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I let my dad take my virginity the night on my 14 birthday

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This is a true story! This happened last year. This year I turned 15 in February. I’m white, 5’3, brunette, brown eyes, and Im a c 36.

Me and my dad had always had a good relationship. We were very comfortable with each other like we would kiss on the mouth, he would slap my ass and we could walk around the house in our underwear. All of that was completely normal in our house ever since my mom ran away with some rich guy. I always imagined my dad as the most innocent sweet dad until one day i caught him jerking off in the bathroom. He didn’t lock the door and I didn’t hear anything because i had my airpods in. he saw me but he didn’t flinch at all but i was shocked i’ve never seen my dad like that. He had a pretty big penis and I couldn’t get it out of my head for a while. After that I acted like nothing ever happened. My dad on the other hand was getting kind of weird. When i would walk around the house in my bra and shorts I could feel him staring at me but I wasn’t really necessary bothered by it so I never said anything and a few other reasons is that whenever we would kiss he would hold it for a while for a while and grab my waist . he would also play around with me and sometimes touch my places . this became a routine and i started to like it alot. i liked that he always made the first move and i didn’t have to do anything. anyways my 14 birthday was coming up and he was really excited for it for some reason he bought me alot of see through underwear and laced black see through gowns i don’t really know what they’re called but i felt so pretty in them and he said its to go to sleep after my party because im a princess and i deserve to get treated like one. forward to the day of my party i wore a blue puffy dress it was above my knees and i also wore some white tights and i had my hair curled and i was wearing some maryjanes my dad bought me for my party and once my dad saw me he hugged me and he lifted me up and i put my legs around his waist and my hands on his neck and he gave me a long kiss but this time he slipped his tongue inside my mouth! it was new to me but i liked it and i did it back and he put his hands under my dress , onto my butt and squeezed it i really loved it he drank alot that day and he was showing me off to his friends and they kept replying you’re so lucky and stuff like that and i was confused. Once it was getting darker i started to get tired so i said goodnight to my guests and went to my room after i dressed in my see through black gown i laid in my bed playing a few games on my ipad my dad walks in and he calls beautiful and sexy and i smile and blush. he locked the door and crawled into my bed and we cuddled for a while and then after a while he made me turn to him then he looked into my eyes and started passionate kissing me and it was getting really intense. (btw the party was still going on and all the adults were drunk and the music was super loud) he started groping me everywhere and kissing me everywhere (he left some purple spots on my neck, breasts, thighs and stomach. ) he ripped my gown off and he started putting his finger inside me and it hurt but he distracted my pain by rubbing me and my breasts. it was amazing. After that he adjusted my body and made me hold my legs to my belly and he pulled out his camera and filmed himself inserting himself in me and i closed my eyes for a second but then he forced me to open my eyes. not going to lie that hurt very much i cried alot but he kissed me and comforted me through my pain and he put his white liquid inside of me and i liked how it felt. finally after everything i fell asleep
right away with his liquid still inside me. The next day he got me a pill.

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  • Reply James Powers ID:2px1ogoll8z

    Would love to see what you beautiful girls look like? Do you have any pictures? [email protected]

  • Reply Carline98 ID:h9afj2ud1

    I got fucked by my dad when I was 14, too, but it was quite a bit different from your story. My mom came to my room one night and started telling me the “birds and bees” story, sort of. I already knew all that from sex ed at school. At one point she was telling me “It needs to be special your first time…” blah blah but that’s when it really got weird. My relationship with my dad was like yours, we played “grabass”, he said how sexy I was in my bikini, etc. and my mom was saying “…and I know how you are with your dad, and he feels the same way about you…” but I was making sense of what she was getting at. Finally, she told me “You know what I mean?” and I admitted that I had no idea. She said, “Well, the bottom line is, I’m supposed to be telling you that to make sure your first time is special, your dad wants to be the first one.” For a second I was thinking “The first one what?” then it dawned on me. Let me say this first, I was not a virgin. I accidentally broke my hymen with a hairbrush handle about a year earlier. She knew this. I had fantasized about sex with my dad before but in my fantasy, it was behind my mom’s back. All I could think to say was “Seriously?” She said yes. I said “And you’re not mad?” She said that she wasn’t mad at all, why would she be? “Well, jealousy, that’s why”, I thought. For some reason, I really don’t know why, I wanted my dad to fuck me and I wanted her to see it. I said “When?” and she said “Well, tonight.” She stood up and walked toward their room and I followed. So yeah, he fucked me. I’m sorry to be so anti-climactic but she sat on the edge of the bed while he ate me for a little while then fucked me. It was like heaven. His cock felt way better than I had imagined it would. He told me, in front of mom, that would be our one and only time to do that. Which turned out not to be true. We fucked on and off many times (mom didn’t know it) until I was about 17.

    • 34M ID:8hdrzf4st5d

      That’s wild, honestly I want to know more about this and her situation, you can both HMU if you’re interested!


  • Reply 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

    Clearly wrote by a dude, a 14 year old girl knows how to write a sentence.Good story line just very poorly written.The writer is to turned on while writing wanting to get to the nasty part to quick when building up to the first touch is the best part.Slow down write in correct form and try again this sucks ass.

  • Reply Horniman ID:3q9axyxik

    Wow, lucky dad! I wish I had a hot teen daughter like you! So did it carry on?