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I feel worthless

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I feel worthless
A kinky cuckold.

It all started with my sister. I could see her through the window. At night when her boyfriend was there I would climb the small hill and watch her through the window with my spy glasses. My sister liked fisting. After she moved out her daughter, my niece moved in the room. I did the same to her.
It was about that time that I started having fantasies about cleaning up after sex. The glasses made the room so clear that if she stood up after sex. I could see the cum drip out of her pussy. It even got to the point I jacked off thinking about the taste their sex would have in my mouth. I cum many time hard thinking about the flavor.
When their bathroom door was open I watch them piss. In Secret I started to draw the need to lick her. The kink was born right then. I justified the thought by telling myself it would be good to suck the cum and piss out of her. That need was the reason, I became Cuckold. I never did get to taste her. Trust me I wanted to. I could never tell anyone that I was spying on her.
I meant a lady at twenty-one. She was twenty. When she walked down the street, through malls, men stopped to get a whiff of her. At that point we were just friends. About a six mounts after we meant I started talking to her. I told her what I was doing. I was afraid she was going to walk off. To my surprise she just set there and listened to me. Telling her made me very hard. But my dick is to small to see through my pants. I am about one quarter of a inch when at my hardest. I could not tell how much she know, but found it hard to hide. She never showed any glimpse of notification, not even a outward appearance. I think she knew. After we split up that day I went start home and cum four times. That was the first time I had sex with a women. I am so glad we talked that day.
Just a few days later I was setting in Denny’s restaurant when she walked in and held both my hands. I remember to this day, “I would like to marry you, I want you as a husband.” I almost fell out of my chair. I stood there and cried. I was overwhelmed. The surprised hit me like a jackhammer. I said, “yes.”
Her parents paid for the wedding. We got married in their back yard. Forty-three people showed up.
The ring they gave me was to big. When the party broke up. Her and I went to the Hotel we striped we laid on the bed. We were kissing, she started kissing me, and fingering my dick. That was the first time any buddy but me had touched it. I was fingering her. She would not let me cum. She even licked it with her tongue tell you could see precum.
Then this other white guy walked in and set on the bed. My wife put a cock cage on me with a catheter on it. Took the ring from my finger and gave it to him. It fit his finger. I never touched her that way again. I only spent that ten minute with her for the rest of are marriage.
Never again was allowed any sex. I was never allowed to cum unless I was swallowing piss. Even then I had to wait for the last few drops. If they finished before I cum I had to wait another two weeks before I could cum again. If they pooped I had to wipe them clean. I always used toilet paper on them. I like serving them in every way. After trying brown one time I would never do it again. But love to clean their ass after pooping. “I am a servant.”


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