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I left pregnant my enemy’s sister (Real Story)

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Hello everyone , I’m 16Y male and I really liked a girl from my school. She was slim 1.50cm and had huge tits and ass.The only problem was that she was turkish and had a brother With which I had a great enmity with . We often argued and it was a problem for me. But I decided to fuck his sister so hard that he wouldn’t believe it. I was 1.80 cm, had muscles and abs and went to the gym every day. As for my dick I had struck a vein of gold and my size was 23cm(Mediterranean genes). I told my friends about my idea and they all agreed, as our friend groups were enemies . We all got together and made a plan, I would impress her and compliment her to get closer to her. I saw her on the first day of school and greeted her. She was wearing a dress which turned me on a lot and I told her that I haven’t seen her for a long time and that she has changed a lot. Immediately, she thanked me and said the same and touched my arm.Every day I saw her and we talked until one day her brother saw us. After that she told me that she doesn’t want us to talk anymore but I understood that she had been told by her brother .Just before Christmas, I suggested we go out to eat and she accepted. We talked a lot on the phone and as I understood I was her weakness, she just didn’t want her brother to know. We went on multiple dates without her brother knowing And in the 4th she sat on my lap . We were kissing for a long time and I was grabbing her tits , At that time I had ejaculated so there was no way I wanted to continue, because sooner or later she would find out . I walked her home and we arranged an appointment the next day at my house. There, since we had talked about it with my company, we put hidden cameras in all the rooms because we would need this video very much. That day he came to my house and we didn’t waste a second. I took her to my room and started licking her back, cheek until I took off her bra and pants. With my mouth, I took out her tights and she started giving me a blowjob, while I felt the best feeling of my life. A little later, I put my huge dick inside her virgin pussy . It was so narrow and stretched and it was her first time . Ofcourse , SHe started moaning And she couldn’t handle the pain. I was so satisfied hearing her voice in pain so I smacked her even harder . We switched mutiple positions like doggy style, missionary and I finished of after 30 minutes in the position where I put her legs up to her head . She said that when I nutted she felt something warm. We didnt use condoms or pills at all. Her legs were litteraly shaking 10-20 minutes after sex and she couldn’t walk straight at all. Even after 2-3 hours it seemed that someone had fucked her well as her stomach was also in pain because she was constantly in pain. Anyway we arranged for the next day and this thing went on for a week . Every day I was fucking her so well that she was coming again the next day. After a week of intense fucking , leg shake and stomach pain for her she messaged me a photo of a pregnancy test which was positive. At that time I showed off how well I fuck and I knew in my heart that at some point she would be pregnant . She was 16 like me and our families were involved at the incident . After a lot of frustration we decided that she would keep the baby and we are going to continue as a pair afterwards. Both of our families were religious so abortion wasn’t an option . My parents were angry at me but I didn’t care at all . I fucked a 10/10 and besides that , it was my enemies sister . My girl is now 3 months pregnant and really wants my dick so much . Due to her being pregnant, she only gives me blowjobs and hand jobs while I visit her and cuddle daily . However , I have learnt that my enemy is planning to beat me , so I contacted his family instantly and his plan failed miserably. Inside me , I feel totally proud of what I did and my friend group says the same . I still have the videos of me fucking her and when I can’t visit my girl I nutt with them.
For the cuckold small penis boys coming down in the comments just stfu and do something for once in your life except from hating.

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  • Reply Your real dad ID:g3jaxsgm2

    So she sits on your lap and you cum but then you fuck a virgin pussy and you last 30 minutes? Sure mate…

  • Reply Drachenlord ID:1cwd7u24puzf

    Trash fantasy with trash grammar

    • Trash man ID:1fjgjo7ik09

      Got a trash comment with a trash attitude, must have a trash life too, when’s the last time you got fucked this hard besides by yourself when you posted this?