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I Saw Daddy’s Big Dick And Finally, He Fucked Me (Part 2)

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Daddy fucked my pussy half the night after mom left for her conference. I had wanted him to fuck me so bad but, he felt guilty and wouldn’t. So, I had to expose my body and tease him to get him to give in to his lust.

Daddy’s big dick was wonderful. Nothing like the boys I had fucked. I was 13 an only been fucking since I was 12. Their dicks were so small compared to daddy’s. Daddy made me sleep in his bed naked. He would roll over and stick his dick in my pussy in the middle of the night and fuck me hard until he cum. He would pull out an shoot it on my stomach or titties.

I wanted him to come in me but, he wouldn’t. He said, “I’m gonna get some condoms today so, I don’t get you pregnant. I loved is dick.
In the morning, daddy was up fixing breakfast when I went into the kitchen. He was in a good mood. My pussy felt so used. I’ve never felt like this when I was fucking the boys. I guess that’s the difference between a big dick an a little dick. I liked the feeling though.

Daddy said, “I’ve gotta go to the drug store this morning, do you need anything? ” I said, “No.” He finished fixing breakfast then he left. I showered an waited for dad to return. When he came in with the condoms he said “I’m gonna have to hide these.” “Maybe you should keep them in your room somewhere.” I said, “Okay.” “Just don’t let your mother find them.” “Alright daddy.”

He took three and put them in his pocket. I took the others and stuck them in my room. Mom didn’t clean my room, I did and she wasn’t a snoop so, I felt pretty safe keeping them. Daddy said, “I want you to put on this slip of your mothers but, no panties. I took it and slipped it on. It was just a plain white whole slip. It had a deep v-neck and spaghetti straps. It was also practically see through.

I said, ” Why do you want me to wear this daddy?” He said, “I want access to your pussy an I always liked to see a woman in just a slip, it makes my dick hard.” “My aunt used to walk around in a slip when I was a horny teenage boy and I always wanted to fuck her.” “But, all I got was a hard on that I had to stroke myself to cum, thinking about cumming on her her tits in that slip.” “I said, “Okay then.” After daddy said that I wished I had those big titties he was talking about.

Daddy said, I have to work about an hour in my office, I have to make a conference call.” I said, “Okay.”
A little later I took daddy a fresh cup of coffee to him. I went in quietly because, I heard him still on his call. I wondered how many people he was talking to. I guess it was a phone conference because, his lap top was on a spread sheet.

I felt playful today. I got down on the floor and crawled on my hands and knees over to daddy. He looked at me wondering, what in the world was I doing. He kept talking. I got under his desk and it startled him when I reached up and pulled his boxer shorts elastic waist down to expose his dick. I took hold of it and put my mouth on the head. I heard daddy moan. He then cleared his throat.

Daddy put the call on speaker then, leaned back, letting me suck his dick. I knew he was loving this. His dick was rock hard. I was sucking the head the most while pumping it with my hands. I had to be quiet.
Daddy reached down and was squeezing my titties and rolling my nipples. He got a little rough. I winced but, didn’t make any noise.

I don’t know if he was just excited or if he was punishing me for doing this to him while he was doing business. He kept pinching and pulling my nipples hard. I just had to let him. It made me excited too, having to take the pain he was inflicting on my titties. I keep getting pre cum leaking in my mouth when I sucked him hard. I know he’s wanting to cum.

His conference call is winding down, he’s getting ready to hang up. I reach down and fondle his balls. He says good bye to the people and hangs up. Then, he grabs my head with both hands and starts fucking my throat by pushing his dick far down and pounding me with it.

He said, “You little cunt, sucking my dick like this while I’m on the phone.” “I was about ready to scream.” “So, I’m gonna fuck your mouth, cum down your throat and you’re gonna take it.” He was fucking my throat. It was hard to catch a breath. I felt him getting bigger and then, he cum down my throat. All I could do was swallow so, I could gasp for a breath of air.

He pulled out his dick and said, “How did you like that?” I said, “Well, other than not being able to breath, it turned me on.” He said, “It turned me on too.” “I thought I was gonna cum in your mouth while I was still on the phone an I would have made a lot of noise so, to finally cum and especially like that was wonderful.”

Daddy said, “My dick’s still semi hard.” “Come sit on it.” I jumped at the chance. I sat with my back to his chest. He fucked me so good, playing with my clit and making me cum, squeezing my titties hard, hurting me. He said, “Sometimes, I want to hurt you but, not really.” He said, “I just wanna be rough with you.” I said, “That’s okay with me daddy, I like it” He said, “Your mom would never let me be rough with her.”

Daddy said, “Were those boys rough with you?” I said, “Yeah, sometimes, yeah.” He said, “What did they do to you?” He’s still fucking me and I said, “Well, they would slap my titties real hard or my ass while they fucked me.” “Anything else?” Yeah, they would fuck me in my ass.” Daddy’s dick got so hard and he pounded it in my pussy. “They fucked your ass, did you like it or was it like they raped your ass?”

I said, “The first time Eric did it, I didn’t want him to but, he just over powered me and forced his dick in me.” “After he got it in it didn’t hurt so, I would let him whenever he wanted to after that.”
“What about Steven?” He didn’t really ask, he just turned me over and stuck it in an I let him.” This was getting daddy so excited.

He said, “So, do you like getting fucked in the ass?” I said, “Well yeah, I guess I do.” “So, would you let me fuck you in the ass?” I said, “Well, of course daddy.” He said, “My dick’s a lot bigger than those boy’s dicks.” I said, “I know but, I would never refuse you anything daddy.” He grabbed me tighter around my waist with both arms and fucked me hard then, cum in me, without a rubber.

He said, “Oh fuck, I forgot the condom.” He said, “I’m sorry Button, I hope you don’t get pregnant.” I said, “Me too.”
Daddy told me as soon as he rested a few minutes he wanted to fuck my ass. I know it’s gonna hurt because, of how big he is but, I’ll let him. He ask me, “How many time did they fuck you in the ass?” I said, “I’m not sure exactly but, they did it often.” “An you liked it would you cum?” “Yeah, I liked it an I cum sometimes.”

I ask him, “Does mom ever let you fuck her ass?” He said, “Oh my gosh no, she would never.” She hates to suck my dick so, we don’t.” “Wow dad.” He said, “I would have loved to meet a girl like you when I was younger.” “I bet Eric and Steven loved fucking you.” “I can just picture them fucking your pussy then, flipping you over and fucking your ass.” As daddy was talking I could see his dick was growing?

I reached over and put my hand on it and started stroking him. He said, “Tell me how Eric forced his dick in your ass.” I said, “We were fucking and he said, “I wanna fuck you in the ass, turn over.” I said, “No, I don’t want you to do that.” He said, “Ah, come on, everybody fucks in the ass these days.” I said, “I don’t want to.” He flipped me over and started pushing it in my ass. I was fighting to get up. He said, “Go on, keep fighting, I’m still gonna fuck your ass.”

He held my back down with his arm, pushed my knees up under me which, opened my butt cheeks an forced his dick in my ass.” “Then, he fucked me hard and cum in me. Daddy’s dick was so hard now.
He said, “Go in the bathroom and get some baby oil.” I did and he took some in his hand then, stroked his dick covering it. He told me, “Get on your knees on the couch and stick your ass in the air.”

I did and he poured some oil on my ass. Then, he started trying to push to in. It was very hard to do because, he’s so thick. He crammed three fingers in me trying to dilate my opening. It helped and he finally got it to pop in. It was hurting but, I took it. After he got it in he started pushing it in farther and farther. Wow the guy’s dicks never felt like this. Daddy was long and thick.

But, it did ease up after he started to just fuck me. He reached around to play with my clit. He said, “Wow, this feels awesome, I’m gonna fuck your little pussy then, I’ll cum in your ass.” “How do you like that?” I bet my dick feels different than the boys, don’t it?” I said, “A lot different.”

Daddy’s pumping and getting ready to cum. He said, “Well, get used to it because, I like the feel of your tight ass on daddy’s big dick an I’m gonna be using it often without warning.” “I think that’s a way I can be rough with you, is raping your unprepared ass.” He said, “I’m gonna cum baby, arghhh!” It felt like he power shot his load in me.” When he pulled out, it felt like he was still in me.

We fucked later an he remembered the condom. I’m still worried about him cumming in me earlier. As much as I wanted him to I don’t wanna be pregnant. The boys always used condoms unless they were fucking my ass.

I was tired and got into daddy’s bed. He was watching a game on tv so, he stayed up. My ass still feels like I’ve got a dick in it.

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    Really loved your story Button, I bet you wish daddy had taken both your cherries at 12 don’t you. I would have!
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    Or …

  • Reply Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

    It’s a girl’s purpose to get pregnant.

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      Keep fucking your slut daughter and knock her up either your love child. Also deflower her virgin ass using some lube or cunt juice

  • Reply Shis15 ID:4bn00en3fia

    Too this day I still feel stupid the first few times my daughter and I had sex I used a condom then one day I said we can’t have sex because I don’t have a condom that’s when she told me I didn’t need one because she hadn’t had her period yet

  • Reply Perv Mechanic ID:1eh5jxh3vg4w

    Be a proper little slut. Take it with out lube. No prep. Take it hard. Beg daddy to put a tight collar on you when he fucks you. Something tight. I use to make one cunt wear a choker collar while I raped her ass

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0a

    Good girl, My own daughter was very, very submissive and would do anything and everything to satisfy me. She purposely brought over her friend so she could watch me fuck them in the ass and pussy. She would rub her clit to hard n fast I could barely see her hands. I had the best daughter ever as she had my child and at 12 last year I fucked her also and her husbands daughter as well. My youngest daughter (12) loves daddy’s cock and actually said my man seen was almost sweet. Hehehe I take real organic supplement