school…. I’ll let you visit me at home” I have her my address and we talked about the when and how do we weren’t caught. “Now, you have to get cleaned up and rest until your next class” “Thank you Mr Adams …. Ah … is it alright if … if I call you daddy?”. ” Yes, but never at school or in front of anyone”. She gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek and I have her a kiss on her forehead and went back to my office

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  • Reply Charlene ID:2jouti1iqm

    I’ve been such a bad daughter and nasty.
    I’m just turning 15and live with mom .

    She just split with long term boyfriend he’s a huge black guy.. in his 40’s ..

    She’s been devastated by it.. she was out first thing this morning shopping, and her ex came round to get rest of his stuff.

    And he finished and came my room and knocked door and was about to have a cigarette and offered me one too..

    I was shocked, he said I knew you smoked I said really, and he said I actually liked you smoking, gave me quite a few hard on’s in the past…

    I couldn’t believe what was hearing. And then he laughed and took a bag of coke and made up 2 enormous lines and sniffed 1 up .. I said you doing the other one he said it’s yours gave me note , said I’ve seen you doing it in your room before… So I thought why not and sniffed it up hard, and Instantly I felt incredible was stronger than ever had .

    And I asked for another cigarette and light up and he starred at me and then pulled me towards him and then he started pulling my bottoms down,i was so excited but scarred, and then he took hia off and omg 12″ of really thick bbc .

    And he got between my legs and started pushing it in my pussy I instantly moaned out felt amazing and he stretched me to limit. As went fully inside me I shouted out he started fucking me and couldn’t stop myself from screaming out in pleasure,, and he said smoke your cigarette so I took a big drag and blowing smoke out he groand out saying mmmm you dirty little slag .. then he went so fast and hard I was screaming house down as having first ever orgasm.. then he did me another line and as was about to sniff up door opened and was mom,

    She shouted wtf , and stop it.. but he just looked at her carried on and so I sniffed up and wrapped legs round him and said mmm fuck me harder,

    Then both about to cum and so saw mom devastated crying watching in disbelief, I said, cum in me , he did

  • Reply Bob ID:55x84j8ri

    This is how spanking my 10 yo daughter goes everytime.

    • Annon ID:1dxuxor5op9l

      Lucky man

  • Reply Mister Daddy ID:2liqeotm4

    When a pretty little blonde girl sits on my lap she always wiggles her butt on my hard-on. They are so innocent and sweet with just the right amount of naughtiness. Every place in South 🇿🇦 Africa I’ve been I do my best to find little white girls. Making love to them and filling their tight young cunts with Cum. Then I shower them with lavish gifts and clothes. Their parents are generally too busy to know what is really happening.