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I Had To Be Forced Into Submission For My Honeymoon (Part 3)

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Jake an I had been using my rape event, when I was 10 years old for stimulation during sex. I finally confided to Jake that a 60 year old neighbor had raped me. I was trying to sell stuff for my school fund raiser. Jake ask me about it while we were fucking. As I told him about it, his dick got rock hard and he was so turned on, it turned me on too.

So, when we would have sex after that, Jake would always ask me what that man did to my 10 year old pussy and how he did it. We talked about it and he fucked me and made me suck his dick. It was so exciting how excited he got. That made me excited. I knew Jake wanted to fuck a little girl to feel his dick in a little pussy. I ask him and he said yes, he’d love to fuck a little girl.

Jake said he wished I had more sexual experiences we could talk about or he wished someone else had touched me or fucked me when I was little. But, I didn’t. I was very introverted after I was raped and kinda fearful of all males.

I wouldn’t let Jake fuck me while we were going together but, to satisfy his sexual needs I would jack him off or suck his dick. We had been married about about 2 weeks before, he finally forced his dick in me to fuck me. I then confessed about my rape. He didn’t care that I wasn’t a virgin. I had fears for nothing. But, as I told him what happened, that’s when he got so turned on and his dick felt like a ball bat fucking me.

I was trying to think of a way to give Jake what he really wanted. I did have a cousin who was about 10 maybe 11. She always thought Jake was so cute. I know she had a crush on him. She once told me she wanted to marry a man like Jake. I was wondering if maybe I could get her for Jake. We saw her pretty often and she had spent the night with us before. I used to babysit her several years ago.

I thought I’d give her a call to chit chat and see if she’d be interested in staying the weekend with us. School had been out for the summer about 2 weeks. She was excited to hear from me. I was pleased to hear her ask if she could come spend the night with us. I said absolutely. Then I said, why don’t you stay the weekend since schools out? She said she’d love to.

It was Thursday and I told her I’d pick her up Friday morning because, I didn’t have to work Friday. Jake was fucking me later that night an I told him Sarah was coming for the weekend. I thought he would cum right then. He was thrilled at the possibility of fucking her. I told him I didn’t know if it would happen this weekend but, we could lay some ground work. I wanted her to want to be fucked if possible.

I picked up Sarah and she had changed a little. Her titties were puffed out with little hard nipples exposed because she didn’t wear a bra. I know Jake would love than. She was still small. About 4’11” maybe 90 lbs. Pretty as a picture with long bra length blonde curly hair and dark green eyes. She had on a little sleeveless summer dress. We talked on the way home and she was asking all about Jake.

So, she was still crushing on him. I told her when he got home she should run and jump in his arm then give him a big hug and kiss. So, when he came in, she did that. She wrapped her legs around his waist, arms around his neck and pussy against his belly. She hugged and kissed him. He held her up with his hands on her butt. His hands were just outside her panties. I saw him slip his left hand under her panty and squeeze her butt with both hands.

He held her up against him for a little bit, telling her how glad she was spending the weekend and we were gonna have a lot of fun. When he put her down, he slid her against his dick. I could see he was hard. I’m pretty sure the way her legs were spread with just the thin panties she had on she could feel it. He went slow letting her down.

We ate and sat around looking for something to watch on tv. She was into romance movies that had sex in them. That was encouraging. We were talking and she said some of her friends had been watching porn movies. I ask her if she’d ever seen one and she said, yeah at her girlfriends house a couple of times. I noticed her reaching down pushing against her pussy a couple of times. I’m thinking she’s totally into sex and the hormones are raging.

Jake said, “Hey, I opt for a porn movie, it’s okay with me.” Sarah looked big eyed like she was excited about it. I said, “Do you think your parents would throw a fit?” She said, “You’re not gonna tell them are you?” I said, “Well, no but, I don’t wanna scar you or anything like that.” She said, “Look, I’ve seen them before.” I said, “Well, I don’t care then, if that’s what you guys wanna watch.”

She was sitting on the couch next to Jake. He went and got a movie from the bedroom and I said I was gonna make some popcorn. When I came back the movie was playing and she was next to Jake. I gave them the popcorn and I said, “I’ve got some briefs to read I’m gonna sit over here so, I can read them.” So, I was across the room in a rocker reading while they were engrossed in the movie. I could see them if I looked up but, I kept my head down to make them think I wasn’t watching them.

I could see Jake talking to her. He was real close to her and they were kinda leaning into one another. She still had her dress on but it was up pretty high on her thigh. Her feet was up on the couch. I could also see Jake’s dick was hard. It was bulging out of his shorts. It had been about a half hour and I saw Jake take her hand and put it on his dick. She just let him.

She was rubbing it up and down outside of his shorts. Then, I saw him unzip his shorts and pull his dick out. She looked at it and he took her hand and put it on it. He was stroking her hand up and down his dick. She was letting him. He was saying something to her, whispering in her ear.

She repositioned herself by sitting Indian style on the couch. But, she put her hand back on his dick and was stroking it. Jake took his hand and stuck it inside her panties to play with her pussy. I laid my head back to act like I fell asleep but I could see everything they were doing. It was turning me on. Jake was getting to do what he wanted and that made me happy. His dick was sticking straight up.

I could tell he was fingering her so, she must not be a virgin. She was loving it and getting excited. I heard her moan so, he must have put two or three fingers in her. I just laid their with my head tilted back an even made some snoring sounds.

Jake was so worked up. He picked her up and took her panties off. She was weak looking. I wondered if she had a climax. I heard him say, “Come on, she’s asleep just sit on my dick, please Sarah?” So she spread her legs on the outside of his and she was facing me so, she could see if I woke up. Then he started putting his dick in her from behind.

I could tell she was little and tight because he had trouble getting it in. She moaned a few times and I could see her wincing in pain from her facial expressions. He was working so hard to get in her. I saw him spread her pussy lips apart then she sat down. He reached up under her arms grabbed her shoulders with his hands and pulled her down on his dick.

She groaned. But, he was in her. Then he was rubbing her titties under her dress. She was letting him do whatever he wanted. I saw him put his hands on her hips then, started lifting her up and down on his dick. He was fucking her little pussy. Jake was sweating and breathing hard. He reached down to her clit and she moaned out loud. He covered her mouth and started fucking her hard and fast. Then, he rammed into her and cum. He squeezed her hugging her to him. He kissed her and she kinda melted I to his arms. It was so sweet.

I knew she was gonna be in love with him. He kept his dick in her for awhile sliding it in an out of her little cum filled pussy. The movie was still playing. I hadn’t moved. She reached up and hugged his neck. I heard him say, “You okay?” She said, “Yeah, that was great.” Then she said, “Will we ever be able to do it again ?” I heard him say, “Absolutely, I’m gonna fuck you again, if you let me.” She said, “I’ll let you anytime you want.”

He lifted her off his dick and told her to go to the bathroom and clean up. When she left, I looked at him. He said, “Did you see that!” I said, “Yes, I did, it was fucking amazing.” I said, “She wasn’t a virgin?” He said, “She broke her hymen with a dildo.” We’re whispering and I said, “So, how was that tight pussy?” He said, “I can’t wait to tell you.”

She came back down and I stirred and woke up. I said, “Oh geez guys, I’m sorry, I was more exhausted than I thought.” ” I feel like I slept like a log.” Jake said “Well honey you did do a little snoring.” I said, “Oh that’s nice to hear.” Sarah said, “Oh it wasn’t that bad.” Jake stopped the movie and I said, “I’ve got to go to bed, I’m so sleepy.” Sarah said, “Good night, Rosemarie.” I kissed her on her head and said, “Night honey, you coming Jake?” “Yeah, in a few, I wanna see the top of the news.” “Okay babe.”

I walked out and headed upstairs. I knew he would fuck her again but, I wasn’t gonna be able to watch this time. Our stairs make noise so, I couldn’t sneak down. But, they would be able to hear me if I did go back down so, they would feel safe fucking in the living room. I’d just have to wait to hear from Jake what happened.

It was almost 2:00 am when Jake crawled in the bed. He was naked and spooned up against st me with a hard dick. I said, “You okay?” He said, “I’m better than okay.” I said, “Did you fuck her again?” He said, “I fucked her two more times and made her suck my dick once.” I said, “How’s your dick so hard?” He said, “It won’t go away, I’m so fucking turned on.” I ask, “Is she in bed?” He said, “Yeah, she’s asleep and full of cum.” I said, “Now , that’s turning me on.” He’s rubbing his dick against st my ass.

Jake said, “I think she’s a nympho.” “She practically attacked me when you left.” She said, “Fuck me again Jake” So she straddled me and I fucked her.” “She was bouncing up and down on my dick hard as she could.” I said, “How tight was it.” “It was tight and felt so nice.” “She wanted me to talk to her.” I said, “What did you say to her?”

I told her, “I’ve been wanting to fuck a little girls pussy for a long time.” She said, “When I used my dildo at home I always thought of your dick.” I told her I was gonna be fucking her from now on so get ready to be spending some time over here with us.” She said, “I don’t want to hurt Rosemarie.” I said, “Rosemarie will let me do pretty much whatever I want.” She said, “Are you kidding me?” I said, “We have a very good and open sex life.” “I could tell her I fucked you and she would only be concerned, if you were okay with it.” She said, “Really?” I said, “Yes.” Then I said, “She’d probably wanna watch.”

“She wouldn’t care if I fucked you?” “I don’t think so, not at all.” Rosemarie is very cool, Sarah and she knows I love her.” “She likes to make me happy and she does.” So, if I want to fuck you she would want me to.” “Are you gonna tell her we fucked?” “Don’t you want me to?” She said, “I just feel funny and don’t want her to hate me.” “Honey, she’d never hate you, never, she loves you.”

She said, “Well, it would be easier than trying to hjde.” I said, “Yeah, it would.” “Then, tell her if you want.” I said, “Okay, I’ll tell her tomorrow.” Jake turned me over on my back and climbed up on my chest to put his dick in my mouth. He said, “Suck my dick for me baby, so I can cum in your beautiful mouth.” So, I started sucking as he started fucking my mouth. I love it when he fucks my mouth like it’s a pussy.

Holy shit, Jake’s makes me horny. He said, “She didn’t wanna suck my dick but, I forced it in her mouth and made her.” “She was sitting on the couch and I stood in front of her and told her to suck me.” “She said, “No, I don’t wanna do that.” I told her, “I don’t care, I want you to suck my dick.” I said, “Open your mouth.” “She barely opened it and I held her head with both hands and rammed it in and fucked her mouth.” “She was gagging and coughing but, I kept fucking her, like it was her pussy.” “She finally let me fuck her without resisting.

I pulled his dick out an ask, “Where did you cum?” He said, “I cum in her mouth and down her throat.” “She didn’t like it and spit it out but, I didn’t care, I filled her mouth with it anyway.” “I played with her pussy and got her off a couple times.” “She loved cumming on my hand.” “She had never had a climax like the one I gave her.”

“I bent her over the couch arm and fucked her hard.” She was grunting and moaning with every thrust.” “I’m surprised you didn’t hear us fucking.” “I was pounding her little pussy.” “I loved fucking her from behind looking at that tiny little ass, while watching her little pussy stretched over my big dick as I shoved it in an out of her.” “I even took some pictures of it.” “You’ll love seeing them.”

Jake was so hard and cum was leaking out of his dick. He was sliding it down my throat an I could tell he was wanting to cum. He reached around and was working on my clit. It was hard and I was gonna cum. He said, “Ah, you’re ready baby, cum on my hand while I cum down your throat.” “Come on baby cum, cum.” I did. Oh my gosh, he makes me cum so hard. I was squirting. Just then, he started squirting cum down my throat. I was trying to swallow what I could without choking. Then, he pulled out and finished cumming on my face. ”

Jake got off and laid down beside me hugging me and telling me he couldn’t wait until tomorrow. I told him, I can’t wait to see you fuck her with your big dick.” We finally fell asleep, we were very tired.

Until tomorrow…..

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    Love that there was some resistance to Jake, but he forced it down her fucking throat anyway!!

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    Rosemarie are you a three fuck toy for him? Will she be a 3 hole toy? Make her eat your cunt while he’s raping her little holes