I Always Wanted To Fuck My Mom

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This has been happening to me ever since I turned thirteen. My mom is what men would call a MILF. She’s short blonde hair nice tits and a big ass. My dad left us and mom got the house and a nice settlement.

I would go to the hamper and look for a pair of mom’s used panties. I would go to my room, lock the door and jerkoff on them. I always made sure not to cum in them. I didn’t want to ruin a good thing.

We lived in a beautiful home but it didn’t have a pool. The development has a pool. One hot summer day, mom asked me if I wanted to go to the pool. I said and went to put my shorts on. Mom came out of her bedroom wearing the smallest bikini.

I tried not to look at her as she wrapped herself in like a skirt. It was see through and I didn’t want to stare at her as I didn’t want to get hard. Mom grabs my hand and says let’s go. We walk about a block and we go inside the pool area.

Mom takes off he skirt and all the men are staring at her. The bikini top just barely covers her nipples and the bottom os a thong. A man comes up to us and introduces himself as the head of the HOA.

He says ma’am you have to leave because your bikini is inappropriate. My mom says ok and we leave. Monday mom calls the swimming pool company and has a pool put in our yard. When it was finished mom said the hell with the HOA.

Mom says now I can do what I want. That was three years ago. I’m sixteen now and every time mom is by the pool, my cell rings like crazy. My friends want to come and stare at my mom. I’m a pretty tough kid and no one gets out of line when they’re here. I laugh because I know if I wasn’t here mom would get ganged banged.

I want fuck her so bad. I watch the way she shakes her ass when she walks around the pool. I get an instant hard on.

Mom doesn’t date during the week and on weekends I stay with my dad. I imagine some strange man fucking mom. I jerk off thinking about this. Mom has never bought home a man.

I came home Sunday night and mom was in the pool. She says Joey join me for a swim. I say ok mom let me put on my shorts. Mom says Joey swim naked with me. Holy fuck this is my chance. I strip and jump in the pool. Mom takes off her bikini ad throws it by the side of the pool.

Mom laughs and says see we’re both naked now. My cock is pretty big and now it’s rock hard. Mom is next me and my cock brushes up against her. Mom says you’re pretty big for your age.

We get out of the pool band I’m behind mom looking at her big naked ass. She sits on her chair and I’m standing in front of her. My cock is almost in her face. I’m hoping tonight will be the night that I finally fuck my mom.

I wasn’t prepared for what mom asked next. She says do you want mommy to suck your cock. I had no time to answer. Mom grabbed my cock and started to suck it. I grabbed her tits and started to play with them. I started licking and sucking them.

I was going to cum and I came in my mother’s mouth. She let it dribble out of her mouth and all over her tits. Mom lays down and asks me did you ever lick a girl down there. I tell mom no. She tells me what to do and I do it. Mom says use your fingers also. I do and mom is going wild telling me she’s cumming.

I can’t take it anymore and I spread her legs and push my cock inside her. Mom screams fuck me Joey as she throws her hips up to meet my cock. Mom screams she’s cumming and I just keep fucking her. My dreams and my fantasy is coming true. I cum in mom and mom says I want you to fuck me in my bed.

It’s a Sunday night and there’s school tomorrow, but I need to fuck mom all night. Well that’s what exactly happened. I’m in school now and mom calls my cell and says hurry home mom needs to be fucked.

I couldn’t wait to get home. I opened the door and mom is standing there naked. She looks at me and says are you ready to fuck me Joey. I tell her yes, strip and I’m fucking her.

It’s funny because now mom and I act like husband and wife. I hated my dad for leaving us, now I should be thanking him.

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  • Reply Johnny tran ID:fyhmgwthj

    Post a pic of your mom to help us visualize. She sounds hot!

  • Reply Hotftmtrans ID:1ew2ry3ps3p1

    That was hot butt maybe next time through in some more sexy hot details like sucking her clit while fingering her swelling hot pussy.

    • Joey ID:1ek2qenzra

      I’ve got a lot to learn

    • Dirtyredneck ID:20pdzoz6ij

      This was hot. I wanna fuck my mom too. Always took her panties and she knows. I know about her having toys and jerk off close to her so she’d catch me but nope