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I became my mother after dad fucked me last night Pt.3

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The following events of what happened, after getting fucked by father

After I wrote the last events, I got a call from my brother he said that he was coming home from University campus and will be home in a few hours, he also informed me that my other brother would be stay there for a few weeks so he can hang out with his friends, my mind was racing thinking how am I going to explain why I am dressed in my mom’s clothes, I thought for hours.

My dad came home, and he saw like that and came over to me he started to kiss me on the lips and my make out with me, I was still thinking about my brother, dad then grabbed me by the hips and bent me over the table he lowered my panties a little and he pulled his dick out, I was getting ready to get fucked, but then he slapped his penis on my panties and aimed at them and he started peeing, he peed for a solid 2 minutes before he stopped and pulled my panties up, they were so wet and warm, he said “you deserved honey, now tell me what’s wrong” I told him my brother is coming home and how are we-” he didn’t let me finish and shouted in happiness “our son is finally coming home!” I was flabbergasted thinking OUR!?!, It was like I never existed as his son, rather a clone of my mom when she died.

I did a few chores around the house, I heard a knock on the door, it was my brother’s signature knock, I opened it in fear, “mom I’m so happy to see you, I missed so much” my brother was just like my father treating like she never died and I never existed, I played along although it was weird, I prepared dinner, and we talked about a lot of topics, but it was so weird they treated like mom.

Come night time, we lay in bed my brother’s room is right next to us, dad started groping my man boobs and talking dirty,I started protesting a little, saying things like he can hear which he definitely can because I know from experience, but he didn’t budge, he said “I want you to sit on it honey” so I got infornt of him and pulled up my dress and I was facing the other way, he started to panty fuck me, and said ” my piss is still marking my love” which was true he then started to piss again inside my panties, this time it started to hit the front side and my eick was getting dad’s piss on it.

He then bent me over, and buried my head into the mattress so it was only my ass in the air, “ahh yes present my property to me, I am your master, your love, your husband, your life, your owner” he said, at this point I knew my brother definitely heard us, he pulled my panties to the side and penetrated me raw, I was getting pounded hard from behind by my dad, my panties were dripping his piss, I was humiliated to say the least, I felt like I was cumming, my legs were twitching and my dick was throbbing, I came in the panties, and my father not long after came inside of me, he pulled up my panties and collapsed on the other side, I was certain my brother heard us and woke up.

I hammered through and slept, which was hard because my panties were wet and sticking because of my cum and dad’s cum and piss, I woke up and prepared coffee for my dad and he told me to bring it to bed, I did, and he asked to dance for him, at first I didn’t know how to move hips, he then told me to remove my dress and turn around and start dancing again, I could feel him staring into my ass, he then told me to stop and to come sit on him, I did and his dick was poking my ass he undone my bra, and started sucking my man boobs, he was slurping on them and he definitely enjoyed it, I thought I heard the door open and when I looked my brother was there and he was looking at how my father was sucking on my boobs, I told him to get out that’s when I felt my dad pull my panties to the side and put his dick between my panties and cheeks and he started peeing again, I was so embarrassed, I shouted at my brother “leave you dumbass” and he finally did and I told him to close the door, my father didn’t stop not one bit, he finally stopped made out with me and dressed up and went to work.

Which brings us to now writing this with my panties wet and sticky embarrassed to go out, and face my brother or my son like they acknowledge me now, my father said we’re going on a date this evening, I’ll probably write about it tomorrow, and I also concluded my father has a piss fetish.

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