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I Had To Be Forced Into Submission For My Honeymoon (Part 2)

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It’s been awhile since I wrote about my fear of my husband Jake, fucking me because, I was raped at 10 and didn’t tell him. He was the most patient man I’ve ever known. He kept trying to fuck me when we were going together but, I satisfied him by first, jacking him off so he could cum. Then, I started sucking his dick so he could cum. That satisfied him so, he wouldn’t fuck me. I loved sucking his dick. I told him I wanted to wait until I was married to have sex.

What a ridiculous fear I had. I didn’t tell anybody about my neighbor who raped me while I was out selling nuts, candy and popcorn for my school. My mother told me to never go into anyone’s house but, I disobeyed her and it got me raped.

Anyway, after Jake finally forced his dick into my pussy after a couple of weeks of being married, I confessed to him about the rape and he could have cared less. He fucked me, made me cum all over his dick an I couldn’t believe what I had been missing all this time.

After that, he fucked me all the time, I wanted it all the time too. He did every and all kind of things to me. I loved them all. And, one night while he was fucking me he ask me about that man who raped me. He said, “How did it happen?” I said, “What?” He said, “How did that man get you so, he could rape you?”
I said, “I went in his house.” “Momma told me not to but, he talked so friendly, I just went in.” “What did he say?” He said, “Well, come on in here little lady and let me have a look at what you’re selling.”

Jake said, “What happened then?” I told him, “He ask me to spin around in my pretty little pink dress and when I did he could see my panties.” “Then, he grabbed me, pulled my back into his chest then, jerked my panties off and started rubbing my pussy.”

I felt my Jake’s dick getting harder as he slowly fucked me while I told him about my rape. I thought this is turning him on. He likes hearing what a grown 60 year old man did to a 10 year old girls little pussy. I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. Then, when I felt how hard his dick was and how good it felt fucking me I said to myself, okay, this feels great. I’ll tell him anything he wants to know. So, I did.

Jake said, “What did you do and think?” I said, “The first thing was I should have listened to momma.” “Then, I didn’t know how I was gonna get away from him, he was so strong.” “I started crying and told him I wanna go home.” He stuck his fingers in my pussy and it hurt me.” “I think he broke my hymen with his fingers.” “He pulled me up on his lap an I felt him undoing his pants.” “He used his knees to spread my legs apart.” “He put his dick at my opening and pushed until he got it to pop in my pussy.”

Jake’s dick was flexing. He was so turned on. Jake said, “What else? I said, “He had to force his dick in me, I was so small and he was pretty big.” “It hurt me so much I was screaming and he covered my mouth with his hand while he pulled me down on his dick to get it in me.” Jake stopped moving. I think he was about to cum.

I said, “This is turning you on ain’t it?” He said, “I’m sorry, but I’m so hard I’m about to bust my nut an I don’t want to.” “Yes, it’s turning me on more than I can even believe.” I said, “Well what can I do for you?” He said, “Well, I want you to finish telling me about it but, I had to calm down a little before you go on.” Then he ask me, “Am I being insensitive to you by getting turned on by it?” I said, “Actually, no, I’m glad your so fucking hard and horny by it.”

He said, “Well then go on.” “After he pulled me down on his dick he started fucking me lifting me up and down on it.” I thought I might have passed out because of the pain.” “I remember him fucking me fast and hard.” “I told him I wanna go home and he said, he’d let me go just as soon as he fucked my sweet little pussy.” “He kept telling me how good and tight my pussy was on his dick.”

Jake’s dick got harder. I said, “Your dick feels like a ball bat fucking me Jake.” Jake said, “My dicks about to explode.” I said, “Are you imagining how your dick would feel in a little girls pussy?” He said, “Yes, I can only imagine how tight a 10 year old pussy would be.” I said, “Well, I can tell you it was tight, very tight.”

“So, what happened?” “Well, he kept fucking me and finally he pushed deep into my pussy and squirted my pussy full of his cum.” He squirted about 4 ropes of cum into me.” “Then he slid his dick in an out of the cum he just dumped in me before he pulled out.” “I started to leave when he picked me up , took me in the bathroom, wiped off some blood and his cum out of my pussy then, told me to put my panties back on.”

“He thanked me for coming by, grabbed my paper and checked a bunch of items then said, I hope this makes up for what I did to you.” “On my way out he said don’t go into anybody’s house.”

Jake is hard and wanting to cum. I said, “I wish it had been you fucking my 10 year old pussy.” I said, “Do you wanna fuck a little girl now?” Jake said, “Yes, I do.” I said, “Tell me what you want, baby.” Jake pulled out if my pussy, climbed upon my chest and put his dick in my mouth. He said, “I wanna fuck your mouth and think of how that man grabbed you, pulled off your little panties and stuck his fingers in your virgin pussy.”

I’m sucking Jake’s dick and he’s so hard in my mouth. He’s sliding it down my throat real deep when he talks about my rape. Jake said, “I bet that guy was in heaven when he finally got his big man’s dick in your little pussy.” “I’m sure he had to cover your mouth when you started screaming.” “Your screams probably made his dick harder, knowing he was raping a little girls tight pussy.”

I could tell Jake was getting ready to cum in my mouth. I was massaging his balls and sucking him so good. He put it down my throat and said, “I want you to suck my dick hard while I’m cumming, running your tongue along the back of the head.” I nodded okay and he said, “Suck me baby, suck the cum out of my dick.” I did as I was told and Jake cum so much, I couldn’t keep it all in my mouth.

I swallowed some but, it was all over my face. Jake got off of me and looked at me. He said, “I like you when you look like a cum filled slut who serves her man.” I said, “Have I served you well, master?” He said, “You were more than I could ever expect.”

We talked later and we were both amazed how turned on we both got talking about my rape. I told him I used to have dreams of that man raping me and me loving it then, going back so he could rape me again. I said, “I do feel like I’ve gotten past it now though.” Jake said, “I know I love for you to tell me about it and how hard it makes my dick.” I said, “Yeah, I like how hard your dick gets too.” Jake said, “I wish you had other experiences to tell me.” I said, “So do.” Jake said, “We might have to look for something else or someone else to help us.” I was wondering what he meant.

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    Very good. Part 3 please

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    So so hot!! Entice a girl into your home and watch Jake rape the shit out of her. Then talk about it during sex!!