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I caught him, my husband is a sissy

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I never knew, had no idea till I came home early from a week long trip.

I had no clue when I met him nor for the first years of our marriage. Then I came home early from a weeks trip and there SHE was. My husband who isn’t the most “endowed” man in the world was in my nighties, garter, stockings, see through panties and bra. He didn’t even react when I came in. He just said hello to me got up and kissed me and sat back down. I asked whats going on and he said it was what he normally did when I was gone. He was a crossdresser and liked feeling feminine. I was somewhat speechless, I’m sure my jaw dropped open. The man who regularly fucks me, eats me, even buttfucks me was actually looking really good in my lingerie. I just said I didn’t know what to say and he took me into the bedroom, stripped me, and didn’t make love to me he fucked me like when we were first dating. It was extraordinary. He took off the panties leaving all else on, and gave me some of the best sex we’ve had. After he insisted that I not clean myself, but leave his sperm in me and leaking out, he selected white see through panties and matching bra and a thin shortie nightie. I put them on, me in white him in black. We returned to put some porn on the tele in the living room. He was all over me, kissing me, sucking on my nipples, and rubbing my panties into my crotch getting them all cummy, his and mine.

I finally asked him. He’d been doing this since he was about 12. He used his sisters undies and many times would wear panties under his work suits. Sometimes undies, garter and stockings. I never knew. I asked if he was strictly straight and his answer was “Not strictly”. His first sex was at 11 with an older boy. That continued for a few years. Probing further I found out he was the bottom, sometimes the other boy would use his hand on my husband and only a very few times used his mouth. My husband, at 12 – 14 was sucking cock and getting fucked by an older boy. After that boy found that he would wear his sisters undies, it was that way all the time. My husband even now is not that tall, very thin and quite frankly has a bit of a femme body, indented at the waist, legs as shapely that I wish I had them, and the cutest butt every. That butt was one of the things that attracted me to him. Little did I know that it attracted other males too.

His next lover was a man in his 20s. He’d invent “jobs” so he could stay over at his house for the weekend, all the time, dressing in lingerie, undies and even skirts, dresses and blouses for the man and basically being his girlfriend or wife. He says that even when we started dating in college that he had two male lovers and dressed for them. He loved me, and wanted to be with me exclusively so he stopped cold turkey. Until about 2 years before I caught him, he started to dress again. So I accepted that my husbands butt and mouth had more cocks than mine, even more than my pussy (only 3 including hub), and we moved on. He usually dressed late in the evenings, came to bed in sexy lingerie we bought for him. Sometimes I’d look at him and his panties with him all tucked in, actually looked smoother than mine. I do have pretty prominent pussy lips though. He actually looked better than I did.

We had great sex,but then he asked me to use a dildo on him. That lead to a strapon which in turn lead to my wearing mens undies (I have really small boobs, his aren’t too much smaller than my little one) and fucking him. He acted totally like a woman when he was dressed, I was having sex with a cock, but a cock attached to a woman, a woman who wanted me to fuck her with a cock. Then I just asked him after several months. He admitted he was getting fucked by a man, he was sucking the mans cock. I even tried to let him have sex with the man while I was there too. I just didn’t want sex after that though. The man got very demanding, I thought he was gay but I guess he wasn’t. After he fucked my husband my husband cleaned his cock with his mouth, then the man got on top of me and put his cock up my ass. My husband watched, kissing me, sucking on my neck, and even licking the mans asshole. When brad, the man, left my husband had two loads of sperm in his butt, I had one in mine, and one from my husband when Brad made him fuck me while he watched. After Brad was hard and made me suck him and when ready he fucked my husband again.

That was 3 months ago, I haven’t had sex since. I don’t want it. My husband is happy he is a sissy again, and talks about sex with me all the time. I don’t even want to hear about it, but I do.

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