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I took your advice

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I actually tired to catch him in the act, but it kinda backfired

Hey guys, okay so, last time I wrote about how my stepdad Jason assaulted me in my ass, I took someone’s advice and I tried to set up a camera in my room.

So it went down like this:

So it was really just a normal day, my mom took my sister’s out to visited some of our grandparents downtown, so it was just me and Jason. Normally, when my mom and sisters left the house Jason would try to make advances at me. Like he would go in my room, sit on my bed and just chat about weird ass things ( like porn, sex n stuff) and touch me sometimes.

So I decided to set up my phone underneath some covers, I aimed the camera directly at my bed and waited for Jason to come. After a few minutes of my mom leaving he came in my room, he shut the door behind him and locked it (which was new). Before I did any of this I hyped myself up, I told myself that I would at least stand up for myself this time and not let him touch me. But as soon as he locked the door I felt like I was gonna throw up.

I was wearing big clothes, (a hoodie, and some sweat pants) so he started talking about that. He said things like “oh you have such a great body, why hide it?”, “I bet you look good without them”. I didn’t mind this time, because I knew he was saying all this on camera. I just sat on my bed and let him ramble, but I wanted him to admit to fucking me in the ass so I had to come up with something. So in the middle of his rant I just splurged out “yeah I’m in alot of..pain” I caught his attention. He stopped talking and sat right next to me on my bed, smirking.

He placed a hand on my thigh and started to rub it, I wanted to push him away. “your still in pain, after a week?” He said. I kinda just nodded awkwardly, he was being to vague, I NEEDED him to say what he did exactly. I said it was hard to walk for a few days, I kept an eye on his hand. It was creeping underneath my hoodie. “well of course, that’s what happens when you get fucked up the ass for the first time, especially with something so big.” He just laughed loudly. My was tryna hold back mines too, because I knew I caught him. I didn’t have to play Along anymore.

I kinda pushed him away, like just a light shove. I grabbed his hand and moved it away from my thigh. I was backing away. “Yea I’m a little sore so we can’t do anything..” I said, I was trying to show him that I didn’t wanna do ANYTHING at all. So I could just kick him out of my room and review the video. But he had other plans. He digged in his pocket and pulled out a fucking condom. I actually didn’t know what to do, I was panicking. Thinking stuff like ‘is he actually trying to like take my virginity?!’ I went quiet again, I went back to the state where I just didn’t talk.

He pulled off my sweat pants, my hoodie and my shirt. It was so awkward, he unbuckled his pants and rolled down the condom on his dick. He was saying stuff like “I always wanted this, I know you wanted this too”, “I wanna hurt you so badly”. He took my panties down, and placed his cock at my hole. Oh my god, it fucking hurted so badly. When he pushed his tip in it felt like I was being split in too, he slid his dick in rough, ragged thrust, half of his dick couldn’t fit in me. I was just quietly begging for him to stop, the pain was unbearable, it wasn’t like the time with my ass it felt so different. I could feel his dick in me so clearly, the latex or whatever was so smooth.

I guess I kept wiggling so he held me down by my shoulder, he started to like move his hips against me, so he was just like grinding in me. I swear I could’ve seen some sort of like bulge form at my stomach, his dick felt so heavy, and somewhat slimey. With every movement I heart a wet squishy sound. My mind was so foggy, but he started to kiss me, like a real kiss you do with your girlfriend. I kinda stopped moving so he grabbed my hips and lifted them off the bed and just started pounding me in the fucking bed. He shoved all of his cock inside me so roughly, saying things like “fuck, Im so close” “you feel so good” ramming his cock into me so many times, I felt so sore and tired. I was just limp, after a while off aggressive humping he came, I felt warmth, but thank god he wore a fucking condom.

He pulled out of me, and carefully took the condom off and tied it. I thought we were done but we weren’t, he flipped my body over and busted the semen all over my ass, he forced a finger in my butt, and started pumping it. He shifted around and started fucking me in my ass again, and I really feel disgusted while typing this but I actually liked it this time. I was loose and his dick felt good, I liked the way his dick was pumping me, I like the way it was thrusting in and out of me, I liked every bit of it. I even started to move my body with his, and when he started Cumming I pushed my ass against him.

We fucked for a few more hours, I was being used by him for a few more hours. Mostly just in my ass because my pussy hurts way too much.

After we were done he demanded I took a shower, I don’t know what girls called it but I kinda felt some type of post nut clarity? Like I started scrubbing my body so hard I turnt red, I was out of it I kept replay every movement, how he grabbed me, how his dick felt like, how I moaned and how I kissed him back. It was like I wanted it too. Like I actually liked it???idk.

When I got out the shower I reviewed the video. I don’t wanna admit it but I was getting aroused looking at it. So I just set it aside.

In the video I was moaning, I was doing everything he said. Can I even call that rape? I have no idea what to fucking do. Like it wasn’t even raped I just fucked my stepdad. I didn’t even say no in the video I just said “wait wait wait” like idk. I have the video who do I even show? The police? My mom?


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  • Reply Maria <3 ID:1e8am5s5hzjr

    When my stepdaddy started using me I was scared too, but once you accept how good it feels you’ll realize this is just part of being a woman and you might as well enjoy it. I love pleasing my stepdaddy, I get whatever I want after :p

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj42

    OH so your a pirate and can’t even write your own story. Wow, how low is that. Go fuck someone and write a story about it no matter what your age just do it.

    • Hm ID:1dm9ucvda2fw

      Shut ur whiney ass up

  • Reply Loner ID:1d8v1i8kxpy1

    Which site?

  • Reply Pilot ID:1ah7429toia

    If you didn’t say no Mia he has every right to use and abuse your body until the point you say you don’t want to