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I “Accidentally” Fucked my Little Sister. Now What?

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I kind of, sort of, had an “accident” and fucked my little sister. So what’s next?

This may sound like complete bullshit but truth is stranger than fiction, as they say. Or as J.D. Robb said, “You can’t make this shit up.” The first thing that I’m afraid will seem like it can’t have happened is that I’m 15 and my little sister is 13 and we still take showers together sometimes. Seems highly improbable, I know, but we just do. Our folks know about it, it’s not a secret, and until yesterday was completely 100% harmless.

It was the exact same as if two sisters or two brothers took a shower together. I don’t remember how that habit started but the way it usually happens is she’ll say she’s going to take a shower which reminds me that I need to too, or vice versa. And we don’t always do it. It’s like a “fine if we do and fine if we don’t” thing. I just never thought anything of it.

Did I ever remark about her new little boobs or her cute little butt or her making fun of me for getting hair above my pecker? Yes, of course. Just fucking around like siblings do.

Now, what I consider a possibly disastrous thing has happened. She had seen me with a boner before when I was soaping it up and it accidentally got hard and she saw it. She said it was hilarious. She poked it with her finger and asked me why it did that. I said “I don’t know. Just drop it.”

Well, yesterday, that happened again and she laughed at it at first then told me that she and her friend had seen a little clip or video on her brother’s computer one time and the guy’s pecker was like that and the guy was “rubbing it between a girl’s butt cheeks”. I think she may have misunderstood what she saw and he wasn’t exactly rubbing it between her butt cheeks. It was fucking, I’m pretty sure.

So I told her that’s not what she saw. She insisted it was. I said no, it wasn’t, they were having sex. She still insisted no it wasn’t. Then, whatever possessed her I have no idea, but she put her hands against the wall in the shower and stuck her butt out and said “Rub it between my butt cheeks”.

I said hell no, that’s almost having sex. She said it was nothing like having sex at all. I said it sure as hell is. She insisted that I do it. It was all soapy anyway and she kept on about it, thinking it was funny, so I finally held her waist and rubbed it up and down kind of between her cheeks for a few strokes. That was a huge problem. I realized instantly that although this was my sister, it felt good as hell.

So I stopped. She asked me why my face was so red. I said because it’s hot in here. She laughed and turned back around and said “Do it again.” I said hell no. If I did that much more I was afraid I was going to bust a nut and her running her mouth to our folks or her friends, that just wouldn’t look very good for me.

She kept laughing and saying “Come on! Do it again!” so I gripped her hips and started doing it again. After a minute, I was pretty sure I was going to cum. Now, I wanted to stop but didn’t really want to. She wasn’t saying anything, just standing there, hands on the wall, with her butt poked out.

I decided to use her whole entire butt crack, not just fucking around barely sliding against it like I had been doing. So I bent my knees a little and was stroking my dick from the bottom of her crack to the top. I figured she could tell something fishy was going on and would say something soon.

So to make a “preemptive strike” I said, “So you want me to stop or what?” She said “Keep doing it. It tickles.” So I kept doing it, thinking it surely wouldn’t be long before I busted a nut.

That’s when the next huge problem happened. I had been thrusting my hips, kind of like I was actually fucking and apparently my dick got pointed not straight up and down traveling between her cheeks but pointed at her butthole because it barely popped in her a little. She jumped and said “Hey!” I wasn’t even positive what had happened so I said “What?” She said, “It went in my butt a little bit!”

I said “Sorry” and started stroking it between her cheeks again. She said “Do that again. But just stick it in a little bit.” I said “Are you crazy? That’s having sex!” She said “No it’s not. Doing it in the butt is not having sex.” I said it sure as hell is. She said no it’s not. So she can’t watch a porn video and tell what fucking looks like but now she’s telling me what sex is and what it isn’t, and even saying “doing it in the butt”. It was ridiculous.

Again she said, “Stick it in, but just a little bit.” I told her no again and she insisted again. So I tried to aim it back toward her butthole again but however it had happened the first time, it wasn’t working now. So I told her she had to bend over more so I could see and I’d try to do it. She bent over and put her hands on her knees.

For the first time ever, and I mean ever, I looked at her and thought to myself that I’d like to fuck the shit out of her. She was cute after all, but I’d never once thought of sticking my dick in her. Now I wanted to, and bad. The way she was bent over and her butt poked out, there was her pussy and her butthole, plain as day. Ready for the taking. And she was demanding that I “put it in her butt a little bit”.

I thought “That’s exactly what I want to do, but kind of not.” So, I put some more soap on it and put the head of my dick against her asshole and started to push it in a little bit. The head popped right in. She jumped again but laughed and stayed where she was. (Turns out, soap for a lube was a bad idea. She told me last night her butt was sore from the soap and my pecker was too.)

I said “More?” and she said, “Yeah, until I say stop.” So I pushed it in more. She didn’t flinch. Now about half my dick was in her and she hadn’t said stop. So I pushed it in even more. When about 3/4 or so of it was in she said “Ok now it hurts a little bit.”

Then I said, “Now what?” She said, “I don’t know.” Well, I knew what I wanted to do but I was pretty sure she wouldn’t go for it. I pulled it almost all the way out then slowly pushed it back to where it was. She didn’t say anything. So I did it again.

After I did that about twice more, she said “You be still and I’ll do it” So I did and she started going back and forth about as deep as I had been doing it but she was doing it faster than I had been. I just knew any second she was going to laugh and say “That was fun” and get out of the shower.

But she didn’t. She just kept going back and forth on it. That was just too much. I told her to be still and I gripped her hips harder and fucked her for a few strokes and came in her butt. Then I stopped.

After a second, I pulled it out. She stood up and turned around and asked me why I stopped. I said “No reason.” She kept looking at me. I said “What?” She said, “What did you do?” I said “I didn’t do anything. What are you talking about?” She told me that her friend had told her that if a guy rubs his dick for a while, white stuff squirts out. So I said, “Yeah, sometimes.”

She said, “Did you do that in my butt?” I said “Nope.” She said, “If I use the bathroom, no white stuff is going to come out of my butt?” I said, “I don’t know, maybe.” She said “You did do it!’ I said, “Maybe on accident.”

I tried to change the subject and asked her if sticking my pecker in her butt hurt. She said “Nope. I want to do it again.” I said, “Yeah, well, we’ve been in here a long time so maybe later.” She said “Ok” and just went about washing her hair and pretending that never happened.

So now I’m nervous as shit she doesn’t even realize she got fucked in her ass and she’ll just tell our folks at the dinner table that hey, he poked his pecker in my butt and it was fun, then laugh about it. She insisted that it wasn’t sex so I’m thinking that means she doesn’t know she better keep her mouth shut about it.

On one hand, I wish I could get in a time machine and that would never happen yesterday but for some stupid reason, and I know how stupid it is, I’m hoping she’ll want to take a shower tonight and ask me to stick it in her butt again. I know myself and I’d do it. I wish I could say I weighed my actions against the possible consequences and made wise decisions but that hasn’t seemed to be my forte so far.

This is a fucking mess. She was fucking around, I stuck my dick in her ass, fucked it, came in it, now I don’t know who all she’s going to tell and in the meantime, I want to do it again. A fucking mess and a half. And I’ve read the comments from some of you guys on this site. “Fuck her in the pussy and get her pregnant then when the baby grows up, fuck it too” Yeah, great advice. Thanks for that. But I also know that I’m an idiot enough that if somebody said “Young man, that was a big mistake, Don’t do it again.”, if we get in the shower and she bends over and tells me to stick it in her butt again, I’m definitely going to do it. So it’s hopeless, I know. This shit is confusing.

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  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:2c3w1pct0d

    I can see why you did it and at that age I would have done the same thing. A young cock has no moral, and that is just life. As long as it’s consensual you did nothing wrong.

  • Reply Oscar ID:1d2y4w4xj3wn

    My sister and started when we were kids, by 11 and me 13, used to grind ourselves for 10 or more minutes. We did that at least ones a day, we had a hiding place and we would go there every chance we had. On of does days I was like always grinding my pecker between her pussy lips, I started to feel like I wanted to pee and moved faster and came for the first time. After that, now I wanted to do it more. After months of doing it, she asked if I wanted to put it inside her. It took many trying till one day it went all the way. We never told anyone

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0b

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with learning with each other. Do you people actual think the laws passed are for our actual safety or more like population control. There is not one fucking law that is about are safety it is all about fucking control and if some kid wants to boink his sisters butt or she want him to boink her then so be it. Sex is completely natural and certainly NOT a sin. A sin is a man made form of control by the power elitist whom actually paid Scholars to write the fucking bible in the first place. 200,000 clay tablets which predate the bible by many thousands of years say a much different tale of what really happened. Fuck whom you want and live free kids as it is your body NOT theirs.

  • Reply Cunninglinguist ID:1drlq472ubpb

    Nice story, the nearest I got to that was my sister asking me jerk off while she watched in the bathroom, she wanted see my ‘cream’ that her friend had described, I of course did as she asked.
    She was 12 and I was 15.

  • Reply Kingsmut36 ID:agya8fi9

    try not to overthink it, and just let it happen if its gonna happen,

    if she wants to do it again, she’s hardly going to tell anyone surely?

    sending positive thoughts

  • Reply LeshaniO.O ID:1b40kildzrk

    I wish my brother would do this… I’m 14 and he ignores me when I walk around naked. If you wanna chat my name is the same on kik

    • Xpx ID:hd43mjeqm

      Yo slide slide

  • Reply A. ID:1cn4gpacmfxw

    Time to take her cherry and breed her

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    Definitely don’t underestimate your sister. She knows what sex is. She knows what being fucked is. She has had her ass fucked before she’s playing you for a fool. She wants your cock in her ass and she wants to be fucked. Keep doing it.

  • Reply Andrew ID:gy5fofpehz4

    Sounds like bullshit to me just by the way it was written. But who am I to say. Plus do you really think if it was true that they would print it come guys think about it

  • Reply James Powers ID:2px1ogoll8z

    Have her pinky promise not to tell anyone and you can do it again. Especially since she sounded like she liked it. You know definitely she will want to do it again and again… Eventually ask her if she’ll let you poke the other hole in the front… If you rub your dick against her pussy it’s definitely gonna tickle her real bad and she’s gonna want it

    • Oscar ID:1d2y4w4xj3wn

      She might not want to go in, but she will feel 100%better

  • Reply PO469 ID:1cnkugeyqy7r

    If she does tell her friends, maybe they will want to try it.

    • Donald Nickell ID:3zxjmhgw20b

      Hi P0469
      Love your story. Have her have a sleepover with her friends so you can fuck them to.
      I did that to my daughters friends at their sleepovers. I got three of their friends pregnant
      Let’s chat [email protected]

  • Reply No one ID:6p49fijrfqt

    Hey man I was in the same boat…I know if my sister ask me for sex I would but at the same time I got in trouble and ruined my family… anyway I will just tell you to be careful and tell her (if she will understand* your hole fillings and what it could mean for both of you to… And just ask her to keep it a secret…but more importantly make her understand that this isn’t normal for siblings anyway….

    • Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

      I don’t know where you come up with the idea. It’s not normal. It happens around the world all the time. Lots of families are involved with one another and playing with each other from age just because they don’t tell you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen this out. they’re proving that it does happen

  • Reply sh ID:f4delf7v4

    bro are u being fr?

  • Reply Skootztootz ID:1e3h5l1d3cck

    Tell her not to tell anyone

  • Reply BadDad ID:1eufjdp4yv76

    If she likes it continue to do so.. but make certain that she is the one offering it up.. as you fuck her reach around and rub her clit. Or press a finger in her pussy.