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Hot for my 12-year-old sister

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My sister was 11 I was loving also I accidentally walked in the bathroom one night and saw her naked in the shower that’s all it took after that all I

After Mom and Dad got a divorce we moved into a one-bedroom house Mom’s up on the couch she made me and my sister sleep in the bedroom that was fine cuz I didn’t mind my sister being there late one night she started crying I heard her and I woke up I walked over and after what’s the matter it says she goes I had a bad dream and I live with you I look down at her into the blankets and I could just imagine what everybody look like I told her yes is no problem you can come lay with me she got out of her bed and came to mind all she had almost a tight t-shirt I could deal with you off to me she had nothing else on underneath I felt my dick starting to grow hard I couldn’t wait for her to get under my blankets she come over and climbed into my bed late next to me said thank you big brother turn around and gave me a kiss I can help with that reached over and kissed her back her lips were so moist I couldn’t believe I was kissing my sister like that we laid there for a few minutes I can feel my cock getting hard my sister moved around and I can feel her rubbing against my body my cock was hard by now my sister found it and she asked me what that was and I told her I have a sore PP and I need to make it better my sister looked at me and said is there anything I can do as a boy you sure because I want to help you with big brother so I reach down pulled my boxers down and pulled off my hard cock my sister looks at it didn’t say nothing just reached over and grabbed it she started rubbing and stroking it I reached over and touch your grass she took after Mom just a big beautiful breasts and rock hard nipples I started playing with them I heard of certain amount that she grabbed my cock and rub it harder I told her if you don’t stop I’m going to come she looked at me and said wait a minute she stood up took her shirt off and expose her naked body she had little pink titties 32A hard nipples and her p**** with bald but I could see her lips and her hard little clutch stuck out about an inch for 11 years old she had a hot sexy body and my cock got harder I could imagine what would I be like inside my dick in her p**** and little sister really back on the bed said how can I help and I told her to start rubbing on it I don’t make it feel better my sister drives my cock and start stroking I immediately feel the pressure building my cock is so hard right now I looked down to my sister and that’s what she want to try something different she asked me what’s that and I told her just lay there and I’ll do it all I open up her leg and a daughter sweet little p**** it was pink and it was bald right now I’m so horny I can’t believe this is happening I thought about just for months and never had the opportunity and I would hope coming true I took two fingers set them into her p**** it was wet should let outside of the Moon and don’t have a good I got something that will kill even better she looks at me and says what’s up big brother between my legs up and down her p**** she started moaning so good and said I got something that’ll feel better than this I thought her legs spread open wider and she said go ahead and position myself between her legs slid my cock up and down her wet p**** by now her p**** was totally wet and hot I don’t think she was a virgin I think she’s already had sex so I had no problem with that I said my cock I’ve been down her p**** wet I asked if I could stick it in she told me go ahead I start sliding my cock in her p**** it was so moist and so wet I almost came the minute it touched her but I held back I started slowly f****** her and making love to her p**** she started moaning and groaning I couldn’t believe this was actually happening I was f****** my little sister is so tight so wet I couldn’t help but I f***** her harder after about 3 minutes I looked at my sister and said I’m going to come I’m going to pull out and come all over you my little sister looks at me she says my little sister says I’m going to come too f****** now I want to feel your outcome deep in me and come deep in my belly I want to feel your hot c** in me so jam my cock three more times deep in her p**** as hard as I could and I felt my cock start and my car drives deep in her p**** my little sister says I want to suck it so I stop I put my hard cock out mind you I’m only 11 so my cocks only about 5 in Long but my sister took her lips and wrapped it around my dick her lips felt so Good I close my eyes and start money after a couple of minutes I shot my little deep in her mouth she swallowed almost every drop of my household I laid back on the bed and I smiled daughter that was extremely wonderful we both rode over and we fell asleep

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  • Reply 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

    Can’t even read it the grammar is so bad definitely not true so fake try again.

  • Reply Show ID:5srctsam9j

    Yeah… This is a chinese story. Translated

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    No spaces at all I can’t even read half of it

  • Reply 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

    WTF so madeup and fake if you can read it at all you suck at writing

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Couldn’t even read this story very confusing

  • Reply prokartace ID:eq6dr2ihi

    ‘beautiful big tits’ 32A???

  • Reply 🤬 Hank ID:y0zuiigi273

    You called her sister and daughter daughter wtf you seem to be telling two stories at one time . Or confused about about what a sister and daughter is are still 11 years old. Is English your first language. I did like what parts of your story I could understand. But it was difficult to keep up with

  • Reply Jason ID:1cu4khsp8xz3

    Worse story ever. Makes no sense. Lousy grammar and punctuation.No need to censor swear words since it’s allowed on this website.

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    Great story sister’s pussy sounds fantastic

  • Reply Thatoneguy ID:1cyit7azr3qz

    Longest sentence ever! .

    • Oscar ID:1d2y4w4xj3wn

      Your fantasy don’t make any sense.

  • Reply Flobalob ID:55wsdj7m3

    Very hard to read without punctuation, it makes no sense.
    Sorry bud