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how i started liking older men as a child

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I got the courage to write about my attraction to older men and this is a real story and this is my first time writing on here

Im currently 14 years old but I am starting this story when i was 10. My dad is not a part of my life and my mom enjoys going out almost every day. When I turned 10 my mom gave me a phone to keep in touch with me while she went out with her boyfriends. with no parents and home alone I found myself browsing the internet on my phone, then it lead me go having conversations with older men on chatting websites. I was groomed alot but i actually liked it. I liked the attention and all the love i got from them and once i got comfortable with a older guy i would start sending nude photos of myself and videos to them if they asked. nothing bad ever happened until this one guy blackmailed me and i got scared for a while . Even then that still didn’t stop me from liking older men. once i turned 11 i would dress with more revealing stuff with skirts and fish nets and crop tops and i would take the bus every Monday and Thursdays to go places and one day this older man sat next to me and he was really really hot. i was really shy but he started the conversation and we had a really good conversation and i opened up
to him. told him alot of stuff about me and when i went to the buses so every Monday and Thursdays he would be there and sat next to me. every day we sat next to eachother he would get more comfortable like he would start putting his hand on my thigh and rubbed my thigh. i pretended not to notice it but i really really enjoyed it so one day i was getting really to go on the bus and i left without a bra and when he saw me i knew he noticed. we talked as usual and he was being so touchy i really really loved it he had his whole hand under my skirt and i would be more focused on where he was touching me then what he was saying. i would try to get his hand closer and opened my legs more. he noticed i liked it so he rubbed my private and it felt so good! then one day i went to the bus without any panties and he noticed so quickly and began rubbing me and omg! i was trying to cover my face and sounds but i think people still noticed but he only rubbed
my clit. he did it more after that but never more 🙁 and i dont see him that often anymore but i really wish we could’ve done more. we couldn’t really do much more than that since theres alot of people on the bus but i really want an older guy to take my virginity. im now 14 and i still let older men grope me and i still talk to some on websites but they are really lame and i want someone in person you know?

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    Having a phone and internet at 12 was a bad idea for me. Grown men would come over and get blowjobs from me till one day I bent over for a 43 yr old man name carlos

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  • Reply Michael ID:5az13ew42

    Please tell us about being groped by the older men.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    There are so many really nice older men out there for you. Keep persisting with the nude selfies and I’m sure you’ll find one and get yourself fucked!

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    Anyone have similar experiences like this? I’d love to hear about them on snap. Lovelychloe-15 😉

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      I would love to talk to you

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    Fantastic story there’s lots of guys that would be interested in you or what chat sites are you going to?

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    Angie. I would love to meet you on the bus and help you with your desires.

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    Tell us more of your adventures please.

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    love naughty girls

    • Emma ID:5spbi1pm1

      There is enough of us out there haha

    • Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

      I bet you are a naughty girl Emma

    • Lina ID:58g1hxym2

      Emma. Yes we are

  • Reply Emma ID:5spbi1pm1

    Love the story Angie. I had a similar experience myself when I was younger as well it was fun indeed. Love to talk more. Add me on session

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    Angie I totally get what you mean. I wish I could find someone more local but every body I talk to is really spread out and some aren’t even in the same country. HMU on Session and lets see if we’re close by to each other


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    Angie, I’ve also rubbed against girls on busses, but never got that far. Your story is hot and authentic 🔥🔥🔥
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