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I became my mother after dad fucked me last night Pt.2

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After getting fucked by my father here is what happened the night after

So I saw that some of you wanted me to tell you about what my father did to me after that so just a reminder I am a 14 male and my father is about 51 years old(not sure about his age) and I have two brother and mother died last after my 14th birthday by about a week and as I mentioned in my last story my father made look like my mother and used me for sex

Anyway, we got to the night after we went to sleep after some lovebombing on his part during the day, and I woke up at about 3AM to go to the toilet, and I went to drink some water before going back, when I went back I was careful because it was dark I laid on the bed and I felt him get close to me and started running his hand on my body up and down and I felt his dick poke my ass then he got on his knees and bent me over, he pulled the robe up and pulled the panties down.

He started kissing my ass, and said to me “you want me to fuck you” I didn’t respond, he started rubbing his dick between my cheeks and said to me “I’m gonna fill your womb my love” I was so confused I don’t have a womb and that’s when I realized my father no longer acknowledged me as his son but rather his wife my mother like she never died, he entered me raw no spit nothing and it hurt but I didn’t make any sound because of what he said the night before he told me to pass him his phone because he wanted to turn on light and I did, he turned on the flash and started fucking me hard, and I was enjoying it a little, and I like it, he then stopped pulled out and told me to lay on my back.

I obliged, and he lifted my legs until my knees hit my chest and feet hit the wall behind it was uncomfortable and I couldn’t hold in that position and then he got on top of me and penetrated me, I was getting mating pressed by father I was looking at what happening down there while my father pounded me hard, he was breathing heavily and saying things like “from the first day of our marriage I know you had a perfect ass” and asked me like last night “your ass belongs to who my love” this time I said “it belongs to you honey” he was twitching at that point and he thrust deep inside and came he collapsed on the other side of the bed and told do like you did last night so I obliged

And this morning I woke up at about 5 am and I felt something wet on my nipples and looked and I saw my dad sucking on my man boobs he had undone the bra and started sucking, before when I woke up early my father would always suck on my mom’s nipples in the morning, I was flabbergasted and stayed still until he was done he got up and said to me “fix your clothes and prepare breakfast for me honey” after that he lit up a cigarette and started smoking.

I went on to make breakfast, and he came and ate it, he said he’s gonna take a shower, i went to do some chores around the house, until he called me and told me to come help him I entered and he was in the bathtub he told me to remove my clothes and get in with him, I did and I cleaned his back and we showered, he told to get the razor, and I was confused because my father doesn’t have facial hair or hair on his dick, and he told me bend over in the bathtub, I knew what was gonna happen, and he started shaving my butt hair, after that he told me to to get out of the bathtub and get on my knees I was horrified thinking I am gonna suck his dick, and what he did was that he put my dick in mouth and instead of telling to suck or face fuck me he started peeing, I was disgusted and I hate to admit but I kinda liked it and he told me to swallow it, and I obliged he then said “you’re gonna be my pee dumpster from now on” after that he gave me a new pair of mom’s panties and a bra and one of her jilbabs (it’s a traditional dress for women in our country and society) I wore them and the panties were so tight but they felt good, I don’t know how to explain but they did, after I wore the panties my father looked at my ass and said “you’re gonna get your reward tonight”

and then he went to work and I got a notification on myself phone it was from my father sent me a video what was it? It was him fucking me from behind, so he didn’t just use his phone for but to also document me and him having sex, I looked like my mother and his dick penetrating my ass was hot

Which brings us to now at the time I write what happened to me last night is about noon for me, and I am willing to write my journey as my mother if you want of course so thank you for reading so far.

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  • Reply Biboy69 ID:1d2obreggty6

    Yes I want to hear more and your such a good boy for giving yourself to your Dad as he does have the rights to your ass. All Moms and Dads have a right to their children’s bodies and should be the ones that takes their virginity.

  • Reply Shsh ID:55x27y0v3

    Ur dad should force u onto hormones and get ur surgery to be more like ur mother

  • Reply Bunny ID:1es9zf9726x3

    I would like to hear about your journey as your mother

  • Reply skucu ID:2dzsw1dxi9

    Write your dewan bitch