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I had to fuck her… my niece, my fantasy

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Pure fantasy – never rape or take someone else against their will…

Staring at her pictures again as I jerked off, I made a decision that would change everything. This wasn’t enough. Life was short and I needed to quench my unbearable thirst. For years I had fantasized about being with a young girl but I always believed it was just a fantasy, I would never take any steps to make it real. Over time many subjects were my fantasy but when my niece Kayla started to blossom around 10, she took over all my thoughts. Her legs were slim and muscular her ass rounded out and pouty lips that I dreamed of sucking on my cock. Over the next three years as she kept up with gymnastics I was treated to images and viewing of her in her leotards and swimsuits over the summer. I was truly becoming obsessed.
One day it became a little more real when visiting my brother in laws house I needed to use the rest room and as the lower bathroom was full I headed upstairs to use the one there, where I saw Kayla’s door open a little and caught a glipse of her changing out of her shorts and t shirt into her swim suit. Her shorts and shirt were already on the floor as I watched her slide her pink cotton panties down, she looked up and our eyes locked a second. I gulped as I thought I was caught but she blushed and bolted away from the door so fast I could tell she would never mention it again. I went into the bathroom and masturbated furiously replaying that image in my head of her hairless little pussy and tight nude body. As I was finishing up I heard her go down the stairs. I headed into her room and grabbed those panties and shoved them into my underwear. I would be using those for months to come (cum?).
Two months later was where this story began. I had been stroking with her pink panties wrapped around my shaft when like a bolt of lighting hit me and I decided I would fuck her, no matter the cost. I planned and schemed so many different ways. Seduction (no way she would do this…), knock her out and rape (didn’t really want to hurt her like that), kidnapping.. I really didn’t know how to do any of this, I just knew I had to and really had three goals in mind in this order: Fuck her in all her holes, don’t go to prison, don’t have anyone else find out and don’t hurt her (too much).
I knew her schedule and determined the best way to make this happen. I would intercept her on the way back home from school before anyone else was there with her. To make this happen I needed to know when she was alone and when her parents were around. I put trackers in their cars. (Thank you tile and burner smart phones to tie it to). Each day I would drive to within 5 minutes of their home and wait to see if they would be around when she got home. About 4 tries in on a Tuesday, I found both parents far away from the home about the time she would get off the bus from school.
I drove around the corner so the bus driver wouldn’t see me and waited. Out of the car I walked around the back of her house through the empty lot behind the house(avoiding the door bell cam) and dressed in black waited by the side of the garage where they usually entered their home. I heard the squeal of the brakes of the bus and 20 seconds later I heard it pull away. I pulled the mask over my head and shaking with anticipation I made sure the tranquilizer I had in a needle was ready and accessible. I heard her footsteps approach and I made my move – from behind I clamped a gloved hand over her mouth and shot her in the neck with the tranquilizer. Less than 5 seconds she was slumped in my arms. I quickly carried her around back of the house and put her in the wheelbarrow I had brought and left waiting. I covered her with a tarp and put some sod on top of the tarp. I wheeled her through the empty lot that was behind her yard and ripped my mask off as I got closer to the street. Quickly and quietly I loaded her into the back of my SUV. I duct taped her hands together behind her back and her legs too. All this time I was as hard as a rock. I blindfolded her and recovered her with the tarp.
I drove away quickly to an air-bnb about ½ a mile into a forest away from everywhere that I had rented under a stolen name and pre-paid CC. I took my prize out of my trunk while wearing the mask just in case her blind fold was off. IT wasn’t and she was still out cold. I had figured I had about 2 hours MAX that I could do what I want so I didn’t want to waste time. I threw her on the bed and she started to stir.
“uhh.. what… where..”
“Shut the fuck up slut. We are here to have some fun with you.”
“Who..” I slapped her.
“You will speak when I tell you to!” I flipped her on her stomach. I cut the tape binding her ankles together and quickly pulled down her shorts and panties. Holy shit that ass. She started to kick but a knee in her lower back kept her pinned and stopped that fast. I taped each leg to a bed post by the ankle still face down.
Staring at her ass and pussy looking back at me, I was losing control fast. I started to rub her ass. She squirmed but didn’t fight.
“I am going to fuck you now. A few times. Both your ass and pussy, do you know what that means?”
“No please don’t – I am a virgin. I am too little!”
“That’s why I need to, little one. But first I need a taste.”
I got behind her and licked her pussy, she jumped but also moaned a little. Soon with both hand holding her thighs and ass I was going to town on her little pussy. Less than five minutes had gone by and I even made her cum – she was writing and jumping and screaming.
“My turn I said.” I grabbed the KY and lubed my cock and even though she was already soaked I lubed her pussy a little more. I pulled her as close to the edge of the bed I could and put a pillow under hips to raise the angle for me. Pulling apart her tiny pussy I lined the head of my cock against her slit. It looked both huge and so fucking sexy and also obscene as hell. I rubbed and pushed and struggled for a good minute before finally the head found its mark and I was able to start to get into her. Years of fantasy finally coming true. The feeling was indescribable. I was losing my mind and started to babble.
“Oh yesssss.. oh fucking god yessss… my Kayla’s pussy.oh yes… fuck me angel girl..”
“NO… please no… wait.. Uncle Jim?”
I went cold. Of course she would recognize my voice.. but I couldn’t stop.
“No!! uh… fuck.. shut up.. I need to fuck you!”
In my panic I thrust harder and pushed to get in and fuck her for real. I was about 2inches in when I hit her maidenhood. Fuck it I thought. She knows. I am fucked I may as well do it all.
I ripped the blind fold off her and told her “I am going to take your fucking cherry now and IT IS me”
I thrust through the barrier and she scream and passed out. I was able to get a full 4-5 inches in her and was thrusting back and forth. She was so tight it was like nothing I had ever felt before. I could feel her muscles rejecting my cock and it felt like a hot wet massage. At the same time with my head lodged in her so tightly – it was like it was stuck inside of her. I wouldn’t last much longer so I started thrusting faster and deeper – and then I came inside of my angel fuck. As I drained myself in my fantasy pussy, the cold reality hit me like a wall. She knew who I was. My life was over. I would likely be in prison shortly. My dick went soft and she started to stir again as I pulled out of her fully.
Well if I was going to go down I would certainly make sure I got my fill first. Before she woke up fully I flipped her right side up and tied her wrists and ankles to the bed posts. I had fully removed her clothes before this and my blindfolded, freshly de-viriginized pre-teen sweet niece was spread before me with her hairless tiny pussy dribbling a mix of my cum with the slightly hint of her torn cherry’s blood. I grew hard again. I got a warm wash cloth and cleaned her up. But couldn’t help but taste her again.
She started to moan… “What are you doing? Why are you doing this?”
“Do you want me to stop?” I asked her
“uhh.. yeah you shouldn’t but no keep doing that oh oh oh oh!”
She started to convulse again as she came. I was ready to fuck again. I pulled her blindfold off.
“My turn again!” I lie on top of her and started to push my cock into her as I stared into her wide eyes.
“Shh….” I put my hand over her mouth as I started thrusting in and out of her. Slowly her complaints turned into silence and then little moans. I reached down and started slowly rubbing her clit as I kept fucking her tight hole. Unbelievably I was close to cumming again when she started to really start to get into it and was slowly thrusting back at me. Her eyes were closed but she was moaning and gyrating. I took my hand off of her mouth and while still slowly rubbing her clit with one hand and forcing my too big cock in her little hole, I pinched her nipple suddenly with my other hand and she came. She was convulsing and her tiny hole got even tighter as I felt the waves of her muscles spasm with me inside. I too lost it and pushed as hard as I could and rammed against her baby fuck cervix as I shot my second load inside of her.
I collapsed on top of her, both of us flush with sweat. My dick still inside of her, still semi hard. I felt her put her arms around my back. She was hugging me and crying softly.
“I don’t know why you did this…” she said to me. “But now I don’t know what to do…it felt so bad and so good. I think you may have hurt me a little too..” She could see some blood was on my fingers from before. I leaned back to see the union of our bodies, as I was still in her hairless pre-teen pussy. I hardened even more.
I looked at my watch and figured I had 1 more hour. I had more plans. I reluctantly started to pull out of her.
She panicked. “Nooooo! Please stay inside me… it feel so full and good…”
“Don’t worry, we only have a little time left and since I will probably never get the chance to fuck you again, I intend on…”
She interrupted me – “NOO!! We have to do it again… please please!! I wont tell.. please fuck me again!”
I was a little shocked. Thinking fast I said – “Ok but we have to be careful about when and where AND you have to be my little sex girlfriend and slave – you have to do what I want when I want and how I want!”
“OK OK anything!”
“Ok be right back.” I went in the bathroom and cleaned up my cock. I walked back to her as she was bound still…
“open your mouth and suck me off” I told her – she obeyed and was .. terrible.. I spent the next few minutes instructing her. She was a quick learner. I blew my load in her mouth and her face within the next 10 minutes.
30 minutes to go.
“Thanks – now this one will hurt but first you get some fun!” I ate her pussy for a minute or two while I reached my full hardness again. I untied her and told her to lay on her stomach with her legs off the bed. I told her to reach back and pull her butt cheeks apart.
“What are you going to do uncle..” she was stopped by my tongue in her young ass. She could only moan, but that didn’t last too long as I stood up behind her and lubed my cock and put it against her last hole.
“Your ass is mine” I told her as I struggled to pop the head in. Even tighter than her pussy I felt her pushing back at me to try and keep my out but it actually opened her more and I was in. I kept pushing inch after inch as she tried to keep from crying. Eventually after about 4-5 inches inher I was able to start fucking that awesome little ass.
“Pleeeeease stop…ow ow ow!” she cried out.
It made me harder.
“Fuck you! Slave bitch! You are my sex toy!” I rammed harder into her. I started slapping her ass cheeks as I pulled back. Her ass turned deep red. She was really crying harder now.
“You like this?” I asked her.
“Nooooo.. please….”she begged.
“Please what? Please fuck you harder?? OK SLUT!” I put my hands around her neck as I continued to pound her underaged ass. All those years of sneaking looks at her. Fantasizing about doing exactly what I was doing right now… raping my barely teenaged niece – right in her tiny ass. Her body helpless below me, already covered in my cum.
The thing was I had already cum three times in a short period of time and while I was immensely turned on by fucking her tight 13 year old ass, I wasn’t getting off just yet.
“I want you to cum my little fuck sleeve” I told her as I savagely thrust in and out of her little butt.
She was crying. I could see she needed some help here.
“I’m going to keep fucking you until it feels so good to you that you cant help it.” I reached around with one hand and pinched her little nipples on her barely budding tits. They were already hard.
“See I can tell your body is reacting, so just enjoy it little cunt! Beg me for it!”
“Please please stop… she cried softly… it hurts….”
“Yeah but that pain will turn to pleasure… besides when you say it hurts it only turns me on more….” I told her as I impossibly grew harder…. “I know what will help”…

I licked my fingers and reached around to her clit, which was also hard. Her cunt was still wet from a mixture of her own body betraying her and my cum from before…. I rubbed her clit gently as I leaned in close to her ear and whispered “You are mine now… my own sex toy… I will fuck you and fuck you… but I will also make you feel good…” I began fingering her gently in opposite strokes to my cock thrusting in her ass. She was getting more excited. Even thrusting back at me gently.
“Tell me what you want….” I said to her again. “Tell me”
“I… I … want you to fuck me and fuck me… please…. Make me cum.. please…..” The stimulation of my cock in her ass and her pussy filled by a finger while my thumb rubbed her clit was too much and she started to convulse…
“oooooh OH OH OH OH MY GOD OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She screamed as I increased the pace of my thrusts – that was enough to set me off for my record 4th cum in her ass this time.

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  • Reply Bob ID:1dt2wzqeekjx

    That’s an awesome rape of your sweet young niece!!! Please write more parts and tell us how you continued with her. Clearly, she liked feeling your cock inside her body (at least in her pussy). So, fucking her again would be both easy and the natural thing for you to do. I like hearing her talk dirty to you = so fucking hot. I never had the pleasure of fucking a young girl, but your story excites my desires. Thank you!!!

    My experiences have been (besides my wife) with old widow girls who needed some love and affection. I was willing and glad to give each one all the love (you know – fucking) and affection (kissing and foreplay) that they wanted AND needed. It was so fucking good.

    Love, sucks and fucks,

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    Added you on discord

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    Damn! Lucky you!

  • Reply Uncle Jesse ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    To me it sounds like you really want to but are to afraid to try it

  • Reply ****** ID:1eijpyox12l6

    Mmmm mine wasn’t a fantasy I have raped three little girls it’s scary dangerous wrong but so EXCITING

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    Does she have abs?