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In search of Sophie 11

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Sophie and Darya try to deal with a hellish existence with Edward Pembroke

Chapter 48
The girl serving Edward Pembroke at the train station bar in London flashed him a smile, her youth radiating through the playful glint in her eyes. Her belly button piercing gleamed under the dim bar lights, drawing his gaze to the intricate collection of piercings that adorned her ears and nose. Dressed in a snug pair of low-rise jeans and a cropped top, she exuded an air of carefree adventure, her whole being a testament to the vibrant energy she carried in the big city. Pembroke smiled back, captivated by the promise of youth.

“Nice piercings,” he complimented, his smile widening.

But the girl’s mood shifted abruptly as she detected something cold behind Pembroke’s eyes. Her initial warmth dissipated, replaced by a guarded demeanor. She glanced at the fat old man before her and responded with a curt, dismissive nod before moving on to the next customer, leaving Pembroke to ponder the inescapable fact that no one would ever be interested in him.

His only admirers had been his mother, and the girls forced to adore him with their bodies in his basement. With a revengeful smirk, he stared at the girl, almost willing her to teleport to his St Andrews cross in his basement where he would like to put even more piercings in more intimate areas.

It had been a cold December morning and he had been in London buying Christmas presents for some of the few acquaintances he could call friends.

On the train, Pembroke felt lonely as he witnessed couples and groups full of festive cheer. But he mainly felt envious of the young men and their glamorous girlfriends.

Some of the presents were tiny pieces of jewellery that would soon adorn two pretty young girls, who themselves were sorely missed this Christmas.

Teresa Yildiz had one welcome Christmas present: her daughter, Jenny, had returned from two and a half years in Australia, and the two now lived together in Teresa’s flat. They supported each other in staying off drink and drugs, finding strength in their shared resolve. Yet, this Christmas, both could not escape the aching absence of their daughter and sister, Sophie, who had been missing for three and a half years. Jenny had apologized to her mother for her outburst at their last Christmas together. Both had been victims of horrible male behaviour, and Jenny now understood that she should not have blamed her mother for being a victim.

That evening, Darya was lying across Sophie’s stomach in their new single bed within their enlarged cell.

“Sophie, this is Christmas, so it must be a big deal for your family.”

“Please Darya, I don’t want to think about that.”

“Sophie, I have only been here nine months, this is your third Christmas here. You look so different…”

Darya raised her head to look at the picture of Sophie on the wall. It was her at fourteen, smiling in her underwear, in her bedroom, very different to the taller leaner seventeen year old she lay next to now.

“Stop it please, there ie no good from this kind of talk.”

“I don’t want to get used to this life. We need to think about something. We can not get out, but if we try and kill him, if he dies, well someone will come. This is a house, it is England, and someone will miss him if he is a teacher in a school. We have water, we can wait here for weeks.”

Sophie hated to admit it, but she was now happy living her day-to-day existence and the thoughts of escape did not fill her mind as they did with Darya. Was it because she had been here a shorter time? Or was she a natural prisoner and slave? All she wanted was to play with Darya, read, and even sometimes enjoy sex with ‘daddy.’

She envied Darya’s ability to bounce back from the numerous injuries she had received from the beatings she took from Pembroke. No torture had not yet dented her spirit. Even the small chip on her tooth, the result of a vicious smack from Pembroke that had bounced the younger girl’s face off the wall, making Sophie scream in terror, just made her look tougher.

Pembroke interrupted them now, with a voice over the loudspeakers.

“Merry Christmas girls! I want you up and ready, your bodies shaved, and your pussies and bumholes cleaned out. Santa Claus will be coming soon to fuck you both and bring you some presents.”

Sophie sighed in a resigned manner. Darya chastised her. “See, you just accept it, he is going to rape us again, I hate it, I hate this whole thing, but I think you don’t mind it.”

Sophie shrugged off her cellmate’s embrace, and the two quietly went about their ablutions and shaving. Sophie hated being reprimanded for being so submissive.

Pembroke walked in with a commanding pose. He was dressed not as Santa Claus this year, but in black trousers and t-shirt as if he meant business.

“Girls, get out. Sophie put Darya on the cross and make sure she is tightly strapped in.”

Darya maintained eye contact with Sophie as she tied her to the restraints, her arms and legs spread wide. Her defiant gaze bore into Sophie, silently urging her to resist, to not comply with the evil man’s demands. Sophie, feeling a wave of guilt, meekly followed orders, wishing she possessed even a fraction of Darya’s courage.

Pembroke had noticed the atmosphere between the girls, snooping on their conversation.

“Now Sophie, why don’t you eat Darya for a while, I am going to get the presents ready.”

Sophie avoided eye contact with Darya, as she knelt between her legs, and brought her tongue to her lips. She loved doing this, and to her shame did not mind being ordered to, but knew Darya was judging her from above. As if to get back to her, Sophie nibbled aggressively on her clit and tongued her furiously, trying to get Darya to lose control. Darya’s attempts at stoic dignity were futile. She began moaning against her restraints, her legs shaking with pleasure, as she tried to avoid the leering eyes of Pembroke, admiring her slim lithe body as it vibrated to the skilled tongue work of Sophie. The shock of red hair on Sophie’s head below her toned torso completed a beautiful picture and Pembroke took several pictures.

Darya became very wet and came into Sophie’s mouth but she did not dare stop until ordered to, and the ongoing sensitivity caused Darya to cry out. “Stop! Sophie please no more!”

“Keep going until I say so, Sophie” said Pembroke curtly.

Sophie continued to eat her friend, tasting her spicy juices while she writhed above her. Her moans were no longer of pleasure but of pain and all she wanted was to close her legs and have them free of this invasive tongue.

“OK that is enough. Now Sophie, put a gag on Darya, I do not want her to put you off what you will do next.” He handed Sophie a red ball gag which she fixed around Darya’s head expanding her mouth obscenely. her eyes remained fixed on Sophie, daring her to stay defiant.

Pembroke turned on a video on the screen of a nipple piercing. It showed close ups of needles and threads being passed into nipples, and rings being worked in. Sophie’s heart sank as she saw it, and knew what the jewellery was.

“Now I am going upstairs for a while, Sophie you keep her gagged and pay attention to the video. You will be doing that piercing in Darya’s nipples in a few minutes so learn so as not to hurt her!”

Pembroke went upstairs and watched them on the webcam. This would be a fascinating test.

Sophie watched the video with tears in her eyes. She eventually caught Darya’s eyes. Despite her jaws being forced open ridiculously wide and her youth, she still looked respectable, with a dignity that defied their circumstances. Her eyes locked onto Sophie’s, silently challenging her to defy Pembroke.

But what could she do? Sophie had been trapped down here for so long, and Darya had no hopes of escape either. If there was no escape, shouldn’t they make the most of it and hope for rescue—maybe in a year, maybe in three, maybe tomorrow? In the meantime, why not just obey? Why did Darya have to make things so hard?

Yet, the thought of having to do this to her friend turned Sophie’s stomach. She looked sadly at Darya and turned to view the video, thinking of how to do this as painlessly as possible, thinking of her own nipple piercing, long since removed by a bored Pembroke.

“OK Sophie, you’ve had long enough, here are the needles and these two cute things are what I want to see in Darya’s nipples. Go on, get going!”

Pembroke watched, fascinated. Sophie concentrated on her friends’ chocolate-colored nipples, so distinct from her own strawberry-red ones. She sucked on them to make them hard, as if to soothe her. And then tweaked them.

“Keep still, Darya,” Sophie whispered, glancing into her eyes, trying to convey how sorry she was. Her blue eyes stared into the scared but vibrant dark brown eyes of the girl, filled with an unspoken plea for understanding.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” Darya’s muffled moans resonated through the gag as her body shook, but Sophie winced just as much from the sound as the needle pierced the nipple. She had to do this, but it hurt her as much as it hurt her friend.

She tried to work the little ring in, but it took several attempts, increasing the pain for poor Darya, her tits jiggling and making the job even harder for Sophie. Finally, it was through and a shiny little intricately designed ship wheel adorned the cute nipple of the dark girl.

“Good, good, now wipe the blood away the antisceptic, and wipe the drool off her chest with your tongue.”

Sophie complied, licking her saliva dripping from the ball gag. She then had to do the other nipple, which was a little more efficiently done.

She stood back as Pembroke photographed Darya, humiliating her, as her nipples sparkled.

He playfully sucked and played with her breasts. “Beautiful, but Sophie I think we need a lot more jewellery on Darya. Come on, next up is her belly button, use this one now!”

Sophie continued to comply, with slumped shoulders, as her friend cried and moaned in pain. A little star now twinkled from Darya’s belly.

“Excellent, now her septum, you know, her nose … here…!”

Sophie was taken aback, she would have to get very personal to do this and hold her head still. It was also much more painful.

Please daddy, I am not sure I can do it, I might mess up.”

“Now Sophie, I believe in you. Remember you don’t have a choice, you never have a choice when your daddy tells you to do something. Just believe in that. Now, watch this video showing you how. Darya is going to get a lot of metal in her today, whether you want it or not, but if you don’t do what I say, I will make it more painful and I will torture you both. You know daddy’s rule about obedience, so I am surprised at your attitude.”

Sophie nodded and quietly mouthed “yes daddy, I will do it.”

Pembroke went back upstairs while Sophie had to watch the video. He watched the two interacting.

Sophie went to the cross, and hugged Darya around her body, with her arms between her and the cross. “I’m so sorry Darya. I hate this. I have to do it.” Darya looked back at her with tears in her eyes, and nodded.

Pembroke returned and watched as Sophie abruptly grabbed Darya’s nose, and gritted her teeth as she pushed the needle through her nose. The guttural screams from behind the gag and the shaking of her hair as she tried to break free of the grip showcased the excruciating pain Darya was in. Sophie could not avoid the bloodshot eyes open wide in front of her as she pushed through the flesh, and worked the ring into the bloody hole. Blood poured from her nose.

Sophie stepped back, aghast at the trail of blood from her nose, the metal ring through the septum, and Darya’s violently shaking head as she tried to deal with the pain.

“Excellent work Sophie. Now there are more to come. Next one is easy, both ears…”

Sophie continued for what seemed like hours, while Darya dripped with sweat and, occasionally, blood. The ears were easy, the nostril and then the piercing of the soft flesh of Darya’s upper lip, distended by the gag, brought more animal noises from Darya. Small metallic beads now adorned her upper lip and nostril, rings on her ears, and more on her nipples and belly button.

“Now Sophie this next one will be tough for you. It is the tongue. This piercing will feel good on my cock when Darya is sucking on me, I am so looking forward to feeling it on me. And you might like it to as it licks your pussy!”

Sophie’s chest tightened with apprehension as she contemplated the impending task. Removing the gag from Darya’s mouth meant facing her friend’s words. How could she handle the possible vitriol, and how could she prevent her being punished herself? The intimacy of this was … too much to think about.

Taking a deep, shaky breath, Sophie steadied her nerves, steeling herself for what needed to be done. With trembling hands, Sophie reached for the gag. As she loosened the bindings, she braced herself for Darya’s reaction.

Darya spat out more drool and cleared her throat. She looked at Sophie with her mouth sealed shut.

“Make her open her mouth and get that stud in her tongue, Sophie, you will need to hold her steady!”

“Slave” whispered Darya into Sophie’s face, accusingly. Sophie wanted to cry at the unfairness of it all. Darya was an idiot. This man had to be obeyed. The sooner this was done, the better.

Sophie told herself it was logical. Her tongue was going to be pierced. Best to pierce it now rather than wait and get punished. Better to suck Pembroke’s cock rather than wait to be punished then have to suck it anyway. Obedience made sense, it was the only way to live down here, and he was their master.

Sophie’s admiration for her friend’s defiance was suddenly eclipsed by anger and envy at her pointless rebellious spirit. She gripped her jaw, and prised them open, and with one hand pulled out her tongue, grasping it firmly. “Stay still Darya.”

Darya shook her head broke free and spat at her. Sophie was furious, why was she blaming her! She slapped Darya across the face.

“You are getting your tongue pierced! Accept it!”

Darya was shocked at Sophie’s attitude. She kept her head still and meekly opened her mouth. Sophie’s eyes were now a lifeless blue as she grasped the slippery muscle, pinning it in place with pincers.

Sophie focused on the task at hand, ignoring the sickening sensation in the pit of her stomach. With careful precision, she pierced the tongue with the needle, wincing at the resistance of the flesh. Despite the discomfort, she persisted, gently coaxing the stud into the hole, feeling the swift closure of the surrounding tissue as it swallowed up the foreign object.

Her eyes met that of Darya. Darya’s were wide and fearful, the slap had hurt her more than any of Pembroke’s more powerful hits.

“How is that Darya?”

“Darya’s mouth was full of blood and the taste of metal and the sound of the stud clanging against the insides of her mouth.

“I think, ithh ok…” Darya struggled to talk properly.

“That was very well done Sophie, now let us bring her over the saw horse to get her strapped in with her pussy exposed. There is more work to be done…”

Sophie found facing her friend’s asshole and pussy more pleasant than her accusing face. Darya was also much more tightly strapped and despite the screams, there was no movement beyond a quiver of her legs as Sophie pierced her labia with some more pretty insignia.

Piercing her clitoris proved hard, and Pembroke helped her with a keen interest. Sophie licked for several minutes to engorge it, and mentally shut out the inhuman roar that escaped Darya’s mouth as she pierced then worked the little bead through the small slimy helmet at the top of her pussy. A finishing touch was a little bar that went through a piercing between her asshole and pussy through her taint. She had now received eleven piercings from Sophie.

“Beautiful. Darya you are like a piece of art!”

Pembroke decided to give Darya the rest of the evening off, thinking her mouth and pussy might get infected. However, her invited upturned ass gave him other ideas, as she lay across the saw horse, and he licked and fingered her asshole as Sophie looked on.

“I want to fuck you now, Darya, your asshole is going to get it!”

Darya moaned in pain or humiliation, Sophie could not tell, as Pembroke sweatily fucked her doggy style.

After cumming in her, he ordered Sophie to clean her again with the shower and antisceptic. Sophie did so and Darya was let into her cell and given clean underwear. Darya couldn’t shake the sensation of foreign objects embedded within her, a constant reminder that her body was not her own.

Sophie made up for her lack of piercings by having hours of sex with Pembroke on the bed as Darya watched from the cell. Every now and then, as Sophie bounced on Pembroke’s cock in ecstasy, she would catch the cold face of Darya, her face now glittering with metal. Sophie felt orgasms ripple through her body as she rode Pembrok’s cock, she felt like yelling in defiance not at her male tormentor, but at her bitter friend who was judging her.

Chapter 49

It was the 20th of March 2017. It was a special day, the first Capture Day for Darya, and Pembroke was excited to celebrate it. Not only that but it was doubling for Sophie’s eighteenth birthday party which occurred the same week!

As Darya gazed at the picture of Sophie on the wall, a sense of foreboding washed over her at the approaching anniversary. In the picture, Sophie was naked in nothing but a pair of tiny blue panties that matched her eyes, her small flat breasts a stark contrast to her current fleshy orbs. The sexual nature of the picture had long lost any shock value to Darya for obvious reasons. To her, the image captured her imagination of Sophie’s free youth perfectly—the red hair, the sprinkle of freckles across her nose, the infectious smile that lit up her face. In the photo, Sophie was frozen in time as a carefree teenager, surrounded by posters, school materials, and all the trappings of youthful innocence. Sophie had grown taller, her figure fuller, but the spark in the picture had dimmed, replaced by a haunting emptiness. Despite the brilliance of Sophie’s blue eyes, Darya couldn’t imagine ever seeing the sparkle that she saw in the picture.

Darya was terrified she would succumb to the same fate—that the effects of her incarceration would strip away all her vitality, leaving behind only a hollow shell of her former self. She was her mother’s only child, she had to live, and yet this was all life had to offer her, this sex dungeon from hell.

Pembroke had planned the part with meticulous detail according to his own twisted fantasies. He was dressed in a dressing gown with nothing on underneath but a thong as he watched the two girls.

Darya stood with her dark, flowing hair cascading down her shoulders, looking ethereal in a frilly blue and white dress adorned with delicate bows and ribbons. The dress accentuated her slender frame, while an alice band added a playful touch, betrayed somewhat by the metal piercings adorning her face.

Beside her, Sophie’s flaming red hair provided a striking contrast against her pale skin. Her slim figure was accentuated by a short, tight black dress that hugged her curves in all the right places. With heels adding five inches to her height, she towered over her more innocent-looking friend. Black stockings and suspenders added a hint of seduction to her ensemble, peeking out below her hemline, creating a captivating juxtaposition with Darya’s innocent charm. Red lipstick added a mature touch in keeping with Sophie’s landmark birthday.

Both girls wore shock collars around their necks.

“You both look fabulous. Today is a celebration. In years gone by someone like Genghis Khan would take hundreds of women, and rape them or keep them as sex slaves and people worshipped him. Well, I’ve managed two.” Pembroke giggled at the comparison.

“You two are witness to and the products of my adventures. I don’t feel bad about it. I am sorry for your families but I saw you both and I took you both. Every man out there would have done the same if they had a fraction of my capabilities.”

The girls tried not to glance at each other. Any smirk or giggle now might warrant severe punishment from this maniac when he was in this mood.

“A year ago, there was a little flower wandering through the air to England. I took it, and I kept it. Darya, you are that flower. I am keeping you here for myself. You and Sophie are my life, I am your keeper, your daddy, but I swear I will look after you.”

The two girls knew not to interrupt. Both remembered their brief experiences of the real Pembroke outside, the shy, nervous old man who had seemed harmless and almost pitiable until it had been too late. This fantasist in front of them was a mad bully, and the gates and doors behind him guarded him from the outside world as much as it kept the girls in.

“Darya you have come on well. Sorry about your tooth, but it looks cute. You are growing well, and your sexual performances have been outstanding. Sophie you have taught her well. Sophie, you are a woman now, and so I look forward to how our relationship develops…”

Pembroke looked at Sophie. He was now fifty nine years old. Was she really thinking now Sophie was eighteen she would be more attracted to him?

The truth was that Pembroke was losing touch with reality when underground. He had put on an act of a megalomaniac to frighten and order the girls around but had become that personality. But the meek Pembroke was still his character as he taught at school and he was worried that his Jekyll and Hyde character would cause him some problems. On more than one occasion, he had stood over cute young schoolgirls, shouting at them, instinctively wanting to order them to bend over their table and pull their skirts up, and had to check himself.

Having two teenage sex slaves presented a serious break to reality for someone like Edward Pembroke.

He rambled on, and asked Darya about her hopes for the next year.

“I hope you die. I hope me and Sophie get out of here.”

Sophie gasped, in her sweet dress, the words felt even more violent from the brown girl.

“Yes I thought so” Pembroke mused. “I know you don’t love me. I love you, but I will never trust you.

Suddenly Sophie grunted and shook violently, gripping her neck.

“You will apologize to me, or I will keep hurting Sophie.”

Darya bunched her fists as Sophie caught her breath and the shock subsided. There was silence and Pembroke pressed the button on another level.

As the buzz surged through her body, Sophie’s reaction was immediate and visceral. With a wild thrash of her red hair, she let out a piercing scream, her voice reverberating off the walls as she fought to maintain her balance on her heels. Her hands flew to her neck, fingers grappling with the invisible force that gripped her, as her body contorted with convulsions. White flesh above her stocking tops displayed itself as she moved around in a very unladlylike fashion.

Darya had an angry look on her face, and fought to control her tears. Pembroke lay back, his large body, meathook arms, sat back on his chair, his eyes daring her to make a move. He was ready, he did not want to mark her, but was prepared to chip or knock out another tooth if she dared to approach him.

“I am sorry daddy!” Tears flowed down Darya’s cheeks as she apologised. She knew she could not take this man in any fight and did not want her friend to be hurt anymore.

“Good. Now we will forget that little outburst. Tell me about how you will serve me in the next year.”

Dariya swallowed hard. “I will make my body available to you and Sophie. You will enjoy having sex with me.”

Pembroke guffawed. “Sounds promising. Oh well, I will have that anyway. You will learn to adapt to this life. Girls have served like this for centuries. Its only modern life and laws that came up with this rubbish that you have to walk around doing whatever you want. Trust me, you are safe down here, its the world in your memory telling you that you need to escape. You don’t need to escape. You need to learn to love your daddy”.

Silence gripped the air. Sophie rubbed her neck and stared at the floor. She felt odd in her costume. She had never worn heels before, nor lipstick. Her childhood was leaving her, would she end up an old woman down here as well?

“Now, I want you two to dance together, like the waltz in the video. Come on, do it and enjoy it!”

Reluctantly, Darya and Sophie attempted to glide across the floor, their movements awkward and out of sync. Darya’s dark, flowing hair swayed gracefully with each step, a stark contrast to the clumsy attempts of her taller companion. Despite her shorter stature, Darya maintained an air of poise and composure.

Meanwhile, Sophie’s fiery red hair waved wildly as she fought to maintain her balance in her heels. With each precarious step, she teetered dangerously close to falling, her struggles drawing amused chuckles from Pembroke and a growing sense of irritation from Darya.

“Now, slow dance, look into each other’s eyes.”

The two pulled each other closer, and Darya absent-mindedly gazed into the collarbone of her taller friend, smelling her scent. She shook with fright as Sophie jumped and screamed.

“Look into each other’s eyes, or I will shock Sophie. Come on, do it! And fucking smile!”

They both obeyed, Darya gazed up at Sophie as she looked down on her. Sophie saw her own reflection in Darya’s eyes, seeing the face of a fully grown woman, looking like a whore, and wondered where four years had gone.

“Now kiss, with tongues.”

With tentative hesitance, their lips met in a delicate kiss, and they almost forgot Pembroke and imagined themselves alone in their cell. Their lips moved together in a dance of longing and desire, their tongues fighting each other to explore each others’ mouths.

Pembroke stroked his cock, looking forward to watching the video later. Now take your dresses off each other, don’t take off your own! Take off the other one’s dress.”

Pembroke started pumping his rock-hard cock at the two lingerie-clad teenagers snogging each other, their gorgeous slim bodies outlined by their lingerie, Darya’s in white, Sophie’s in black.

The delicate lace trim traced along the edges of their skin. Their thongs clung to their hips, leaving little to the imagination as they accentuated the curves of their derrières. Their stockings and suspenders, matching in all but color, hugged their smooth thighs, the scene was like Pembroke’s dream.

After several minutes, Pembroke could not take any more. He gripped both girls by the hand and took them to the bed. His hands explored their legs and breasts under the fabric, marveling at the feeling of their smooth skin. He did not want to take anything off but eventually relented. Sophie sat on his face, as Darya rocked back and forth on his cock.

Darya looked into Sophie’s eyes, a look of lust and longing at her, and kissed her deeply with Pembroke’s tongue and cock in their respective holes.

Darya also glanced towards his desk. There was the remote, controlling their shock collars. There was also the curtain over his workstation. As Pembroke came inside her, Darya moved off him and sucked him dry.

Sophie moved away watching the scene where Pembroke lay back as if in a coma as Darya bathed his cock and balls with her tongue. She looked at her heels, and picked one up as if to put it on, then held it.

Pembroke was lying back with his eyes closed, in ecstasy. Darya her mouth full of his cock, flashed her eyes at Sophie. “Do it” she seemed to say.

Sophie breathed hard. She could hit him in the eye with one blow, would that be enough? She could hit him again, but he might recover. What if he lost an eye? He might kill her in revenge.

Darya was impatient, she willed Sophie to hit him and prepared herself to bite into his balls at the same time, baring her teeth in readiness.

Sophie hesitated, still holding the heel.

“Sophie, get on my cock with your mouth and suck it. Darya, you move down to my asshole, I want to feel both tongues work me down there.”

Sophie froze, Pembroke’s eyes were still closed, but the moment was gone. She quickly put the heel down as silently as possible and moved on top of him.

She sucked on his cock, regretting her indecision as she felt his fingers probe her pussy above his head. Sophie looked down at the dark eyes of Darya, her tongue now centimeters from her mouth, as she licked angrily at Pembroke’s asshole. Beyond the sucking and licking of the two girls in such close proximity, no words were spoken. But Darya’s eyes conveyed the sense of frustration she had with Sophie, at the loss of the chance.

In a care home in London, two middle-aged women worked together cleaning the toilets. One, a red-haired woman who had gained weight over the years, couldn’t help but think of her missing daughter’s eighteenth birthday and the hopes she had harboured for how they would celebrate it.

Meanwhile, the other woman, a recent immigrant with limited English proficiency, was consumed by thoughts of her own missing daughter. It had been a year since she disappeared, last seen on CCTV footage at the airport meeting a mysterious man who remained untraceable. Since then, there had been no sign of her daughter, Darya.

The two women struggled to communicate due to the language barrier. During their tea break, they sat in silence, each lost in their own thoughts about their daughters, barely acknowledging each other’s presence.
Chapter 50
As summer approached, Pembroke became distracted again by the pretty girls at his school. He had to fight to keep his eyes on the boys trying to avoid staring at the sexy young things in their skirts which seemed to shrink year by year.

Blondes fascinated him. He had a redhead and a brunette in his harem already but had always wanted blonde women.

He could not explain why he grew so bold, but one day at the beach, he lost control of himself as he saw two young blonde sisters at the beach playing. Their slim legs tapered down from impossibly tiny waists framed with cute little bikini bottoms and tops that barely covered their budding breasts. Whispy blonde hair followed their tanned bodies as they moved around.

Pembroke was enjoying another late summer day trip to the beach and was once again not looking for any victims. But on this occasion, one presented herself to him.

Crashing waves hit the rocks by the beach and danger signs were everywhere. The two girls continued playing as the crowds dissipated.

“Im going back, come on Hannah it’s dangerous!”

“You got back, I want to find some sea shells” the other girl shouted. Pembroke looked around, he had gone for a walk and was surprised how deserted the beach was.

Surely he could not kidnap this girl? As he turned a corner along the beach, he realized that he and the girl were alone. Glancing up, he was pleasantly surprised to see the car park where his car was parked. Walking towards his vehicle, he noticed that the car park was deserted, devoid of any cameras. Looking back down, he saw the girl still playing among the rocks, with the waves crashing around her.

He took a close look at her. About five feet three, beautiful legs and pert buttocks, toned slim waist, and small breasts. Her breasts seemed small, and he struggled to tell how old she was. She had a lovely face with blue eyes, a small nose, and a sweet smile. Her skin was fair and smooth, and her cheeks had a natural rosy color.

Pembroke’s cock twitched. Something clicked inside him. He wandered down to the rocks again and called out to the girl.

“A bit dangerous down there don’t you think?” he shouted.

“Im OK, thanks” the girl seemed more afraid of this bid old man than the sea.

“Come on, give me your hand, I will get you back to the beach.” Pembroke looked again at the warning signs – signalling there had been drownings there. What a pity if this pleasant girl went missing here, would anyone suspect she was not out to sea, but in the boot of his car?

She stepped awkwardly on the rocks and slipped, her bum landing on a rock and her legs splayed widely. The glimpse of her crotch displayed like this in her bikini bottoms send a volt through Pembroke’s body. He wanted to fuck this girl.

“Come here, give me your hand.” Pembroke curled his other hand into a fist, eyeing her slim narrow waist, planning where he would punch her. With the other hand he would haul her close pull her up over his shoulder, and should have her in his boot in a minute…

“Leave me alone!” the girl shouted, suddenly repulsed. Her legs were still spread, the thing fabric barely covering the area between her legs, and she could see Pembroke looking at it.

As Pembroke took another step fowards, she heard her shout:


Pembroke turned around. A six foot four man was running towards them.

“Hannah come back here.” He looked at Pembroke in disgust.

“He was staring at me, dad”

“No! I was just trying to help, its … its dangerous here … look at the waves!”

The powerfully built father looked Pembroke up and down. He looked like a dictionary definition of a peadophile.

“Look, I will be on my way, I was only trying to help your daughter, I was worried.”

“He followed me here!”

“No I didn’t! Now leave me alone, I am leaving…”

Pembroke felt his world explode as the father punched him in the head. He fell over and landed on the rocks. His mouth was full of the taste of blood.

“I bet you took pictures, show me your phone!”

Pembroke panicked … He had taken photos!

“Let me go! You assaulted me, I was helping your daughter and…”

“All right let’s call the police shall we”

“Look, let me go, I haven’t done anything wrong…”

Pembroke thought quickly, and took his phone out as if to give it to him, then deliberately dropped it through the rocks and into the water below.

“My phone! I’ve dropped my phone now! Look at what you done!”

The man could not tell if he had done it deliberately but saw the phone disappear into the water.

“Fuck your phone. You are a dirty peado.”

“I am innocent, and you just assaulted me, I was helping your daughter, Im going for a walk and you just attack me…”

He tried to push past the man, but he punched Pembroke again on the nose, this time blood squirted everywhere and he landed back on the rocks hitting the back of his head.

“Dad, you are gonna kill him!”

He grabbed Pembroke forcefully, lifting him up until Pembroke’s feet barely touched the ground. With a fierce glare, he locked eyes with Pembroke.

“If I even thought you were going to do anything to my daughter…”

Without hesitation, he lunged forward, delivering a powerful headbutt that sent Pembroke collapsing to the ground. Taking his daughter by the hand, they swiftly marched away from the scene.

Pembroke struggled to his feet, his head spinning from the impact. Blood streamed from his face and the back of his head, staining his clothes. His phone was gone. With unsteady steps, he staggered towards his car, his mind reeling from the sudden turn of events.

He drove away in a panic terrified the man might follow him. After a few miles he pulled over, and began crying like a baby. The events of the altercation brought back a rush of painful memories, reminding him of past experiences of being bullied.

He wondered how he would explain this at school. He did not want to report anything and would have to make up a story about being mugged. He mentally created the story, two black men had followed him and robbed him while he went out in London.

When he got home, he was still shaking at the memory of the attack. He cursed the sexy little blonde girl who had lured him into the trap.

He walked down to the basement and opened the cell. “Sophie, can you please tie Dara to the cross?

He went upstairs and looked at his bloody face in the mirror, realising now the reasons for the shock on the girls’ faces.

“What happened daddy?” Sophie asked, her face a picture of innocence in her blue vest top and shorts. Darya was tied to the St Andrews cross while Sophie stood there.

“Never mind that, put your wrists out and let me cuff you.

Sophie was cuffed and attached to the cord that pulled her up to the ceiling through a hook. She was stretched painfully on her tip toes, worried at his mood.

“Daddy, what is wrong?”

Pembroke suddenly and violently ripped her blue vest and knickers off her, causing her to shriek. Naked she stood trembling, terrified of his anger.

Darya strained at her wrists, scared for Sophie, as she lay confined to the X shape of the cross. Pembroke wordlessly approached her and again ripped her vest and panties off her too until both were naked, shaking and crying with fear.

They both wondered what had happened, who had attacked him? Were they close to being rescued?

Pembroke went to the curtained work station and came back with a cane.

“No!! No–nnnoo daddy please don’t what did we do wrong?”

Pembroke just grunted in anger, his face still marred with the cuts and bruises and tears. He picked on Darya first, whacking her across the stomach.

“AAAAA” Darya’s face had angrily creased in defiance to face the first strike but on the first strike, her throat had roared with pain. Her body felt like it was on fire. Then … another strike across her tits.


Darya had been tortured before but this mindless violence and pain was too much for her. Her face contorted in agony, her mouth open and tears flowing as she sang screams of agony with each strike. Sophie screamed as well, not only knowing she was next but in fear for her friend.

“Please daddy … DADDY STOP! DADDY NOOO!”

Pembroke looked at the metallic glint from beneath Darya’s spread legs, and aimed one last strike at her pussy. Darya’s feet jumped off the floor and her eyes bulged, followed by another inhuman scream.

Pembroke turned to the taller pale girl, her eyes already red with tears and her voice hoarse with screaming and pleading … and her ordeal had not even started.

Pembroke walked around her, casually hitting her across her thighs and back. He had only ever marked her hands before, but after the brutal attack by that girl’s father, he needed to wreak revenge on these girls, their female flesh having been such a temptation to him.

Soon, the girls were both covered in welts and tears. The basement shook with their heaving sobs and strangling cries. Pembroke felt better, now he was even.

He left them hanging there. He would return later to care for them. But now he needed a whiskey to calm himself down.

The marks took months to heal and disappear from their skin. Pembroke tried to apologize but never explained the pathetic reasons for his violence. He stood outside their cell, looking at the two girls huddling together in the bed, their bodies still covered in welts a month later, their eyes averted from him, like frightened puppies.

He felt bad, but reasoned that he was a rapist and a kidnapper. Violence was to be expected. He should be willing to do this and they should fear him. He did note, with some satisfaction, that Darya was much more morose and quiet when she spoke with him. He had to remember his rule to them, they do what he tells them to, or they get hurt, its that simple.

The Yildiz family did have some good news, though Sophie would not know it. Jenny had given birth to a baby with her boyfriend, a plumber. Teresa cried with happiness and the baby girl was named “Sophie” in honour of her aunt who was missing from their lives.
Chapter 51
It was a Thursday evening, and Pembroke was enjoying himself with a beer, in his pants, like many men. But for him, he had the added enjoyment of two teenage girls performing for him in his basement.

Sophie and Darya were lying head to toe on the bed, each one playing the others’ feet with their hands and mouths. Pembroke had already fucked both of them and was exhausted and wanted this pleasant display to wind him down while he drank.

He watched the silver stud on Darya’s tongue flash as she lapped at Sophie’s toes, while the latter’s red head moved around Darya’s feet. Their soft moans filled their air, as they tickled each others’ delicate feet, as Pembroke made out the faint marks across Sophie’s back under the light, finally fading away from the thrashing he had given, rather unfairly, the poor girls a few months ago.

“This weekend I am off to a tech conference my lovelies, so I won’t be seeing you for a few days, don’t worry I will leave you plenty of food. Tomorrow I need to put my mother in the home, poor dear she gets so frightened when she is away from me for long. With any luck I can get some more part time work, tide me over until retirement, and give me more time to spend with you two, and maybe some other unlucky ladies haha!”

Pembroke drained the last of the beer.

“Sophie I think tomorrow I will have you wash my mother again, you do an excellent job and that pale skin of yours needs a bit of light.”

Pembroke smiled as he saw Darya’s eyes flicker. He never let her out of the basement except for sunbathing in extreme discomfort. Only Sophie was allowed to clean her mother, he trusted her more. It was a subtle dig at the girl who was clearly more boisterous and freedom-loving.

“Now ladies, I will go to bed, thank you for tonight. But for now, I need to piss, and I want you to swallow it. Under the shower now, and on your knees.”

Pembroke rose slowly to his feet. He wondered how long he could remain able to physically overpower these girls. In a few years he may have to retire as their daddy, but did not want to contemplate what that would mean for the girls. He waddled over, his kidneys full, and aimed for the two naked girls, kneeling down and mouths wide open.

Pembroke sighed as he finally released several beers worth of piss. He looked down and was pleased to see that both girls were enthusiastically collecting and swallowing his piss in their mouths, each ready and waiting for his aim to change from one mouth to the other.

“Excellent, now here are some new clothes, and you can shower yourselves. OK, have a nice night, see you tomorrow my darlings!”

Darya and Sophie showered in silence and brushed their teeth. They had spent hours fucking Pembroke and licking themselves all over and swallowing his piss. It was always awkward to change straight into their more loving friendship within the cell.

Sophie tenderly kissed her friend as they spooned on the single bed.

“Sophie, what is it like to care for his mother, what is the room like?”

“It’s a normal room, it’s the only normal thing I’ve seen in years, it’s got a bed, a shelf, an old ugly woman that makes daddy look attractive.”

They both giggled. “Sophie, I think daddy is going to put his mother in that home he talked of this weekend, remember? If he goes away his mother goes into a home for old people, you told me this.”

Sophie remembered Pembroke mentioning this, and of how he would talk about his mother loving the home, but that he could not bear to part from her. He even delighted in telling her about how he put her in the home when he went kidnapping girls.

“Well, if you are cleaning her tomorrow and she goes into the home the day after, then maybe you can put a message in her clothes, and this home could read it?”

Sophie felt uncomfortable about the fact that she was so quick to dismiss any escape plans, it reminded her that she was not as obsessed with freedom as Darya.

“What message though? There is no paper or pens there, and he watches me almost all the time.”

“I have an idea, I’m on my period right now.”

“I know” giggled Sophie. Being on their period was not an excuse for the girls to not eat each other, nor for them to suck on Pembroke’s blood stained cock after he had fucked them, and Sophie had spent the last few hours with Darya’s metallic period scent swimming in her mouth.

“I can write a message with my blood on a page of the book, you can take it out and leave it on her.”

“But how, in her pockets, what if daddy checks her?”

“We have to try something, look I can still feel the marks on your back.”

Sophie shifted uncomfortably “They are almost gone.”

“You don’t want to escape, do you? That is why he lets you go upstairs and not me. He knows he can trust you because you don’t really mind being here that much.”

“That’s not true!”

“OK prove it!”

Sophie relented. “OK, write the note then.”

“Let’s wait a while, he may still be watching…”

A few hours later, Sophie sat and watched as Darya crouched over a torn out sheet of paper and dug her fingers into her pussy under her panties. She managed to paint several words, digging deep inside herself for more blood. Finally, the page read:

“Help. Kidnap victims are here underground. Sophie Yildiz and Darya”

“OK I don’t know if anyone knows my second name or if they know I am in this country, you are more important, and my pussy has no blood left” grinned Darya.

“How should I bring it out?”

“Up your ass” giggled Darya.

“What if he wants to fuck me?”

“Stick it up deep. And you said he doesn’t like sexy stuff in front of his mother.”

“I can’t believe we are doing this. OK, but if I don’t see a good chance, I will bring it back down here.”

“Then I will make you eat it!” Darya giggled and the two playfully wrestled, then kissing and cuddled to sleep, as if to obscure the gravity of the dangerous mission they were embarking on.

Sophie was in white T shirt and tight shorts decorated with My little Pony, and tied to various points on the bedposts, with her wrists cuffed in front of her. Her mouth was gagged. Pembroke was sitting in the corner reading a newspaper as Sophie gently cleansed the old woman’s wrinkly body.

The rolled up page felt as if it was digging into her insides as she moved, reminding her of the significance of the document hidden between her cheeks. She blushed as she felt Pembroke’s eyes leer on her bottom, hoping she would not tempt him with her ass.

“You know Sophie, I have always wanted to fuck you in the bathroom. You are teasing me in those little panties.”

He leaned forward and grabbed her buttocks, sliding his hand down her shorts. Sophie gasped in panic, even if he did not fuck her asshole, he might spot it peeking out. Why was he so damn horny all the time!”

“Let me check the windows, don’t move far my little minx, I think you are finished here anyway!”

He moved out of the room. Sophie’s heart pounded against her ribcage. She shifted her weight, feeling the cold metal of the handcuffs digging into her wrists. Summoning every ounce of determination, Sophie contorted her body in a precarious maneuver, her muscles protesting against the strain. With a mixture of desperation and determination, she managed to twist her cuffed hands around, fingers fumbling as they sought out the top of her ass crack.

Finally, her fingers brushed against the top of the shorts and a surge of relief flooded through her. She gritted her teeth, pushing past the discomfort, and with painstaking effort, she pushed her fingers down her crack and up her ass. She breathed in to relax her anus, and with two fingers, dug out the little page and brought it around to her front, while Pembroke’s mother watched on, bemused.

She was only halfway safe. What could she do with it? She thought to swallow it, then suddenly saw the bible next to his mother. It often moved around, would it be brought to the home? Pembroke’s shadow approached, and she had no other option. She pushed the page into the pages of the bible, cringing as she noticed it sticking out slightly, and smiled as Pembroke marched in.

“Sorry Sophie, just checked my messages and someone is coming around in an hour, best not leave anything to chance. No cock for you I’m afraid, let’s get out you safely underground again.”

Cursing her luck, Sophie let herself be led downstairs with a blindfold. Released back into the cell with Darya, she told her what had happened in a hushed whisper.

“Ha, well that is good luck, because if you were not forced, I do not think you would have left the note. Let’s hope someone sees it!”

Pembroke whistled as he wheeled his mother into the home. Leah, her familiar regular carer, was all smiles as she greeted her. “Here are her things Leah, take good care of her!” He handed over some toiletries, her bible, and other items.

Pembroke’s mother did not take kindly to the food and when Leah was trying to feed her, she waved her arm and knocked her bible to the floor. Out came the note, with the side with the writing facing down. “Oh dear, Mrs Pembroke, we don’t want to wreck your nice Bible!” She picked the Bible up, and refolded the note, and put it back between the pages.

Pembroke enjoyed the weekend, hanging out with fellow nerds was always a pleasure. He also visited strip clubs and a brothel. But it just wasn’t the same. Spending money on a bored woman who refused to kiss him or take it up the ass? Who acted like she was in charge? What was the point when he had two pretty slaves at home? Well, it was nice to experience other bodies.

Sophie and Darya spent days in the confines of their cell, watching the rest of the basement beyond the glass door, reading, playing, tickling each other, having fun, and making love to each other in tender ways they never could with Pembroke interfering with them.

“When we escape Sophie, I want to live with you in London. I want my mum to come with me too.”

“You can all live with my mum and me. I hope they are OK, I haven’t heard that brute talk about them recently. But if they were dead he might taunt me about it too, so who knows?”

“At least your family are safe. Mine are all dead, it means I have to go on. I cannot just die on my knees here.”

“I just hope something horrible happens to daddy. I hope whatever it is, he really suffers.”

“Sophie, you really hate him don’t you?”

Sophie laughed. “No I love him. What a fucking bastard, to get off on suffering and pain like this. He could just have raped me and let me go or even killed me. He loves the fact I suffer. He is just pure evil.”

“I know. Something has to happen sooner or later.”

Pembroke returned on Sunday evening, exchanging pleasantries with Leah as he escorted his mother home. “Your mother was so nice and talkative,” he remarked, though internally he couldn’t fathom what planet Leah was on.

“Yeah, sure she was,” Pembroke thought, masking his scepticism with a polite smile.

As Leah handed him his mother’s forgotten bible, a note slipped out and was caught by the wind. They both made a feeble attempt to catch it, but Leah was quicker, laughing as she retrieved it.

“Oops, careless fingers!” she teased, handing the note to Pembroke, who laughed along, not truly caring about the note, assuming it was just a loose page.

“Thanks,” Pembroke replied, accepting the bible with the note placed on top. Opening it, he was met with garish red writing that turned his face as crimson as the ink.

“Help. Kidnap victims are here underground. Sophie Yildiz and Darya”

“Oh, that’s some shopping I forgot about months ago! Err … well, thank you, Leah!” Pembroke managed to stammer out, desperately trying to maintain his composure.

Leah laughed and walked away, unaware of the turmoil raging within Pembroke. He fought the urge to vomit as he contemplated the implications of the note. Has anyone else seen it? Would they keep it to themselves or inform the authorities? And who had written it?

Pembroke’s sniffed the paper and realised the note was stained with period blood. Sophie must have planted it! He recalled her seeming flustered while washing his mother, but he hadn’t thought much of it at the time.

Nearly overwhelmed with stress, Pembroke fought back tears. Even if he had narrowly avoided disaster, this was too close for comfort. Those sneaky little bitches had even involved his own mother!

He examined the note again, noting that it wasn’t immediately intelligible. Perhaps, he told himself, someone might not notice it unless they read it closely. Or was he simply trying to convince himself of that?

He decided he would not reveal any of his knowledge of the note to the girls. It might be instructive to see how they behaved. In the meantime, he prayed that he would not get a visit from the police.

For the next few days, Pembroke was on edge, as were the girls. But as the week progressed, he grew more confident that nobody had seen the note. By Friday he was relaxed and fancied that the girls must think they had got away with hiding the note. How would they feel if they believed the note was just lying in a bible forever in his room. Surely they would think that he would discover it sooner or later, unless it was brought out and discovered by someone else.

He almost did not want to reveal his knowledge to them, revelling in how stressful the uncertainty must be for them. On the other hand, maybe some false hope might make them more relaxed about any more cunning plans?

Pembroke lay back on the bed in the basement, while the two girls ran their tongues over each of his feet. The pleasant sensation of the tongue studs, both girls having now been so pierced, felt amazing when combined with the warm trail of their slippery mouth muscles traversing his soles. Life could not get much better than this.

“Now a bit of a competition. I want to try out the sleeper sack. Don’t worry girls! I just want to test the vacuum pump, as I think I need to buy a new one. But they’re so damn expensive, Darya I think your mummy had to work for weeks to pay for it!”

Pembroke laughed at the joke. It was literally true, he had used the money Yasmin had paid him for trafficking Darya, to buy her own torture equipment.

“Darya, in memory of your mummy why don’t you climb in. Don’t worry it will only be for a few minutes while I see if this new bit works…”

Darya swallowed. She and Sophie had both wondered what had happened to the note. She had hoped Sophie had lied to cover herself and she had swallowed the note, because the bible was still there, and it was not discovered by an outsider, it was inevitable that Pembroke might find it. Sophie kept saying how it was not so well hidden in the pages, which had stressed them out all week, leading them to put extra effort into pleasuring their daddy, as if it might aid them when it came to avoiding punishment.

He strapped Darya in. “And now the headphones too.”

Sophie felt numb watching her. She had been in the sack. Hours of weightlessness, darkness, and pure silence were enough to give her nightmares for weeks.

She guessed something was afoot when Pembroke left to go upstairs and returned with a familiar box covered with a black blanket.

What was going on?

Sophie looked at the black log on the ground, like a sarcophagus, it was not moving. Pembroke made no move to check anything! He was torturing her!

“Sophie, come up here and take a seat.”

Sophie sat opposite Pembroke as he brought a laptop to his desk. There was silence, and she was conscious of the minutes dragging on.

“Daddy, are you going to fix the sack?”

“Oh yes, … maybe … why do you ask?”

Sophie tried to remain calm. Something was up. “It must be very frightening for Darya in there.

“Yes, Yes it must be. It must be very frightening indeed.” Pembroke looked Sophie in the eyes and she went red.

“Did you want to say anything else?”

“No” said Sophie quietly as she looked down at her hands. Pembroke watched the trembling girl, in a pair of yellow panties and a tight green vest. She rarely got to wear a bra and her nipples shone through her top, the piercings sticking showing their outlines through the fabric. He enjoyed eyeing her cleavage and her taut belly belo, and also her clear discomfort.”

“Do you remember Ronald?”

Sophie flinched. Ronald was the rat.

“His death was so sad. My mother liked him, and I thought we should have another one.”

Sophie tried not to look at the black box, and for the first time, she detected some movement behind the blanket.

Sophie tried not to cry, instead, she played with her hands, rubbing her bare thighs, until she caught Pembroke’s eyes again.

“Sophie, I think you want to tell me something.”

“Err … not really daddy … nothing special … no. But, … can you let Darya go now?”

“I don’t think you want to tell me to let Darya go. I think you want to tell me something else. Something that is very serious.”

Pembroke glanced towards the blanketed box.

“Maybe I should introduce you to Roger. Ronald’s replacement. Very long tail.”

Sophie broke down in tears. She covered her face with her hands, her breasts moving up and down as Pembroke admired them. He stood up and came behind her and stroked her neck and her thighs.

“Now, now Sophie, no point in crying now.” He softly kissed her hair.

“Just … open up to me. Tell me something.”

“Daddy, is it…?”

“Is it what? What do you think is happening…”

“I don’t know…”

“I am not stupid Sophie. I am trying to be nice, I know you are a nice girl, much nicer than Darya here.”

He moved to the prone black log. “Pity she cannot hear anything. She is a little bitch, a very bad influence, but you are older! You should be stopping her from silly thoughts like freedom!”

“Please daddy. Don’t hurt us.”

“Tell me something Sophie, come on.”

Sophie cried like a baby, wiping her nose and eyes to get the leaking fluids away. She really was a pathetic creature, Pembroke thought. With her figure she could be a young goddess, but she deserved to be down here as his slave, she was a true submissive.

“Is it … is it … the … note?” Sophie whispered, her head hanging down.

“Speak up!”

“The note, the note, the note!”

“What about a note what did it say?”

Sophie stopped suddenly, in shock. Had she confessed for nothing?

“Tell me”

Sophie swallowed, she could not stand this.

“Daddy I am sorry. We wrote a note and I left it with your mother. It says that we are kidnapped and are here underground. I am so sorry, please daddy it is in the bible, please you can find it now…”

Pembroke threw the note on the desk. Sophie stopped crying and looked at the ground in desperation.

“I noticed it last weekend before I even went to the home. I have been hoarding it since. I wanted to see how you would react. Why did you wait until now to tell me?”

Sophie sighed. “Sorry daddy, it was Darya’s idea.”

“Oh I don’t doubt that, you are pathetic letting a fifteen year old girl lead you around. You’re a slave you should know who your master is, it’s me, not her!”

Sophie looked crestfallen. She did not want to know what the punishment would be. It would be the rat, surely.

“Now look Sophie, of course, it wasn’t your idea. It wasn’t your period, it was Darya’s, she told you to do it and you did it to impress her didn’t you?”

“Yes” It was true, she had done it because she did not want to look like a slave in front of Darya.

“Right, I think we need to deal with Darya. But also with you. Look, Darya here can’t hear anything so this will be between us. I am not sure she will last down here, but I love you. You will stay with me forever. But I don’t want you to let that go to your head. I think Daray may have to be disposed of sooner or later…”

“No daddy please no…”

“Well I have to punish her. And you. OK look, Roger here hasn’t eaten all day. He is going to get some female flesh one way or another.”

Sophie went white, she did not want that rat anywhere near her.

Pembroke whipped off the blanket. He had bought the biggest, ugliest rat he could find.

“No … please … no…” Sophie stood up and backed away.

“Sophie sit down NOW!”

Sophie sat down, and breathed hard, how could she get out of this? To stay away from the rat was everything.

“Tell you what I will cut you a deal. Tell me about any more schemes you have, any more notes, and I will put the rat in here with Darya. In fact … well … you can say anything, you can tell Darya later you had no choice. But if you just tell me any information, I can let you off with the rat. I just want to know.

“There are no more plans, and there won’t be daddy, I swear. Honest I won’t let Darya talk me into anything again!”

Pembroke smiled. He believed her. He went over to the black sack, and loosed the material.

Inside, Darya had slowly realized she was being tortured. She could not speak, or move, but unlike previously, she could hear everything. She grew more alarmed by the minute.

“Hello Darya” It was Pembroke’s ugly face looking into the sack at her face. “Don’t write any fucking notes again.” And suddenly, he held a rat in front of her by the tail. Its face was desperately knawing in the air, upside down, and its claws scratching at thin air.

Unable to scream, Darya’s heart burst and her eyes exploded with fear as the rat was dropped onto her face, Pembroke slowly zipped the bag up again, leaving it looser.

Now Sophie was able to look on, in abject terror at the black sack as it writhed around. Some of it was the legs, arms, and head of Darya, but there were also the smaller movements of what must be the rat moving all around the sack.

“AAAAAAAAA” Sophie screamed on behalf of her friend. Pembroke approached her, and slapped her across the face.

“Shut up, no more talking, just sucking.”

Sophie cried with fear as she sucked on his cock. Pembroke gripped her hair, pushing her face against his stomach to deep throat her, loving the feeling of the stud along his throbbing manhood. He reached down with the other hand and groped her tits under the vest.

Every now and then he looked back at the writhing sack, imagining the silent screams from the occupant. Sophie tried not to look and concentrated on sucking, hoping that the sooner Pembroke came, the sooner he would release Darya. But she also feared she would be next.

After he came, Pembroke gagged Sophie, and strapped her onto the saw horse. Sophie could not see what was happening behind her but heard the horrible sound of the rat being lifted through the air and carried towards her. Sophie moaned behind the gag as she saw the rat being dangled in front of her face. At that point, she pissed herself all over the saw horse.

Pembroke suddenly carried the rat away, and he heard him rattle the cage and disappear upstairs. Was it gone?

Pembroke re-entered the basement, and Sophie heard him take Darya out of the sack. She could only guess at her predicament.

Sophie heard them walk in front of her. Pembroke stood with Darya in front, and she looked into her face. Her face was a picture of terror, still gagged, eyes bloodshot, and covered in tiny scratch marks. As Sophie processed what had happened, she vomited into her gag, the liquid spouting out the sides of the gag as she nearly choked.

Darya was shaking, she was in a trance. This was the worst thing that had ever happened to her. Pembroke noted she had soiled herself, and directed her to the shower where he stripped and cleaned her, and added antiseptic to the rat scratch marks.

He took out her gag, and she spat out saliva and vomit. She was still shivering, not from the cold, but the terrible feeling that would not leave her. She did not want to touch herself with her hands, she felt so disgusted.

“Now Darya, I am sure you heard that young Sophie here chose you to take all the punishment with our ratty friend. And she confessed to the note. Not really fair is it?”

Sophie realized with despair that the sick bastard had left her ears unplugged. She had heard everything.

“Now, I am going to give you an option, but you are much braver than Sophie. You know that Sophie will hear you. I can either bring down the rat again for you and leave Sophie alone. Or the rat stays upstairs and you give Sophie 20 firm strokes across her back and bottom. What is it to be?”

Darya put her arm out to receive the cane Pembroke held.

“Haha good choice. Now remember, all 20 must leave a nice clear mark on her body, I want it cover here” he drew a line with his finger across her shoulder blades “to here…” he drew another line across the top of her thighs below her buttocks. “But before you start, let me help.”

Pembroke produced a knife and tore Sophie’s knickers and vest off her, throwing the piss soaked clothes to the ground.

“Now, proceed, and count.”

WHHHAAACCL! “One” the cry from Darya was heartfelt. Not only did this seem fair, but she wanted Sophie to suffer as well. Sophie had cowered out, she had let her take the rat, she had confessed, and she had probably fucked up the hiding of the note. The stupid bitch was useless, she was a slave and a hindrance to her own escape attempts.

With a maddened gaze fixed on her target, Darya gripped the cane tightly.

With a primal yell, she unleashed her first strike, the cane swishing through the air as it connected with Sophie’s shoulder blades. ‘CRAACCCK!’

“ONE!” the cry from Darya was heartfelt. Not only did this seem fair, but she wanted Sophie to suffer as well. Sophie had cowered out, she had let her take the rat, she had confessed, and she had probably fucked up the hiding of the note. The stupid bitch was useless, she was a slave and a hindrance to her own escape attempts.

Again and again, she swung with all her might, each stroke an explosion of energy and power. Her muscles rippled beneath taut bare skin with each movement, sweat glistening on her as she poured her entire being into each strike. She thought of the months and years she was in here, the frustration, and the betrayal. Sophie’s white skin was like a canvas for her anger and she peppered it with red strikes.

Sophie’s face grew as red as her hair as she bucked and thrashed and tried to move. All she did was wriggle her ass invitingly for more punishment.

Pembroke was impressed at the young girl’s movements, her breasts swinging with each movement. He counted twenty four strokes by the time Darya had finished.

Sophie’s back and buttocks were a bloody mess, and she bucked even more as he applied more disinfectant over her skin, followed by some bandages.

Both girls were now ravaged and bloody in different ways. Both were in floods of tears.

Pembroke let them into the cell and left them for the night. He checked in on them on the monitor and saw that they were sitting at opposite ends of the cell, in foetal positions, each one apparently crying to themselves and avoiding the other.

That was a good punishment, he thought. He held the note over his stove to let it burn then threw it in the sink. He would have to remember to be more careful in the future.
Chapter 52
Months passed. Sophie and Darya gradually rebuilt their friendship. Sophie apologised for her lack of character as she saw it, her failure to stand up to the monster. Darya apologised for pushing her too far. It was hopeless they agreed. They could only ‘hope and wait.’ In the meantime, they swore they would not let him wreck their companionship.

Sophie’s vicious back wounds healed, and the lingering marks made Darya wince at her own cruelty.

Sex with Pembroke became like a job. After years of captivity, there was not much left that could excite him. He had tortured them into submission, and while this pleased him, he missed the old spark, the old hunt.

His recent experiences of hunting girls were warning him off the venture. Maybe he was getting old, but the opportunities were not there anymore. Everything was recorded online now, everyone was more weary, and girls were now more happy than ever to bare all on camera.

Pembroke still allowed himself to dream as he leered at young girls every day, dreaming of a new addition. However, he was aware that Sophie and Darya were growing up while he was deteriorating.

He had been pummelling Sophie from behind while she licked out Darya, when he had blacked out. Sophie and Darya had wondered what to do. They could not get out without him but had long thought about killing him and waiting for rescue, or slow starvation. Now though, they could not kill an unconscious man. Sophie reflexively tried to revive, him, and revive him she did.

Pembroke had dreamt he was dead and the girls greeted him in heaven. Surely that would be hell for them? His own mortality was beckoning and he was starting to wonder about Sophie and Darya. Should he let them go? Should he make some plans for them? Or should he end their lives now, and live out a stress-free retirement?

On Sophie’s fifth Capture Day, she and Dayra shared a cake with Pembroke. The girls loved the sweet treats and felt almost genuinely festive. They even joked about sex games gone wrong, Pembroke’s orgasm face, Sophie’s squirting orgasms and ‘hilarious’ piss games. It was utterly surreal, the result of years of sexual incarceration.

Pembroke had to stop himself when Sophie asked him, with open innocent eyes, what the “outside world” was like now. There seemed to be no misdirection from her.

“I am sorry if I offend you daddy, we can change the subject if you like I know we shouldn’t talk about the outside.”

Pembroke felt a huge deal of affection for Sophie, who had saved his life, and whom he had loved her since he had seen her on the webcam. So why did he enjoy hurting her? Why did this make sense?’ Pembroke wondered how his life would have turned out had he acted on his worst impulses earlier in life. He would probably be dead or in prison. There had been something about the beautiful pale red head that had spurred him on.

They even took a group selfie, and Pembroke put it on the wall as a painting. It looked like a normal selfie of a grandfather with his two pretty granddaughters from different parents, the smiles genuine as they sat around a table with cake, the girls in normal party dresses, Pembroke in black T shirt. Only the St Andrews Cross and saw-horse in the background ruined the illusion.

Pembroke had read so many stories of kidnappers who had been lulled into a false sense of security by their victims and had sworn not to be so silly, but he could see it coming a mile off and he was not sure he could stop it from happening, as he looked at Sophie’s sweet smile.

Darya appeared to have surrendered to fate as well. She made a deal in her mind. She could stay here until she was eighteen, beyond that, she would kill herself. In the meantime, she enjoyed her time with Sophie. The few hours at most a day with Pembroke were a necessary burden.

Pembroke wondered about the clues he had left behind. The online trail, the CCTV, the witnesses, and what else?

Once in an evil and daredevil moment, he had uploaded a video of Sophie, in her mask, with red hair pluming from the top, licking and eating the body of Darya as she was initiated into her hell. Online it became very popular. One person who saw it was Emma Bradley, who had read online that it might be Sophie Yildiz.

Emma had watched the video, the tall skinny white girl with red hair might be Sophie. If it was her, she was much older and taller. The other girl was unknown but looked much too young to be in this type of video, and seemed to be genuinely afraid and reluctant to be in this situation at all.

Emma slipped her fingers into her panties as she watched the video. Just the thought that Sophie was a sex slave somewhere, being forced to make filthy videos with other compelled young girls, turned her on like nothing else.

The video even reached Jenny and Teresa. Teresa had screamed when she watched the video. She felt awful for the young dark girl who seemed terrified and was being held and raped against her will. The girl in the obscene mask had Sophie’s hair, but was much taller and had larger breasts than she remembered. But the second thought, that this was Sophie in her later years, was too awful for Teresa to imagine. That her baby girl was alive and being forced into disgusting movies … no. This was not happening, this was not Sophie. And they both put the video out of their mind.

Pembroke started back at school in September, wondering how he would spend his retirement. The girls wondered too, if could they cope with this man down here all the time? Like it or not, he was their father figure now, the only man they looked up to or down at. Though Sophie told herself she hated him, she did often find herself snuggling up to his hairy chest at night, sleeping soundly in his arms. Darya would look across at the sleeping red head, both she and Pembroke dozing gently, at how serene they both were. But she could never forget who this man was.

One school day morning in October, there was a talk schedule about revenge porn. Pembroke chuckled, thinking the message would be lost on the girls in his classes, whose Instagrams were full of half naked pictures. He joined the assembly and sat in the teacher’s section, while some police officers took to the stage.

After some boring speeches, finally, an Asian policewoman got up to tell her story. “Hi, my name is Afshan. I am in charge of the London revenge porn team. It is a project I am passionate about, because you see, I myself was the victim of this vile crime…”

Pembroke’s eyes shot back to the speaker. Afshan Bharwani.

Of course! His mind raced as he thought of what she was talking about. Pembroke broke out in a cold sweat. He was four rows from the front. He looked down, then changed tack, and looked straight at Afshan. When in a crowd in front of a speaker, a guaranteed way to draw attention to yourself is to avoid the speaker’s eyes. Pembroke stared straight at her, beads of sweat dripping down his face. What had he looked like then? Would she remember him?

Suddenly, his nice safe cosy world with his sex slaves was in turmoil. She spoke for fifteen minutes, admitting that she had been forced to have sex with her blackmailer, but that she did not care today about the photos.

“I am stronger today because of what happened to me. I would say to that man, do your worst. He ruined my life, and my university exam results were terrible from the stress. I couldn’t get into law. But you know what? It was the best thing that happened to me. I joined the police instead. Now I am a police officer, and I resolve to hunt down people like my blackmailer and help girls who are victims of this utterly vile crime. If you are affected, just remember you are not alone.”

Pembroke’s heart pounded in his chest. The conviction in her voice was unmistakable. What if she recognized him? What if she connected the dots? He tried to maintain his composure, but the beads of sweat on his forehead betrayed his anxiety.

After the talk, Pembroke retreated to his classroom, his mind swirling with anxiety. Moments later, a school administrator approached him with a message.

“Mr. Pembroke, Ms. Bharwani wants to have a discussion with your pupils about the issues around revenge porn.”

Pembroke’s heart skipped a beat. He felt a wave of panic wash over him. “I’m sorry, but no,” he blurted out, his voice shaking. “We have an important test coming up. Can she not do it in other classes? We really have an important test.”

The administrator frowned, noticing Pembroke’s unusually unsteady demeanor. “Mr. Pembroke, this is a significant issue. Are you sure there isn’t a way to accommodate her talk?”

Pembroke wiped his sweaty palms on his trousers, trying to steady himself. “I—I understand, but the timing is just really bad. Please, can she speak to another class?”

The administrator gave him a long, scrutinizing look before finally nodding. “Alright, I’ll inform her. I will find another class for her.”

Pembroke forced a tight smile. “Of course, another time.”

Pembroke retreated home in a panic. Maybe he should retire. That evening, he went through the girls he had exposed over the last decade. He could barely remember them now. He looked at the photos of Afshan, and the video of them having sex.

He brought Sophie out and had her sit on his lap as he showed her the video of him having sex with Afshan. He had showed it to her before, years ago, but had forgotten.

“What do you think of her, Sophie? You know she is a proper … bitch now, she works for the police. A woman working for the police eh? You know what I think?”

“Yes daddy, you don’t think women should work at all!”

Pembroke laughed. He thought of uploading the videos and photos. Fuck her.

“Sophie, tell me what to do, should I upload the material, expose her? Like I did with you?”

Sophie thought deep within herself. If he did that, he would get caught more easily. A policewoman investigating revenge porn? Bad move.

“Daddy, if she makes you unhappy in the outside world, then I believe you must punish her, as you punish us in the underground. But it is your decision.”

“Yes, yes it is. You are right, Sophie. She needs to be punished, this woman.”

Pembroke thought harder, then his hands wandered around Sophie’s waist, found their way up her washboard abs, up her top, and around her breasts, and his other hand found her smooth pussy within her panties as he enjoyed the soft moistness.

“Maybe another time, for now, let’s go to the bed…”

Pembroke did not release the material. He was afraid of that policewoman, but did not want to admit it to Sophie or Darya.

Afshan Bharwani had been scarred for life by her experience with Pembroke. She had joined the police, and moved out of the family home, crushed by the constant threat of disgracing her family. She had not had sex with any man since. Now twenty six, she had a promising career in the police, and had found her passion in investigating sexual crimes.

She had also responded to forums on predators and had spoken with Rosemary Jenkins, Molly Streathan, Lucy Seratova, Kasia Kebowska and others. She was sure that they had all been stung by the same person, not least because she and Molly had both had sex with him. Their descriptions of him matched, as well as his voice, mannerisms and modus operandi, even his penis shape. They had gone to an artist and compiled a composite of what they thought he looked like.

The result was a thick set, ugly middle aged white man. Not exactly a rare species.

She also spoke to Police Officer Mathew Wark, who had investigated what might have been Rosemary’s attempted kidnapping and had handled the “burner phone” that the potential kidnapper had tried to use.

Afshan secretly prayed that she would catch this man one day. Though she boasted that she did not care about the photos, she did. And once she got him, she could relax and not have to worry about her father being shamed because of her.

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