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I let my wife fuck my brothers

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When a woman is pregnant with a girl her estrogen level can cause her to get very horny.

My wife was about four months pregnant at the time. My younger brothers had come around for dinner.
This was our first child. I was 24 and my wife Carol was 23. Frank my brother was 19 and Robert 17.
Anyway, my wife had that look in her eye and we left my brother in the loungeroom as we went to our bedroom. I wife was wearing a short skirt and no underwear. Both of my brothers had noticed this every time Carol bent over. Anyway, we were in the bedroom, and I knelt on the floor in front of her and went down on her then I got up and fucked I was standing, and she was laying back on the bed.
As I was fucking her, I noticed my two brothers in the back yard watching us through the window. I told Carol they were there, and she told me to invite them in and get them to join the fun.
At first, I thought she was joking.
After I had cum, she just lay on the bed cream pie and all. I went and got my brothers and told them to follow me. By the time we got back to the bedroom Carol was naked.
At that point I knew she was serious because she was ready for action.
I asked how we are going to do this. Do you want to be in a sandwich. Frank fucking your pussy and Robert in your bum. Carol looked at me with daggers. I had been trying to talk her into trying anal. It is something everybody talks about, but many people will admit they have tied. Carol said one at a time.
With very little encouragement both of my brother undressed Frank finished first. He was soon standing where I had been, and I watched as he slid his half hard cock into my wife’s pussy. I was quickly coated in my cum and was fully erect as he started to fuck her.
I will never forget the look on Robert’s face as we both listened to the sloppy sound as Frank fucked Carol. He stopped from time to time to suck my wife’s tits and Robert moved in and started sucking on one of her tits. After Frank had cum Robert quickly took his place but they both kept sucking on her tits.
That morning,0 I had fucked my wife before we got out of bed then I had fucked again just before my brothers. Right now, I was ready for my third fuck of the day. The moment Robert had cum and pulled out I was back in there. I fucked her hard and the sloppy sound seemed to be even louder to me. Neither of my brothers had pulled out. My cock was coated in three loads of cum. For some reason that turned me on even more. I held my as deep into her as I could and started filling her pussy with even more. My balls felt a little sore but well worth it. Then my two brothers took turns for their seconds I got in the shower and had a wash. Then I went to check on dinner which had been left cooking. I came back and found all three of them in the bathroom washing each other.
That night my brother asked to sleep over they even agreed to share a room. In the middle of the night, I heard some moaning I sat and found myself alone in our bed. I found my wife in the spare room being fucked by my brothers they had her in a sandwich. Robert had his cock in her arse.
Carol smiled at me and said “I was thinking about what you said about getting fucked in the sandwich position and realized I might never get the chance to try it.
I stood there and watched them. Robert dropped his load first in her arse and then Frank shot his load. I then helped my wife up and lead her back to our bed.
I got her to lay on her side and I spooned up behind her. I then poked her arse with my cock. I found the spot and the head of my cock went in.
Carol started to protest, and I said Hey I wanted to be the first but at least it is lubed up with my brother’s cum. Carol’s arse felt hot and tight on my cock and enjoyed every second of it.
I went to sleep with my cock still in her arse.
That was how it started over the next few months my brother spent more time at my place than they did at home.
They would drop in about lunch time after lunch we would sit around to let the food go down them Frank or Robert would be sitting next to Carol they would start kissing then undressing. He would go down on her. Then she would suck his cock and then they would fuck in front of us. Once they had finished the other brother would take over fucking Carol and then I would go in my piece of the action. Then
I decided to play a joke on my brothers. So, I fucked my wife in the kitchen while she was cooking lunch just before my brothers arrived.
She was wearing a summer dress with nothing on under it. I lifted her skirt and took her from behind.
After lunch Robert was sitting with Carol. They started kissing he was feeling her breasts then he started sucking on them. He kissed her belly and moved down to her cunt and licked her out. When he stood up, he had my cum on his face.
Carol licked the cum off of his face. Either he did not notice, or he did, and it did not bother him.
The next day I did it again and Frank swore at me.
I did it a third time and Robert went down and ate my cum.
So, I started doing it every second day and watched Robert eat my cum.
Then Carol had our daughter we called her Tammy. I hoped everything would go back the way things were before Carol got pregnant. only time would tell.

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