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I was raped at 13 by older man

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When I was raped. I mentioned this when I shared my first gangbang with 4 men

When I was 13 I had made friends with a man I met at the library. He was about 50 years old. We laughed because he said he is 4 times my age.
He had invites to me to his house once because he said he has books the library doesn’t. I was interested. So I went. They were play boys and porn magazines. I was so interested in looking. Especially the idea of a dick in my mouth. I had previously jerked off guys before. But never sucked a penis.
He asked me if I wanted to touch his penis. Before I could even answer he already had it out. I was looking at his penis. Was so much bigger than the ones I’ve jerked. And it wasn’t even fully erect. Had fat veins popping out. Was thick.
I started jerking it. He said. Want to try and lick it? I grinned and licked the head of his dick. And I tried to suck it. Got most of it in my mouth but started to gag. Every time it was deep in my mouth.
He then told me. That it’s his turn to do something. I said ummm ok. He took my clothes off. And was licking my nipples. When I hit 12 my boobs just grew. They were atleast as big as baseballs.
He enjoyed my boobs very much. He asked if I had ever stuck anything in my pussy. I said no. He asked if he can touch around and . I said yes ok. He started rubbing my pussy. I got so wet. He then got ontop of me and rubbed his cock between my boobs. And titty fucked me. His cock was so hard. The veins were a turn on for me. He said next time I come to visit. He wants to try something new. I said ok.
2 days later I went to his house again. I been thinking about what we did. Couldn’t sleep at night.
He got me to suck his cock again. And then he said my turn. So he took my clothes off again and he was eating my pussy. Felt weird and wet. But it was nice. He was using 1 finger to rub the rim of my butt hole. In circle motion. Pussy pussy was so wet. He used the juices to lube my butthole. He asked me if I want to see how deep his finger fits in my asshole. I said ok. He slid his pinky in all the way. He then tried his index finger. Then he put his thumb in and kept it inside like he grabbed a bowling ball. He kept going with eating my pussy. And the other hand was caressing my boob. He then titty fucked me again and blew his load all over my boobs and face.
I was about to go home and he said next time he wanted to have more fun with me. I have something new for you. I smiled and left.
The weekend had arrived. I had told my mum than I wanted to stay at my friends house over night. She said it was ok. So I went to his house. And told him I can sleep over if its ok with you. He then said. Ofcourse you can. But only one rule. I said ok. He said. You have to call me grandpa. I said ok grandpa.
He took me to his room and got me naked. He told me to close my eyes. And relax. I said ok grandpa. He tied my hands together and he also tied my legs apart and had my ass up in the air. I heard his camera shitter. He took photos of me naked on his bed and all tied up. He ate my pussy and he said sorry baby. He squirt lube all over my ass and pussy rubbed it all over. Amd he rubbed it on his cock. And slapped my buttcheeks. A couple times and he teased my pussy with his hard dick and Hi pushed it inside me. It hurt so much. I was crying. And saying what are you doing. Please stop it. It hurts
He said call me grandpa now. I then said please stop grandpa. He said that’s a good girl. He then started fucking me. He had gripped my hips tight while he was thrusting his cock deep inside my pussy. I was still crying. When he first pushed it inside me. I felt a stinging pinch.
I was begging him to stop. He then started getting angry. He was telling me to call him grandpa. He said what the fuck did I tell you. Didnt I say you have to call me grandpa. Stop crying little slut. He was saying things like.
Your a cock slut.
You love my cum
From now on. You will obey your grandpa.
What ever I say you have to do.
He kept fucking and fucking me. He must have taken a Viagra. And he was also fingering my butthole while he was fucking me. He had pulled out and cum over my back multiple times. And kept fucking me everytime.
After all the pain and fucking. I couldn’t feel my pussy. It was numb. He then slowly guided his cock inside my ass.
It didn’t hurt as much. He held it inside. Inch by inch he pushed it in. Till he was balls deep. He held it in there. He said tell me you want more. Tell your grandpa you want to be fucked.
I was still crying. Hating my self for what I got myself into.
He said come on slut. Tell me.
I finally said. Please grandpa fuck me.
He then said how much do you want it.
I said. Grandpa please fuck me I want you inside me.
He started thrusting in and out. He fucked me till he came inside my butt. He then pulled out. He untied me. Laid next to me and held me close to his body. He was so hot and sweaty. He was spooning me from behind. He kissed me on the neck and cheek many times. And we fell asleep.
When I woke up a few hours later I noticed blood on the towel on the bed. There was cum and blood. Leaking from my pussy and ass. I tried to get up. I couldn’t get up. I was aching and in pain.
Then he had woken up. And said do you want more slut? I couldn’t even say anything. He climbed ontop of me. I couldn’t move. He had his full weight over me. I was powerless. He was grinding ding ontop of me he was sucking my nipples and licking my boobs. He got hard. He told me to wrap my legs around him. He slid his cock inside me again. Was still sore. But I couldn’t do anything. He fucked me for ages. Once he was done he pulled out and cum over my boobs. Then he got up and helped me up and took me to the bathroom. We took a shower he helped me clean up. All the blood and cum. The floor of the shower was red. On his cock there was blood also. When we were done. He took me to his bed. We laid down. And we spooned again. He said be a good slut and stroke my cock. So I reached down and was feeling his cock. Slowly stroked it till he was hard. He then slid his cock in my ass. It hurt abit. He was fucking me from behind we were still in spooning position. While he was fucking me he was asking if I will come back for more. I said I dont know. He then said you forgot something whore. I said I don’t know grandpa. He then fucked me abit harder.
You hurt me so much grandpa. I trusted you. He said. But I love you sweety. You are my sex toy. My little slut my whore.
When he said those things. I was getting hornier. I then said ok grandpa. Please fuck me more. He then said good girl. And also said if you tell anyone. I will put your photos up at your school.
I said its ok grandpa. I wont tell anyone.
He then said I have another surprise for you because your a good girl.

Look out for the rest. It got worse or better…

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  • Reply Cherry popper. ID:1eunrjwj12ur

    You got exactly what you wanted, and so did he should have filled your tight virgin cunt with cum and kept his dick inside of you so none could leek out .

  • Reply Mr Johnson ID:19eux46xyuur

    Except for the “call me grandpa” crap. It was a good story

  • Reply A. ID:1cn4gpacmfxw

    Hopefully he breeds you