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It’s nothing you won’t see when you’re older: Part 9

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Danny does Donna and has to make a choice.

Stacy rummaged through her underwear drawer to find the rubbers I needed to shag my little 12 yo sister.
“Wow, Donna’s really keen isn’t she. I didn’t do it until I was 14.” she remarked.

“Yes, I know, but like you always say, “it’s nothing she won’t do when she’s older”. And don’t worry, I’ll be careful and I’ll make sure her first time is special – like you taught me.”

“I know you will, but… well there’s one thing you don’t need to worry about.”
She pulled another box out of the drawer, “Tampons.” she explained, “Girls use them for our periods. We have to push them up, you know where.
They’ve already bust Donna’s cherry.”

“Oh, er thanks. That’s good to know.” I said, surprised by graphic explanation.

Stacy kissed me, “Go on, you two have fun.”


I could hear the mattress springs straining even before I got to my bedroom. I opened the door to discover my younger sister kneeling on my bed.
Naked – just like I’d told her.
Bouncing up and down.
Laughing her head off with her tits jiggling freely and with one hand rubbing at her twat.
“Where’ve you been? she asked, “I thought I was going to have to start without you”

“I went to get these off Stacy.” I waved the packet of rubbers in front of her.

She grabbed them, “Oh. Cool. Can I put it on for you? I know how to do it. We practiced on a banana at school.”

I told her she could and she insisted on undressing me – well she fumbled with my trousers and pants while I shrugged off my shirt.
She laughed and giggled all the way through it, but went quiet once she was face to face with my hard, erect, naked penis.
“I think it’s grown since last time I saw it,” she told me.

“Is it bigger than the banana?” I asked.

“I can’t remember, but I’m sure it’s much more fun.”

She did remember how to roll on the condom though.
It was really sexy to watch her do it. Trying so hard to pinch the bulb, putting her tongue out in concentration as she worked it over the head, then gliding her little fingers gently over my cock as she rolled it down my length – that felt marvellous!

She sat back to admire her handiwork, I flexed my dick and we both chuckled at the bulb bobbling around on the end of my knob, wagging like a tiny flag.

“How do you want me?” asked Donna, lying back and parting her thighs. Shamelessly offering up her hairy cunt – missionary style, as if we’d done it a million times before.

It would have been easy for me to get on top of her and slide into her wet pussy to take her in the traditional manner, but seeing her bouncing on the bed had given me a much raunchier idea.

I pushed her aside and lay on the bed myself, my hot and hard cock pointing up at the ceiling.
I asked my sister to straddle me.

She was surprised and uncertain, but she did as her big brother asked and climbed into position with a sing song, “O-kay”, followed by a more quizzical, “What now?”

I put her hand on my cock, wrapping her fingers around it’s girth and told her to guide herself down onto it.
She bit her lip, concentrating hard once more.
I held her waist to help stay balanced and, after carefully gyrating her hips, carefully searching for her intimate target,
“Oooh!”, she had it.
“Oh wow. It’s inside me!”

She held still, afraid that it might slip out of her lips.
I told her to bounce up and down on it. Just slowly and gently at first, until she got used to it

My sister took to it like a duck to water, impaling herself on my member, loving the sensation of my the steely rod filling her virgin space for the first time.
She was breathing hard, fully focused on her task.
“Oh my god Dan, fuck! That’s the best thing ever. I can feel it sliding up and down inside me. I feel really er… full.”

I felt great too.
Her pussy walls massaged my cock wonderfully and I loved watching her twat swallow it up, bit by bit, deeper and deeper.

Once Donna had found her rhythm and balance I released her waist and slid and my hand to her twat. I began to tease her clit, brushing a finger across her engorged nub, as she bobbed up and down.

I didn’t need to ask her to increase her pace. She instinctively knew what to do. Bobbing faster, rotating her hips, stimulating me beyond measure and taking her own pleasure.

I started to work my hips to meet her, playing her clit with a greater purpose and reaching up take a tit my hand. But that tit was soon our of reach, as she threw back her head, arching her back and squealing in ecstasy as her orgasm ripped through her.

She came hard and took me with her. Her pussy muscles clamping on my cock making me jerk and squirt until she had milked every last drop of spunk from body.

It was the best ever and we both took a while to come back down to earth.

Donna spoke first, “Bloody hell Dan if it’s always that good I was right to be jealous of Donna.”

“Well they say your first time should be your best.” I told her, trying not to talk about Donna. “It sounds like you liked it then?”

She slapped me, playfully. “You know I liked it!
I loved it!
And I could tell you loved it too, you bugger!
Can we do it again?
We can do it again, can’t we?
You’re not to tired are you?”

We can do it again, but I’ll need a little while to get my strength back, if you know what I mean?”

I don’t know whether she knew what I meant, but she was happy to help stroke my cock back to life anyway.


“Can we do it now?
My wrist is getting sore,” she asked after “helping” for a while.

When I said, “Yes,” she sprang up, onto her knees, ready for a repeat performance, but I suggested we tried something new – just to see how she liked it.
She replied with the same quizzical and suspicious “O-kay” as she had earlier, but she was game enough to experiment with a new position.

She was surprised when I told her to get out of bed, though and even more puzzled when I pushed her back up against the wall.
I whispered to her not to worry, then kissed full on the lips – it was a lover’s kiss, not a brother’s.

I put one hand behind her head, clawing her hair and pulling her close. My other hand took hold of her young tit, fondling, squeezing and twisting it like I owned it.
Donna responded with an arm around my back and a hand on my cock – which seemed to be its favourite place.

We snogged like that for a while before I asked my sister to release my cock. She did so, reluctantly and grabbed my arse instead.
I bent my knees and got hold of my dick, steering it up between my girl’s legs and finding the entrance to her hot, wet slit.

“Oh god.
Are you going to…?
Are we going to…?
Like this?”

“Oh yes,” I panted.
I pushed my way up into her cunt.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she exclaimed, clearly surprised by my invasion.

“Oh. Are you okay?” I asked, suddenly remembering that I had promised to be gentle. “Do you want me to stop.”

“Oh no, no, please.” She replied breathlessly, “It’s okay. You just caught me by surprise.
It feels bigger this time…”

“It’s just a different position,” I explained. She did feel tighter like this.
“Can I go deeper?”

“Oh yes. Yes. Please.”

So I pushed up into twat, stretching her walls and forcing her up onto tiptoes, until I scooped my hands under her bum and lifted her up off her feet, with my cock still deep inside her.
She hung on to me, with her hands behind my neck and when I told her pull her knees up and she managed to hook her legs around me and clamp us together like Shakespeare’s “beast with two backs.”

She clung to me tightly, rising and falling as I bucked my hips, driving my dick into her depths.
We rutted hungrily, like animals.
Gravity pushed her full weight down onto my prick and she took every last, throbbing, inch of it, until I was literally “balls deep” within her.

Donna didn’t flinch, she continued to ride my cock like a girl possessed, whilst I pounded away furiously, at her near virgin pussy.
Any pain she might have felt was overwhelmed by the excitement of the moment and the waves of endorphins consuming her soul.

It was a fantastic frenzy of fucking, but neither of us could maintain that pace for long.
I used the wall to help support my sister’s body. Pinning her there as I continued to have my way with her.

Eventually she could take no more and tensed, squealing and digging into my flesh with fingernails and heels as she surrendered to her climax.

I responded by cumming inside her. Rope after rope, far more than I expected so soon after our first fuck and a tribute to my lover’s talents.
She struggled to maintain my grasp as I exploded within her and we tumbled back onto the mattress, my cock finally slipping out of her hot little haven.

It has been pleasure beyond our wildest imaginings, but, as our post coital reality struck, I wondered if I may have gone too far.
I had promised to be gentle with my sister but I had ravaged her, fucking her with far more vigor than I had planned.
“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes thanks,” came the reply, “Knackered though.”

“You’re not too sore though? I think I got a bit carried away.”

“Well, I might be a bit stiff and sore down below in the morning and I might have a sore bum from all that spanking, but I think I’ll live.”

“That’s good. Sorry if I was a bit rough.”

She put her arms around me, “Don’t worry about it Dan.
It was all worth it.
Sex is amazing!
You’ll have to let me do it with you again!
I want lots and lots of sex with my wonderful brother.”

“Okay,” I laughed, “That’s a deal, but not just now eh. I’m properly knackered too after all that.”

“I’m not surprised, I couldn’t believe it when you picked me up and we did it against the wall. You were so strong. I’ve never felt anything like that before.
Oh, er,” she caught herself, “You did have a good time too didn’t you? I mean, I did do it right, didn’t I? You weren’t disappointed?”

She was still lying on my chest and I bent forward to kiss the top of her head.
“You were perfect Donna.
Beautiful, sexy and perfect.
I had a great time, it couldn’t have been better. You were amazing. I wasn’t disappointed at all.”

“Thanks,” she rolled over on top of me and kissed my lips, then grinned at me like an eager schoolgirl keep to please their favourite teacher
“Can I ask you something?
You have to promise not to get angry.”

Her timing was perfect. She could have asked me for anything in that moment.

“Well,” she asked, “it was only my first time so I don’t suppose I was as good as Stacy, was I? But was I better than Faith?”

It was an awkward question so I tried to dodge it. “Well, you’re all brilliant,” I told her, with a kiss. “I don’t really have a favourite, because you all did different things with me and it isn’t a competition is it…”
It was the best I could manage, not sure that I.even convinced myself.

Donna wasn’t convinced either, “Yeah but…, if you had to choose,” she pressed me further. “Be honest, just between you and me.” She rubbed my dick, gently, “Who would be your favourite?”

I asked for a moment to think about it and considered my options.
I had been so lucky, to suddenly get three wonderful girls who were all happy to let me shag them. It seemed ungrateful to rank them, but….

There was Stacy, my beautiful, popular big sister. A fully grown woman with a fully grown body that she had used to teach me so many marvellous things.
She had been so good to me and I hoped that she would show me even more of her sexy tricks in future.
But, she was a beautiful, popular, fully grown woman and all the boys loved her. It wouldn’t be long before a handsome young buck swept her away from me.
She’d be married or living with her lover before I knew it!
I should enjoy Stacy while I was lucky enough to have her, but she would never, truly be mine.

Then there was Faith.
My girlfriend.
My actual girlfriend.
My leg spreading, cock sucking girlfriend with tits that were the third biggest in her class.
She’d let me take her virginity – she’d even lied to her parents so she could sneak out of the house to be with me.
We were bound to have more sex to together – we were boyfriend and girlfriend – it was our job!
But, Faith expected me to be a gentleman, so l had to be patient and take care not to push her too far or too fast.
She wanted to go slowly, just one small step at a time. Following the rules. Like the good girls in Wendy’s magazine.

Finally there was my little sister Donna.
Enthusiastic, energetic, always up for it, Donna with her magnificent, spankable arse and a pair of tits that got better everytime I saw them.
Saucy, adventurous, a proper little sexpot, ready to try anything. She never said “No” to my requests, even if they were a unexpected or scary, she just trusted her big brother and wanted to make me feel good.

Yes, Donna was the girl that was willing to give me all she had to give.
She was definitely the most fun.
She truly loved me.
And best of all… her bedroom was right next to mine.

I loved all three of my girls. I knew it might be hard to keep them all happy, but it was going to be fun trying.
And if in the end, I had to choose only one of them, then it would be lovely little sister.

I looked her in the eye and told her that she was my favourite.
“But you mustn’t tell the others,” I cautioned, “It wouldn’t be fair.”
“Actually Donna,” I realised,.”You mustn’t tell anybody about us. We’re brother and sister, people wouldn’t understand and we might both get in trouble.
It will have to be our special secret, okay? I’m sure I can trust you to keep your mouth shut.”

“Yes, of course. I hoped you’d like me best.” She hugged me, mashing her naked tits against my chest.
“And you already know how to get me to keep my mouth shut.”

“What’s that I asked.”

“This, of course!”
She gave a cheeky giggle and shuffled down my body to take my cock into her mouth.
Such a good girl…

“Oooh, what’s that?” she pulled her head away. “It tastes all weird.”

“Well that’s just from the rubber, isn’t it? I laughed, “It won’t hurt you, just keep on sucking it like my best girl.”

Always eager to please, she ignored the taste and did as I asked, taking my cock into her mouth and my soul into heaven.

She was still only 12 and I was 14.
We were having so much fun.
I was glad we hadn’t waited until we were older

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    You are the only author with the best content here.

    • Mr Rodd ID:1ah742a8hrd

      You’re far too kind.
      I do my best, but I think we all have our favourites, depending on the themes and #s we prefer.
      Thanks for your feedback, it’s the kind of comment that encourages authors to keep on writing.

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    It was extremely hot I had to do it the bathroom with my dildo up ass I expload all in my hand when he fucked his sister on the wall. I had to eat my cum, why waste it?I’m bisexual I like the boys ,as well as the girls.

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    Next chapter please

    • Mr Rodd ID:1ah742a8hrd

      If think I’ve done everything I want to with these characters, so it’s time for something new!
      I’m working on a short teenage bro-sister fantasy at the moment. which will probably drop next week
      I expect to start a new early 20th century saga after that.
      Hope you enjoy.

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    Goodstuff! This is a decent saga. I’m pretty sure there are many people who could relate to it whether or not they would ever admit it.

    Your writing is decent and I can tell that you did some proofreading before publishing it. Thank you for that! I try to proofread my own writing too, but, as always, things do slip by.

    • Mr Rodd ID:1ah742a8hrd

      Glad you liked it. Very decent of you to comment.
      It’s more fantasy than memoir, so anyone that can relate, probably had more interesting teenage years than I did.
      Good luck with your writing. I think it always pays to proofread, even if we do fall fail to the odd typro or too.

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