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I perved on my aunty at wedding party

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I do apologise about my grammar is not the best so please be nice about it please It’s about how me and my aunty has sex first time together

In 2017 it was winter time and here where I am from it gets dark early in the winter times.
My aunty came for a wedding functions and she brought her daughter too and her husband it was only three of them,
then the wedding function was going to be in one day so the next morning I was ready I borrowed Lamborghini (SUV).
We all arrived to my family friends big wedding party, I saw my aunty in red dress as she walks I could see her boobs bouncing which got my dick hard slightly and my aunty is 45,38,35 she is busty lady.

Two hours later It was eating time and I at on the table with my uncle, aunty, her daughter, the food finally arrived I staved myself as I didn’t have anything for breakfast and I was busy and enjoying eating when my elbow knocked the fork then it went under the table and my aunty was sitting crossed legs like a proper girl but when she changed and opens her legs I saw her pussy bare and it look like she was maturbating and panty sti pushed to side and I have a great view as I sat opposite my aunty and I was shocked in a good way. I got my fork and I kept looking glancing at my aunty and her boobs she smiled at me and she knew what I was dong.

Thirty minutes later I started throwing up and my aunty told my mom to give her the keys and she told her husband to enjoy the party and I take him home so she drove me home as I walked home laying on the couch and my aunty gave me medication and I took it and my aunty said take some rest I have lock the door so no one can come in and I am going to rest too. She said.

So I went upstairs as my aunty was laying down in the bedroom and then suddenly she was changing and I saw her right tit and wow it turned me on and got my dick crazy through my jeans and I keep on watching her reveal the left tit and her tits are milky and bare I was wishing I could just feel them soft big round bouncy tits my dick can’t stop groaning it’s more crazy then ever I have seen porn but this is on another level.

Then my aunty was behinding over and I kept watching her undressing well(changing) and her ass is so big and perfect as she was taking the dress off and it dropped on the floor she was wearing pink panty that was showing on her ass and she was reaching for the dress that fell on the floor. My mind went dirty minded, what if I spanked her and pulled her hair?

Then my aunty got changed into purple nighty but I saw her boobs she didn’t wear a bra on which confused me like what would you wear bra?
My aunty saw me and said what are you doing?
I got embarrassed and I said erm nothing I was going to use the bathroom my aunty was like really ? She look at my jeans and smiled at me she said why don’t you come in the bedroom ?
I was like ok I came in and she told me to sit on the bed and she confessed to me that if I tell her the truth she will surprise me with something…(dirty mind active)

She said tell me was you looking at me when I was changing and did you see my tits or ass?
I was embarrassed but my dick was semi hard and growing as I kept looking at her and I stutter and said yes I looked at you and you are so hot! I couldn’t help myself to look at you like that!

She slowly took down her nighty straps and her boobs were showing more and I kept on looking at her and her boobs her hands trying to cover her big boobs but didn’t .
She turned around and took off her nighties and I she told me to close my eyes which I did and she told me to open it and I opened it slowly as she was turning around and said was you looking at my big milky bouncy boobs?! I said yes I did.. then she walked closer and grabbed my hand and places them on her boobs and she said do you want to play my boobs?! I said oh yes please. My difk was going to rip my jeans and boxer as I was super hard and I was thinking it a dream and fantasy come true and she told me to press them harder which I did and then I she said omg yes let out a moan and said keep going baby I haven’t felt this good in long time.
My aunty said would you be ok sucking my boobs I said I would love to suck your big juicy milky boobs massi ji (aunty) she place her hands on my head and started moaning more and more louder and she said ahh janu air kar(suck me more like this baby) she was saying I am going a good job of sucking her boobs?
She enjoy the so much she stood me up kissed my lips and she wanted me to undress myself in front of her she said if you can perv on me and why can’t I?
She help me undress my jeans she unbuckled my belt and said how big are you? I said wait till you find out! She said ok I like that suspense!
She pulled my boxers down she she was on her knees and my dick was so big 9.1 inches and she said wow! Where have you been hiding this dick from? I said I am innocent guy and she places her right hand on my dick and look up at me and lick the tip of my dick and circle motion with her tongue and she opened her mouth a quarter of my dick went in and she eyes started watering up and I placed my hands on her head and told her to press my shaven balls and I kept on trusting her harder and faster she seem to like the roughness which I did to my aunty and she was caughing gagging her sliver all over my dick and the sliver was dripping on her tits and I kept going more harder and she was moaning eyes more watering eye lashes down her face and kept asking for more and I became roughly fucking her throught and she loved it and then I pulled it all out put her on her hand and knees then I pressed her ass and I spanked her ass I pulled her hair she was becoming submissive (sub)

Then I roughly ripped off her pants and I started fingering her she is so wet I slide 1 finger she was so wet and tight and I then after thrusting her pussy with my finger then I slides in my second she was moaning loving the fingering I put it all way in her pussy she started screaming out loud as her organs was amazing she didn’t feel paint yet
Then I teased her with my dick she begged me to slid it in and I pulled her hair and I started sliding in her pussy she was saying oh my god you are so big baby ahh then I kept pushing and pushing more deeper on her pussy as I stared to fuck my aunty like this she is so horny and really tight and wet
Then with every pound I started to go harder and faster I was not using condom so I can feel her wetness and more and more she kept saying I am going to cum she was asking me can I cum then I let her cum so hard with in 20 minutes and I started fucijnv my aunty in missionary kissing her lips pounding her pussy and she has told me she has never been fucked in the ass and told her I will fuck her in the ass now she said do anything baby I am yours to use!

So in missionary I told her to lift her legs up and put your hands on your legs and I grabbed her neck choking her she loved the choking she said baby please choke me and fuck me harder (please use me daddy)!
I slide it in her ass her moan changed little she started to more multiple of times like she starts to scream as I started fucking her with my full thrusts and. I kept on going she started to cry because it’s her first time but she didn’t mind.because she was too horny as kept On fucking her and I said that I am going to turn you into my professional slut she said yess sir but please fuck me like this everyday I will do anything you say.
I purposely fumed inside her so she could get pregnant and leave her husband for me.

Would you like to do part 2 of my aunty becoming professional slut and bdsm with my aunty? And she has her virgin daughter shall I fuck her in front of my aunty? Let me know?

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    Girl do you like this story?

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    Ahh please take me sir I am f38 and I want to be perved on like this and used too

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    This is so hot I wish you could write more of this story

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      Sure I could but I like the suspense and leave it on a cliffhanger so what you think of part2?

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    I want to know more and I want master to use me please

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    Well I could do more if you like more dominant and what do you guys,girls think of this?

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    A very nice story. I like to believe this story is true, or mostly true.

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      Yes it is and she love my cock wait until part 2 comes
      Thank you for the comment

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    Great story my cock is throbbing now

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      And wanna wait till part 2 come out?

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    Was certainly an enjoyable read, but certainly not true! Thx anyway Master.

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      I have another story where I will be more dominant with my aunty and her daughter

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      It is based on true story

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    So hot I want to know in part 2 what happens

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