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I need to get raped so bad…

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So, lets start this off with the basics. This whole story will be true! Also, I’m 16 years old. MtF trans, still haven’t started transitioning so I’m still a full on boy. I’m also a hypersexual, so it’s really hard for me not to be horny. I will put my session at the bottom of the story if anyone wants it! I have a new one since I accidentally deleted the app.

Anyways, now we continue!

I’ve known about sex for- well, as long as I can remember! Now, ever since then, I’ve been basically addicted to porn and have always wanted to fuck or get fucked. Sex stories, like the ones on this website, only fueled my hypersexuality more…

When I had first found out about porn, I was- well, really young. Like, probably around five or something. Doesn’t matter! Back then, I had just been watching any kind of porn, anything I could get my tiny little hands on. Usually straight porn. Now, I didn’t know anything about masturbating or any of that, so at that time I was really just watching porn to watch it. All I knew was that it made me feel weird. But a good weird.

Fast forward a bit, when I’m in later grades of school. I figured out how to masturbate! I was still into straight porn, but I knew more about it… This little app called Amino definitely helped bring out my sexual side. I made a separate account there purely just for sexual roleplaying! I had never felt more alive. For the first year or so, I roleplayed as, well, a male. That’s all I knew. How could I possibly roleplay as a gender I’m not? Anyways, it was super fun to ERP. Best years of my life, I tell you.

Now, roleplaying as a guy was fun and all, but something weird happened. I don’t know what, how, or why I decided this, but… I started roleplaying as a girl. Crazy, I know! But there was something about it that just… felt right. Now, this isn’t the sole reason I’m trans. I genuinely want to be a girl for my own reasons, not just sex. But I could only imagine what it was like for girls to get fucked by huge… throbbing… veiny cocks… What I wouldn’t give to be a girl now! Actually, I’d give just about everything.

Anyways, I’m getting sidetracked again. Once I started roleplaying as a girl, I felt complete. More people messaged me, and I got more “action.” Mostly just, well, sex roleplays. It was all anyone really asked for on that app, even if it was 13+. Now, I obviously never told anyone my real age. I just said I was 18 or 19. But some asked for nudes (of course), and I obviously either sent them fakes or declined. But the thought stirred in my mind… What if I sent my underaged, nude body to someone? Would they like it? Either way, the idea of sending nudes definitely excited me. Now, Amino is pretty much dying at this point, and I barely roleplay at all anymore.

In my late-middle-school years, I began reading sex stories. But I don’t want to start there yet, let’s talk about my much younger cousin. She’s… well, she’s almost as sexual as me! Although, it’s only directed to me. She’s undressed in front of me, and we uh… We have humped under a bed before, when another one of my cousins was nearby. We were both naked too! Unfortunately, no actual penetration was involved. Doesn’t matter, that let off a spark inside me. A spark for a whole string of taboo kinks for me! All of a sudden, I was into so much! Incest, age gaps, beastiality… you name it! I wanted to try it all! And once I found this website, boy oh boy… My desires were strengthened! I’ve spent quite a bit of time with my cousin… Especially when we’re “bonding.” Last time I saw her, though, it was just clothed, dry humping and me touching her ass a bit… Nothing much. Maybe we can do more next time I meet her, hehe!

Anyways, I finally found out about this website. It was, and still is, an absolute treasure trove. I’ve become more inclined to interact with other sexual people! And the fact that so many people here love kids like me… God, it gets me so horny! I just want to meet one myself!

Now, this is when my sexuality began to get a bit more… skewed. I started watching more kinky porn. Lesbians, gays, femboys… I mostly just watch femboy content now. If I can’t be a girl, I want to at least be a femboy! I can just imagine having my tight little ass fucked while wearing thigh highs, getting filled to the brim with cum while all I can do is let out moans and whines in futile efforts… I’ve thought about getting femboy-ish clothes, but my mother would probably get a little concerned. She already knows I’m trans, but she seems to busy to care about that part. Although, if I got some clothing that was a bit- well, sexualised? She’d be more than a little concerned.

Anyways, now we’re at the present! Recently, I’ve gotten more into messaging people. You pedophiles, in fact! I love you guys! And apparently you guys love me. So many people message me on session, and ask for my nudes… Let me tell you, sending nudes? It’s like some sort of ectstasy. Now, I’d never take drugs, but sending people nudes is basically the equivalent for me. It gets me so fucking horny and riled up, and the compliments I get are so amazing! Thank you to everyone who’s messaged me so far! Now, I’ve lost my old session acocunt, so I’m a bit sad… But, I made another, and am hoping to meet you guys again! You’ve all allowed me to dig deeper into my fetishes, and kind of gave me validation for who I am… I know, it’s weird, especially saying that pedophiles make me feel validated. But I don’t have a lot of confidence in my body… I’ve got none at all, actually. I’d give up everything if it meant I could be a cute girl with an amazing body. I want some big tits, a nice ass that people want to rape… Hell, I just want to be raped in general! It’s such a huge kink of mine! Along with exhibitionism. God, I can just imagine getting raped in public, while everyone watched… maybe even recored me or masturbated to me getting raped… God, it gets me so hard and horny!

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed the little story! If you want to talk more, message me on Session! I live in Dallas, Texas, so I hope to hear from people near me!

Also, there’s one person in particular I want to hear from again. I heard they live like, 20 minutes from the center of Dallas, and I want to talk with you again! Maybe even meet up one day! Please, message me.

Here’s my Session ID!

🔞 Candy.AI 🔥 AI Sex Chat - Roleplay, Erotic Stories, Try for Free 🕹️

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  • Reply Ms Petty ID:pa1a3z0b0a

    I live in Dallas , what you looking for?

    • 16y/oTrans ID:pvlebg8rj

      Really just some way for me to get fucked or raped :3

    • Guy ID:1dyqd7k9qy06

      How do I use the session id

    • 16y/oTrans ID:1fr6smyhi

      You download Session and just search with the ID :v