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I want to kidnapped as a sex slave

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In this story I’ll describe my dream scenario.

I wanna be taken in the middle of the night or in broad daylight, stuffed in a car naked and bound, knowing I’ll never see home again. I’m 16, 5’5, white skin, shoulder length brown hair, thinking body, blue eyes, and my hole is begging to be broken in by older men. Kept in a dark cold basement of someone’s home, naked, chained up, or tied up, or better yet in a padlocked dog cage. I’m always forced to where a dog training collar with the inward spikes or a shock collar, my only human interaction is when I’m fucked, I’m sold for a night of fucking to their friends or strangers, i wanna be a total cum dumpster where my only purpose is to service mens cocks for the rest of my life, punish me, abuse me, make me cry myself to sleep while i have stomach full of cum from 30 different sources, even better if I’m forced to mate with dogs sucking their beautiful big red cocks dripping with doggie cum and filling my asshole with doggie baby batter and even horses sucking off their gigantic cocks and drinking as much horse cum as I can, I wanna spend my life in captivity as property, if they get sick of me they can kill be but I’d prefer to be sold to a new owner, forever just a fucktoy, that’s my fantasy. In my opinion all boy sex slavery should be a legal commonly used thing, parents can sell their sons into slavery, if they commit a crime they are a slave for life, a whole industry of selling young boys as cum dumpsters, the entire world would benefit. I’ll do anything to be a forever fucktoy and have my asshole ravaged by men for life.

Email is [email protected]

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  • Reply post malone fan ID:4bn00en3fia

    uhhhhhhhhh, you have a very interesting opinion in law.

  • Reply Angel ID:1d7r7jfflcuc

    Oh my I think this is my new fantasy