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How I really lost my Virginity

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I have been married to my husband for 15 years now we were high school sweethearts and got together when I was 15, he thinks he took my virginity but he didnt.. this is the story of how I really lost my virginity.

I had just turned 13 and my sister would hang out in the park with her friends, she never wanted to include me as she was older 15 at the time but now I was techically a teenager and not a kid she decided to let me hang out with her.

My sister and her friends were the popular girls in my school, on the weekend they would dress up like sluts and tease the boys. In summer they would wear little denim shorts with there arse hanging out, short skirts with thongs or tight hot pants that clung to the ass an pussy with no underwear and obviously any top that would expose our little titties or leave nothing to the imagination. Me and my sister got dolled up I wanted to wear the denim shorts so I didnt feel so exposed but my sister decided to wear them so I had to opt for the tight hot pants and a strappy top with no bra, I had zero underwear on.

When we got to the park the girls had a little den in the bushes were we couldnt be seen from the rest of the park so they could smoke and drink alcohol they stole from there parents. My sisters friend wanted to buy weed and knew an older guy who sold it, they rang him an arranged for him to come drop it off in the park, he knew where the den was in the bushes. About 15 mins later my sister an her friends said they wanted to get stuff from the local shop, they put £20 in my hand an told me to wait for Greg!

So there they left me by myself for this Greg to turn up, eventually some tall lad came pushing through the bushes towards me, his eyes clearly locked on my exposed flesh!

“Eh who are you, are you Staceys friend?” He asked

He was so hot, much older than us easily 25 tall with short blonde hair, blue eyes an musuclar frame, you could tell he was cocky an arrogant from the get go, he dressed like a proper chav in his Nike tracksuit but he was so attractive.

“Errr yea im Lianne’s sister, they told me to wait for you”

“Oh really, didnt know Lianne had such a fucking hot sis!”

“Eh what… im 13 you know” I said blushing

“Yea an look at that fucking booty on ya! Not a bad little rack either, you’re giving me a chubby in them hot pants damn! He said almost licking his lips at me

I was so shoked this older guy was checking me out an commenting on my young body, I was so innocent back then I didnt know what he meant by a chubby.

“Err thanks.. what do you mean a chubby?”

He laughs an lifts up his top to expose his six pack before wipping out the biggest cock I still to this day have ever seen, my jaw hit the ground.

“Thats a chubby you little sexy bitch!”

He was easily 8 inches long and as thick as a coke can, he stroked it back an forth barely able to get his hand round the full girth. He moved closer to me with his fully erect cock grabbed my hand an made me touch it.

“Fuck yea do you like that little girl”

I didnt know what to say, I was in shock but his big fat cock in my hand made my pussy so wet with strange pleasurable feelings I had never felt before. I just nodded an carried on stroking his massive dick in awe of the situation.

I remebered what I had seen in porn movies and wanting to impress this fit older lad who had taken a liking to me I sank he fat head into my mouth and wanked his shaft back an forth.

“Ooh fuck yessss!” He hissed as I bobbed my head back forth on his bellend.

He tried to force his length down my throat but I gagged hard an started choking, my reflex pushed his cock out of my mouth.

I went to put his head back into my mouth again but he spun me round pulled down my hot pants to expose my bare ass then bent me over for easy access to my 13 year old pink virgin pussy. He knelt down pulled my ass cheeks apart an sunk his tounge into my asshole before I could stop him, the pleasure ripped through my body, sensations I had never felt before, I quivered and moaned as he swopped his tounge between my asshole and pussy, his stubble grinding against my little clit sending me into spasms.

He stopped briefly an while I tried to recover from my head spinning pleasure with my ass in the air he slapped his fat cock against my pussy lips then began to slide it inside me.

“No dont im a virgin!” As I tried to break away

“Even better, tight virgin pussy” he said as he grabbed me by the back of the neck an slammed his fat cock deep into my tight pussy.. it hurt like hell and I screamed.

“AHHHHHHHHH!!! OH FUCK IT HURTS!!!” I screamed.”

“Shut up an fucking take it you tight bitch” he exclaimed under his breath as he put his hand over my mouth to muffle my screams.

He pounded me so hard, I could feel every inch of his enourmous dick stretch out my insides, his girth pushing my walls to there maximum an his length pounding away at my cervix, he made me his little fuck doll using me for just his pleasure. His free hand grabbed my little tits from behind as he contiued thrust in and out of me at atheltic pace.

Towards the end he pulled the shaft all the way out leaving the last bit of the tip still inside me and slam it all the way back in at slow thrusts, I wimpered as he ravaged me over an over. Eventually I could feel his balls tighten up he pulled out an spunked all over my ass with an elephant load of cum as he screamed in pleasure wanking out every last drop. He pulled up my hot pants over my ass letting them soak in his hot jizz an making it look like I wet myself

“Oooh fuck yes that was so good, I enjoyed that tight virgin pussy!” He said with a smirk.

Slowly realising he had pretty much just raped a 13 year old girl in the bushes, he tossed me a bag of weed and told me to keep my mouth shut before running off.

I sat there in absolute shock, this guy had just taken my virginity and as much as I didnt want to at first an it hurt like crazy as he burst my cherry, towards the end his fat cock felt amazing.

I never told anyone, gave my sisters friend her weed an told them I had to go, I think they noticed the back of my hot pants where wet an they thought I pissed myself but only if they knew the truth.

I never seen Greg again and as I grew up I would masterbate and fist my myself trying to recreate the feeling her gave me in my pussy even putting large cucumbers and bottles of coke inside me to get that full feeling but it wasnt anything like his huge cock, even today I stay with my husband as he has a thick dick but nothing quite as big as the day Greg pounded my tight virgin pussy in the bushes!

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  • Reply Eddie Wood ID:2px1mem4kvh

    [email protected]. please Email me. That’s soo hot 13 is always a good age to have sex.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Beautiful story! Raped by a big chav boy in the bushes! What could be better?!

  • Reply Al777n ID:174a3lfib

    One way to do it !

  • Reply David Kenya ID:5srdij5y43

    Can I given you the big one

    • Lucy ID:53dpnkj41

      If you are as big as Greg you could have my ass now ;p