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How bestiality started with me #3

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This is a true story of how I started bestiality, please don’t judge me thank you, Emily xo.

This is my story how bestiality started with me.

Part 3.

I am now 18 and Benji is an experienced alpha male Benji is now just over 4 years old. The day I moved into my apartment something happened I didn’t shut my front door properly and my sister Gabs came round to see my own apartment. I was naked in my bedroom and and Benji was given me a damn good fuck I was half way into my orgasm when my sister opened my bedroom door and caught me red handed.

Gabs just stood there like she couldn’t believe what was happening with that Gabs shut my bedroom door and went into the kitchen and made a strong mug of coffee. 10 minutes later I went into the kitchen and just looked at my older sister and Gabs looked at me none of us know what to say to each other until I said well, Gabs turned and asked me how long has that been going on for so I told her ever since Duke was alive.

Gabs couldn’t believe what I just said the only thing Gabs said was now I know why you wasn’t into guy you have been having sex with a dog. I asked Gabs what is she going to do about it, Gabs said nothing if that’s what I wanted to fuck then that’s up to me. We never talked about that again after we went for a few drinks down at the local bar where we lived, it was getting late and I haven’t even taken Benji out for his walk.

So 20 minutes later I went home and took Benji out for his evening walk down near the beach Benji was getting horny as he tried humping my leg lol an old couple was having there evening walk and they said he’s young isn’t he, I told them no he’s just over 4 years so they carried on walking and we started to walk home and spend our first night in our apartment when we got home I made sure the front door was locked this time.

I give Benji his evening food and I went into our bedroom and got undressed and went into the living room and went down on all fours and weighted for Benji, this was his evening fuck for the second time as I was feeling horny myself. It lasted for about 12 minutes or so after Benji rested his head on my naked body and we just sat on the floor for a while. By this time it was about 10pm and I haven’t even started to unpack my things.

So I started to unpack I started in the kitchen I said to myself after I unpacked the kitchen things I said fuck it I’ll leave the rest till tomorrow as I has a few had a few days to myself. Not just that I wanted another fuck I was in a very dirty horny mood so I was still naked anyway, with that I called Benji into our bedroom and I was down on all fours Benji must of thought he was in luck three times in one day lucky Benji never mind lucky me lol.

The following week mom and dad come round for dinner with Gabriela so I told Benji to be on his best behavior which he wasn’t lol Benji tried to hump my legs you have to love Benji lol I made Mexican chili just the way mom and dad liked chili, we had a couple of bottles of wine and dad was driving so he couldn’t have any drink as dad will not drink and drive with his job put on the line it wasn’t worth it you see dad’s fire chief.

Well I have to go to work sorry….

If you wish for a part four please let me know down in the comments, thank you for reading my story.

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  • Reply Lulss ID:alz0i2zj

    Can you add me on something and just tell me the story on your spare time

  • Reply Dmac ID:bimfwd2

    Love to see more. Part 4 please

  • Reply Mike ID:4172u2u2fi9

    Love to see more

  • Reply SB ID:3oy015qk

    PT 4 please.

    • Emily ID:1eclfzwf7u3t

      SB have you read the other two chapters of the story. Am glad you like the story, Emily xo