I Love To Go Kayaking

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I was never the outdoor type of woman. My ex changed all that. He taught me how to ride a motorcycle, shoot a gun, drive a boat and jet ski, ride a horse and to kayak. I’ve always enjoyed kayaking in the ocean.

I’m going kayaking today. I won’t go kayaking in the ocean alone. I’m going river kayaking because there are plenty of people around. I’m already to go now to drive to the Hillsborough River.

Ok I’m here. It’s funny when I come here all the men want to help me take my kayak out of my SUV. It’s what I’m wearing that gets all the attention. I have on a purple bikini top that just cover my tits and a thong bottom that highlights my great ass.

I didn’t realize I’m color coordinated with my purple kayak. I put my towel inside and off I go. I’m not in the water five minutes and an older man asks me if he could join me. I say yes because I could use the company.

He says I’m Frank and I tell him I’m Carol. Frank says I haven’t seen you here. I tell him it’s my first time. We’re paddling and we pass some gators. My ex always told me if you leave them alone they’ll leave you alone. I’m not afraid as we pass each other.

Frank says Carol that was an awfully big gator. I say yes it was. We’re going up river when a college age young man asks if he could join us. Frank says no and I told the young man yes. I won and the young man says I’m Rich. I tell him I’m Carol and he’s Frank.

We’re still going up river. Frank asks are you hungry Carol. I look and there’s a small restaurant. I tell Frank no, but if you are we’ll stop. Frank says ok let’s stop. Frank, Rich and I beach our kayaks and go grab a seat on the terrace. Both Frank and Rich are staring at my tits.

They both order food and I have some juice to drink. Frank asks me so do you have a boyfriend? I tell him no. I ask Frank are you married and he says yes. I think to myself then why is he here by himself. Rich says I’m single.

It’s time to get back on the water and off we go. We start to head back to the dock as it’s getting late. Frank helps me put my kayak back in my SUV. Frank says here’s my number call me when you’re coming back. I take his number and I’m about to leave.

Rich says how about taking a walk around and look at some nature. I don’t know about this, but I say ok let’s go. We walk pretty far and Rich is behind me. I feel his hands on my tits and I turn my head and say WTF are you doing. I move away from him and Rich says I want to see you naked.

I tell him on the nature walk is over. Rich grabs me and pulls my top off. I’m pushing him away and he’s grabbing my tits. I tell him to stop, but to no use. He licks and sucks my nipples and his hand now is inside my thong.

I feel Rich’s cock and it’s rock hard. He’s behind me and he pulls my thong down and shoves his hard cock inside me. OMG I’m going to cum. Fuck me Rich I tell him. Fuck me baby. I guess being fucked in the woods made me extra wet and horny.

I’m holding on to this small tree as Rich is pounding my pussy from behind. Rich now lifts me up and puts his cock inside me. I wrap my legs around him and in his ear I tell him make me cum Rich make me cum. I cum again and Rich says he’s going to cum.

I climb off his cock and let him cum all over my tits. I’m licking all his cum off my tits and Rich turns me around again. I forgot these young cocks stay hard. He’s fucking me again. Rich says I wish I could get on top of you and fuck you.

I tell him let’s go back to my SUV. We get dressed and head back. There’s no one around as I climb in the back of my SUV. I take off everything and Rich climbs between my legs and puts his cock inside me. OMG duck me Rich. My legs are up and he’s all the way inside me. I cum again and Rich cubs inside me.

He pulls his cock out of me and says clean my cock you slut. I love it when a man talks dirty to me. I take his cock and not only clean it but suck him dry. He’s hard again and I want to be fucked one more time before I leave. Rich puts his cock once again inside me and he’s sucking on my big tits.

Rich says cmon you old slut cum all over my cock. Oh so now I’m old. I’ll play his game. I tell him yes son cum inside mommies pussy. Rich came so quick when I said that. It’s time to leave now and Rich asks will he see me again. I tell him yes when I come here again. I kiss him on the cheek and Rich isn’t satisfied with that. He gives me a big hot kiss sticking his tongue in my mouth.

Ok now I have to leave. Men if your ever by the Hillsborough River look for a blonde with big tits ona purple kayak. We’ll have some fun.


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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    Oh my god Carol ! I just read your very first story that you wrote 4-years ago (DAUGHTER FUCKS STEP-DAD WITH MOM’S BLESSING) can you please do a rewrite on that story!!!! Please !!!! I came multiple times when you put your moms girdle on for your step daddy so he would fuck you !! I had no idea that you loved girdles to ! love Britney

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    Oh aunty Carol !! lets hook-up and see how many black and white guys want to join us in a black and white gangbang !!! lots of love with (HUGS & KISSES) !!!! your loving spoiled bitch !! Britney

  • Reply Gary ID:1djrf4y4ptxp

    Oh shit!
    Apologize for the wrong state.
    I should have read more of your stories before posting .
    Still a fan of the stories.
    Awesome pictures 😁

    • Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

      No problem Gary. Thank you for liking my stories. I enjoy writing them and I hope they make your cock nice and hard.

  • Reply Gary ID:1djrf4y4ptxp

    I can’t believe I haven’t ran across your stories!
    Feel like I been under a rock.
    Came to site to read another females stories.
    Hope you don’t mind another fan.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Reply Gary ID:1djrf4y4ptxp

    Hi Carol,
    Great story! Glade to see your pictures.
    Yes I’m in NC, know the river. Like Baden much better.

  • Reply Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

    I’ll be waiting.

  • Reply Big bad John ID:gnsumkm9b

    I’ve never been to the Hillsborough river but it’s now top of my list of places to visit after reading your story Carol! When I get there I’ll be looking out for you in your purple Kayak. If you see a tall dark haired guy with a long thick dick sticking out of his pants, that will be me!! Come over and say hi and I’ll show you what a I can do with it!!!

    • Carol ID:1cyit7b002qz

      John I’ll show you what I can do with a big cock. You’ll never leave.

    • Big bad John ID:xblp958m

      Well in that case Carol, I’ll be definitely taking my vacation in Florida this year and I may bring my good buddy with me. I’m sure you will be able to handle two well hung horny guys. In the meantime keep those hot stories coming.