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I became my mother after dad fucked me last night

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Me 14M the youngest of my brothers, not knowing what I will become after my mom’s death

A little backstory a few months back I (male) just turned 14 my mother died leaving me and my father and my 2 brothers in grieve,after her death I took on all the chores she used to do around the house due to my brother going to university, plus I was my parents last attempt of birthing a girl, I look like my mother alot, also we are arabs and muslims so gay sex was frowned upon in our society and the only positions we know about sex is the doggystyle sex position and missionary with legs up.

One day my father came to me with a strange request he said “I would really love if you wear your mom’s clothes you can remind me of her”, at first I was hesitant and but I accepted thinking of how much it would make my father happy, we went into the room he gave me her home outfit which was a robe, he then gave me my mother’s panties and bra, I was confused I said to him “why are you giving me that?” He said it would make it realistic I was uncomfortable but I obliged for the sake of my father, I changed into mom’s clothes the panties were a tight fit because of my dick I suppose I had a little trouble with the bra because i didn’t know how to wear it at first.

When I came out the room my father couldn’t stop looking at me and saying thing like “you look exactly like her” and “you remind me of her beauty”
I then went on with my day doing the chores

When we went to bed I was starting to find some clothes to change into but my father said no and that I was going to sleep I said sure since it’s not my first time sleeping with him, I was a little uncomfortable to say the least but hammered through and slept somehow, midway through the night I am awoken by my dad groping my thighs I was again confused and pretended to continue sleeping, then I felt him pulling the robe up and caressing my thighs and ass cheeks this time he then whispered in my ear “wake up *mother’s name* I wanna give you your reward” at this point I was scared a little, he then shook me a little and slapped my ass, he then started kissing my neck, after doing that for a while he turned me around so now I was facing him I was wide eyes he then told me to open my mouth I was scared so I obliged I didn’t get to open it properly and he just plunged at me and started invading my mouth with his tongue I was overwhelmed by his strength, after he told to bend over for him I again obliged he pulled the panties down enough so you can see my asshole but not my dick.

And there I was bent over with mom’s robe pulled up and panties pulled down he then started licking and slurping on my asshole I looked back and his face was buried between my ass cheeks, I moaned a little then I felt something warm and wet pressing against my asshole it was his tongue and he somehow enter it and started moving it around my inner walls, I moaned so loudly when he did it, he stopped to tell me “your mother never moaned you pathetic whore” which was true because when I used to sometime wakeup to them having sex she would never moan even when my father is thrusting fast and hard.

He stopped and I thought this was it, but no it wasn’t, he got on his knees and spread my legs with his and he started rubbing his dick between my cheeks, he stopped everynow and then and spit on my asshole, after that he started kissing my ass and said to me “don’t you moan you dumb whore” he then penetrated me and I didn’t moan because of what he said he would thrust in slowly and then go back quickly he was breathing heavily, and then he started fucking me hard I was in pain to say the least and the sound of my wet ass and his groin clapping on my ass cheeks was so loud, he started saying a lot of things to me like “I’m gonna give you my cum” and “I love you *mother’s name*” he picked up the pace even more and said to me “this ass belongs to who?” I remember it because he would say it to my mom when they had sex but I didn’t respond, he asked the same question again, still I didn’t respond he slapped my ass and said “who does this ass belong *mother’s name* you whore” I finally responded and said “to you dad” he said “I am not your dad I am your love, your honey, your life, say it again” between his deep breaths, “it belongs to you honey” after hard thrusting and wet noises and clapping he thrust deep inside of my and came, his load was very hot that and it was a lot.

he stayed there for a while, but then he collapsed on the other side I was still bent over and my ass was gaping because of the fucking his big dick,he was breathing heavily and said to me “pull your panties up, so the the load doesn’t escape” I again obliged “I laid there facing the other side and he said to me “I’m gonna fuck you everynight from now on honey and do all the things you didn’t let me do before” he then fell asleep as I heard him snore I was on the verge of crying, there was cum leaking out and the panties started becoming sticky and wet.

I am certain he’s gonna fuck me tonight, so that explains the events of the night before for me if you want to write tommorow about what’s gonna feel free to tell me

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  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    You definitely did good

  • Reply Renita M. ID:8bvvucf2hj

    When I was 14 I used to have fantasies about my dad but I knew he would never do anything with me. I thought not anyway. One time my mom was at work and somehow one thing led to another and he ended up licking my pussy on the couch. He thought he had “violated” me but he didn’t know that I had imagined him doing that many times. He apologized and told me how wrong it was and all that, he was sorry he hadn’t controlled himself, it would never happen again, etc. That wasn’t what I wanted to hear though. About two months later I was sitting in the living room across from him and was so horny I didn’t know what to do. I spread my legs in his direction and hoped I could catch him trying to peep. I pretended to watch the TV and acted like I didn’t notice my legs were spread like that. I hoped he could see up the leg of my shorts. I didn’t catch him looking but that night he came into my room. He asked me if we could do what we did before, just one more time. I said yeah but acted like I was a little reluctant. He did it again but just like before he was apologizing, he’d never do it again, blah blah. So even though my dad ate my pussy until I was about 16, I had to tease him or something, acting like that wasn’t what I was doing, to get him to do it. I was hoping one day he’d get on top of me and fuck me but he never did. Maybe I needed a stepdad to do that lol

    • Benjamins ID:4aosppwrfij

      or a uncle

    • Sammy Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

      What about a grandad fucking you Renita . I would give you my 67 year old hard cock and fill you with my hot cum

  • Reply skucu ID:2dzsw1dxi9

    I’m curious about your new story

    • Horny man ID:2px1mmwnqzu

      I will help u

  • Reply Bunny ID:1es9zf9726x3

    I’d like to know what happend tonight