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In search of Sophie 10

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Sophie Yildiz and her friend try to make sense of their hellish existence


Pembroke awoke the next morning like a kid on Chrismas morning. He checked his monitor and was thrilled to see his two prisoners still in their cell. Sophie was still in her mask, curled up on the mat and facing the opposite way from Darya who was standing facing the wall.

Poor girls, he thought. Darya’s wrists had been behind her back for nearly eighteen hours, and Sophie’s face must be so hot and bothered.

He opened the basement and noticed how calm Sophie was compared to the startled yells and shouts from Darya.

“Please, I am hurt, please mister”

“You call me Daddy … remember?” He pointed to the screen and the writing cascading down the screen covering the two lesbians 69ing each other. He hoped the translation had made sense to her!

Darya was tired and sore and did not want to fight this ogre. “Daddy? Daddy please release me, I need help. Please tell my mother…”

“No, no mother, remember! You … no more family. Only me, daddy, and Sophie, sister!” Pembroke pointed to Sophie, who lay with her head against the glass, looking depressed with her body language behind the mask.

Darya just wanted out of the handcuffs. Her arms were hurting badly and were going numb.

“Wait. Have patience Darya.”

Pembroke left food “Sophie, you feed her!”

Sophie could not eat the food herself with her mask and Darya could not get to it with her hands. Darya had not eaten for 24 hours and was starving. She allowed Sophie to put some food in her mouth with her hands as Pembroke watched.

“Sophie you will eat later, I like slim girls so you can never be too skinny for me. I am going to take you out for some sunbathing while I get things straight with little Darya.”

Pembroke brought Sophie out and cuffed her into the transport wardrobe so she was strapped in by her ankles, waist, thighs, and arms. He then transported her upstairs.

Darya was left alone for the first time, her only company the constant droning and the hardcore pornography.

“Darya, your old life is gone. You are now in your new life. You will never see or hear from your family again. You will spend the rest of your life in this dungeon until you die.”

“Darya, you are here to serve your new father, who you will call “Daddy” he who has brought you here. You will obey his every command without hesitation no matter how painful or distasteful it is to you. He owns you, body and soul.”

“Darya, you are here to give pleasure to Daddy. Your beautiful body will serve him in every sexual way possible. You may never reject him. Daddy is going to punish you very harshly for disobedience or failure to serve him sexually. Get used to using your body.”

“Darya, you have a new sister, Sophie. You will have sex with her too and spend the rest of your life with her. You and Sophie will not be friends, you will be lovers, and you will serve Daddy together.”

“Darya, remember that this is your new life now. You are a sex slave to Daddy. Obey him and think of sex, always. There is nothing else but this, and nowhere else for you. No one will exist for you, except for Daddy and Sophie.”

Sophie was relieved to have the mask taken off her while Pembroke kept her upright within the wardrobe in his mother’s room. She looked at the old woman as the mother smiled like a toddler at the reddened sweaty face, still gagged, which appeared from behind the monstrous mask.

“Keep mother company, Sophie, I am going down now to teach Darya some home truths.”

Pembroke felt confident enough to leave Sophie upstairs while he returned to find the girl shyly trying to cover herself in the corner of the cell.

“OK Darya, you are here for sex, understand?”

“Mister, I am too young, please we can give you money, just let me go.”

Pembroke sighed, why did they always try to bargain? Literally, the only thing he wanted from Darya was her body.

Pembroke brought her out by the elbow, uncuffing her briefly. Darya barely had time to rub her sore wrists before he grabbed them again, securing them in front of her with another set of cuffs. He attached these cuffs to a cord linked to a ring on the ceiling. With a menacing calm, Pembroke began to pull the cord, raising her arms higher and higher until Darya was forced onto her tiptoes.

As the cord tightened, she felt her entire body being stretched. Her arms were pulled taut above her head, and she could feel the strain in her shoulders and back. Her ribs felt as if they were being pried apart, the pressure making it difficult to breathe. Her skeletal frame extended painfully, every muscle screaming in protest. Her legs trembled, muscles tightening as she struggled to maintain her balance on the very tips of her toes.

Pembroke marvelled at her body, running his fingers against her ribs like the strings of a guitar. “You are perfect, years of fun ahead!” Her concave stomach sucked in air as she fought the pain throughout her body. Pembroke noted she was going to have a black eye. Oh well, he thought, like Sophie, she would need a few marks of pain before she knew her place.

The pornography and the voice droned on throughout. “Who am I?” asked Pembroke.

“I dont know?”

Pembroke slapped her gently across the face. “I am Daddy. Who am I?”

“Daddy” she gasped, she could barely speak from the effort of keeping her toes on the floor.

“What are you?”

“I am Darya … I…”

“You are my slave. Xulam. Slave, Xulam. Slave. Whare are you?”

Darya moaned in frustration. “I am slave.”

Pembroke moved his hand between her legs. He would have Sophie shave her. “Your body is mine. Las te … your body … ya min … mine!”

Darya stayed silent, looking elsewhere, trying to think of a way out of this.

“Who are you and who am I?

“You are Daddy … I am slave”

“Good. Good girl. you obey me. You do what I tell you otherwise I hurt you, you understand? Guhilber.”

Darya’s pain stopped the full impact of the awful words. Maybe this man was not gong to kill her, maybe rape her or sell her, she would have chance of escape another day. For now, she just wanted to avoid pain.

“Are you virgin?”

Darya did not understand.


Darya shut her eyes and nodded.

“Soon I will fuck you. You understand … fuck?”

Darya knew the curse word, she did not understand the full meaning. Pembroke stripped naked and began to stroke his cock in front of her.

Darya fidgeted while suspended, her body trembling with the effort to find some relief from the excruciating strain and now to try to avoid looking at the disgusting sight of Pembroke’s erect penis. She had never seen one until last night, she knew it meant bad things, the strange purple helmet bulging out and Pembroke’s contorted face as he tugged on it.

“Look at my cock! My cock! Kir! Look!” He slapped her across the face and pointed her face down at his cock and she got the message. She looked with revulsion and wonder at how his hands moved so quickly on his organ, thinking surely it must hurt. She was even more revolted when she glanced up and saw his red face and bulging eyes looking right into her, his teeth bared like a wild ape.

Suddenly a warm liquid squirted over her, across her breasts and stomach. Pembroke moaned, scooped it up, and put it in her mouth.

“Swallow” he motioned how to do it, but Darya spat it out automatically, the horrible salty taste of his cum being too much for her.

Pembroke slapped her again. “I told you to SWALLOW!”

He was secretly glad, he wanted to get her into the torture sack he had bought with her mother’s own money. He pulled it out, and checked his dictionary.

“I told you SWALLOW, ‘Daqurtinin’, understand. You disobey – ‘guhnedan’, understand? So now you get punished. Punished – ‘cezakirin’. Understand?

Always do what I tell you to do. Always obey. ‘Her tim itaet bike’. Always obey. Now I punish you.”

He pulled out the sack and then released Darya from the suspended cord. Her relief from the stretching was short-lived, as he put in her into the sack with wrists and ankles still cuffed. He then zipped her up and sucked the air out.

The sack was suffocatingly tight, compressing Darya’s body into a claustrophobic cocoon. Her arms and legs were pinned so firmly against her torso that he began to lose all sensation in her limbs. The pressure of the sack eliminated any distinction between her limbs and the rest of her body, creating an eerie sensation of weightlessness.

The constant, unyielding pressure made it feel as though her limbs no longer existed. She floated in a strange, disembodied state, her mind wandering through the fog of sensory deprivation. Thoughts came and went, unanchored by the usual physical cues as if she were drifting in an endless, weightless void.

Satisfied she could still breathe, Pembroke went back upstairs and took Sophie out onto his back garden. “A bit of sunshine to make up for that horrible mask, eh Sophie?” He winked at her. But it was a cold March day and Sophie had to endure being naked and freezing as well as being pulled apart on the ropes in his garden while he looked on. After an hour, he brought her downstairs and she was shocked to see a figure in the sack, almost completely still. The breathing came through a pipe connected to her mouth through the sack, her only outlet.

“Very advanced, much better than my effort. She will soon feel like she has now arms and legs they will have such little movement, like being stuck in concrete. I don’t expect to see much movement. And her headphones blocked out all noise. She cannot see, hear, or feel anything!

So now, I want you to clean up here, the whole place stinks of piss! Quickly I want to take mother to Church and want this place clean and you locked up in your cell soon!”

After the cleaning, Pembroke went out to church, playing the kindly gentleman with his mother. Meanwhile, Sophie sat in her cell, watching the inanimate long black sack lie on the ground. The girl could be dead, she had not moved in hours! Sophie felt so terrible for her, she wondered when she could get the chance to speak to her.

Enveloped in darkness, Darya began to hallucinate vividly. Her sense of time distorted, hours blending into an eternity. She envisioned her limbs dissolving into the fabric of the sack, merging with it until she became an amorphous entity, lost in a sea of darkness. Desperate for any sense of reality, she clung to fleeting images of her mother, her sister, her brothers, her father, their faces morphing and shifting in the oppressive blackness. She thought of the plane, the airport, Mr Farquahr, was this an extension of hell?

Later, Pembroke had Sophie change into a different mask and underwear. This time, she wore exotic red lingerie, complete with a thong, brassiere, stockings, and suspenders, which matched the hair pluming out from the top of the mask. The new mask was softer but still had the same mesh over the eyes, allowing her to see outside through red-tinted screens while preventing anyone from seeing her eyes. Her mouth was no longer covered by a bit like Darth Vader’s mask but was instead secured with a zip, providing a more refined yet equally restrictive form of control.

He then took out Darya. Sophie looked on, praying she was still alive.

As the tight fabric was peeled away, the sudden exposure to cool air shocked her system. Her limbs, previously numb and weightless, tingled with painful pins and needles as blood flow returned. She gasped, her lungs greedily inhaling the air.

Disoriented, she struggled to sit up, her muscles weak and unresponsive from the prolonged constriction. The room swam in and out of focus, and she blinked rapidly, trying to make sense of her surroundings. For a fleeting moment, she thought she had emerged from a nightmare, hoping she had woken up in her own bed. But as her vision cleared, her relief turned to horror.

Her captor stood there, a menacing presence, watching her every move. The thing in the cell was there, now in red fancy underwear and still in a mask, facing her. The realization that she was still trapped in this grim reality hit her like a punch to the gut, and she began to cry.

“Such a crybaby! Now, Sophie I am going to put her in the cell, and while she is in there, she is going to watch us fuck. I am going to unzip your mouth, but you will NOT use it to speak. I do not want to hear anything but moans and screams and sucking sounds out of your mouth, understand? Or I will beat torture both you and Darya. And you will perform well, want you to lick every part of me, and I will fuck you to within an inch of your life. This is to show Darya the life she will lead.”

Darya was put in the cell and for the first time allowed to be free from restraints. She rubbed her arms and legs trying to get blood into them, She tried to cover herself but was astonished to see the thing, still in mask with her mouth now free, an open pink hole in the head encased in red plastic, suck on her captor’s cock. They lay on the bed and had sex for hours in front of her. The strange girl did not speak, she only used her mouth to lick the man in the most disgusting places. Darya tried not to look but every so often to take a peek and would be astonished to see the man licking the girl between her legs, or her licking his feet, even his ass, or his ears, and for him to stick his penis in her vagina then her bumhole.

The two naked sweaty bodies collapsed on the bed, just yards from the cell where the naked girl crouched, with Sophie’s red mask the only clothes on any of them.

Sophie finally leaned in to her daddy’s ear and said softly “I’m hungry daddy, please.”

Pembroke remembered she had not eaten since yesterday morning. He whispered to her not to speak and went upstairs with some food and fed it to her through the hole in her mask.

Eventually, Pembroke thought he should deal with life upstairs. He took Sophie behind the curtain and replaced her mask with the darth vader mask, then gave her some new comfortable panties and vest and smacked her ass before putting her back into the cell.

Sophie faced another night of life in the mask unable to speak, and Darya another night of not seeing her ‘sister’s’ face. “Now Sophie, I want this girl Darya to be shaved by tomorrow. How you do it is no concern of mine, but her pussy and armpits will be clean of hair by tomorrow or you will both be punished! He handed Sophie a razor and toothbrush “Oh and brush her teeth as well, haha!”

Pembroke went upstairs to care for his mother, and then cleaned his van out and drove it back to the dealership. He double-checked his websites and saw that all trace of his ‘charity’ was gone. A job well done, he thought. Darya had presented herself like a lovely young flower, and he had plucked her just as she came up. He spent the rest of the evening checking on his prisoners through the webcam while watching TV with his mother. He laughed as he watched Sophie point to the razor and attempt to plead with Darya and saw Darya curl up self defensively and shout at her. Turning on the volume, he was happy to hear that Sophie could not make any communication by sound, and her attempts to plead with Darya and explain her task to shave her pussy looked hilarious to him, especially as the smaller naked girl kept screaming at her in Kurdish. Pembroke laughed out loud, and hoped that Sophie would eventually have to use force on her again to shave her!

Darya understood what this girl was trying to do but would have none of it. She swatted her away. Maybe the man might be too strong but she would fight to stop this freak, who had held her down and pissed on her face, to stop her. “Fuck off!” she said over and over.

Eventually, Darya could not keep her eyes open. She had barely slept in 48 hours. She kept waking up to find the freak gently shaving around her pussy, and her attempts to stop her grew weaker. Each time, Sophie was able to get more hair off before she would push her off. Eventually, Darya, meekly lay down and spread her legs as Sophie shaved everything and finished with her armpits.

Poor girl, at least they would not get punished, but Sophie was sure there would be nothing but misery for Darya ahead. Her looks of disgust and terror at Sophie, made the older girl feel like she was losing her humanity. Every now and then, the pornography would go so dark on the screen that she would catch her reflection and that of the mask she wore, and she would understand how Darya would think about this ghoul of a girl who had pissed on her, and had willing sex with the horrible bastard who had destroyed their worlds.

Chapter 45

The next morning Pembroke brought breakfast. He left some for Darya and remarked with pleasure that the young girl was now smooth and had been shaved. “Excellent work, Sophie” your new sister has a nice smooth pussy I am sure you cannot wait to eat it!”

Darya barely touched the food, she felt ill with stress and the environment she was in. Sophie was brought out towards Pembroke’s workstation on the opposite corner of the basement and he closed the curtains around it so that Sophie could have her mask taken off.

“Good girl Sophie now remember, not a word to come out of your mouth! Before you get your breakfast, you need to earn it so suck me off first, come one!”

Sophie was grateful for what passed for fresh air and sucked on the familiar organ of her owner, as he looked at her sweaty disheveled face, her hair stuck to the sides of her reddened face.

After he came in her mouth, he hand-fed her some breakfast as she continued to kneel. “Now stay there and enjoy being mask-free, while I do some work here.”

Sophie knelt between his thighs, and though she had to stare at Pembroke’s sweaty balls and flaccid cock and her cheeks brushed against his hairy inner thighs, she was grateful to be out of that horrible mask for a while.

Pembroke was checking for any details of Darya’s disappearance. He could find no relevant mention of Linda Hillal, Yasmin, Darya Talebani, or Gultan Yavuz, the terrorist woman whose name had been lent to Yasmin’s passport.

At that moment, Yasmin was waking up to her second morning in prison, once more agitating the guards and begging to be allowed a phone or a lawyer. The officials were now skeptical that this empty-headed woman had anything to do with terrorism but a bureaucrat had insisted the seven-day rule stay in place for her.

Her aunt Fatima, an old lady in London, was exasperated with her extended family. So many had asked for handouts and she regretted reaching out to her niece Yasmin. She was now worried that she had heard nothing about either of them since Saturday and thought they may both have been kidnapped. Last she heard, Yasmin was in Istanbul and Darya was in London. Then, radio silence from both. Maybe they had decided they did not need her help. In any event, she was furious that she was worrying about more Syrian cousins and if she heard from Yasmin again she would tell her not to contact her anymore.

Pembroke idly surfed the web until he suddenly realised it would soon be time to go to school.

“Time for me to go to work, Sophie, daddy now has two girls to support!” he smiled wickedly and then reached for the mask again.

“Now Sophie, I am going to put the mask back on you. I have set up a reminder that will appear on the screen as an interruption, you know the score, and when you hear it, you will take your knickers off and masturbate for the whole time the alarm goes off. The alarm sound is going to be this…”

All of a sudden, the robotic droning from the screen beyond the curtain was interrupted by the loud sound of a woman orgasming.

“This will play for about five minutes and for those five minutes I want you out of your panties and fingering yourself and I want you doing it while facing Darya, OK? Make sure you are looking in her direction!”

Darya had been shocked by the orgasm sound intrusion, but Sophie’s dead face revealed how immune she had become to these sick orders.

Pembroke left and went to school. He faced his pupils with confidence, their apathy in front of him did not bother him anymore. He had a place where he wielded absolute power and that was good enough for him.

Darya looked at the weird girl sitting meters away on the bench in the cell. She did not seem aggressive, though it was hard to tell behind that black mask and those giant bug eyes. Her breathing was audible over and above the chanting. Darya tried to shut her mind from the pornography, the chanting, the girl beside her, her breathing, the wounds from the beatings and tried to think of something that could sustain her. She had not been raped yet, but she understood sex, and liked to believe the would put up a fight to save her virginity. She might not prevent it, but she had to think of her family and keep some dignity.

She slowly looked at the woman next to her, she envied her the panties and vest she was wearing. The girl turned to look at her, the large bug eyes looking at her, and she brought her hands up to her chest and crossed them, in what Sophie had hoped would be seen as a gesture of love.

Darya was sitting cross legged, her arms folded across her chest. Surely the woman had been forced into this mask, it was not her fault she looked so hideous? Darya slowly held her eye, and moved across to her.

“Friend?” Darya asked tentatively.

Sophie nodded her head, she offered her hands took Darya’s into hers, and clasped them.

Sophie hoped that the girl would understand, she wanted to help her so badly but what could she do? Tell her that she should resign herself to a life of sexual cruelty down here away from friends and family?

“Police? Help?” Darya thought about what to ask her, with her limited English.

Sophie just shook her head in response and hung her head. Behind the expressionless black mask, Darya could sense the depression and sadness in her. She looked sadly at the vibrant shock of red hair spilling out at the top, hinting at the life that lurked within this poor imprisoned woman. Despite the mask’s unsettling appearance, Darya leaned in, contemplating a hug, and Sophie returned the gesture.

The two embraced, one girl masked and hidden, the other seeking connection and comfort. They clung to each other, finding a fleeting moment of solace and humanity. Darya cried, and the heavy breathing behind the mask was the only clue as to the sobbing of Sophie.

Suddenly, the loud orgasm sound interrupted their embrace. Sophie grunted in frustration. Why now?

She gently pushed Darya away, and moved to the corner of the cell, then pushed her panties down to her ankles. Darya watched, in shock.

“What are you doing?”

Darya’s eyes widened as the fingers of the masked girl went to her pussy and started playing among the hairless holds, as the cold black bug screens stared at Darya.

“You dirty woman! You go away from me!” Darya was confused and furious. She had done this herself sometimes, but not in front of others. What was this woman, had she been trying to seduce her?

The orgasm sound stopped, and the masked girl stopped playing with herself put her panties back on, and sat down.

Darya sat, perplexed, but did not say anything. She just kept to her side of the cell, cross-legged and hands across her breasts, as the masked woman stared out of the cell in the opposite direction.

The scene repeated itself throughout the day and each time Darya tried to shield her eyes in disgust and shouted at the woman to stop. She started sobbing after one episode, having seen the odious sight of the mask staring while the woman had three fingers in her pussy. It was like some nightmare robot. Sophie had moved over to try and touch her on the shoulder, but Darya lashed out.

“Fuck off. Leave me alone. Go away from me. Dirty!”

Sophie stayed away, heartbroken and scared of this angry little girl, and awaited the next command to start masturbating.

That evening Pembroke checked the videos and was delighted with Sophie’s compliance.

“Good work Sophie, now let me bring you to the workstation.”

Sophie was brought out, and her mask was removed. Her face was slick with sweat, and her hair clung to her forehead in damp strands. Her eyes, red-rimmed, blinked rapidly as they adjusted to the light. Her cheeks were flushed, and lines from the mask were imprinted on her skin.

“Now Sophie remember, no talking! Good job so far, you can have a break for a while. Now, I want you to stay here, while I get Darya set up.

Sophie was left at the workstation behind the curtain. She heard Pembroke open the cell door and violent shrieks followed by slapping sounds as he wrestled with the poor girl.

Sophie looked around, it was not often she had this freedom. The laptop was shut and closed. There were some tools around, and she could see things she could use as weapons, like a screwdriver.

But what then? She still had the three doors to get through, and the codes, and the thumbpads. it always seemed so hopeless, such a tiny space between her and freedom, a matter of ten seconds running through the doors and up the stairs and yet years had gone by and she had never managed it.

As she looked at the screwdriver, the curtain was suddenly swished aside as Pembroke re-entered. Sophie jumped in shock, hoping that she did not give away what she had been thinking.

“Now, remember, no talking! Just nod or shake your head to my questions. I have a pleasant surprise for you Sophie, but that will wait. For now, let’s get this mask on you.”

It was the red mask, which covered her eyes but had a hole for her mouth. Pembroke put it on and let her hair out at the top.

“Stunning. Now let’s go out and meet Darya.”

Sophie was taken aback to see the naked Darya spread-eagled on the St Andrews cross. Her legs were quivering both with fear and her efforts to keep her legs closed, fighting to preserve as much dignity as possible in the face of the inevitable.

“Now Sophie, you did a good job shaving Darya, and she looks delicious. And you have a mouth free now to do what you were born to do, and let’s face it that’s not talking is it?”

Sophie shook her head. She awaited the instruction.

“Eat her pussy. Make it special for her, see if you can make her cum.”

Despite all the sexual antics Sophie had been subjected to, she had only ever seen one person naked, before and that was Pembroke. She had been forced to watch a huge amount of lesbian porn but had never seen a vagina in real life except her own. She had never been attracted to women, and felt awful for her cellmate, who must hate her.

She thought of all the disgusting things she had done for her ‘daddy’ and shuffled forwards. Darya had not showered for over a day and the smell was not exactly pleasant. She stuck her tongue out until it touched her lips.

“Euuughhhh” shouted Darya, she was horrified at this, lesbian sex was something she thought just unnatural. Even the disgusting man she could understand. But this was so unnatural…

Sophie brought her hand to her inner thighs and parted them so she could get her mouth around her lips and lapped and sucked. Before long, the bitter taste became more bearable, and her tongue began working harder.

Darya moaned at the strange sensations she had never experienced before.

Pembroke had set up a camera and was recording everything. “No … please…” Darya wanted to cry at the camera, if this was ever shown to her family, or what remained of her family, it would destroy them. She tried to control her body knowing her shame was being captured by this pig, but Sophie went on for so long that she could not help but respond to it.

Pembroke was content to watch from behind the camera, stroking his cock. He paused the camera and told Sophie to stop.

“Now Sophie, here is some reward for you, do you like chocolate?”

Sophie nodded, she had eaten chocolate three times during her captivity, it was a rare treat.

“Well, today is your lucky day. “ Pembroke brought a jar of chocolate and began smearing all over Darya’s body. Over her feet, her legs, her tummy, her breasts, armpits, arms, neck and cheeks, forehead chin, nose, and even around her ears.

Sophie watched through the red film of her mask as Darya was covered in the brown paste. She squeaked and tried to move her head away as Pembroke swatched her face in the chocolate as he laughed at her.

“Now Sophie, here is a bottle of water if you need it. I want you to lick all the chocolate off her. I want her spotless, crystal clean.

Sophie started at her feet. Her tongue was already tired from being at her pussy, and she sucked and lapped all around her skin, trying to get all of her skin clear of the chocolate. It tasted delicious, she always had a sweet tooth and it actually felt pleasurable to run her tongue around her ankles to get the sweet taste in her mouth.

However, by the time she moved to her breasts, her mouth was tired and she was getting sick from the taste. She drank some water, and tried to catch her breath, as she moved to her armpits.

Darya jiggled on the spot at the nibbling of her sensitive spots, as she smelt and tasted the chocolate smeared all over her and now all over the red mask that was devouring her. She looked at Pembroke, grinning behind the camera.

It took much longer than expected, and on several occasions, Sophie thought she would throw up. She was almost grateful for the armpit sweat breaking up the now sickening chocolate taste. She stepped back and noticed some spots she had missed and bent down to lick them clean. Then she moved to Darya’s neck.

It looked like a vampiress devouring a young virgin as the red headed red masked woman slurped at the brunettes neck. Darya’s eyes were closed as she sighed, unable to hold back on surrendering to the sensations. Sophie moved to her face, licking her nose and face clean, finishing on her ears.

Sophie turned to Pembroke, who smiled. “Great work Sophie, now let me turn her around.”

Pembroke released the dazed girl only to turn her to face the cross and re-spread her. Darya felt light headed after the assault from Sophie’s tongue and her arms and legs were still stretched tight.

“Now Sophie, more work for that mouth now you have it free. Lick her asshole.”

Sophie took some water and pulled Darya’s cheeks apart. She had licked Pembroke’s ass enough to know what to do. She leaned forward and stuck her tongue on the cute button of Darya and rolled it around the ring. Darya was shocked at this, her pussy was one thing but this girl was licking her ass!

She tasted different to Pembroke, now that Sophie had two orifices she could compare. Somewhat sweeter but maybe that was her imagination. Pembroke savored what he was looking at. This had been his dream since capturing Sophie, having her pleasure another slave girl!

“OK Sophie that is enough for her asshole, now I hope you like strawberry jam…”

Pembroke smeared it liberally over Darya, like a masseur. “Now get it all off!”

Sophie felt like asking for relief but dared not speak. Her tongue ached, and she really did not like the jam. She sucked on her legs and lapped up the jam, but by the time she was on her ass cheeks, the taste was getting to her tummy. She turned to look at Pembroke, and when he pointed her to continue, she drank some water, contained herself, and went on.

It was when she was licking the jam out of Darya’s armpits that she vomitted all down her back. Chocolate and red jam came out all over Darya as Sophie dropped to her knees, heaving and wheezing.

Darya looked behind her shoulder down at the woman, the red mask caked in chocolate and jam with vomit now covering the mouthhole.

“Come on Sophie, give yourself a minute, then keep going you are nearly done, its almost all off.”

“Sorry daddy” said Sophie weakly.

Pembroke suddenly paused the video and marched over and slapped Sophie across the face as she tried to get up, sending her flying.

“I told you, you don’t fucking SPEAK until I tell you!” He was furious, he did not want Darya to hear anything said by Sophie for now. He calmed himself, thinking it was no big deal it had to happen sooner or later.

“Sorry Sophie, but that was deserved. You were warned. Now don’t fucking talk, and get the rest of that shit off her body with your tongue. More licking less talking!”

Sophie thought she could feel blood within her mask, as she got up and staggered back to Darya. She almost slipped on the vomit beneath them as she continued to lick. It was hard to see the blank spots with the red film clouding her sight and Pembroke kept finding new patches she had missed. Eventually, he was happy and gave her a mop and cloths and told her to clean up, and clean Darya.

Pembroke sat in the corner playing with the camera while Sophie rubbed Darya’s body, wiping away the detritus from her. She hoped Darya could feel the tenderness with which she cleaned her.

Darya had winced as this evil man had hit Sophie. This poor woman was a sex slave like her, she could not see her face but she was in just a desperate position as she was.

Pembroke brought Darya over to his workstation, cuffed her to the table and closed the curtains so Sophie could wash without the mask. Then the black mask was back on. Darya was ushered into the cell, and both ladies were now given knickers and vests to wear.

Pembroke pushed through a razor to Sophie and pointed to it. “Darya, Sophie will shave you from now on. Understand? Sophie shaves you.”

Darya got the gist of it. She understood better that the masked woman did not want to hurt or even have sex with her. They were both prisoners in this terrible nightmare.

Pembroke left them both and went upstairs to care for this mother and have an early night. He checked the monitor and saw that both girls were now hugging each other on the bench. He could not help but smile, it was good that each could find solidarity with the other. Perhaps it may help them deal with their time down here, and maybe even make it more fun! He reminded himself, however, to be careful. No chances could be taken, now that he had doubled his potential escapees!

The following morning, both girls were fed, Sophie behind the curtains and Darya in the cell, and Pembroke was pleased that she had eaten something. Sophie earned her breakfast with a blowjob. “Same routine today Soph, fingering on the orgasm sounds, and make sure you and Darya are both shaved for tonight. I will have her lick you this time!”

Darya understood that the masturbation incidents were forced, and a kind of sign language developed with Sophie. She shaved herself in the shower, as did Sophie, and both tried to have a basic conversation.

Gradually, Darya figured out that Sophie had been here nearly 3 years, was from England, and that no police had ever come to help. Darya was worried by the nipple piercings and the implication that she too would be pierced soon.

That evening, Sophie was on the St Andrews Cross as Darya was the one licking at her body on film. Unlike Sophie, she required some threats and punishment. Sophie had watched, horrified, as Pembroke waterboarded poor Darya. The sight of the girl shaking and vibrating on the chair as she choked from the wet towel being sucked into her throat felt almost as bad as when it happened to Sophie. Darya had pissed herself with fear on the second go and agreed to lick Sophie’s pussy with tears down her face.

Sophie looked down sadly at the young girl between her spread thighs as she lapped gently at her folds. She was much more gentle than Pembroke and she even enjoyed the delicateness after years of roughness.

Darya required another slap to the face and one waterboarding session before she would agree to lick Sophie’s asshole. Sophie heard the screams and gargles and silently prayed that the young girl would just accept her fate. As she felt the tongue linger on her anus, Sophie willed it to remain, knowing that Darya would just get more pain if she did not do what ‘daddy’ wanted. Relief gave way to pleasure as the tongue worked its way inside.

Darya swore she would not do what had been done to her, but the brutality of the waterboarding and the violence of Pembroke broke her spirit. She cried at the thought of people seeing this video, of licking another girl’s asshole, but nothing was as bad as that feeling of water and cloth going into her lungs. At least she had fought, and any video would show swelling to her face to show she had some spirit in her, she thought, as she went through the chocolate on Sophie’s nipples.

Darya did not vomit, and managed to clean Sophie’s skin front and back. Her white pale skin tasted and smelled quite nice and as she licked the neck beneath the mask, she fancied she could see the eyes behind the mask, the signs of human life.

“One more night with the mask Sophie, then you can reveal yourself to her. This is all about world-building for her.” Pembroke left them both alone again for the night, Sophie in her darth vader mask, looking at Darya, who gazed at the empty black bug eyes, wondering what lay beneath.

They hugged, and lay together on the mat, in silence, as if telepathing to each other. Sophie was grateful for a kind touch and some decent warm company, and wondered what kind of a friendship she could have with this girl.

Chapter 46

The week dragged on for the unfortunate girls. For Darya it was a terrifying introduction to a sordid prison of sex, filth, and violence. For Sophie, it had been a whirlwind introduction to another human being, a young attractive girl who was the first human she had interacted with other than Pembroke in nearly three years, in which she had almost always been masked.

Pembroke avoided much contact with Darya, instead forcing her to witness sex with Sophie. Darya watched appalled as she saw the masked girl, whom she had barely heard say a word, lick this odious man’s asshole, feet and genitals.

The mantra continued and Darya was repeatedly disciplined with slaps to the face, hours in the sack, waterboarding, and lately a shock collar.

By Friday, Pembroke had the girls in collars and 69ing each other on the bed. “If you do not lick, LICK! I will shock the other!” He got Darya to understand that if she did not lick the pussy of the masked girl, it would be her to be punished, not Darya.

Darya gave in to her sense of kinship with this mysterious girl and complied rather than see her tortured. She lay on the bottom and sucked on the smooth pussy lips, cautiously exploring the inner folds and tasting her juices. Pembroke brought his own tongue to Sophie’s asshole, while staring into Darya’s eyes.

Sophie braved the metalic-tasting period blood of Darya to lick her pussy, not wanting the poor girl to be shocked on her behalf. She still had the horrible red mask on and was worried that her skin was now permanently itchy.

Darya was defiant and tough. She had only one black eye and some cuts despite the numerous beatings whereas Sophie still picked up cuts from the merest of slaps. Pembroke was grateful for the way in which he could use Sophie’s well being to control Darya. Perhaps she was like her sister, selfless and noble, so it was just as well that Sophie could be used as a bargaining tool.

He marvelled at how they could communicate in the cell. They would hug and cuddle and make signs to each other for hours on end. Pembroke put himself on alert, and primed himself to strike either of them at the merest sign of disobedience to put any ideas of attack out of their minds.

As Pembroke enjoyed the sight of the 69, he wondered when he would fuck Darya. He had put her on birth control, and reckoned that after her period she should be ripe to take his cock.

On Saturday, Pembroke gave Sophie a rest from her mask and ordered her to taste Darya’s pussy to see if her bleeding had stopped. Sophie was re masked and when she joined Darya, she made the sign to Darya that they both had formulated, that she was going to do something she did not want to do, but had to. She put her fingers into Darya’s panties, and dipped her fingers inside her.

Darya gasped and stared into the masked face, wondering what this girl was feeling. The fingers came out, clear and bloodless.

“Is your sister clean?” Pembroke asked her through the glass. Sophie nodded, her mask hiding her sadness as she realised this poor girl would soon be raped.

Pembroke brought over a schoolgirl uniform of his school, and ordered Sophie to get Darya to put it on. She also ordered Sophie to make sure she was well shaved and smooth, and that her ass and pussy be cleaned from inside.

Sophie was unsure how she could explain this. She held the hand of Darya and gripped her shoulders, hoping that her blank black masked face would convey something to her, that she was sorry, but that she must be strong.

“Will this man … will he have sex with me now?”

Sophie nodded and hugged Darya.

Darya cried as she let Sophie gently shave her in the shower, and then push the shower head into her anus and pussy to clean her. Darya gasped, the week had felt like a year, and this alien creature was at least helping her.

Pembroke returned to the basement, clad in just a thong and carrying a bottle of wine with three plastic cups. He brought Sophie over for a mask change into the red mask with mouth hole, and then brought Darya over in the Willowbridge High School uniform he knew so well.

He ordered Darya and Sophie to drink, and then ordered Sophie:

“Sophie, dance with Darya, slow dance, like sexy, and then kiss her.”

Sophie began to dance in her green panties and vest, and took Darya by the hand. Pembroke sat back admiring them. Darya was reluctant but eventually swayed gently, staring into the wide red screens for eyes, imagining the face underneath, and the eyes staring back at her. She tried to follow Sophie’s moves. She was aware of what was going to happen, but the wine and the music and the urges from her mysterious friend made her play along.

“Kiss each other” Pembroke commanded.

“Sophie leaned in for a kiss. Darya resisted but hugged her.

“Darya! Kiss!” Pembroke stood up threateningly.

Darya glared back at him. In her uniform suddenly she became one of his pupils, another surly little bitch who would not do what she was told.

The wine and the atmosphere were making Pembroke lose control. Why was he playing these games? This girl was less than half his weight, he could just do to her what he dreamed of doing to dozens of girls in that uniform…

“Sophie, put your head under her skirt and lick her pussy. I want her wet, I am going to rape the fuck out of her. Do it!”

Sophie hesitated but got on her knees, and pulled at Dariya’s skirt. Dariya pushed her away and stood there, staring at Pembroke.

Pembroke froze, this girl was a different proposition to Sophie! She was daring him to attack her. Maybe it was a mistake to take a second girl, maybe he should have checked she was more submissive.

No … he could not back down. Not in front of Sophie, and not now.

He looked at the crest on the uniform, thinking of the years of desire of all his schoolgirls, he looked at Sophie and then back at the black eyes of Darya.

“I am going to fuck you now, you little bitch”

Pembroke marched towards Darya and slapped her, then quickly grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the bed. “Fuck off, leave me alone. You will not hurt me!”

“Yes I will. You belong to me. You are MINE!”

Pembroke pulled off his thong, his cock springing to attention. Sophie stood, frozen and helpless at the terrible scene.

Darya tried to get up but received another slap to the face. Pembroke dove between her legs onto the bed, his head charging up her skirt and his mouth clamped down on her pussy, licking and sucking through her knickers, like a wild animal.

Darya screamed at the intrusion. She looked at Sophie at her red masked face, but saw the girl stand and do nothing. She tried to claw at Pembroke’s head, but he batted her hands away and then moved up, and with one hand ripped her blouse open, sending buttons flying. He yanked her blazer off her shoulders, and her blouse was ripped off down to her wrists, immobilising her arms. He ran his hand over her breasts, and then over her face, sticking his fingers into her mouth as she tried to get away.

He moved between her legs, and pushed his cock against her pantie-clad crotch. He reached down and pulled them to one side and pushed hard, and seeing her face scrunched up in pain drove him to get even harder.

He bit hard on her neck making her scream, feeling her nails on his back, and felt his cock ease inside her.

“Nnnnnnnnn” Darya cried out as she felt him inside her. She was beaten, this man had used her. Her virginity was gone.

Pembroke leered over her now as he pumped her, looking down on her pained face as she sobbed.

“Sophie! Come behind me, and lick my asshole while I fuck your friend!”

Sophie could barely watch the brutal rape, and hesitated to come forward.

“Get that fucking tongue over here and in my asshole NOW or I will beat the life out of you and this bitch!”

Sophie scurred over and put both hands on his ass cheeks. They were moving violently back and forth as he raped Darya. She moved her face forwards and tried to press her face against his ass crack and stuck her tongue out to try and lick and obey.

Pembroke rejoiced as he thought of what he was doing. Fucking a beautiful fourteen year old, brutally taking her virginity, while a seventeen year old licked his ass from behind!

“Good girl Sophie! Oh yes Darya, I am going to cum!”

Pembroke roared in delight as he felt his cum flood into Darya’s body, and Sophie’s hot tongue flickering at his asshole. He collapsed on top of Darya, lying with his head against hers, sniffing her hair and cupping her face tenderly as he watched her cry. His cock was still hard inside her.

“No one told you to stop licking Sophie!”

Sophie went back to her task, as she wondered how Darya would take this.

Finally, Pembroke got up, and took his cock out, covered in blood. Darya rolled over, as her white knickers snapped back into place, covered in red blood themselves, and she put her face into the pillow.

“Sophie, suck my cock, clean up the mess that was her pussy”

Sophie obeyed again, and tasted the blood of her new friend. She hoped it had not damaged the girl but could not but be amazed at the amount of blood on the bed, between her legs, and on Pembroke’s cock as she swallowed it.

“Oh Darya, that was amazing. Soon it will be time for your asshole. Sophie, take her knickers off and lick her asshole, you know it’s painful so try and stick some fingers in to loosen her up.”

Darya tried to stop her from taking her knickers off, but a gentle pat on her arm and her cheek made Darya understand that it was for the best. Sophie put the blood stained knickers on the floor, and then put her head down between her legs.

“Good girl Sophie, let’s see you push her legs up over her head, spread her cheeks and open her, lick her pussy too, get that blood cleaned up.”

Sophie winced at the taste of all the blood on Darya’s pussy as she lapped it up. Darya lay back listlessly as she cursed herself again for being so stupid to end up like this. She had given up her virginity, now she had nothing.

Sophie licked at her asshole, and remembered her own first time. She stuck one finger in, and then two. She wriggled them about and tried to ignore the cries and movements of Darya, knowing that this would be of help to her once she received Pembroke’s thick cock.

“That is enough Sophie, you have done your best, time to really open her up.”

Sophie stood back waiting for an order, while she watched Pembroke push his cock against her anus. “Noo…” shouted Darya, and she tried to move away but he seized her hips and pushed forwards.

“Sophie, make yourself useful, and sit on Darya’s face so she can’t move!”

Sophie moved forward and squatted over her head, and lowered down. She faced Pembroke who pushed her arms under Sophie’s knees. “Good girl Sophie, pin her arms under your knees. Good, now she can’t move.”

The sound of cursing and grunting from beneath Sophie’s ass filled the air, as Darya screamed into the fleshy ass cheeks of the girl sitting on her, as the cock pushed further into her rectum, tearing her up inside.

Pembroke looked into the blank red mask, and grabbed her red hair pushing his face against hers, feeling the satin of the mask, and kissed her.

“Oh, oh … I am going to cum, fuck…”

Pembroke stopped and pulled Sophie down. “Suck my cock, taste her asshole, clean it, lick my cock and her asshole, go and do it.”

Sophie faced down towards her pussy and bent her head right down until she could lick between her legs and her tongue finally found the dilated rosebud and the leaking fluid and she sucked it all up. She then put her head up to face the waiting cock of Pembroke and began sucking.

Darya lay back and let the petals of the masked girl bunch against her face. The smell of Sophie’s vagina filled her nostrils as she breathed it in, while her tortured anus tried to close up after the brutal assault.

“That was amazing. Well done to both of you. Sophie do you want to piss?”

Sophie knew what was coming, and nodded.

“Good, so do I. Let’s get Darya naked and over the shower here.”

Sophie took down her skirt and her bra, and her socks. Darya was in a daze as Sophie led her to the shower. She looked to Pembroke for guidance and he gestured to Darya, now limping, to lie down.

Darya was still sobbing with her hands between her legs, massaging her tortured holes. She had no fight left in her.

“Squat over her face, Sophie, and piss on her, try and get it in her mouth this time.”

Sophie pulled down her panties, and squatted down on her ankles as he ass however over Darya. The poor girl tried to get up but Pembroke put his foot on her stomach.

“Stay! You’ve been fucked, now its time to piss on you.”

Sophie wanted it over with, she released the jet into the girl’s face, as Darya moved her head to the side to avoid it.

Pembroke joined in, pissing on Darya’s head, and then moving up Sophie’s body and pissed on Sophie’s face through the mask.

This went on for nearly half a minute until both Sophie and Pembroke had completed their reserves of piss. Sophie’s mask was soaked with piss which glistened all over her body. The stench was overpowering for Sophie.

Darya felt as low as she ever could. She had lost, her worst fears were realised. The piss was the final straw. She could not get lower than this, a proud girl now raped in her ass and pussy and drenched in piss. In a way, she knew this was coming, and she could not see how things could get any worse from here. Would she even want to escape now? What was life worth living for now?

“Right, I think you’ve earned the right to take the masks off. Here … let me do the honours.”

Pembroke removed her stinking wet mask. Darya looked up through her stinking eyes at the girl’s face as it was revealed. Sophie stared down at her, and she felt her sad blue eyes, bloodshot with piss, her pale beautiful face, and sticky red hair.

“Go and wash each other, go on.”

Sophie and Darya finally got to look into each other’s eyes as they soaped each other under the shower. Darya was surprised at how pretty she was.

Pembroke sorted through the clothes, picked up the dirty clothes, and brought them upstairs out of the basement leaving the two girls together to wash.

“I’m sorry,” said Sophie softly, through tears.

“I am sorry too,” replied Darya. The younger girl placed her head against Sophie’s breast, burying her face in her bosom as they embraced each other. They cried softly, their tears mingling with the falling water, as they gently stroked each other’s hair.

That evening, Yasmin Talebani was summoned in front of the head prison officer.

“The good news is we are letting you go, but the bad news is, only after you are deported to Syria.”

“What? Why? I did nothing wrong.”

“You tried to use a fake passport under the name of a terrorist. Look, lady, I think you just got scammed by someone with a sick sense of humour, but consider yourself lucky you are not looking at five years. You will be put in a prison bus now, to await transport to the Syrian border.”

“What about a phone call or my phone?”

“We keep your phone, its the law. Now you will be taken to a holding cell to wait for the bus. You should be back in Syria in a few days. Until then, no lawyer no phone call.”

Yasmin despaired. Back to Syria! It had been a whole week since she had last heard of Darya, she could only pray she was all right.

Chapter 47

It was the 20th of June 2016 in Brisbane, Australia. Jenny Yildiz woke up from a drug-induced stupor, having spent the last few months partying, smoking drugs, and drinking excessively. This morning, as she gazed at her sister Sophie’s photo, a wave of clarity washed over her. She knew she needed to sort her life out.

Meanwhile, Teresa Yildiz spent another lonely day at work, only to return home and drown her sorrows in more wine. It had been three years since Sophie’s disappearance, and the pain was as raw as ever. Walking around Sophie’s bedroom, unchanged since she had left, Teresa broke down, her tears mingling with the memories that haunted every corner of the room.

Molly Streatham was having a webcam meeting with Rosemary Jenkins who had responded to her post online about an online predator. Rosemary and Molly swapped notes about their experiences, the tactics used to ensnare them, and how awful it had been. Molly tearfully described having sex with the man while Rosemary recounted how she believed it would have been more than just sex but a kidnapping. Both agreed to stay in touch, and to try and get more girls to get in touch to talk about this predator who probably had targeted many different girls.

Yasmin Talebani had a torrid few months in prison in Turkey and then was stuck in Syria again. She never heard from Darya and the organisation she had used, including Mr Farquhar, seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth. She had no record of the messages because the Turkish authorities had kept her phone.

Her aunt, Fatima, had grown concerned and tried to help Yasmin. They contacted UK authorities but they would not do anything without evidence of a kidnapping. Yasmin grew frantic and Fatima realised she would have to come to the UK just to progress the case of her missing daughter.

Pembroke was hosting Sophie’s third ‘Capture Day.” Sophie was dressed in the school uniform she had worn on the day of her original capture. It was now obscenely short for the seventeen-year-old who was several inches taller than she had been when Pembroke had dragged her into the van and out of her old life. This did not bother Pembroke who leered at her as she adopted the naru pose, her skirt hitched up ridiculously high showing off her thighs and knickers.

By her side was what looked like a plastic log. Darya had now spent three months in captivity and Pembroke was worried. She had not succumbed to discipline and was permanently surly and defiant. She was now in her torture sack, completely immobile and unable to hear their conversation.

“Well Sophie, I think this year has gone well for you. You have become more disciplined, and excellent at sexual skills. Your body has developed nicely, I love your tits now. You have not allowed yourself to become big headed, you are still meek and mild. And you have done a good job in training Darya here.”

Sophie remained quiet.

“And I have done well, my capture of Darya has added some spice to our relationship, things were maybe getting stale but she keeps me on my toes, and of course, you have now been able to experience lesbian sex and more human company!”

“Thank you, daddy, I am sorry she is sometimes disobedient.”

“Yes yes. I worry about her, to be honest. I don’t like torturing her, I do wish I knew some secret fear, are you sure she hasn’t told you anything?”

Sophie remained tight lipped. The truth was that she hadn’t but she did not know she could ever reveal such a thing to her captor. She knew he would use it in the most cruel way possible.

“I hope she comes around to it. She is stubborn. Her sexual performance is good, but she does seem to require a lot of beatings. I do think she enjoys sex with you though…”

Sophie blushed. The two girls had enjoyed each other’s company. Drenched in sex, Sophie had been grateful to play with her body without fear of violence or the disgusting nature of the fat old man’s body. Darya had reciprocated for the same reason. Pembroke was enough to make any woman a lesbian!

“I hope that in time, she will see the futility of resisting you, daddy.”

“Yes, I hope so too. I do enjoy her but … well Sophie I have to be careful. If she tries to do something like escape or even hurt me, well … I think I may have to consider my options. I already have you, and I can get another girl if I really want. I can easily dispose of either of you, remember?”

Sophie grimaced at the thought of Pembroke’s threat to kill them. She had winced at Darya’s talks of escape and overpowering Pembroke. The tiny slip of a girl had such fire in her belly. Sophie envied her, but she had three years of heartbreak and had settled on a nihilistic acceptance of her slavery.

“Daddy, I think she needs time. If she sees that she cannot escape, she will settle down.”

“Yes, I need to squeeze the hope out of her … that’s not easy. Anyway, if you hear any plots, you are to tell me, OK? I promise I will not kill her if you tell me of any plans in advance, but if they are carried out, well then, that pretty little body in that sack might end up in tiny pieces.”

Pembroke sipped his water. “I might as well update you on your disappearance. It is pretty much accepted that you are dead now, you went into the sea, suicide. It’s good, I think your family is healing. Your sister seems to be enjoying life in Australia. It would be a shock if you turned up alive now! So best stay dead then eh” Pembroke winked at her, then stood up and took off his robe.

“Now before we wake up sleeping beauty down there, let’s have some lovely anniversary sex…”


The smooth, suffocating fabric of the airtight sack clung to every contour of Darya’s body. The pressure was unrelenting, compressing her limbs so tightly against her body that within minutes, she could no longer distinguish where her arms and legs ended.

Suspended in a state of enforced stillness and deafness, the lack of sensation was disorienting. It was as if she were floating in a void, her body no longer tethered to her consciousness. Every attempt to move or shift was futile, the sack’s grip transforming her limbs into phantom sensations—there, yet not there. She felt adrift in space.

The air within the sack was hot and stale, and each shallow breath amplified the echo of her heartbeat in her ears. Her chest heaved with the effort to draw in more oxygen, but the oppressive material offered no reprieve.

Deprived of any external stimulus, her mind started to wander uncontrollably. She saw vivid hallucinations: her mother, naked, and being fucked by Pembroke. Sophie in a mask, kissing her father. Sexual imagery was everywhere. Her sister, Leyla, sitting on her face, while she heard Pembroke’s laughter. The airport, the laughter. Then she remembered a plane crash, screaming, and landing in the sea. She remembered seeing her sister Leyla screaming in the water beside the plane.

After what seemed like hours, she was released. She looked at Pembroke like he was the devil and maybe he was. She was convinced she had died in the plane crash.

Later that night, she stroked Sophie’s hair. “Are you real Sophie? Are we real or are we dead?”

Sophie bit her lip. “We are real. We are slaves. We just have to accept it. Maybe one day, we will be free, but we have to live as slaves for now.”

“No” said Darya “I believe we are already dead. This is hell. Did you know my sister? I think you did…”

Sophie recognised the growing madness.

“Darya, listen to me, you are alive, I am alive. We are prisoners. I promise you, one day, we will be free and we will see our mothers outside again, one day, and see freedom. That man…” she lowered her voice to a whisper “he will pay for what he is doing to us. One day, we will have our revenge. For now, you have to keep living, just do what he wants to do, do what I want you to … and we will survive and see him punished.”

Darya nodded and smiled, and the two touched noses together, then kissed passionately. They did not need Pembroke’s direction to have loving sex together.

It was late summer 2016 when Yasmin finally entered the UK on a small boat illegally. After claiming for asylum Fatima helped her raise the issue of her daughter’s disappearance in March. It helped that her daughter Leyla had worked with charities and eventually a law firm made sure her case was looked into.

It was found that “Linda Hillal” had arrived safely in Heathrow in late March 2016 but was never heard from again. After further pushing from the law firm, it was pursued as a missing persons case, airport CCTV footage picked up grainy footage of her meeting and walking off with an old, portly gentleman in three-piece suit, beard, and glasses. They then traced them walking to a white van and thereafter disappeared. The number plates could be read – they were fake.

Yasmin was devastated. The organisation could not be traced, it had been wiped off the web and without Yasmin’s original phone it was impossible to trace the messages.

If Darya had been trafficked, it was likely she might surface again, and missing alerts were put out by the police. Unfortunately, young child migrants going missing was very common. Yasmin was allowed leave to remain on compassionate grounds early in her claim and lived with her aunt Fatima, working in London learning English, and trying to figure out how she could look for her daughter.

“Oh fuck, yes that feels great!”

Pembroke was lying back on the bed, his legs wide apart and knees up, staring up at the lower body of Sophie, feeling the round globes of her pale buttocks and letting his fingers run along her pussy lips. She had a body from heaven, he never tired of admiring it.

Sophie’s face was at his crotch, she was sucking on his cock with all her might and Pembroke was trying not to cum, to prolong this feeling. Below this, Darya was licking his asshole, occasionally running her tongue up his taint to his balls and sucking on them while slipping a finger inside Pembroke as he moaned.

Sophie and Darya locked eyes on each other, their foreheads nearly touching as Sophie plunged downwards, his cock touching the back of her throat, while Darya gazed upwards at her, her tongue poking into his asshole. Lust and energy pervaded the space between them. At times like this, they forgot Pembroke, his body was just a playground for them to enjoy each other. Darya had promised Sophie she would obey him, and that all the disgusting things they were forced to do, could be done, and even enjoyed if they surrendered to it.

Pembroke had been amazed to see them piss on each other in their cell, as Sophie demonstrated the wonder of filthy disgusting sex. “You see, my darling, it can be fun, and it will help us. We have to do this to stay alive, we must enjoy it. Fuck that bastard just get your pleasure out of him for a change.”

They spent their spare time chatting and making love. Pembroke had agreed to make them a new cell which was bigger and they looked forward to having a proper bed to sleep together in.

Darya was endlessly fascinated by Sophie’s striking red hair and piercing blue eyes. In contrast, Sophie admired Darya’s dark, smooth skin, reminiscent of rich honey, so different from her own freckled complexion.

In the confines of their cell, they created a world of their own. Sophie took on the role of teacher, guiding Darya through the intricacies of the language. She patiently explained words and phrases, her gentle voice a constant source of comfort. Darya, eager to learn, absorbed every lesson with enthusiasm, her mind hungry for escape.

Their favourite time together was when Sophie read aloud from her latest book. Darya would lie with her head resting on Sophie’s breast, listening intently to the rhythm of her friend’s heartbeat mingling with the cadence of her voice. They travelled together through the pages of the Brontë sisters’ novels, or exploring Toad Hall in Wind of the Willows.

Sometimes, they would embark on adventures in medieval China, where they imagined themselves as princesses and warriors, navigating the intricacies of court life and embarking on daring escapades. Their cell walls melted away as they slipped into the characters of a different world, their voices animated and eyes shining.

“Lady Darya,” Sophie would say in a playful, dramatic tone, “what shall we do about the dragon terrorising our village?”

Darya, picking up on the game, would respond with equal flair, “We must gather our courage and seek out the wise old sage. Perhaps he knows a way to tame the beast!” They would then collapse in giggles.

In these moments, they were no longer prisoners. They would discuss the characters’ motivations, debate their decisions, and dream up alternate endings.

The time they spent together, lost in their daydreams, made the confines of their cell and the torment of their reality bearable.

Pembroke had never had any friends, and seeing the bond grow between his two prisoners reminded him of this. He looked at the two teenage girls playing with each others’ hair on his monitor with envy. He wished he could have had such a friend. Oh well, he would just have to content himself with fucking the pair of them, he chuckled, although it felt somewhat hollow.

Pembroke could not argue with their recent sexual performances. But he had been nervous when Darya had sat on his face while Sophie rode his cock like a cowgirl, expecting a knife in his stomach. Would they be prepared to die alone in this basement if he did not emerge? Then again, if he did die, surely someone would eventually come looking for him. Maybe they had thought of this?

The price of their pussy was eternal vigilance, he concluded.

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