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I was on my way home pt 2

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The next morning I went to meet my lover I was wearing shorts and a top only, after I ade it o where we were going to meet he came and he had a friend with him I didn t mind ,as I got into the back seat he introduced me to him and asked if he could join me I said ok and he got in the back seat with ,soon we were going down the street and his friend and I were chatting a little,soon his friend asked me if I would suck his dick and I smiled and said sure, he pulled it out ,he was already getting hard and he was big he had almost 10″ I took off my t shirt and leaned down across the seat and I started sucking his dick he pulled my hair back as I sucking him and soon he pushed my head down as he cum in my mouth I swollowedhis big load.I kept sucking after keeping him hard by this time we were in a quiet place and I stopped and took off my shortsand he took off his pants and I straddled him and slowly slid down on his hard dick facing him ,I took as much as I could and started to ride him as he put his hands on my hips I rode him for abit and then he pushed deep iside my pussy and started to cum filling my cervix and pussy full of hot sperm I moaned in pleasure .After he finished I got off and my friend and I got out and I sucked him hard andi bent over and he ass fucked me until he cum .He asked if I wanted to go back to his place the three of us and I said sure,after we got there I cleaned up and came out naked for them and sat between themthey soon were massaging my pussy and then I got on top of my friend and slowly started to ride him I kissed him and then his friend got behind me and he started to push his cock in my ass, I felt him pushing deeper into me and soon it felt like it was in my stomach before he stopped and then they both slowly fucked me and kissed me my friend sucked my tits also and then they both unloaded there huge loads of hot sperm deep inside of me as I moaned and orgasmed for them I felt like I was in heat I wanted more and I was soon to get it

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