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I love my mom

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I am Henry this story started when I was 12 years old and my mom Anne was 35 she was a good looking woman with a nice body

When I was 12 we went on holiday to Spain.Me,mom and my sister daisy who is 14 my dad works a lot and goes on business trips to Canada

At 12 years old I had never experienced my first sexual thought or errection until we got on the plane to Spain we were sitting in our seats and I was in the middle my mom sat next to me in the isle and my sister daisy climbed over me with her summery outfit I could see her nipples and her cleverage that gave me my first erection my mum saw this and called me out on it I went red and so did my sister probably wondering why she gave me that we didn’t speak for the hole flight until we got to the hotel room where there were only 2 beds I decided to share with mom.As we got more tired I decided to go to bed I had just my underwear on and my mum had a bra and panties on my sister in the bed next to us in her bra and panties aswell. I couldn’t sleep at all I was too hot sweating a lot my balls started to stick to my leg I decided to take my underwear off being only 12 my dick wasn’t massive I had little Pubic hair and it was about 4.5 inches hard.I managed to fall asleep after all of that but the problem would come in the morning. I left my underwear on the floor and mom had picked them up to wash them leaving me in bed naked with my hot sister and mom walking past me I just had a sheet covering me I decided to tell them they was nothing I could do.after telling them they just laughed and my sister pulled away the sheet leaving me naked with a raging hard on we all stared at each other until my sister broke the silence by saying wow.she then took her clothes off and started sucking me off then followed mom suddenly we were having a threesome in the hotel bed until I cummed in my sister and then I’m my mums ass it was the best day of my life and will never be beaten

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    When I was 13 me and my mom use to play Mario kart 64 together she reached across me to do something and her 48DD tits was across my crotch I touched them with a light squeeze she just looked at me and said u shouldn’t do that I said sorry and was very embarrassed she asked have I started liking women I said yea. My dad was a work till 7 am and my grandmother was who lived with us was in the living room watching TV. My mom got up sit next to me and she noticed I had a boner she smiled and told me to reach under her shirt and touch them I was very hesitant but soon she took off her shirt and there was huge breast hanging in front of me she asked me to suck the nipples I started sucking them and she petted my head and I saw her lay on my bed and she said keep sucking mommy’s tits I saw her stick her hand in her shorts rubbing her pussy about ten mins she told me I made her cum and she explained what it was and let me see her naked we kissed and and she took my dick in her mouth and put her shirt back on and she told me after my grandmother goes to bed I could come in her room and sleep when my dad is at work. My mom taught me how to please a woman cause my dad couldn’t please her anymore cause he of a uncontrollable accident.

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