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I fucked My Mother

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Me and My sexy Mother Poonam fucked at night

One day my father gone to Delhi at afternoon then I got the chance to fuck my mother(POONAM)Age 45 .Her breast is so big and booty also . On that night me and my mother was doing dinner but suddenly a glass of water fall on my mother’s cloth. She said I will change my clothes and come back.Then I completed my dinner fastly,then I came to my mother’s bedroom her room door was open I saw him naked situation because she was changing her panty .When she saw me she felt shy and hide her pussy with her hand.Then I said you are very beautiful and sexy,ahe came and said why you came here I am changing my clothes.I said I want to fuck you because I seen my father penis was not so big compared to my .Then she said when you seen his penis. When he was fucking you and pressing your nipples. Then my mother said okay so show me your penis Then I open my pant and my mother fall in love over me and given kiss to my penis then after she said I will do sex with you . I open her bra and panty her nipples was very juicy I licked her pussy very deeply and having sex . I fucked him back and front,and pressed her breast very very much.I given my penis to my sexy mother(Poonam) mouth and she was started doing masterbution and I fucked 5 hours at night then we go to sleep.Early morning when my mother waken up then I said sorry mom I fucked you last night she said don’t worry my child, I want to fuck with you everyday please don’t tell your father I said okay .Guys comment on My sexy mother POONAM Write a sexy comment as you can you can also use abusing words to my sexy mother and to me also because I want to see What you think About Poonam.

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  • Reply Sammy Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    I would fuck your sexy mother , she needs my 67 year old hard cock

    • Hacker25 ID:xobhzor08

      Okay you can also check other stories

  • Reply Robin ID:xobhzor08

    Keep posting these stories

  • Reply Sexy Riya ID:xobhzor08

    Your mother is sexy like me

    • Hacker25 ID:xobhzor08

      Okay thanks

    • Hxrnyaf ID:5ers3kqrd

      You’re sexy?~

    • Sammy Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

      You are sexy Riya , I would give you my 67 year old hard cock

  • Reply Jack ID:xobhzor08

    I want to fuck Poonam 💩

    • Hacker25 ID:xobhzor08

      What will you do if you got my mom

  • Reply Jack ID:xobhzor08

    I want to see your mother naked body 👅

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    • Hacker25 ID:xobhzor08

      What will you do if you got my mom

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5wicmo8rc

    This is no where near a true story. However, please keep writing these stories as they help pass a boring afternoon for my ‘friend’ and l. Thank you Hacker25.

    • Hacker25 ID:xobhzor08

      I will carry on

    • Hacker25 ID:xobhzor08

      What will you do if you got my mom

  • Reply Suraj ID:1cn9ru29yuk5

    I want to fuck your mom. Will your mom have a threesome with you and me?

    • Hacker25 ID:xobhzor08

      Ya it’s possible

    • Hacker25 ID:xobhzor08

      What will do If you got my mom