How I learned about sex

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I was 12 or 13 and I was just learning about my dick and what the nude female form does to a young man’s body and feelings. The first woman I ever saw nude was my mother. A big blonde German gal and I can remember seeing her pink mom tits and her black pubic hair, which I thought strange because she was blonde naturally. I remember being younger and seeing my father on top of her totally naked and thrusting his hips back and forth while her white pale thighs were apart and her deep lustful gutteral moaning while I heard, ‘ Smack, smack, smack, smack,..’ while the bed springs creaked and sang…I can remember the blood rushing in my ears and pretending that I was sleeping and peeking ever so slightly every now and then because I was so curious about what they were doing. I watched him actually pull out of her and crawl up by her face and start masturbating his purple slick cock and ejaculating on my mom’s face. I remember my father had a huge balls that would smack against her pink ass and how that deep feeling and soreness in my chest would make me figure something was going on that I didn’t know fully about. But I was curious enough for sure. I remember the first time I saw oral sex was him again pulling out of her when they were fucking missionary on the mattress and got him crawling up by her face and telling her to put it in her mouth. She turned her head and said no at first but then eventually he forced it into her mouth and started thrusting his hips back and forth and I remember seeing that slick member of his sliding in and out of her mouth. It’s amazing that all these years later I find myself doing the same thing to my own blonde wife who looks ironically enough just like my mom knew big pink nipples and saggy mom tits and nice blonde batch of pubic hair. I remember my father had huge balls that would continue to make that huge smacking sound and how the light would glisten off of them and she had her legs spread eagle and she was moaning calling out his name sometimes. I remember seeing her actually fuck someone else once when I was younger and older guy and I’m sure she met him at the bar or something… Part two coming soon.

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    It’s always nice to remember your mother being fucked.