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I was put into foster care at 12 and used by the whole household

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At 12 years old I was put into foster care where a women and 2 girls were going to use me

I was 12 the year was 2017 my mother was taken into hospital for long term care and I was told I would go into a foster home, I was a quiet boy and never met others except at school when I was left alone I would put my mum’s skirts on and play with myself, I knew I had a big cock for my age as I looked at other boys in school and mine was twice the size .
So I was told to pack up some clothes and I was going to a foster home in the lake District and was going on a train with this women ,we arrived at what looked like a small train station and was met by a blonde women who looked young about 30 and this was who I was showing to stay with so was taken to her home a cottage near a lake , when we got there two girls came out they looked about the same age as me and we were introduced after a while the women who brought me left and I was alone with this family.
I was given something to eat and drink and then the women said I needed get a bath to clean up and she told the oldest girl to show me the bathroom I was used to a tiny bath but they had a proper bath room massive in its own room mine had a toilet in ,she showed me how to fill it and left me in the room I filled it up and undressed and got in ,it felt lovely as I lay in the bath, then the door opened and the girl came in again bringing a towel she asked if I was ok ,I was but I had a hard on with excitement and she looked and noticed staring at it ,she just came forward and reached for my cock her hand went around it I froze as she started to wank me , mum says we have to look after you ,make you happy do what you ask so I hope you like this she said , I stammered yes it’s nice I said as her hand went up and down pulling my foreskin back ,I was the only person who had touched it but her hnd felt better as she told me her name was Lucy and she was 12 and her sister was called Marie and she was 10 I just nodded as I could feel my cum getting ready to shoot out and it did , she continued until i was going soft and i thanked her and asked how she knew what to do she replied one boy at her school had shown her but i was the only other person she had done to.
She just got up and left and I lay back down again thinking how good that felt and after a few minutes the door opened again and this time it was the mother and she asked if I was ok ,I nodded she told me it was time to get out and get dried she would make sure I was dried properly, I stood up and again I was hard as I stepped out of the bath she got the towel and started drying me and I felt her hand brush my cock and I jerked , she said your a big boy for your age as she dried me and her hand went to my cock ,lets have a good look at you as she started to look at my hard cock I went bright red as this older ladies was looking at me , your going to enjoy staying with us she said aa she kept looking at my cock ,dry yourself off properly now and Lucy will show you where you are sleeping ,i went to put my boxers on but they were gone when Lucy walked in i had the towel wrapped around me as she showed me into a room with two beds, this is where you are sleeping you are sharing with me .
I asked where my clothes are and she said mum was washing them but just put on some of her stuff ,but it girls clothes I said she replied it’s ok just for now as it’s nearly bed time. I was excited about putting on her clothes as I loved the feeling of girls womes clothes and as she went out I got a pair of her panties out of her draw they were white and had little unicorns on and I found some pink shorts and a pink top I looked in the mirror and I looked nice and my cock thought so too as it was hard again.
When I went down stairs they were sitting watching TV and the mum said that I had to sit next to the egirls and she would bring a tray of food in they just went on as normal even with me in pink girls clothes . She brought me some sandwiches and a can of pop and I sat next to the girls and watched TV as I ate I could feel Lisa put her hand on my crotch and my cock reacted she was sjuat rubbing it up and down and her mum was watching ,, I hope your going to like staying here Tom she said but one of the rules is you do as I say ,I nodded and she said good and another thing is that we are all girls here and you will dress as one too ,I went red as she said to Marie show Tom your favourite underwear as she lifted up and she had on pale blue panties with some ponies on I went even harder as I looked at her ,then Lisa stood up and did the same she had on white ones with stars on them the mum stood up and lifted her she had on black panties ,now you seen us Tom it’s your turn as she lifted the tray off show us what you picked ,i was shaking as I stood up and slowly lower the shorts i had on ,the 3 of them clapped great pick as they stared at my hard cock in these panties, tge mum stepped towards me and pulled them down causing my cock to spring up hard, now girls that’s a nice boys cock what do we say as the 3 of them said thank you God for letting us have such a nice cock in our house, i was confused they were thanking God as they looked at my cock ,Mum said show us how you play with it show us what you want us to do ., i had no idea what she meant i was in a house with 3 females i was scared but i also wanted them to feel my cock as i put my hand around my cock it felt so big as i wanked fast my eyes closed buy i could feel their eyes looking as i opened them the mum said to Lisa you have a go as she came forward and i felt her warm hand on my cock like before it was amazing as she wanked ,the mum told me to sit down and listen to what she says.
I sat down Lisa still playing with me when the mum said they have never had a brother before and Thier dad is long gone so you can be the man of the house and every day they will give you pleasure but I like having daughters so if you want to stay you will have to dress in girls clothes , little did she knows I really liked to dress in them anyway I nodded as Lisa continued to wank me and I was close to cumming I was shaking as I felt my balls tighten and I couldn’t stop myself from shooting and it shot onto her face 3streams I counted as she slowly stopped and let go then mum said now you know what happens all 3of you go up and get ready for bed and come back down , I followed Lisa and Marie into the bedroom and they both undressed it was stage first time I had seen boobs and a pussy before Lisa had small boobs and a few blonde hairs and Marie juat had little buds and no pubes ,i took off the clothew i was wearing i have black pubes ans my cock is extra large it’s 5 inches soft which im sure is big for 12, i was going to be used by these girls and a women but who was i to complain at 12 …..
More to follow

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  • Reply Justaguy ID:2kye84kghl

    Loved it can’t wait to read more

  • Reply PO469 ID:1cnkugeyqy7r

    I’ll read more. Will he dress like a girl when he goes to school and out of the house, or just in the home?

  • Reply Daddy Dick ID:1dnhuwkvk8ms

    Of course you wouldn’t complain!

    Sex is wonderful and fucking your family is the safest and loveliest way to learn good sex before puberty hits


  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Well, you’ve certainly fallen on your feet, haven’t you? Now you’ve got to hope they enjoy licking boy bum!!